Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 19th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Saras Elopes With Vansh

Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 19th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Kanak confronts Uma that she should not have given him Krishna’s role and instead would have given Rukmi’s role as even Rukmi forced his decision on his sister. Uma looking at Saras’ palanquin says she is right, he did injustice to Saras by promising Balbrahmachariji to make Saras as his sevika without knowing Saras’ wish. He walks to palanquin with everyone and asks Sar as to express her wish and speak if she wants to become sevika or not. Saras does not speak from palanquin. Bhabho hopes Saras deny becoming sevika. Kanak also hopes same. Balbrahmachariji’s sevaks tells it is time for Saras to leave. Uma removes curtain and is shocked to see Saras missing, asks where did she go.

Vansh elopes with Saras. They both run on road towards temple. A boy says he

saw Saras running with a boy from back door. Uma and Kanak are shocked hearing that. Maasi acts and Meena smirks. Uma asks Gabbasa to take them to temple. Uma drives one car while Gabbasa drives another car. Bhabho thinks Saras should not have eloped. Meena thinks how to tell Saras eloped with their Vansh. Maasi smirks that her wishes are fulfilling even without trying. Vansh and Saras’ wedding starts and they finish pheras. They all reach temple and run on steps and search Saras. Vansh applies sindhoor on Saras’ forehead and completes marriage. Uma reaches followed by others. They see Saras as bride and a man/Vansh as groom in sehra.

Saras apologizes Uma and ays she had decided to become sevika, but this boy’s love came in her heart, so she had to stop herself, she apologizes again. Kanak says she knows Saras is wrong, but whatever she is telling is also not wrong. Uma stops her. Palomi says Kanak easily escaped. Maasi says still her game has not completed. She starts alleging Kanak that she played a good game with her brother. Uma ask what is she telling. Maasi says Kanak did not like Balbrahmachariji from the beginning and wanted to trap Saras, so she called Saras and asks to come from backdoor so that she can fall on Balbrahmachariji and become sevika. She then brainwashed Saras to elope. Kanak says Maasi had told about this plan. Maasi denies and Palomi supports her. She continues alleging. Saras says Bhabhi did not provoke her at all and does not know about her boyfriend. Maasi says it is Kanak’s plan and asks Vansh to show his face as she doubts he is Kanak’s brother. She removes sehra. Uma is shocked to see Vansh. Kanak and others are also shocked. Maasi says Kanak cannot deny that this is Kanak’s brother. Meena says Kanak did not know about this, but she knew. Maasi then asks Bhabho why did not she teach morality to her grandson and alleges that she must have planned all this. Kanak angrily warns her. Drama continues.

Precap: Uma shouts at Kanak that she mislead him from his dharam. Vansh interferes and warns if Uma troubles his sister, then he can trouble Uma’s sister. Dharam poojaris allege Uma as adharmi and order to sacrifice his dharam.

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  1. Uff very difficult to watch such episodes?

  2. nanda is big criminal mind,manipulate,bigger lier than palomi. nanda is not religious follower at all. nanda is responsible for uma mother health. maasa expression is saying that nanda is not helping anyone and she is criminal.

  3. Episode went quickly… Kanak looks completely trapped by maasi..and Saras by vansh.. how innocently she explained her Prem Katha to Uma.. insulting kanak before rathis is too much and massi calls rathis as guest?stupid…
    everything is OK but this maasisa smile and moves is very irritating?
    Just stop this dharam…adharam n all..???

    1. Lol bhaana I know exactly what you mean all this dharm- adharm business is starting to make my ears bleed ?. Lol I wander whether Uma is now questioning shiv ji’s Sankets as it seems his whole life has turned upside down after kanak’s arrival… gone are the days when he could rule & sit & do gyaan all day in peace! ?

      1. Hey meera! same blood in my ears too?
        This is like.. “why blood…same blood..”(famous dialogue in Tamil film)
        Irritation is a very small world to express my feeling when I hear word dharam here

  4. hi im new to cmd but I daily watch the episode&writen updateee but I have an issue I watched the episode before in tune.pkk, desi tv.com,,,,desi serials .com, and finaly I came to apnetv.com
    but from today onwards it shows the message like this ” **YOU ARE NOT AUTHORIZED TO ACCESS THIS WEB PAGE AS PER THE DOT COMPLIANCE** ” this cmd is showed previously in all website but today it showed in apnetv website also so plz someone give me the website to watch imedialtely its my humvle request give me a solution to my pbm plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    1. badtameezdil, kasamterepiyarki

    2. I don’t know about other websites but I feel hotstar is best..

    3. Try Bigboss

  5. here after i will not watch this show because of nanda and palomi. nanda and palomi character are irriating day by day because of them decreasing trp. writing should be create new script. when will uma come to know that nanda and palomi are fooling him. our favourite kanum jodi both love each other but they didn’t realise yet.

  6. here after i never watch this show because of nanda and palomi.

  7. i think precap thriest is bb father.

  8. Awesome!.indeed nice episode!..but the question is why didn’t anyone think outside the box because come to think of it how did Maasi knew that the groom was vansh and accused kanak to b part of the plan?..okay we audience knew it but what about the cast atleast one of them should have thought of it and questioned maasi!..My point of view can the writer make uma a deep thinker!!

