Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 1st June 2018 Written Episode Update: Kanak Chooses Paramedical Course Over Uma

Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 1st June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Kanak informs Bhabho about Uma’s changed nature and going back to previous one and giving her ultimatum to choose between him and paramedical course. Bhabho says on one side she has a man who loves her the most and on the other side she has her future, she has to choose one. Kanak continues remembering Uma’s strictness sitting on bed. Uma wakes up and asks to sleep now as she has to wake up by 5 a.m. to pray with him.

Next morning, Kanak cooks food in kitchen when Mausa enters with cut finger. She hurriedly first-aids him. Mausa says her eyes sparkled when she was doing first-aid, she is born to be a doctor. Nanda maasi says he is right. Kanak says she joined paramedical course to fulfill Uma’s incomplete dream of bike ambulance.

Kanak goes to Bhabho’s

house and gets happy seeing Payal and baby’s bond. She invites bhabho for dinner tonight and says she will inform her decision after dinner. After dinner, Uma sits seriously with family for Kanak’s decision. Saras tells Payal that Uma has changed back completely. Payal says he is looking weird in dhoti kurta again. Uma asks Kanak what decision she has taken. Kanak says now all their lives are set and takes each family member’s name and says her life is incomplete without Uma and he is everything to her, they had dreamt of bright future together, she had taken paramedical course for Uma’s sake and so she will choose it over Uma, she knows Uma will accept her decision and let her complete her paramedical course. She picks her college bag and walks towards door when Uma stops her and takes her back and says he is incomplete without her and her will support her in every decision, so she can continue her paramedical course, using English words. Kanak excitedly says he speaking English, means he has not lost memory. Aditya says Dhoti bro and he played a prank on Kanak. Uma says he wanted Kanak to realize how important paramedical course is to her. Kanak happily hugs Uma.

Payal takes care of baby. Kanak walks in and says orphanage people want baby back as they found someone who want to adopt child. Payal says she will not give baby. Kanak says she need not worry as they have processed adoption in her name. Bhabho says she wanted to show emotional bonding to Payal.

Uma and Kanak walk at home holding each other’s hand. Next morning, Kanak gets ready for college while Uma serves her breakfast. They reach college accompanied by family. She takes elder’s blessings and hugs youngsters. They bless her to complete her paramedical course and serve humanity. She wears apron and walks in while Uma wishes her all the best.


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  1. Is the show completed

  2. And finally it is an happy ending for TSMSP .This is my favourite journey in this show and i have learnt lot of experience in DABH and TSMSP. I am appreciate wonderful team, people have enjoy and appreciate AVI ,Rhea and Ayush ,they have done marvellous job and learnt lot of skill and challenge acting in this show. Hope three of them will be back soon in web series,foreign series or big screen.

  3. ShraddhaSharma392

    Iss se bakwas ending maine aaj tak kisi show ki nhi dekhi hogi… Show ko end krne ke chakar me kuch bhi dikha diya… Na masi ka operation hua, na vansh ka aata pta chala, na baki family members ka, or to or show ke end tak bhi kanak dr. Nhi bani… Ghatiya ending…

    1. ShraddhaSharma392

      Diya aur batti hum was an epic show, but its sequal was wrost ever…

    2. Allan Fernando

      What kind of ending were you expecting anyways. After all those obstacles she finally is going to fullfil uma’s dream. The baby too will be finally adopted. Yeah it may have had an unexpected end yet what is important that it ended in a happy note. There are also chances that there may be another season where previous leftoffs may be cleared

      1. Right Allan…… If this serial is wrost then its common sense not to watch it… But few people are worthless…..they can’t say good or positive to anyone….kanum have done so much of hardwork but this kind of people can’t appreciate them….by the way i m very happy for the show that it ended on positive not… Bye to all tsmsp rockers

  4. Yes….. gonna miss this show very much .love you kanuma

  5. A frustrated anonymous

    Wat the hell?? The show ended?? Hate u star plus.. First u ended naamkarann and now this?

