Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 20th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Vansh’s Horrid Revenge

Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 20th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Maasi alleges Bhabho that she must have planned Vansh and Saras’ elopement. Kanak gets angry and warns Maasi to dare not speak bad about Bhabho. Uma gets angry and shouts how dare she is to shout on Maasi and says he now understands that Kanak planned all this from before, whatever is seen is not true. Vansh warns him to lower his voice as his sister is not alone now. If he troubles Kanak, his sister will be troubled much more. Gone are the days when Uma forcefully married Kanak in a temple. He fulfilled his brotherly duties by marrying Uma’s sister, he does not love Saras and married her to teach Uma a lesson. Saras asks how can he say that, does not he love her. He says he does not and asks if her brother only has right to misuse a helpless girl, now Uma will know how

a brother feels seeing his sister in trouble. He continues lashing Uma, says Uma used Dharm for his benefit and asks him to take his sister if he wants. He says he is seeing Uma so helpless today.

Maasi asks Uma not to listen to Vansh as his upbringing is wrong. She yells at whole Rathi family it is her good upbringing that Uma is quiet, else nobody can dare to confront Uma in Ladno. She drags Uma away. Kanak tries to stop him, but Maasi yells at her as usual as leaves. Bhaboh slaps Vansh and storms why did he spoil innocent Saras’ life to take revenge for Kanak. She continues lashing Vansh. Kanak apologizes Saras, saying a sister is apologizing her and says her brother married Saras by trick, so Saras can break this marriage.

Uma reaches home. Balbrahmachariji’s followers surround him and their leader shouts Uma promised to make his sister as Balbrahmachariji’s sevika and backed off. He is a adharmi.. Palomi asks Maasi to protect Uma, else Balbrahmachariji’s followers will kill him.

Kanak tries to loosen gathbandhan. Bhabho tells Saras that she will get Vansh arrested for his crime and Saras does not have to follow this fake relationship. Saras stops and says she cannot break marriage like this, she will wait like Meera for Vansh’s love if not like Rukmini.

Shiv stops Balbrahmachariji’s followers and pleads to spare his dadusa. Their head says Uma will have to sacrifice his dharm.

Precap: Bhabho hugs Kanak and says even she has to give an exam. Uma takes oath that no relation is bigger than dharam and he will sacrifice any relationship that interferes between his dharm. Kanak asks Maasi when she knew about Vansh and Saras’ elopement, why did she lie and alleged her. Maasi says because she hates her.

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  1. Disgusting Uma… Even though vansh said that he married Sara’s to take revege still he didn’t mind taking his sister with him… Person like Uma should be removed out of society… When he forcefully married kanak where did her upbringing go… Proud of Sara’s..love Sara’s.. character awesome like kanak .. no even better than kana

  2. thank u for written update

  3. Uff this track is more difficult to watch than BB track?.. I can’t c kanum fighting this way.. Read today’s spoiler with a hope that there will be something good.. But that was also too much.. Palomi is on cloud nine ? I hope ved shows that CCTV footage and Palomi gets caught.. And I also hope Maasa recovers soon and gives a tight slap to both Uma and Maasisa?

  4. Sejsmiles

    What bullshit upbringing is this masi talking of. Why dint bhabo remind her that uma forced kanak into marriage.. Forced his shit ideology on d ladies. Hate this glorifying of uma. Show some spine in d ladies please. Let uma do his crap.

  5. Oh my god.. why the story line is totally spoiling the nature and beauty of dabh.. there babho took revenge on sandhya.. behind wch a solid reason was there and sandhya was accused in cause of her situations and her truthfulness. But here nandha pretends to be good. And palomi like a shit… the balbrahmachari story line s dragging like anything.. no balbrahmachari will have a young girl as a savika.. they use to choose a motherly lady who is ready to sacrifice all her relations to indulge in seva.. not a young girl to start a ashram.. like nithyanandha.. please stop using the word dharm… becoz its a beaningful word wch decides human life.. its not a idealogy to advertise.. it should be followed from heart.. and directors please stop this dharm drama and go for better story line relating the love and support for each other as like dabh

  6. Anyone in uma ‘s place today will react like this only massisa has cleverly shifted the blame on kanak and bhabho uma feels kanak betrayed him in other words massisa made him to believe .She manipulated uma s mind and she is starting to sow the hatred seeds uma is super angry on kanak so he is not even analysing what is wrong or right kanak is helpless now bhabho action was superb just to take revenge how can vansh spoil a girls life uma spoilt a girl life in name of dharam vanish followed the same steps of uma for revenge now both of them need to redeem soon Are girls are toy or game to play with it how dare they can play with girls feelings.Kanak wants to break this meaningless marriage but Sara’s does not want becos she respects marriage vansh may have betrayed her but Sara’s loves him and ready to wait for him till he accepts her wholeheartedly. Such innocent soul has been broken down.Uma is been tarñished by the dharam society .little shiv protected his dadhusa but massisa was just enjoying uma getting humiliated.Vansh thought and actions are an eye for eye a sister for a sister.He is keen on taking revenge on uma but he did not realize that the worst sufferer is his own sister nice to see brother supporting his sister against her husband but at costof abolishing her happiness.


