Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 1st May 2017 Written Episode Update

Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 1st May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Uma asking Kanak to listen to him once. The power goes. Kanak says I can’t go out, I m scared, what shall I do. She sits and says her lines She recalls Vansh and Ved scaring her. She says I did not expect this from Ved, Vansh is always teasing me. Ved says I did not lie, see power has come. Ved hugs her and says sorry for this prank. She beats them with pillows. They laugh. FB ends.

Uma gets the lantern for her. She sees the lantern and says its my light, which I bought for Bhabho. She cries and sees Uma. Uma hangs the lantern to the door. Tu Sooraj mai Saanjh piya ji…..plays………. He sits outside the bathroom and sleeps. She also falls asleep.

Kanak falls in the water tub. Uma wakes up by the sound. Uma asks what happened,

are you fine. He sees her through glass and asks her to hold the handles and come up. Kanak comes out of the bathtub. Uma passes her the towel and asks her to use it, else she will catch cold. She throws the towel away. He asks her not to be adamant and passes towel again and again. She feels cold. She gets Uma’s kurta and changes clothes. She sleeps.

Its morning, Uma knocks the bathroom door. Kanak wakes up. He greets her and asks her to have bath and come out, I m going out, I kept satyanarayana puja today, wear the clothes I kept for you, take your time and come. He goes. Kanak opens the door and comes out. Uma goes back to the room. Kanak sees the lantern and says Uma was giving me lecture to save water, he left lantern on, is oil not valuable. She smiles and opens the lantern. She blows off the diya. Uma comes there and smiles seeing her.

Kanak turns and sees her. She keeps lantern and notices her clothes. She holds a lahenga to hide her legs. Uma smiles and leaves. Tu sooraj mai saanjh piya ji…..plays………. Kanak says I m feeling scared, but I will take shop papers, I will teach a lesson to this Raavan. Uma walks in corridor and smiles.

Bhabho is in sweet shop, and talks to Sandhya and Sooraj. She sees the besan getting burnt. She says if Vansh sees this, he will talk about shutting shop. Bhabho hurries and things fall down. Vansh hears sound and runs to see. He acts as if he did not see the blunder. He relieves Bhabho and asks her for sweets. He eats laddoo and praises her cooking skills. She gets surprised.

She asks him did he really like laddoos. He asks her to talk slowly, anyone can have it. He takes a box. She asks him to leave it for customers. He goes. She asks Sooraj and Sandhya to see, laddoos are tasty, I did not lessen your shop’s respect, its same taste. Vansh looks on and thinks you are living in a world of lie, one day you will know you can’t make good sweets, your heart will break, I have to take decision before that.

Maasi talks to Uma about Kanak. She says pandit told about puja, all arrangements are done, is everything fine. He says it will take some time. Paulmi looks on. Payal asks did Kanak not come till now. Maasi says its fine, she will come. The lady asks Maasi about Kanak. Saraswati says she will come, she will look like a fairy. Maasi says yes, she is Uma’s wife, I gave her all ancestral jewelry. Saraswati asks Uma to save himself today. Shiv says Uma is dying to see Kanak. They all smile.

Kanak comes. Shiv says she has come. They all get shocked seeing Kanak in simple attire. Suman asks what clothes did you wear. Saraswati stops her. Uma gets up and goes to her. Kanak thinks I will not listen to them, they can’t do anything.

Uma says a married woman has to obey Maryada. Kanak asks can I wear any other jewelry. Maasi asks Kanak to get anything she likes from locker. Kanak looks for shop papers. Suman shouts to Maasi and asks her to see.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. So fastt
    Anyway I luved today’s epi
    Thanks for the update

  2. Bakwas show how can man force women for marriage
    And now talking about mann mariyada
    What message did writers want to give to young generation
    I think dobh was better than this.

    1. Totally agree. It would work if it was cave man days.

  3. VINAL

    I dont like man forcing women to marry or to wear cloths that he want
    Star plus please dont telecast that show which will have negative effect on society.

    1. I am sorry, Vinal,

      This is what this show is design to do.
      If you don’t want this to happen to society. Then please don’t watch this show.
      I loved diya aur baati hum, sharada was strong woman, her husband didn’t force or kidnapped her to marry.

      These two characters Uma and kanka must not be together, because it well give, and send the wrong idea, also message.