  6. The show didn’t end well and I think there is a possibility of season 3 anyways wish Rhea and avinesh the best especially Rhea she is very young and she did so well with her character hope to see her on screen soon ?❤️ Guys did any body send gifts to them cos we didn’t get to see any segment anyways planning to send gift to Rhea on 3rd August as she trun 23yrs . Guys please let nnot forget them starplus will surely pay an done with that channel their hunger for trp will be their biggest downfall

    1. I too wish starplus should become the most flop Chanel
      Hope we meet again in season 3 bt this tym on another Chanel yar?
      Miss u too dear

  7. Thank god it ended couldn’t resist rhea’s over acting. Feel that’s the reason she did not gain popularity. Anyways..ayush all the best u were better than leads

    1. Goodbye tsmsp love ❤️

      What did you just say Rhea is an overreacting actress you sound like a typical hater guess what talking about popularity she is the one who choose to keep her life from media as she is not a social media person. Don’t come for her when you don’t know her and what is popularity going to do for her it doesn’t put money ? in her account hard work does ohk

      1. Truth hurts my friend…u know her better..good for u..and I meant gaining popularity according to acting wise not by her personal life..

  8. Hi friends it’s been one year journey with all my sweet buddies here and with our enchanting show. I have learnt lot from this adorable show Avi nailed it with his stupendous performances as our darling uma it’s really sad worst day came in our life TsMsp our soul departed us from us with happy note but with an open end. Today two scenes gave clear indication to us we may get the next season soon with our enchanting leads Avinesh and Rhea hopefully our makers consider our request and bring back our KanUm soon no where I could see this as an end it’s a new beginning our enticing couple KanUm life journey as Diya aur bhati just beguns today. Though climax was happy but it was not a proper closure. Anyways our KanUm is together now supporting each other loving unconditionally Loving supporting Ardhangana uma life and love his kanak he became perfect life partner to kanak kanUm magical couple of telly duniya will always be etched in our hearts forever our Mr handsome ladnun vaidji Dr. UmaShankar will be always in my cherished memories forever .My heartfelt thanks to all my besties here which appreciated my writings each day. Will miss you all but wish to meet all of you soon with our next season of tsmsp or new Avi show. Till then I won’t say goodbye dearies it’s Au revoir ????Cu all soon back in another season or show of our KanUm hopefully. ??

    1. Hey divyaA I will miss u & ur writing dear
      And will remember u as a crazy fan of avinesh ?
      Bt hope we all meet soon with another season or serail of kanum..

    2. Belated happy birthday dear divyaA ? stay blessed?
      Yesterday was ur birthday today I saw on forum bt am not registered there so wishing u here?

  9. It’s was a very entertaining show there is a void in my evening slots will definitely miss KanUma It started with Kanak at college & ended with her Pursuing her paramedical degree As Divyaa said it left our hopes Yearning for the return of our beloved TSMSP 3 ??????Friends will miss reading everyone’s comments Hope we meet once again in near future commenting on KanUma Was nice to see KanUma in their original attire Both looked good Glad Aditya turned into an angel ? He was thoroughly entertaining Will miss cute Shiv Till later friends

    1. Hi vj hope we ‘ll meet soon on another season yr I will miss u too
      N whenever I read ur name palomi comes in my mind?
      I used to laugh everytym that how much u hated her & Meera
      I remember in every comment u always complaint abt palomis backless blouse n heavy Jewelry n makeup?

      1. Haha ? I forgot about that….. them were the days when we were all frustrated by Palomi’s desperate antics & fluttering fake eyelashes…. it’s just reminded me of the stupid mangulsutra scene when palomi threw it into the fire & Kanak somehow managed to retrieve it, what fun we had laughing at dhoti bro’s ‘parachute’ dhoti ??, little did we know then that our show would come to an abrupt end ?… but at least we managed to have some good laughs along the way!