  8. Yes, it seems Uma’s action is glorified by writers, if they can give answer to vansh then why not for uma…i didn’t get the message.
    Bhabho being elder and experienced, she can see maasisa intentions and make Uma understand the world why the whole burden is on kanak’s shoulder…
    Enemity through vansh is acceptable(valid reason) but not maasisa..what upbringing she talk about..
    Personally today i don’t like Saras cry baby abla naari part.. feel like seeing old film..
    I guess there is no separation track soon.. same saas… sauthan drama but I like to see next move of vansh
    Get out of this kitchen politics… don’t ruin the story line and make maasa active

    1. Bhaana next is divorce track uma and Kanak is going to live together for 30 days.This is vansh condition to uma that uma should free kanak from this ghatbandan uma agrees to it and he separated room into two .Other side Kanak comes to know about palomi and she confronts her these 30 days hw kanak is going to win uma is the next track of the story

      1. I saw the spoiler video divyaaa..kanum separation and uma giving space for palomi is painful…
        Again kanak have to prove herself and now he forget about bolenath sign too.
        I hope uma will realise his love for kanak and palomi will b exposed in the upcoming track.

  9. Wow!! I have to admit that writers are determined in maintaining the psychoness of Uma. And by showing Kanak staying back they are showing that no matter how psycho your husband for whatever reason, keep trying to change him even if you are surrounded by villains looking to hurt you. And in a future episode doesn’t UMA hurt Kanak physically by forcing her to cut wood with an injured hand. And they will show this man to the main male lead and eventually be Kanak’s lover? Great. Physical injury leads to future intense romance. Good progress. They are making the character of Uma more and more unfit to ever be accepted by Kanak given how he is trading her, but of course later they will show him change and Kanak accept him. My God! what a blow to all domestic violence victims!! But no no, let’s focus on how innocent and victimised poor Uma is and wait for some lovely kanum moments in between mental and physical abuse.

    1. *treating not trading

  10. Any worth while story requires time to develop & pan out. So as hard as it was to digest I personally feel this episode was a real important factor in the story line….Glad vanish recieved a few slaps for his treatment of Saras & Uma was bought down a few notches. This episode highlighted the vast difference between the rathis outlook & the toshniwals. Although if we were to be shown a change Uma/maasisa’s views overnight century views, where would the entertainment come from that? I am looking forward to the story playing out with Kanak taking on maasisa.

  11. namita pathak

    Samjh nhi ata ye kanak brdast kyu kr rahi h esi family ko?

  12. I do think cvs need to tread carefully there is a fine line between trying hard to make a marriage work & just putting up with any kind of treatment just for the sake of being married. CV’s need to send out a clear marriage – that NO marriage is ever worth a woman’s own self respect!

    1. *message

  13. Disgusting show….totally bakwas what nonsense …neither they show any chemistry between leads…accept making them live apart..i saw in spoilers divorce drama will be starting..

  14. Priyanka bhatt

    Disgusting show….totally bakwas what nonsense …neither they show any chemistry between leads…accept making them live apart..i saw in spoilers divorce drama will be starting..

  15. am very sad kanak is very helpless and palomi is very shameless i hope there is some love coming between kanak and uma

  16. Hi everyone, I don’t know about you but I’m totally disappointed over the spoiler . So now next is again Kanak trying to win Uma instead of the way should be is exact opposite. Come on , writers should know better.

  17. Glad Vansh made Uma realize how it felt like forcing your sister to marry but wish he did it and said he loved her instead of revenge Bhaho slapped him but wish she would have spoken for Kanak too in front of Masisa Sadden to see the spoiler to follow where Paullomi is going to act married to Uma & does all stuff for him instead of Kanak, She even wants to put kunku how sick & pathetic she is.Uma divides the the room in 2 & sleeps on floor He is portrayed as a weak puppet of Masisa .Kanak you have your work cut out to win back Uma but HOW !!!! Only solution is leave that might knock some sense into Uma & realize how good of a wife he had This Paullomi is annoying need a good slap on her face she has no morals at all no wonder no one would have helped her but only this Toshniwals took her in as a refugee Beging to dislike Uma has he never noticed Paullomi’s feeling for him Guess them two should be together Hate to watch future episodes This is no way to treat your wife especially one you forcefully married without her consent or families sad to see this all because of bholenaths signs Maybe he had something more interesting for future ???

