Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 21st October 2017 Written Episode Update: Nanda Wins, Kanak Loses

Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 21st October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Balbrahmachariji’s follower pronounces Uma as adharmi and warns him to either sacrifice his religion or prove himself again. Uma takes holy dip in a like. Maasi provokes him to resubmit his soul think who is wrong, if Saraswati who considered him as father since childhood and then eloped with a boy. Uma reminisces Saras telling she could not stop her from falling into Vansh’s love. She continues if it is Vansh’s mistake who married Saras to take revenge from Uma. Uma reminisces the incident. She continues if it is Kanak who was with him always and tried to divert him from dharam. Uma reminisces Kanak trying to giving him moral conscience. Maasi asks if it is his mistake that he fell in Kanak’s love blindly followed her instead of Shivji’s signals. Uma reminisces

Kanak trying to open his eyes towards Balbrahmachariji’s wrong thinking and trying to stop him from forcing his ideologies on his family women. Uma dips into water, comes out and says he realized it is his mistake that he fell in Kanak’s trap and listened to her words. Maasi continues provoking him that a man is superior and controls human, animals, society, etc. She shows a man dragging goat and says even an animal needs to be frightened to control it, a woman is similar and should be controlled like an animal. She continues provoking Uma against Kanak.

Saras confronts Vansh and asks him who gave him right to spoilt Saras’ life to take revenge from Uma, Uma never forced his ideologies on her. She warns if he troubles Saras, he should forget that he has a sister. She asks Saras to break up and come with her. Saras says she has already irked her dadusa and saw sequence of loving Vansh, now her life is with Vansh, whether he accepts it or not. She asks Bhabo let us go home. Kanak praises Saras for her ideologies and hugs Bhabho. Bhabho says Saras is her daughter and she will not let anything wrong happening to her, she also tells Kanak that she has to face a big storm now.

Uma takes oath that dharm is superior to all and he will never let Kanak spoil his dharam. Maasi smirks and thinks her plan against Kanak has succeeded and now Kanak will be out of Uma’s life.

Kanak returns Uma’s home. Maasi taunts that she is so shameless to return after spoiling Uma’s dharam and seeing his insult. Kanak confronts she did not know about Vansh and Saras’ love, then why did Maasi lie and blamed her and her family. Maasi accepts that she hates Kanak to the core and counts the events from the time Uma married Kanak, Kanak trying to change Uma’s ideologies, supporting family, to failing Maasi’s plan of making Kanak as Balbrahmachariji’s sevika and Saras falling in trap instead. She continues that her goal is to get Kanak away from her house. Kanak is shocked hearing all this.

Precap: Kanak challenges Maasi to get her family rid of Maasi’s evil thinking. Uma blames Kanak, and Kanak asks if he is so blind in dharam that he cannot see her hand burn. Uma says she will see tomorrow the real picture. Kanak gets tensed thinking what will happen tomorrow.

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  1. thank you for written update M A

  2. Waiting for Aditya’s entry and I also hope Maasa ka recovery will b shown during this phase.. she loves Kanak alot.. she can be her saviour.. and even Ved needs to be given some active role in that CCTV ka scene.. Ved is more sensible and matured than Vansh.. Maasisa is such a lady that even if Kanak is out of Uma’s life, there’s no guarantee that she will marry Palomi to Uma.. Palomi stupid lady needs to understand this?. Palomi rather than waiting for Uma.. could have requested him to marry her off to someone long long back.. but now she will have to spend her Jawani behind the bars?.. she was a sharanarthi here and now she will be a sharanarthi in jail.. I can’t wait to see everyone’s expression especially Uma’s when Maasisa ka asli chehra will be revealed.. Just don’t want them to drag it too much.. 30 days in this serial will be like some 3 months as they had done it for those 7 days when Kanak had to give patni Dharam ka exams?