      2. That’s too funny ? yes Poullomi blouse held by a string she tried to look like the main lead Will miss you too Till next SSP show

      3. I also remember when kanak was giving shat patni pariksha how tensed we all that tym like we r giving some kind of examination ??
        Dasi rambha n Mata test was v exciting & dhairya pariksha me bhukha rehkr painting bnana ? we can never forget
        Angry handsome Uma & bubbly beautiful kanak will always remain in our memory??

    2. Yes guys we have lovely memories associated with this show
      Will miss u all v much

  10. Star plus CVS r mentally deranged. There is no continuity in the story line.frm dharm sastras,journey to altogether diff path focussing on medical profession issues. They forgot k & u company and their work life balance plans. They focussed on mobile ambulance. OMG!!!

  11. When it is the ending Uma mother is not there no vansh then how can they end this . We want to see them living a happy life not just run after the dreams . In diya aur bhati there was a dream it was fulfilled same they also lived there life with 3 children . But Uma and Kanak othere then just saying love you and hugging there was no other romance . They are married but still they were living like friends thats all.
    PLease bring them in and fulfill our dreams .

  12. I am Would Team TSMSP Avinesh (Uma) and Rhea (Kanak) Tsmsp Best Serials…Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji

  13. Oh my god i nevr knew it ystrday d show ended. luckily i watched it n was thnkng y evryone sayng bii to kanak like it is d last episode..but c its cm true..sach me khatam hogya… oh no.usse acha YHM ko khatam karte yaar

  14. At least the show ended on a high, i was seriously concerned we were in for more heartbreak- already shattered by the news of tsmsp ending ?.
    It feels as though there is scope for a sequel (but it may just be wishful thinking on my part). The show has began so well, everything was slow & steady but along the way so many changes happened suddenness with cvs failing to take the time to see some side tracks through – leaving us with unanswered questions ?.
    But throughout it all Avi & Rhea have fulfilled their roles and characters so well, allowing us to sense & absorb their emotions. It has been an emotional journey, so many times we stood by each other to defend the show & Uma’s character, I can’t help but feel cheated by SP for pulling the plug on the show. ?

    I thank everyone that contributed to this page, especially my besties on this page Bhaana, Divyaa, Shreya & too many others to mention personally.
    I wish you all the very best. Stay blessed ?

    1. Hi Meera thanks for ur best wishes n blessings dear & I agree with you we all become besties in this short journey of tsmsp
      This one year pasd so quickly with u all dear frnds n fans of tsmsp it’s amazing Yar guys
      It feels like the show was started a month ago
      Today am feeling v sad it looks like one imp part of our life missing now?
      Bt happy they didn’t separated kanum at the end
      One thing I want to mention which I loved more abt this show is the magical music Wich I can never ever forget in my life
      Music was not only magical bt I felt like divine too & lyrics were just amazingly beautiful & soulful
      And kanum was just awesome & their chemistry is unbeatable?
      Yesterday when they played the song I was remembering the old kanum moments how beautiful it was that tym
      Hope they continued the storyline n music till the end so it can run long

      1. Yes shreya the music was magical & added to the charm of tsmsp the ‘tu sur ke jai see’ always gave me good bumps just listening to it….The wording was perfect for kanums relationship ❤️.

        From the traditional outfits to the simple decor of the Toshniwal house every was enchanting and for the 30 minutes of the show took us away into a different world… Kanums chemistry was simply mind blowing. I am pleased that at least they were united at the end ?. I hope there is a season 3 & I hope to see everyone back on the page sharing our views x

  15. Varshini

    the show ended , the show could not attract viewers from the beginning because of the way uma’s character was shaped , no connection between the beginning of the show and the ending , no comparison between dabh and tsmspj because dabh was one of the best shows and it aired for 4 years . some really saddening things about the show
    1.uma’s character (he cant justifying anything by saying his masi poisoned his mind , one is responsible for his own deeds)
    2.kanak being the afraid one in the beginning (she is sandhya rathi’s daughter )
    3.uma-kanak’s unrealistic love story(no girl loves a man who marries her forcefully and tortures her)
    4.the two year leap
    5. meera’s entry
    6. meera’s track
    7.nanda-adi drama
    over all nothing was proper in this show like dabh , anyways the cast was awesome , had wonderful actors like avinash rekhi rhea sharma and others , will miss them . one thing i liked was they did not keep anyone negative at the end , the show ended on a positive note