  18. Looking forward to Kanak confronting Maasi in today’s episode…and shameless Palumi deserves 2 tight slaps from Kanak, like how Kanak slapped Payal…:)

  19. I too think it’s about time Uma tried to win Kanak, instead of the othe way round. Uma was supposed to be making kanak his ‘premika’ but since this B.B. track that’s all got lost…(maasisa’s plan has worked & she has managed to create distance between them), so I guess we’re not going to seeing any love towards Kanak until Uma realises he was wrong & god knows how long we have to wait to see that ?, Just hope they don’t turn Uma into a complete moron in the process & make us lose sight of any goodness that some of us could see in his character.

    I also feel that Bhabho should step in now & question Uma on how he is fulfilling his ‘patthi dharam’ by not even listening to Kanak. Uma is never going to question Maasisa’s motives. So we need to Bhabho pricking Uma’s conscience & support Kanak, instead of leaving Kanak to her own devices.
    it will be interesting to see whether Kanak still has the support of suman/shiv.

    1. Yes meera I agree bhabho help is needed now for kanak Adithya entry is going to spice up the drama more

      1. I also feel that the reason why Aditya had left the house at such a small age was also Maasisa.. may be he could not digest her so called Dharm teachings unlike Uma and Saras..

  20. Just saw the episode again this Poullomi is always in your face & acts like she is married to Uma telling even Masisa what to do Why does she dress up so much with all that gold bit over the top Always next to Uma & controlling some one needs to put her in her place That ought to be Uma’s place Totally hate her !!!!

  21. The show is following the typical toxic track of saas, sautan, moron male lead, here he is atyaachaar too, torture of female lead by all, but she proving that she is the ultimate doormat who says big words about Independence and self respect but pathetically like a whiny pet dog tries to win over the man who actually has done nothing to deserve her. It’s the story if many popular shows and this show is doing this toxic track for TRP too. It’s not a unique show, it us same old ghisa pitaa stuff. At least Vansh track will be interesting because although Sara’s maybe a doormat, she will at least be a part of a loving household. Will follow that track and skip over the torture of watching a house full of idiots and asses. But yeah, wish best to “kanum” fans.

  22. Anuradha Sriram

    Crap.. why kannak needs to prove every time… Why women need to fight for everything..and women against women all time.
    DABh was good and not this one.. it had more sense and not this one.. I am not watching this serial from today.

    One viewer out will not make any changes to you producers…

  23. Hi all, Felt bad for Kanak today. As some of you said here that KanUm is getting separated… I ud love to watch that episode bcz I don’t want Kanak to be in dt stupid family. I wish after separation Uma Should know that Kanak was framed and the actual culprit is Maasi and Palomi. Hope Maasa gets well soon. I also read here that Aditya’s entry will happen now. Hope he is atleast a positive character of this show.

  24. The show is all about a love story of course unique where two different personality meet and understand each other and Wat to do revenge track which is ultimate story line of every serial is liked by all but the nativity or purity in love is not appreciated by some.Agree the show is in sbs track but waiting to see ultimate storyline to reveal how they justify dabh.
    Thanks for wishing kanum fans and it is totally my view??

  25. Totally agree with your comments. The show is about a regressive character turning progressive…. so its obvious we are going to see regressive views & behaviours being showcased

  26. Going great.Waiting for next update…

  27. Now understand why bholenaath gave sign to uma that he get married to kanak.. so that uma n her mother can be saved from masisa evil plan..I do agree force marriage is very bad idea but only kanak love can change uma mind.so kanak had to enter uma life n this is the only demand of the story ….but today episode is very disturbing n bad ..we can assume tht now upcoming episodes kanak going to suffer a lot. …..but if uma misbehave with her n give her mentally n physical torture then kanak should take pushkar bus bcs uma not deserve her love……his punishment is only tht he remain puppet of masisa hand n marry to palumi..

  28. I find Kanak slightly hypocritical, she wanted to have her brother arrested, way to go Kanak. Sara married Vansh willingly, Uma married Kanak forcibly. The difference is Kanak does not seem to understand Sara is doing the same thing she did, choosing her husband over her brother. Vansh way of seeking revenge was not right, but Uma certainly needs to be taken down 100 notches. He does not see the error of his ways. Kanak does not see that her brother was trying to save her from a distorted family which took her from her identity and them. She married and man by force, stayed with him, changed herself, and broke her old relations, rather than creating a balance. I am sure in the end Sara will go to a happier family, more liberal. Her struggle will be to make Vansh love her and not see Uma when he looks at her. Uma has not been a likable character for me, but Kanak is growing more sickening by day as well. She is not the ideal woman of independence, staying true to herself, and all that she preached when the serial started. This is was shown when she gave up the tea after gaining it back in the house. This is what anger Vansh with Uma; losing his sister not to marriage, but losing her to control where she is no longer Kanak. I feel Kanak is more brainwashed than in love, more willing to stand by relations because she was deprived of it, and Uma has way more bad qualities than good. The current track in my opinion, displays the serials is deep rooted into Stockholm Syndrome, Massi brainwashed Uma, Uma brainwashed Sara, little boy, and tries to with Suman and Kanak. However, what it tells us is that Uma is really the weak character. Although what what Vansh did was wrong, I feel it needed to happen. I feel Kanak needs to understand and forgive her brother the way should would have Uma who does many things wrong.