  3. Yeah and even Suman and shiv must be given some active role to help their loving bhandaari.. because if Uma wants the house to work as per the previous rules.. it means Suman will not be able to pursue her higher education.. can’t expect anything from Payal.. she’s kinda neutral.. she has an advantage if Kanak is out of this house.. so she may just mind her own business.. but I hope Maasa.. Suman.. and Shiv will be a great support to Kanak..

    1. Bhabhisa not Bhandari ? this auto correct

  4. I thought this episode provided a good understanding of Uma’s mindset & upbringing. It seems the blindfold of dharma is now even tighter on his eyelids & Uma is now even more determined to stay focused on his religion so cue, lots of heavy scenes with Kanak being outcasted?.
    Now if I was Kanak I’d be running, but in typical tv serial we will see Kanak as the female lead working hard to win back Uma’s trust & prove her worth.

    What I find refreshing about this show is the depth of Uma’s character. There is no sugar coating or posh attire. Uma isn’t your typical lead who is either trying to blackmail or avenge one thing or another. He is the way he is due to his warped religious beliefs, so it is his mindset that needs changing – now in the real world we would think he should need to see a psychiatrist but seeing as this is a tv serial, it is down to the female lead to change him. I think in order to show that happen there is going to have to be some major twist and I have a feeling that this must have something to do with the whole maasisa & maasa situation. I am looking forward to seeing how that storyline plays out & Aditya’s entry in the show we already seem to have enough vamps in the show, so Im wandering whether he will add to the villain count.
    Either way show is keeping me interested with all the twists & turns just hope we don’t have to see too much ‘atyachaar’ before we finally see some love, understanding & changes to uma’s mindset.

  5. What BS Nanda wins & Kanak losses?? Kanak is bit too naive & young to put up a challenge against Nanda yes we know you are Sandhyas daughter but it’s like go are against Nanda,Uma & spineless Paullomi who would go to any extend to get Uma don’t know why Vansh is challenging Uma this 30 days will be like eternal 30 years in Tv serials So we will never see KanUma romance again I guess just a lot of shouting & blaming each other I have no hope for Adithi he is Nanda ‘s son illegitimate one I think As for Payal she is spineless Suman & Siv too young Unless Kanak clones her self ??

  6. uma is becoming like a stone with no feelings, i watch the spoiler it seems masisa has a son who came to the house and she was trying to hide him. i feel really bad for kanak she doesnt deserve this, the way she was crying but uma didnt even care

  7. I feel nanda is behind maasa ‘s illness too.the real villian

    1. I feel the same way as weLloyd. I feel that she was jealous of the life maasa had so she probably caused her illness and took over her house.

  8. I saw this video by chance but it summarizes my problem with TV shows showing women suffering, degrading themselves, and fighting to make a cruel hero love them. It expressed my problem with making abusive men romantic, always making some woman the biggest villain, and showing a heroines life goal to be trying to make the hero soften up.


    BTW, Kanak said Uma never forced his ideology on her? Seriously? Writers have turned her into such a two faced, spineless moron. Actually moron she always was, first she came back to Uma’s house with the idiotic plan of tricking him into giving her the shop and now with the moronic plan of trying to change him. Yes, I understand it is to turn the regressive character into progressive. But the writers have not developed Kanak’s character enough to make me understand exactly why she would undergo such crap. Good she scolded Vansh for cheating Saras but couldn’t she recognize even once that he did it out of his immense love for his sister. What a [email protected] of a sister man! Bhagwaan dushman ko bhi aisi behen na de. The video btw is in no way meant to be a personal attack on TSMSP. Just the problem with thinking that showing all this on TV has no real effect.


  9. waiting for todays written.plz post soon..

  10. Please write something more believable. No one can be such a moron in this day and age even the one following the ayurvedic healing and dharma. Where is his power of discrimination?
    Masisa you are plain evil and should be dealt with accordingly by the writers. The writes have a strong platform to uphold the truth and not glorify evil as shown in masi’s character.
    What a family!!! you dont need Bal dongi to add to the fuel this family has enough to last generations.
    Bring in some joy please……

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