Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 1st November 2017 Written Episode Update: Kanak Spies Nanda Maasi!

Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 1st November 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Kanak tells lawyer she and Uma need divorce. Lawyer jovially says he is there to help people get divorce, his name is Ghar Tod Ke, he means Ghanshaym Das Todke. He asks when did they marry. Uma says 7 months 2 days. Lawyer says they remember well. Uma says they decide to part ways after performing his sister’s last rights and wants divorce finalization before 1 month. Lawyer says it is not possible and he will give a few tasks which they have to complete. Uma says he will not. Lawyer says then divorce will not happen. Kanak asks what they have to do. Lawyer says they have to go out and think what they don’t know about themselves which each other knows and return tomorrow. Uma says they will come tomorrow then.

Saras picks sidhoor from floor crying. Bhabho

comes and asks her to pack her bags then. Saras says she will do ass she says to save her marriage with Vansh. Bhabho says her religion and sanskars will not help her, if she listens to her, forget Dubai, she can go with Vansh wherever he goes.

Uma and Kanak walk out of lawyer’s office. A biker speeds in front of them and a barb wire strikes Uma’s back. Kanak asks him to wait and worriedly tries to help. Uma shouts he does not need her help and tearing his kurta shouts how dare she is to insult Maasi and says he will go home alone now. Kanak asks if he will leave his wife on road and go, will his religion allow this. Uma says religion for family and not for one who will divorce after a month. He gets into car. Kanak walks sadly looking back repeatedly. Serial’s title song…plays in the background. Uma thinks Kanak has gone far than she is seen, turns mirror, and drives car away. Kanak stands on road sobbing and then continues walking.

Kanak reaches home. Palomi asks her where is Uma. Kanak says he went for some work. Palomi asks if things went well at lawyer’s office. Kanak says it is their personal issue. Palomi says anything related to Uma is her issue. Suman brings ladoo and says Maasi prepared so tasty ladoos. Palomi snatches it and says Maasi will give it first to Uma, if she does not know that. Suman says she knows Maasi gives laddoos first to her son. Kanak reminisces Maasi feeding laddoos to a man and realizes he was Aditya and family thinks he is missing.

Vansh travels in a taxi. Another car stops their way. He walks out. Bhabho comes out with Saras, Vikram, and Meena. Meena says they are going to Dubai to open a boutique and not Vansh. Vansh asks Bhabho if it is true. She says yes. He fumes that it is Saras plan. Bhabho says it is her plan. Meena asks him to take his luggage out, they will miss their international flight. She and Vikram touch Bhabho’s feet and leave in car. Vansh angrily looks at Saras.

Kanak asks Payal to show Aditya’s pic. She shows childhood photo and says she was married to this photo. Kanak says Payal is so beautiful, so she wanted to see how her jodi with Aditya looks. Payal says she misses Aditya each moment and when Uma does small things for Kanak and cares for her. Kanak then goes to Maasi’s room thinking she needs to find out Aditya spic before Maasi returns. She searches whole room and does not find anything, then sees something on cupboard and picks it. She sees dusted photo and clears dust from it. She is shocked to see hospital man and realizes he is Aditya.

Aditya asks Maasi who was that idiot woman who was questioning her. Maasi says it was her family problems, her mother and brother are in police and her detective instinct does not leave, Uma got her married forcefully as a sign of god and since then she is troubling them. Aditya says if she finds out about their relationship, they will be in trouble.

Precap: Maasi tells Kanak when relationship are ending, responsibilities also end. She asks Palomi to take herbal paste from Kanak and apply it to Uma’s wound. Kanak gets teary eyed. She then goes to Maasi’s room again to find clue. Maasi comes and stops her.

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  1. Hi All, I am still finding this hard to think Uma can behave with Kanak really badly, but I think she needs to get stuck into her mission, the very unfortunate consequences of her brothers actions have left there mark, with family like that who needs enemies.This is like a game of chess, massisa only needs to draw (stalemate) but Kanak has to win.
    Kanak is the Queen in this game
    Uma is the King, if she cannot protect the king it is check mate to massisa
    Kanak’s brother Ved is the Knight, still to be called on
    Suman and Shiv are the pawns, mainly moral support.I am hoping Ved is the Knight in the shining armour for Kanak as he is the only person who can help her in laws from an early grave

    1. Nice comment gurmeet ..Agree with your words of characters related to chess..Its a game of life like after many talent moves or opposition against evil ,victory will come..waiting for that day.

