Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 20th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 20th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Uma and Kanak praying. They get down the temple stairs. Uma holds her and asks is she fine. Bhabho climbs the stairs. Maasi says you can remove the ghunghat if you want now. Kanak asks really, thanks. She lifts the ghunghat. Maasi asks Uma how will he control Kanak. He says we will think, if she does not pass tests, I will free her. Maasi says talk good, I just prayed for your relation. Vansh asks Bhabho to come fast, aarti will end.

Babasa says I will jump soon. Chote chote…..plays….Bhabho falls down. Uma holds her. He asks are you fine, walk carefully. Bhabho looks at him. Vansh asks what happened. Meenakshi enters the house. Golu gets close to Rani. Rani says I heard anklet sound. Golu says don’t stop me now. Meenakshi calls out Golu. Golu

and Rani scream. Golu gets away. They try to make the room like before. Meenakshi comes in and asks why is it darkness. Rani says talk slow, Golu is sleeping. Meenakshi switches on lights and asks Golu to wake up. She gives him samosa. She asks Rani what is this potli.

Kanak thinks how to spend money, none spends money here. She asks Uma to buy new shoes. He asks will you save this way by stopping me from buying shoes then. She thinks he is Antaryami. Gabbasa comes and says car is not working. Uma says its fine, we will go by rickshaw. Kanak thinks what’s stuck in her sandal. She gets a coin. She looks around and says I got Laxmi in hand, its shubh shagun, I should not leave hope. Bhabho sees Vansh praying much. Babasa says let him be, he would be praying for Kanak. She worries for her bag. Vansh asks her to recall where she kept the bag. Maasi gives the bag to Uma and asks him to ask whose bag is it. Uma asks some people. A boy says this bag is of that grandma.

Rani says I came to take Golu’s dirty clothes, his sleep would have got spoiled. Meenakshi says stop. Golu worries. Meenakshi asks what are you wearing inside these clothes. Rani says doctor asked me to wear fit clothes as I have leg sprain. She goes. Meenakshi recalls her moment and thinks why is Rani playing this game.

Kanak says that woman is good to feed poor kids. She takes the bag to return. The bag falls down. Uma asks her to get up, is she fine. She says yes. He says I was asking you to give me the bag, your clothes were coming in between your feet. She says you could have told me. She picks things and thinks its like Bhabho’s saree. She gets Babasa’s medical reports. She thinks Bhabho is here in Ladno. She sees Bhabho, Babasa and Vansh coming.

Uma asks can I help you. Bhabho asks him does he know the Vaid Uma Shankar. Uma says yes, come with me. Kanak says all my hardwork is going to go waste.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Wow………………what will happen tomorrow…………………Will Uma get to know about Bhabo and Kanak Mistanna bhandar?

  2. Finally uma and bhabho meet each other and I think bhabho stay in uma’s home for some day or hour .”how could kanak hide herself from bhabho , vansh and babasa ??
    once again uma clear that he would leaved kanak if she is not pass the test why he is every warn kanak ??
    and also I think bhabho indirect help kanak in Lakshmi test …..!!

    1. I think he keeps on warning kanak so that Kanak takes the tests seriously…

  3. today episode i saw hotstar . really uma and bhabho don’t know each other before 4 year and meet after 4 year ago.

  4. history repeat for meena and vikram romance that have some repeat with bajli

  5. Bipasha Bhattacharya

    Awesome episode! When Uma holds bhabo from falling down it’s really emotional moment. Kanak is becoming very cute and innocent day by day.I really wish kanak will pass all the test.Rani ,Golu and meenakshi moments are really funny. The show is becoming very interesting day by day. Kanak’s love for bhabo really heart-touching! I think bhabo will finds her Suraj in Uma Shankar!

  6. What is the name of the song in this episode, thank you

    1. chote chote armaan hai dil ke….the song is really nice….so touching…!

      1. Thank you very much, do you know where I can find the lyric and may be English translation

    2. https://youtu.be/O9LJDxptYyk
      This song is really amazing

      1. VINAL

        Thnks for link

      2. Mira_dewi

        Who the singer is?? Palak Muchhal??

  7. Bhabho feels sooraj in uma so she will adore uma so maybe Kanak accept uma by that time Kanak may develop soft corner towards uma .But what this uma is always acting in front of maasi sa that he will free Kanak but inside heart he wants Kanak to win him .uma ‘s goodness will win bhabho heart and he will be bridge connecting Kanak bhabho

  8. What is umashanker’s surname in this show?

    1. Diyaa

      I think he is Uma Shankar Kosniwal.

    2. Uma Shankar kosliwal. Ved&vansh went to register office for bhabho shop papers that time employee told uma’s surname.

    3. Uma Shankar kosniwal…is his surname….

      1. I think it’s Toshniwal.

    4. Thanks Diyaa, Sri & Garima..
      Am regulr watcher of the show bt may b i mised these details

    5. Thanks arpita

  9. Diyaa

    I have had enough of Uma saying he will leave Kanak if she fails tests. Now if she passes all tests we will never know if he truly loves her. For it to be a real love story, each side has to accept the other unconditionally. What if shop papers misunderstanding gets solved between Bhabho and UmaShankar and there is no more need for Kanak to pass these tests for papers. Will she want to leave? And if she doesn’t pass all tests will Uma be ok with letting her go? Or will he realize that love is above all. And will Kanak fall for his basic goodness? Regardless, the episode was captivating and RheaAvinesh chemistry was superb!

  10. Kanak’s expression was so great, i feel so sad for her. Bhabho’s attitude towards kanak is unfair. I think bhabho forget that she is still alive because of sandhya who donates her lungs to save her. Bhabho has to be grateful. I think uma’s mum kaushalya know the rathis.

