Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 20th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Kanak’s Masterstroke

Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 20th February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Kanak wearing face mask dances around Aditya who tries to touch her lustfully. Uma, Rani, and Mangayysh watch her eagerly while she puts tablet in juice and gives it to Aditya. Her mask falls down, and they get tensed, but she covers her face back and continues dancing. Performance finishes. Rani says Aditya didn’t drink juice. Host praises performance. Kanak reminisces telling Uma and Rani that she will mix sleeping pill in Aditya’s drinks and once he collapses, she will tell Nanda it was a poison and only Uma has antidote. Aditya takes seat and picks juice glass, but it falls and breaks. Rani tensely says it broke. Host calls Nanda to give entrepreneur of the year award. Nanda walks on street while people clap for her. Kanak sadly says Uma deserves this award and

not Nanda, if god does not do justice?

Nanda greets everyone in English and says she is an Indian, so she will speak in English. She says she is against girls being forced not to study. Kanak reminisces Nanda against Suman and Saras studies. She continues talking about women empowerment , etc. Uma reminisces Nanda doing opposite. She says she as invented infertility medicine after extensive research, it is without side effects, and no woman will be childless hereon. She continues boasting about her knowledge and praises Aditya. Aditya starts vomiting and falls down. Nanda rushes to him and shouts to call doctor. Kanak says Aditya did not drink juice, then why he fell ill. Uma says it is dangerous poison. Someone says Nanda herself is a doctor, why don’t she treat her son. Nanda says she is not a doctor, is there a doctor here.

In jail, Bhabho and Saras meet Vansh who asks if Kanak is fine. Bhabho asks if he is fine. He says until Ved is there, nothing will happen to him. Bhabho emotionally says her small Vansh grew up so big that he is worried about family more than himself. Ved comes and says Kanak had called and told she is fine, her first plan failed, but she executed another plan. He explains in detail.

Nanda continues pleading to call doctor. Uma with Kanak come in front and says it is a dangerous poison and Aditya has only 15 minutes. Nanda pleads him to save Aditya. Kanak says not to, Nanda boasted t hat she is a big doctor and is doing research since 12 years, why don’t she save her son. Nanda continues pleading Uma. Uma agrees to treat Aditya, but Kanak stops him and asks Nanda to accept all her crimes and give credit to Uma for his work..

Precap: Nanda pleads Uma to save Aditya. Palomi walks in. Nanda is shocked and asks if she did not get plastic surgery.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Great episode with a twist. Brilliant acting by Avinesh and Rhea. Massisa accepted she is not a doctor.
    Palomi plastic surgery didn’t happen, I guessed it didn’t happen. Can’t wait for tomorrow episode.

    Tomorrow would be end of BKK track. I will miss funny one liner harpreeth and diana.

    Fully enjoyed the super duper bangkok track.

  2. The episode indeed too good awesome! very good i love tsmsp

  3. Interesting Precap guys- No plastic surgery is done to Palomi and poison was mixed by Paulomi in Adi’s drink.

  4. Kanak’s character is a weak doormat character. Uma is a fool who only supports this no self respect woman called Kanak now because his maasi betrayed him. Otherwise he would still be torturing and degrading her in name of religion. This is just opportunistic. It is not love. Kanak was weak that is why she came back to her abuser Uma and took nonsense from him a man who tortured even his sister. Story writers have written a sick story and made it popular by baring bodies and titillating viewers. Character of Uma belongs in prison with his maasi and cousin. Kanak belongs in some mental rehab. If they do that that would be a good show.

  5. Thanks from the fast update MA.Hi everyone I am new here .I read in spoilers Palomi is the one who mixed the poison.

  6. finally i am so big happy that nanda is exposed by palomi. actually aditya is poisoned by palomi.

  7. Bhaana

    This is karma?
    Omg when everyone asked u can treat well as u r big ayurvedic doctor, maasi said ye Sab jooot hai???
    This episode is for all who digested her extra Powers just for kanum all these days, good to see massi paying for her wrong deeds, it’s hard to see adi suffering yet it is necessary.
    Kanak is now very bold to deal massi in her language.

    Its strange that there is no doctors around where a new medicine is launched ?

    Palomi is back, first time happy for her presence?

    1. Yes bhaana it’s really v strange that no Dr was present there
      Bt bholenath helping his bhakt Uma n massisa is getting back what she has done to others it’s karma
      Usne sab paker bhi kho diya

    2. Omg bhaana have u seen that tu took action on complaints they hv deleted negative comments from the page ??
      Really yr kitna mahol khrab krte h aise stupid log

      1. Bhaana

        Hi Shreya, that’s great….
        finally tu took action ?
        Have a good day ☺

      2. Wow shreya thank u for sharing the great news. I am happy TU taking actions. Thank u so much TU

      3. Yes divyaA it is great ? n glad that Neha bhaana gayathri Mavis & U guys have given fitted replies to these kind of people n supported each other
        Happy to see our frndship bond ?

  8. Like the saying what goes around comes around in this case for Nanda for her evilness Aditya didn’t drink the spiked drink but got poisoned by Poullomi Yes plastic surgery takes awhile to heal but cleverness between Poullomi & the other girl swapped places Guess Nanda is naïve regarding how long plastic surgery takes to heal Well Poullomi saves her Uma let see if Nanda confesses her wrong doing for all this years for her sons life Thank Kanak she stopped Uma from helping just yet till confession Glad Ved gets to know about KanUma

  9. Astounding Amazing episode. Kanak gave spiked drink to Adithya. Kanak was tensed that Adithya did not drink it. Unfortunately drink slipped kanum was perplexed. Massisa was honoured the best entrepreneur award. Kanak was distressed to see Massisa receiving the award and honour which actually belongs to umashankar. Massisa inspirational speech on woman’s empowerment and education. Uma was almost in tears Agonizing Reminscing about the contradictions in her teachings to him. Adithya fainted Massisa panicked seeing his son vomiting. She was screaming wailing for medical help. Everyone were asking being a great doctor herself not treating her son. Massisa confessed that she is not a doctor the cat is out of the bag. Uma informed kanak that Adithya is being poisoned and he is almost dying. Kanum was shocked. Uma told kanak as a doctor he cannot see patient suffering Warm hearted uma stepped forward to treat Adithya. Kanak stopped him cornering Massisa to confess all her misdeeds and crimes she did to uma. History repeats . payback time for Massisa. Karma hitting her back. Massisa facing punishment from bholenath. My heart was overjoyed seeing Massisa pleading and begging uma to save her son. Kanak checkmate to Massisa. Shocking precap palomi poisoned Adithya drink.

  10. Thank you TU …how she cheated Uma and stole his work, she has to confess to save her beloved son. i loved it. awesome episode guyzzz don’t miss it Massisa pleading for doctor help Everyone telling ur itself a great doctor why u need another lol. i am happy really nice episode Waiting for tomorrow. have a nice day all

  11. Awesome episode.
    I really enjoyed watching Massisa pleading Uma for help and flash scenes were amazing.
    Kanak’s act was outstanding. Uma is innocent and good heart person. He wants to help adi and can’t see Massisa in tears. This scene was a best example for “You Reap What You Sow”
    Overall the episode was good. Early waiting for today’s episode.

  12. typo 🙁
    Eagerly waiting for today’s episode

  13. somehow i feel nanda will not confess… money will be more important for her than her son

  14. Awesome episode i love this show ..nanda played her game of cheat all these years now its time to pay back that my fav show. Loved yesterdays episode so much.

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