  29. I amvery glad more an more viewers present themselves on the show through their comments. The episode was tough. Reactions are understandable. You know , when the water reaches a boiling point , it turns into steam. So it is here too. There will be a big modification of the story. Again with the help of Kanak. Do you remember that Kanak asked Ved to help you ? And have you forgotten about Massa ? Kanak will break the whole mess , where the dirty games of Palomi and Maassissa will shine on the bottom . Umma will learn everything . We will see that Kanak is now in love with Umma . They will get even closer.

  30. Well expressed Tif. At this point Kanak is completely hypocritical and sickening. And exactly why is she in love with Uma Shankar. How are the writers justifying this? Uma is hateful as ever , whatever little soft qualities were there are also gone from him now. And if this is a show about regressive character becoming progressive, why are they showing the woman suffering, degrading herself to change him. That is so wrong to glorify such behavior.and real progress would have happened if Kanak had replied back to Uma and shown his true face when he confronted Vansh. Real progress would have come if she had left him to make him realize her place in his life. This. turning off entire family into villains, trying to win back a man who is only forced and suppressed her so far, is just disgusting. Abhi physical torture is coming up in future episodes. I guess true love means enduring that too and still trying to change a completely idiotic man!!

    1. Thanks, Uma cannot love anyone until he loves himself. The only thing he knows and loves is his religion. He does not know even know himself. He knows what he might want to be when he saw the movie with Kanak. This also proves he is a weak man, hence why he needs structure and control. Therefore, Kanak cannot be in love with Uma, she does not even know the real person. She might be in love with idea, standing by the relation, out of guilt, lust, but not love. No one can love Uma Shankar if they claim to be a self respecting and independent, free thinking, progressive woman. Also, Maasi motive for brainwashing Uma and the rest must be out of jealousy for his mother. The verdict is still out on that one, I believe she did something to her.

  31. It is true Moneva but hard to watch what extend this Maisasa & Poullomi can go to to make Kanak’s life a misery I was hoping Adhiti would be on Kanak’s side but just saw in spoiler he is Maisasa son so how can he be Uma’s brother ???? Who has been coming to see Masisa at night oh my? Top it all Vansh has given Uma 30 days to give Kanak a divorce All too much to digest Hope Masa is listening to all this in her room and miraculous stand up and defends Kanak and truth be told to Uma about the true colors of Maisisa

    1. Very true, Vj. We want all viewers to believe and hope. Episodes are heavy, but faith must not be lost. Perhaps this is the message of the series – in the most difficult moments in humanlife , God helps. Miracles happen . And something I hope does not offend the male audience. Here the essence of the male and female character is very bright . Man is physically strong, that’s his power. While the strength of a woman is in her feelings and emotions. The power of the woman is in the heart. Is not it like that ?
      Here the woman has a very strong influence on a man. On the one hand , when there are deceitful targets , it manipulates . On the other hand , when she has pure intentions, she loves her whole heart.

  32. Bet Masisa had an affair with Uma’s dad so Uma & Adithi have same dad but mothers are the 2 sisters

    1. Omg r u serious ?

  33. ? so many more major twists & turns ahead.
    Tif & Meg I agree with your view points about kanaks character. It is baffling as to understand why a character who was initially portrayed as such an independent girl could put up with such behaviour, I think at some point the cvs should have showed Kanak expressing her reasons for staying with Uma so we could have understood her thought process but in saying that this it is a tv serial so as with most Indian serials the women leads for some reason are always shown to be proving their love & worth to the male leads… even in progressive shows such as ishqbaaz & yrkkh, but somehow they are more easily digested maybe due the fact that the situations are sugar coated or they throw in some blackmail track to give the female lead a reason for staying.
    I personally think the cvs are trying to prove kanak’s strength & determination by her choosing to stay with Uma, my view point is Kanak respects the fact that Uma is a man of principle, she truly believes he has a kind heart & soul & can feel some sort of connection towards him.
    I totally accept that for some it could be seen that tsmsp is sending out a message that women have to put up with all sorts but surely most viewers have more common sense & have the ability to establish between fiction & reality.
    Ps it’s been lovely being able to have a diplomatic discussion about the show & seeing lots of different view points?

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