Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 20th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 20th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with the bride getting the hot iron tattoo and screaming. Kanak looks on shocked. Pandit says its Dharm stamp, you got included in your family today, you got pure. Bride greets him. Uma and everyone take Kanak. Knak refuses to go with them. She sees the hot iron and screams. Maasi asks Kanak is she ready, her ritual will start in 5mins. Kanak recalls Uma’s words. She thinks to run away, else the devil’s name stamp will come on my hand. She says there are 5 mins left, shall I go washroom and come.

Kanak goes to washroom and thinks. Paulmi waits for her. Ved says we reached Bhabho, and takes her to the shop by covering her eyes. Bhabho asks what’s happening, you both have ended my patience. Vansh decorates the shop. Bhabho says its shop anniversary. Vansh

asks the man to be careful. They show the shop to Bhabho.

Bhabho gets emotional and says this is my Sooraj and Sandhya’s shop. She thanks Lord. Vansh feels sorry that he is going to sell the shop for her good.

Pandit asks Maasi to hurry. Maasi says where did she go, she will be coming. Paulmi gets Kanak. Uma and Kanak sit. Uma asks her not to get scared, I m here. She jokes he is acting as SRK. Maasi asks her to forward her hand, its just a min thing, true relations are such which pass through fire, you are Uma’s brave wife, show you deserve to become his wife. Suman says she can’t do this.

Maasi asks Kanak to forward hand. Kanak sees the hot iron rod and panics. Kanak forwards hands. Maasi asks what’s this. Pandit says Dharm stamp can only be on right hand wrist. Maasi asks Kanak why did she wear bangles, knowing ritual is there. Kanak says sorry, you asked me to break bangles. Maasi asks why did you wear in right hand. Kanak says you asked me to do all work by right hand, bangles did not fit left hand.

Maasi thinks what did she do, where will she get stamp now. She asks pandit what to do. Kanak recalls seeing Paulmi and making a plan. She wears bangles in right hand and covers it with a cloth. She apologizes to Maasi and says I always try not to make mistakes, I thought bangles are Shringhaar of a married woman, this can’t be broken. Maasi says its of shagun. Kanak says yes, forgive me, your three day ritual went waste because of me. Uma says no, I will fulfill this ritual now. Kanak asks but…. He says keep your right hand on my right hand. She holds his hand.

Meenakshi and Rani try to make Golu wear sherwani. Rani gets tired. Golu gets breathless. Rani tries to button the sherwani. Meenakshi says now no one can stop your bride’s doli.

Khandelwal is on the way and asks someone is he sure Meenakshi will get relieve of chickenpox by these ayurvedic medicines, sent by my wife. Meenakshi sees Bhabho. Bhabho calls out Vansh and says I m going shop, I will make guest list after return. Rani asks Meenakshi did she see, Bhabho was also seeing her beauty today. She praises Meenakshi’s beauty. She asks her to make her matching also by such a good lep.

Khandelwal comes and asks Bhabho does Meenakshi stay here. Bhabho says yes, come. He says its good you came to see her, such things pass to others, I m giving you advice. She says sorry, I did not understand. He says I m doing my duty, I m going to become Meenakshi’s Samdhi. Bhabho says its great, you chose a diamond for your daughter. He asks her to say about the family. She praises the family and Golu, your daughter will become bahu of respectable family. He thanks her and gives her a mask, asking her to wear it when she comes here again. She says he takes care of health well, Golu’s health will get better.

Uma says pandit ji, put Dharm stamp on my hand, husband and wife should do each other’s work, if she is failing to do this, can’t I fulfill her work. Pandit says I have seen many people coming here, but I have seen this for the first time, I did not see anyone keeping relation such that husband is giving Ardhaangani status to a wife, you are obeying Dharm completely, you are succeeding me in my work. Uma forwards hand.

Anak gets shocked. Uma gets the tattoo on his hand. Kanak cries. Uma looks at her. She sees the stamp. He says from today you have become my Ardhaangani, now we both will live for each other. She thinks I never thought he can do this for his Dharm.

Maasi asks Kanak to get ready well. Vansh asks Meenakshi did she know that Khandelwal is buying Bhabho’s shop. Bhabho hears this and gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. VINAL

    Ohhh thank god kanak bach gay

  2. Day by day story is becoming very boring for what kanak is waiting for to complete all rituals
    Writers are making this serial boring

  3. Lizaa

    Thk god rituals khatam ho gaye…pure wknd rituals main chala gaya

    Kanak ko tattoo nhi karna pada
    Ab kya hoga bhabho ko shop baich ne ki baat pata chal gaya

  4. she did her trick he did his dharm and honesty with his wife so sweet just love uma’s character

    1. Naina a.k.a. Yolande

      yes … Uma is very sweet ?

      1. Caveman lover go back in time

  5. Bhaana

    Achaa hua kanak bachgayi,
    but i m not satisfied with todays epi,wat they r trying to say uma being scholar of ved puran and all,behind this kind of rituals(atyachar).
    From my point he got punishment from god for wat he did payal and kanak,bcoz he always believe that god is behind every action na but this is not enough he deserves a lot
    Kanak jaldi s pushkar jana,missing ved,vansh and kanak chemistry

  6. Uma is a wonderful man.He follow dharm path and proof that.love u.

  7. I think tomorrow kanak will run tomorrow if she succeeded to run then there is a chance of taking turn of serial.

  8. Kanak is really very intelligent. …..I salute her presence of mind,well done Kanak.
    Hi everyone. ..can I join your TSMSP family? ??

    1. Kanak is nothing but stupid moron like cave man uma

  9. Because Gabassa is watching kanak.she is not able to runway.she is waiting for right time to run away from Uma..in next episode she will plan to run away from Uma.

  10. RANdomfANCreationz

    I like this show specially cause of kanak-Uma chemistry i just love their sizzling chemistry but the story is a bit dragging now, now hope that day comes when Kanak will finally escape and then the story will be more interesting

  11. day by day falling n luv with uma character he s soo caring nd loving hubby bt still i realy hate the way he married kanak nd sum of his thoughts abt womens s irritating otherwise he s cute he trusts kanak so blindly hope everythng ll b fyn

  12. This series is almost ridiculous and barbaric. I hope no fool comes to believe that this can be done in real life. It’s unreal in a stupid way. How can what Uma did in the name of religion be righteous! Physically forcing someone to marry. Preventing her to use a phone, She can’t go to the restroom without someone. Sleep on the left side of bed, walk behind husband and so on and so forth. Jail is better because there you can at least get the right to a phone call. Uma behaves as if he is God himself. He is so boring. Suman has a sharp tongue for her age. Palomi, enough of your jealousy, move on. Masisa, enough of your control. Get a life. Not blaming any of the actors, they have to make a living, but film makers, please be realistic. And now another boring character is joining the show, Sooraj! Gold, boring. Selfie maid, boring. Why do I watch? For Kanak, she is the only good thing there.

  13. Sooraj will come back next week

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