      I am a brother, also a Hindu. Uma doesn’t represent my religion.
      Please don’t watch this show.

      Would you watch this show, if Uma was umar. I am Not a racist, but ask yourself. This about every girl that goes to the temple. Our place of prayer has been mocked.

      This show is giving bad man like Uma, to do just that.

      That is why this show must end quickly!

      This is not romantic!

      Remember this Vinal, sooraj and sharada would have not like Uma.

      Bad stuff is happening to girls in india every 2 minutes.

      2 minutes, someone sister, daughter, is being raped, also kidnapped, then forced married, by man like Uma.

      The actor is just a good looking guy. This is the reason why you are watching this show.
      This is what the media does, and I bet they are rapist themselves.

      They want this to be normal.
      That is why we viewers must not watching their shit fantasy.

      Please tell your friends and family not to watch this show. Don’t give viewing time.

      From a brother.

  4. Thanks for the quick updating. 🙂

  5. I too didn’t liked uma forcing kanak to marry or stay with him or to wear clothes. Why star plus telecasts such type of stories. Its her clothes not her character. And respect will be based on our character and work not on clothes

  6. Nice amena thanks a lot its a good episode today . thank you telly updates guys

  7. I wish ved and payal to be pair. They should show in future that child marriage is wrong and should free payal from a forced relation

    1. Aarti32

      Exactly..Dis is wat I want!! I watch dis show for d Rathis n Payal ?? not for dat ravan Uma

  8. Before marriage kanak ko jayada smile karte hi dekha par shaadi ke baad ab tak to udhas chera hi dekhahi deta hai (so upset)

  9. I use to like this show previously but since some last episodes i have disliked this show due to its story line…season 1 of dabh was praised for its storyline most probably but this show shows more dharma and all …keeping in stake women respect and her wishes wrong message to every viewers i wish uma should become like suraj

    1. Uma is nothing like suraj, that is why I am angry.
      Suraj didn’t kidnap anyone, or force them. Suraj was a good husband to sahrada. He did everything for her.

      Even when he found out that his wife had no choice, but to marry him. Because her brother would have kicked her out. Suraj supported his wife.
      Now that is what you call a husband, and a good Hindu.

      This show is someone sick fantasy.
      I am sorry, if I sounds rude to you, believe me it not you or anyone here.

  10. Forcing a woman against her wishes especially for marriage is not dharma. All our religious books have emphasized it time and again. In fact ancient India was known for its swayamwar, where the bride can choose her partner. Forcing a woman against her wishes lead to the whole ram ravan war and going against a woman’s wishes and humiliating her led to the huge Mahabharat war. This show is pure crap. They have even reducEd Neelu Vaghela’s character to someone who holds grudge against a tiny child and makes her suffer. characters have all lost their charm. It’s better to stop telecasting this show.

    1. I agree!

  11. Its dragging , and the whole episode shows almost basically nothing

  12. And poor payal , married to a picture …

    1. Aarti32

      Ya..I hate Uma for dat??

  13. Aarti32

    Thank u Amena..Very quick update today!!

    Now they can’t force Kanak for everything!! I wish Kanak does melodrama saying u don’t even let me wear d clothes I like..I hate u Uma ?

    I liked d flashback of d SurYa kids..Lovely siblings?

    N Uma’s family is so discriminating..No Satyanarayan pooja n all for Payal..First u get someone married to a photograph..N then totally neglect your bindni sa..??

    Plzz get Payal out of dat stupids’ house n her child marriage too..As soon as possible..She only looks good wid Ved..They’re d typical cute n shy couple ??

    1. What about Kanka, should she with that bastrad!
      Yuck! He make me SICK!
      I am soooooo angry!
      The way he, was looking at her that bastrad!
      Looks is nothing!

      1. I agree with Payal, why should kanka stay with that sick Uma bastrad.

        I agree with all that said that this show should end. I know some of you, might other character’s.
        But giving viewing time for this show, it is not good for society.

        This is not love, for uma is, he is a man. Men can do what they like.
        Iike Adti said don’t give bad men reasons.
        Since every two minutes, women’s are kidnapped by men like Uma. We have to stand against the media, and say show like these are Not romantic!