  11. Nice episode. I like Kanak’s attitude, always thinks positive in good/bad times.
    Today, Uma got little upset with Kanak when she throws away his hand and he is loosing hope too. Felt bad for both of them.
    Baabo liked him at first sight itself, she will probably stay with him to feel her son Suraj.
    Kanak will be in trouble.

  12. Mira_dewi

    So sad to read what Uma said about what will he do if Kanak fail the test, is he feels hopeless or something?? I wish i can understand every words they said ?

    Vansh has a soft heart & funny too, i love how he always take care Babasa & Bhabho … Uma will invite them to his house right?? Cant wait to see Vansh meets Saras ?

    My heart so touched to see Bhabho’s expresion when she saw Uma …

  13. Can’t wait for next episode when Uma meets her family but for trp to go up viewers want more romance romance romance between Kanank & Uma There is hardly any cute moments between the two both need to let their guards down show some touching accidently both too serious half the show they keep playing the song and climbing stairs kinda boring ??

  14. I was annoyed by Uma Shankar’s attitude to Kanak today, he forced the marriage & now says I will let her go if she fails to be the perfect wife. Is he perfect?

    He has ruined her life for his selfish needs & his so called faith- if his faith was sompure he would take all of this with a pinch of salt , but no she will pay the price if she fails.

    I hope Kanak passes all the tests & gets the shop papers & then tell him where to go!!!

    He needs bringing down a step or 2 & I hope Kanak is the woman to do it.

    I do not see how they will ever fall in love & be Diya air Batinwhen there is so much mistrust between them.

    Golu & Rani – funny & lucky escape. poor Rani uphill task for her

    1. Absolutely right Parmeen. This test track is dragging like hell. They are making Uma’s character horrible. It’s time they started showing some realization in him about what he has done and what Kanak means to him.

  15. I think Uma wants to hide the fact he loves her……….that’s why he keeps on telling all these thing………..

    1. i agree with you Arpita

  16. We lost hope bcoz of the Saas bahu drama they showed in this track,fed up with umas attitude towards kanak infront of family n dragging the epi
    Kanak n umas chemistry with a unique story line is awesome tats the reason w r still here,but we want to see Uma longing for kanak
    Seriously i don’t like this test track n i don’t kanak to pass in this
    Hope writers surprise us with a good track which moves fast
    Sorry if i hurt u guys but i expect from this show

    1. I agree with you Bhaana. They need to soften Uma’s rigid and arrogant attitude at least a little. He thinks too much of himself and is guilty of the sin of pride, Ahankaar. He is so unaffectedwhen he says in front of others that he will leave her. That’s too bad .

  17. Yes guys i do agree with u all I too not liking umas rude behaviour towards kanak.
    Am bored with his dual personalities its quiet confusing n iritating sometimes to see him like a gyani purush who lectures on every topic
    Even bhabhos character is not aceptable for me in this sequel. One side she’s liking a stranger n will love him thinking of suraj bt on another side she’s not acepting her own grand daughter who is fighting everyday just to win her love..
    I want kanak to pass all the test n then leave uma saying tat i provd myself a perfect wife bt u r not deserving one..
    Dont know wht writers hav in their minds bt dont want to see kanak to bend more towards uma
    She shouldnt sacrifice her hapiness n life for bhabho

    1. I agree Shreya with all you wrote. Ved or Vansh should tell Bhabho that she constantly talks about Suraj Sandhya but doesn’t she consider how their souls might be pained to see their daughter being ill-treated by their Bhabho.

    2. Agree shreya bhabho’s attitude towards kanak is also annoying,but i still remember her charac in dabh is not so positive eventhough i didn’t watched it regularly

  18. Error @we as viewers

    meant to say more expectation from this show

  19. I think gabbasa is the only one who knws babasa as the owner of kanak mistan bhandar
    Tats y they sent him out for car repairing So he wouldnt recognize him(babasa)
    This way the truth wil not come out soon n show story wil b draged more

  20. I think vensh will like uma sister

  21. That’s my point too. UmaShankar’s attitude towards Kanak is very confusing as is his personality. At least when he talks to himself , in his thoughts, they can show him admitting that he loves her and can’t live with her even though dharam is highest for him. When they came back after that camp, he had said he would not want to humiliate her in front of family. Yet, he keeps putting her down in front of others. He needs to lose her through his rudeness and fault to realize her value in his life.

    1. **???”Can’t live without her!” Oh these typos!

  22. I hope Vansh like Saras but why doesn’t she help Kanak to pass these tests she looks like the only mature one in the family Suman & Paullomi always against her & shiv is too young as for Payal the shelfish B only thinks of herself & wealth Uma don’t know what your motives are but you need lessons how to treat a woman & wife respect & cherished not being mean

  23. There is some misundrstnding betwn vikram n meena actuly vikram is hiding from all tat pawan is mishris son..

  24. https://youtu.be/1jKVehvyQBQ

    Today’s clips. Not sure what’s going on but looks interesting.

  25. freak pawan’s mother is mishri…omfg

    1. Mira_dewi

      Whaat?? Someone ever comment & guess about this … but why Vikram hiding the true from Meena?? A lot of mysterius things here ?

  26. Naina a.k.a. Yolande

    Haan Bia… Uma’s sister is nice and she is a good choice for Vansh … awesome, Kanak and Uma n Kanak’s brother and Uma’s sister (smile)

  27. Mira_dewi

    Dear Amena, waiting for 2day’s update, thanks ??

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