  16. Varshini

    but honestly star plus needs to end yhm ,yrkkh because they are such old shows compared to tsmspj

  17. Nothing about Vansh, or Meena, or Golu, or the mystery about Mishti and Aditya – the fact that they had a child together. They didn’t do well with TSMSP.

  18. mitalisharma

    I thing instead of ending tsmsp you should have ended Har Shaakh Pe Ullu Baithaa Hai

  19. Will miss you all love ❤️ you all till we meet again bye

    1. Bye Mavis all the best to you …. hope to see you back if or when there is a season 3

  20. Why the hell do they always ends these soaps so suddenly? Gawd man they should have at least show Uma’s sister and mother. By the way did the two of them consummate their marriage? I know I know just checking lol. I was really enjoying the new Aditya he was so funny at times,will miss Kanak she is a pretty lass.

  21. Any person who becomes successfull in career that doesn’t mean that he is perfect and completed. Now a days people to be a popular in society use cheap gimmicks as we witnessed in Meera character. That should not be good. For well being of society one should be successful in both career and also in personal life(family). If they fail in any one, then what they can do with the popularity. This is our show’s basic story line which is essential for the youth in the society. Otherwise foreign culture which already influenced will destroy our culture. Here in this show all the actors done there job beyond expectations. Especially Avi and Rhea. For the real talents don’t expect popularity they expect only place in the hearts of their fans. Sure their hard work not go in wane. In most of the field we can see the competition.Here also same thing. Sure she successful in making her place in our hearts and will become popular in soon both in career as well as in family too. Avi’s family life is very good sure he will be successful in career too.
    Pl friends don’t judge with enough knowledge of life. Sorry if I hurted anyone.
    Don’t think truth what a person thinks is only the truth.

  22. Bhaana & Neha where r u guys am missing ur comment at this last update of tsmsp
    Pls come n share ur valuable words frnds
    Fir pata nhi kab milenge?
    I will miss all the fun on this page
    Sometimes we used to fight on topics & sometimes full on masti & making fun of umas dhoti ?
    Agreement disagreement fun all will be misd
    Best wishes to all my frnds & God bless u all
    Hope to meet u all soon with new show or sequel of avi & rhea
    Bhaana, Meera, divyaA, Mavis ,cutie, vj, vinothini, Neha love u all ?
    Take care frnds?

    1. Hi shreya thts so sweet of u but I m really sad our show ended like this ……sp should hv ended these shows yhm, yrkkh, har shaak pe ullu baitha but they inustice with us…..I was expecting tht tsmsp will easily run for 2 years uffffff?? jissne hum sb ki feeling ko hurt kiya usko lose motion lge……all serials of star plus lead actors n actress put on lots of weight n become faty so it’s automatically their shooting will stop n if shooting stop then serial will definitely end??……anyways I just wishes very soon avinesh Rekhi n rhea Sharma get fantastic storylineso tht again work together n show their magical performance to us but that show should romantic comedy bcs I love when they do funny scenes.

      1. Lol loose motion & faty ? arey kuch nhi hota vo kulfi me loveleen ko nhi dekha Kya kitni moti h yr
        Anyways Nice vm according to situation ? ab to yhi sabse Kam chlana pdega na
        Jaldi hi milenge cutie

  23. Guys I think we should use Mariam reporting live page for our comments anytime we miss our show what dou you guys think snice this comments section will be close soon

    1. What is Mariam reporting live page I don’t know

      1. Yeah I know shreay faty lead se kuch nhi hota bt yes tht show required for a faty lead like lovely who is selfish n angry lady ….just use people for their benefits n she even doesn’t love skinder I felt bad how she is using innocent kid……so I dnt like it..well I hope our avinesh Rekhi n rhea Sharma soon get new show if they any movie then it ll be super. .