        Because if we don’t, stop watching these show. Next time it well be one of you.
        Think of the odds, every two minutes, one girl is kidnap.
        The odds is against Indiana girl’s.
        Next time, you might be the next 2 minutes girl.

      2. Aarti32

        I don’t wanna talk about Uma..Simply hate him?

  14. I do agree with all of you
    Before this forced marriage Kanak was a happy go lucky girl even though her grandmother despises her she was shown very happy but for the past few episodes all you see in her face is sadness, fear, bewilderment and worry of the unknown.
    Sandhya was not forced to marry Sooraj – the brother did it to make sure her sister got a good husband, which she did.
    They first spoil this season with bhaboo hating Kanak; how could you hate a baby – I thought she would have spoiled Kanak making the others jealous. She claimed she loved Sooraj her son & his wife Sandhya, then how can she hate the child they gave their life for. Does not make sense. I don’t feel sorry for her pain and she does not make me miss Sooraj and Sandhya. I miss them when I see their kids.

  15. Now on my opinion on forced marriage I think Adti has covered it yesterday and today. It is a crime against women, humans and society.
    So if I walk the street of India and a man fancy me for a wife, then he can just forcefully marry me and that’s it.
    What about my family? My womanhood. This also shows that the men are weak; who does this.
    I think this is their only and main plot in Starplus shows lately – we saw it, Ishbaaz, DBO, YHM and now this show. The funny side of all this is that at the momen they have a show on a woman who was raped by a couple of guys and they are doing an informacial about rape on it. Then they have four shows on air that are showing women forced to marry.
    The worst part in this show and YHM is that there were women involved in the forcing who should know better.
    Why can’t we women stand up for each other in society? It is okay for us to blame men for all the atrocities on women but what do we women do when we keep quiet and go with the flow.
    One of my friends said to me once that men are evil and why do they treat women so bad – my answer to her shocked her – I said they are not and I said all blame goes to women too then. We give birth to them, norture them and marry them. We are their mothers, sisters, and wives; if we stand up against injustice to women from our homes then we will see change in society. And men you have mothers and sisters to treat a woman unjustly causes you to have been unjust to your mothers and sisters.
    So what do we do first shows like these should be stopped.

  16. One more thing
    There is still time for the show to be redeemed. This is my take
    Uma should return Kanak to her family, apologise to them for what he did and asked for her hand in marriage and should wait (a month) until Kanak agrees to it and if she does not then released her and let her be.
    I don’t think Uma is a bad man but like many people in society wether you are Hindu, Christian, Muslim or Buddhist etc etc there are some who tend to get carried away with religion and all they need is a good kick up the you know what.
    It is surprising that for an educated man like Uma; he still carries such archaic views. Then again this shows that even with education some of us can be caught in fundamentalist ideals.
    I hope I haven’t offended anyone and I have tried to keep my opinion with respect for those who love Starplus and this serial.

  17. Please excuse my mistakes

    1. Missy, it was heart breaking, when I read your comment.
      I don’t have the words, but I totally agree with you.

      The problem is the media, they are the devil advocate! They don’t care about society.

      But I have to agree with Adti, he is right, putting Uma and kanka together, well send the wrong message. I can see your point of view, but there are bad men out there. That well think, they well get the girl in the end.

      Missy it must stay as a criminal offence.
      What this Uma character did, he cannot get away with. Yes I must admit, he is very painful good looking. But his character, must be in jail.

      Kanka character, has to show, that what he did to her, had scared her. This character, have to been the one, with the out most important, that she is not going back to him. Kanka has to be the voice for all women, that went thorough this in real life.
      If star plus, can’t do this, then just end the show.
      I hope that I didn’t offend you.

  18. Uma actually a nice man.i like te story line.gud luck.

  19. Heyy yaa remember.berr me…..???
    Anyways well dabh is quite award storyline and why just why vikram has to b changed all the ty huff!!! ? ???He isn’t suiting the role though he would have been good as some other character….
    I dearly wish to see mishri and kanha affair soon and as far as I remember dai sa was pregnant where is hr bby??? Ans S1 m aarZoooo choti imli dr whatsoever(imli ka doosra pati) their daughter and son etc etc and list goes on so @CVS do introduce thm soon this is a fan wanting GGG (wish) ??
    Moving on hey @ varsha nys 2 c u
    Also vansh itna dumb kyu naukri kewal bchare ko

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