  2. So Meena beendni left the show, for sure will miss her 🙁

  3. I fail to understand why Kanak does not reveal paolini real colour to her brother and getting insulted by Uma

  4. Yes meena left the show?
    Cos she has nothing much to do in this sequel of dabh
    V sad yar. We all miss her

  5. Bhaana

    Show is in countdown which episode is painful or heavier, recently all epi r equally heavier??, don’t know when this bad time will end.
    I didn’t ever imagined uma will behave like this….no respect nor interest in him, aditya is far better at least he is not idiot like him…uma is totally mad.
    Hope kanak win her task soon n say good bye to uma.
    I will miss Kanica maheswari aka meena chachi humor a lot….
    In precap…again my kanak is crying??..cvs stop mocking with her role.

    1. Totally agree bhaana today’s epi was more difficult to watch
      How could tat idiot Uma can behave like this. I was feeling like to slap him tight wen he was shouting at kanak?
      After revealing masisa truth she must left Uma n should never come back to him
      People like Uma deserves no woman in his life. No sister no wife no mother. He deserves to b alone for the rest of his life
      Brainless man ?

      1. Bhaana

        Yes dear… he can take the form of bb here after which will suit him…after watching uma anger I was in tears..I hate crying stuffs.
        Like to see my expression avinesh? in good mood.

      2. Bhaana

        Sorry meant to say expression king avinesh

  6. Uma’s behavior is reprehensible. When he discovers the truth he must make great retribution and be totally broken before he can redeem himself. He has spent most of his time shouting at Kanak, insulting and shutting her up. Those old Kanum moments were unconvincing. He must first admit his error(forced marriage) and hateful behavior before the viewers could ever consider him again

  7. Nothing much to comment on today’s show, as predicted Kanak has pushed Uma further away by questioning maasisa in front of him.
    I didn’t like the way kanak was shown as a damsel hanging around after Uma…I get that cvs wanted to show that she was hurt & taken aback by Uma’s harsh words & actions, but kanak’s character is supposed to be independent – I would have expected Kanak to let uma know that she was more than capable of getting home by herself….Saras acting like a doormat is frustrating enough we don’t need Kanak turning into a doormat too ?.
    Like most, I’ve seen lots of spoilers around how the story is going to develop, I hadn’t realised that they were speeding up the 30 day track…part of me is relieved I can’t bear any more angry Uma & am really missing the ‘Kanum ’ chemistry, however I do hope they give the track justice.
    Hopefully by the end of it, we will get to see kanak’s true feelings for Uma. It’s clear Kanak has accepted Uma as her husband but she hasn’t made her feelings towards him clear.

  8. Hi All painfull as it seems Uma’s character is very weak, defending the way he is behaving is pointless.But the one great gift he has is admitting and accepting his mistake genuinely.This only gift is his one and only plus factor, and his and Kank’s undying love of there family and both are genuine in this, Uma is protecting his family not realising what his massisa is planning, because of his love of family he thinks that Kanak may harm them and plan against them which is not the case.He loves her dearly but has to leave her as of now he is completely broken and will say anything in anger which is still wrong

    1. i agree gurmeet – that is exactly my perception of Uma’s character too ?.
      We can’t justify or condone his behaviour because it is plain wrong, but I agree he is definitely blinded by his beliefs & protectiveness over his family, in particular maasisa. Uma’s outlook on life is simple, he currently feels Kanak has taken advantage of his love towards her. I’m hoping soon the time will come when Uma realises he has definitely wronged Kanak albeit unintentionally…. but he definitely needs to apologise & repent for his actions.

    2. Uma must more than admit his mistake. He must also change his behavior. Its pointless to admit your error and then continue with the same hateful behavior making the same mistakes

  9. Can’t wait to see Uma face when he know the truth

  10. The tension between Kanak & Uma at the lawyers was too tense but the guy was funny He asked the two to do something together & come back tomorrow not sure what? Uma’s anger is too much didn’t like his behavior towards Kanak just leaves her to make her way home sad ? if I was her would have taken the bus to Pushkar but she has feelings for Uma & wants to expose Masisa & Adhiti She wants to save masa too but it’s getting a struggle Masisa is evil & Paullomi behaves like she is Uma wife yaks Saras you need to change your ways of thinking if you want to survive in this marriage & dress that appeals to Vansh & stop being such a crybaby You have to adjust like Kanak had to Sorry to see the last of Karnika will miss her

  11. but kanak you never told uma that you love him, then why are you so sad that he is divorcing you.am not trying to justify uma behavior is just that i want kanka to express her love to uma. by the way palomi is really annoying

  12. Kanak finds that picture on top of the cupboard and said so this is Aditya so who was that guy outside the hospital with Masisa Does anyone think the two are different people??? But he was calling Maisisa mom but she has never called him yet but the name Aditya confusing ??

    1. Right….ye koi aur hi h

    2. Bhaana

      Yes…its confusing, if he is not aditya then who is he?
      but I feel maasisa intentionally kept tat photo to distract kanak as she knows in her absence kanak will check her room.

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