    1. Grt point…

    2. A Very valid point, I was also wandering why no one questioned how maasisa knew it was vansh already? but the tensions were so high & there was so much going on that I think this was definitely overlooked. Although to be fair to Uma it is obvious he is not going to question maasisa’s motives as she is the one that has instilled his dharm, so he currently has no reason to believe she would ever act against dharm & behave in such a manner… let’s hope Kanak or some other family members catches on & maasisa is caught out

  9. For a woman who has spent her whole life following & preaching dharam, you’d expect an ounce of respect even if it is just for her elders… but I’m sure many of us can relate to such hypocrites in real life who pretend to be something they are not & all for telling others what to do without taking on their own advice. Sadiya Siddiqui fulfills her role so well as maasisa that she makes even me want to violent & reach across the screen & give her a slap, wow what a trap she has laid… she has fully transpired into a desi serial vamp! & as for paloumi, she is like a bad smell that lingers everywhere – not only did she end up in the main car with Kanak & Uma, she also has to speak in between family matters at every opportunity.
    In some ways it will be good to see vansh turn the tables on Uma & make him realise the gravity of forcing decisions upon people & the impact it has.
    I think as yet Uma’s character has not been defined as a hero or a villain so the track could go in any direction but one thing is for sure that Kanak & Uma have both made a place (albeit small) they still have made a place in each other’s hearts, which maasisa can never stamp out

  10. This Uma .. he doesn’t have any brain r he didn’t use it till now… After the drama he realized dat he is doing wrg with his sister .. he should even realize dat he did wrg with kanak too by not taking her consent r considering her consent…. Does he want always one to remind him wat is right and wrg … And dharam and adharam… Heights of stupidity… Pehla stupid ooh kanak.. to return back to diZ monster .. and bhabho she might have realized in wat hell like house kanak is staying… diZ serial doesn’t deserve dat title nor put together along with Diya aur baathi hum.. where sooraj always supports Sandhya.. here monster always blames kanak .. uffffhhhh… Wat msg dies writers wat to give by this serial I don’t understand..

  11. Entire episode was tension filled but well executed I even tweeted about their brilliant shot today to Avi.Nice to she uma realizing his mistakes and regrets for taking Sara’s life decision without consulting her.But it was too late everything went out of hands.Sara’s eloped with vanish did she elope becos of true love or to save vansh life.Sara’s is a sweet heart with lots of dreams for her prince charming.I remember once Kanak was emoting about each girls dream of marrying her prince charming to uma that is applicable to Sara’s today .Sara’s is a sweet innocent soul she does not have exposure to outer world vansh utilized her innocence and trapped her in his fake love .Do any girl marry a stalker I think Sara’s marrys vanish not only to save him she actually loves him but the weird part without knowing background of the guy hw she accepts to marry him.Uma was super angry at Karnak massisa played her game very well.The ball was on her court today she cleverly manipulated uma and poisoned his mind blaming Karnak for all the wrong that happened.Its sad that girls are getting humiliated in front of her relations no one is there to defend her she has to fight for herself .Always bahu of the family are blamed for all the wring happening in the house.Massisa just turned the table to Karnak side Karnak was totally trapped by her.uma initially try to defend for kanak but massisa poisoned his mind.Both uma and Sara’s are puppets for massisa.Even though Sara’s trying to explain that Kanak is not responsible nor she is aware about her love massisa just shut her mouth and she was blaming rathi parivar and bhabho.How dare she can tell to meena its their family matter.They are now double side related that have taken and given daughters to their respected families.She has to give them due respect .How massisa can send vanish to jail hw can she compare uma and vanish marriage uma marriage is a forced one without Karnak acceptance but vanish Sara’s marriage is done by mutual concent saras married him wholeheartedly that was the most ridiculous part.Tom uma will shout at Karnak waiting to see hw she is going to prove her innocence and win back uma ‘s trust

  12. Why is Vansh being threatened with prison?
    Saras agreed to marry him willingly even though there was deception on his part.

    1. Yes I too thought the same thing yesterday.. I feel he will answer about it today.. because vansh isn’t someone who will remain silent and take up all blames

  13. Well as they say what goes around comes around. Vansh had never excepted what Uma did to Kanak by forcefully marrying her so took revenge with Uma’s sister not taking into consideration that Kanak returned to Uma to get Bhabo’s shop papers and started to accept her marriage Yes both Uma & Saras have been brainwashed by Masisa that they do not see life any other way except dharm Uma has not even got to know Kanak at all they maybe husband & wife but there is no relationship there & both Masisa & Poullomi see to that Poullomi needs to be told by Uma to stay out of family matters she is always first every where & in your face The way Masisa has turned the table on Rathi family & Kanak is unbelievable she is a pathetic liar too. Uma never lets Kanak explain herself always stops her if there is no trust between these two how can you stay married Glad Vansh married Saras as Uma never asked her if she wanted to be a Sevi but told her only like he does hence her running away with Vansh was inevitable Bhabo will be a better mother in law then Masisa any day Kanak is going to figure out and try to trap Masisa & Poullomi with the help of Masa Still waiting on CCTV footage from Ved . Just wish Uma would take a quiet moment & think about what’s been happening in his house For a religious person sure has a lot of anger issues what good has come from him reading all the books & doing tapas each morning doesn’t show at all but acts like a man that has been possessed (oh yes by Masisa) Uma needs to get rid of Poullomi then Masisa would have no one to do her dirty work

  14. ayush anand as aditiya entry is not revealed in social media and only social network in his instagram. aditiya entry come in this show but he will be reveal later about bhabho shop.

    1. Ok so aditya was married 2 Mishri but how did Mishri die??

      1. mishri is supposed to have committed suicide (but she was behind selling bhabho’s shop – so there is definitely some connection between her & aditya)

      2. Thanks…M actually a big Ayush Anand fan so was trying 2 know abt d story….

  15. Bipasha Bhattacharya

    Very disappointed with the show! Fedup with massisa and palomi! Why this show showcase crime against women, conspiracy, Trap e.t.c. Even in today’s society girls actually face all this in real life. Yesterday in my colony a newly married girl call police for domestic violence . Please my humble request to makers please don’t encourage all this nonsense through a popular show. Please don’t spoil a nice show!

  16. plz post soon todays written..waiting..

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