Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 1st February 2018 Written Episode Update: Kanak and Uma To Flee The Country

Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 1st February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Kanak and Uma hide seeing Sumer and his goons. Sumer and his goon search whole hospital. Kanak says she has an idea. Wardboy wearing mask walks holding patient on a stretcher. Sumer stops him and checks his face and then patient and leaves them. Kanak and Uma hide under stretch and get out. Uma thanks wardboy. Wardboy says Uma helped him when he met with an accident and funded his brother’s studies, he is god for them and god does not kill anyone. Uma thanks him. Wardboy says his brother will drop them wherever they want to in ambulance. Uma and Kanak get into ambulance. Kanak says she will inform Vansh. Uma says police must be tapping Vansh’s mobile. Kanak says Vansh gave her new number registered in his friends name, calls Vansh who says he has got Bangkok

flight passenger list. Kanak says she has found a way to go to Bangkok and tells him whole story about Gabbasa, passports, daughter, etc.. She then calls Gabbasa’s daugher, but phone is switched off again.

Kanak and Uma reach near airport and see Ved checking each vehicle. Constable informs Ved that Sumer and his goons are searching Uma and Kanak. Ved turns and hopes they don’t get caught by Sumer and his goons. Kanak and Uma reach airport disguised as Gajendra Singh and his wife and get afraid seeing constables checking each passenger. They somehow get till checking counter. Boarding pass issuing lady sees no baggage with them and asks reason. Kanak says they will buy new clothes in Bangkok. Lady says they are going out of country without baggage, gets suspicious, and asks them to stand aside. They get tensed. Rani walks in scolding them as Gajendra’s mother and says she is 80-year-old and had to carry all the baggage, her son and bahu are fit for nothing. She gives baggage. Lady checks her and gives them boarding pass. Kanak thanks Rani and asks how did she come to know about them. She says Vansh saw passenger list and found out Gajendra’s mother is also traveling, so he sent her with baggage.

At checkout, lady says they cannot go. Kanak tensely asks why. Ved enter sand says he will not let them flee. He arrests Uma. Kanak pleads him to let them go. Announcer announces their name to get into flight. Kanak pleads him again and shows Gabbasa’s passport and says Gabbasa’s daughte is in Bangkok. She calls her number. They are all shocked to see Paulomi on video call who asks if papa left India, she cannot see him due to weak signal… Drama continues..

Precap: Kanak and Uma reach Bangkok and see Maasi promoting her infertility medicine launch. Kanak says Uma that only Palomi is proof of his innocence and they have to even prove Maasi guilty.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Superb episode,special applause to rheasharma & sheethal(rani) outstanding acting,their body language ,dialogues in disguise is so perfect…day by day excitement level increasing…

  2. Oh my God palomi?

  3. Give tsmsp costume people applause ? they beautiful disguised all 3 KanUma & Rani really well Uma looked just like Gabasa & Rani stole the show exceptional acting Kanak was good too??If Ved hadn’t stopped them then he wouldn’t have done justice to law But Kanak quick thinking & calling Bhetisa was excellent glad Poullomi answered which shocked ? all of them which convinced Ved to let them go I guess Guess Vansh figured it all out by sending Rani as mother & luggage too Now action begins in Bangkok excited ? They will stop the production of the new fertility drug in time We now miss seeing Uma in dhoti ?he’ll be in modern attire Kanak will just go shorter & skimpy outfits ??

    1. I agree with u vj Uma was luking like gabbasa n kanak luking v funny bt v cute yr and Rani OMG this girl has a great future she is just too good yr I couldn’t stop my laugh when she entered ??
      Bt so many twist n turns making show illogocal now suddenly palomi becomes gabasa beti n what was that in beginning ?
      Uma was coming out in wardboy dress n then it came out a different man ? v irritating n illogical it was
      CVS think that we r fool ?

      1. Don’t think CVS are making fools of us I feel this is what Sumer Singh was seeing he saw Uma in that man while Uma was hiding underneath all the time?? Hope this is end of Sumer Singh

  4. Where are guys Shreya,Bahamas , Neha & Divyaa what you all stopped watching the show????

    1. Hi Vj how can we stop watching this amazing show yaar its part of out life to watch enjoy comment praise our great show dear. Sorry friends I have started my own thread of episodic analysis in tsmsp Indian forum so I wrote a detail analysis over there best part is o am getting very good feedback and response from forum mates. So I didn’t have time yday to post my analysis here. I will surely do it today yaar. Amazing BKk track is going to be aired ??Waiting to see our Hawttt umashankar ??

    2. Bhaana

      Hi vj…not at all dear, loyal Bakt of our dhoti bro?
      Oops now modern umaji?
      Episode was interesting

  5. Oops Bhaana ?

  6. Lol Bankok me tirthyatra ????
    Rani tera bhi jawab nahi ?

  7. very very good episode..amazing i loved it can’t wait to watch the episode tomorrow..waiting for 7 pm… excited

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