      2. Is a show on starplus which replace yeh hai mohabtein timing show we can use that written update session of that page for Tu Sooraj main Sanji what do you think

      3. Ok Mavis got it it’s a new show I saw the promo bt totally forgot
        Anyways bt how we can use that page yr
        And how long we would be able to talk without any new topic abt our show
        It would be great if we get our leads in some new show
        Hoping they come back soon

  24. FYI there is a new show be SSP on &TV it is Mitegi Lakshman Rekha looks promising Sure it’s not our TSMSP but just started on May 28th Check it out

  25. Please bring back a third season. Show incorporated some good themes about current issues, besides the usual Indian backstabbing masala. Example of issues focused on were the use of ayurvedic medicines, as a (working) alternative to conventional allopathy, the ripoff and knockoffs of ayurvedic formulas, people not wanting to give first aid for fear of being sued, being honest and virtuous can make you gain more enemies than if you’re corrupt. So this is not your usual Indian serial. I’m glad Indian serials, as well as acting have improved. Stage makeup of accidents could use much improvement as still looks fake. Backdrops or background for green screens need to match the scene. Having a sunny moving background shot for when it’s supposedly pouring is not a detail I didn’t notice. Anyway enjoyed the show and have been watching for 3 plus years, since Diya Baati started. There will be a void in my evenings now in the time slot the serial used to air.

  26. Hem

    when the star pariwar award this year any one know

  27. Best wishes to rhea and avinesh for there future projects…. And waiting for next season of tamsp….hate sp for what it have done to our fav show…. Hope we will see kanum together soon not in this show but some other show…..guys plzz keep commenting we have to reach till 100 and above comments on this pg….. Good bye to all tsmsp rockers

  28. I kept my promise I stopped watching so called star plus after ended our show tsmsp. ….I wish that game show will be flopped who took our serial place..

    1. Even I too stopped watching sp. Hoping for tsmsp2 or new show with same leads.

  29. Please bring back rhea Sharma n avinesh Rekhi in another story or any movie…..avinesh Rekhi deserve place in movies like shushant singh rajput..

  30. Stopped watching Star Plus all together all the shows left now are crap The new ones are pathetic too Watch other channel like colors or & TV

  31. Hi all you r right guys we should boycott star plus n stop watching any serial of it bt what can we do when other family members tune that channel ?

  32. Most of my family members are fans of tsmsp and ssp. Even they boycott that channel and watching our Kannada serials.

    1. Yes s_ami..same in my house they watch lakshmi baramma n putt gowri shows

  33. Yes guys let support ssp production and let stop watching starplus so that game show will flop miss kanak so much this show was the only way we could see her as she is not a social media person hope to see her soon

    1. That game show is already flop Yar who watch that crap
      Hey guys u know what ekta replied to audience when they twitted to end yhm?
      She said if people don’t like the show they can stop watching it bt show won’t be end
      And stupid star plus supporting such crap & not giving chance to new shows which people like to watch
      Hadh h yar

      1. I told u she is psycho woman ….she make crap serials n watch it with her family n friends …..people dont like to watch her serials at all….

  34. How come comments are not close? Just would like to say bring Kanak back she is a wonderful actress.

    1. Yes she is a superb actress who deserves more acknowledgement than most of the actress

  35. Jazbaat tv show is goodwhich is host by rajeev khandelwal.. I think they should also call avinesh Rekhi n rhea Sharma in that show for interview ……

    1. Yes cutie I watched the episode when rakhi sawant n arshi came together it’s a good show

      1. But I saw barun sobti n zain imam episode n juhi also came with ashka in this show …..it was interesting. .

  36. Plz update written episode y u r nt updating the page

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