Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 19th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 19th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Uma and Kanak lighting diyas in temple. Vansh and Ved miss Kanak. Kanak comes and tells them she has a solution of their problem. Vansh and Ved hug her. Vansh checks Bhabho’s shop papers and asks how did this happen. She says Bhabho’s love gave me strength and I have fought to get the shop. Bhabho comes and holds Kanak. Kanak asks you here in my room. Bhabho says now this is not your room, from today our room and heart is one, you will sleep in my lap. Kanak smiles and hugs her. Kanak’s dream ends. She walks out of temple.

Uma says your anger comes and goes soon, if you have much anger, you will get hurt, be careful. She collides with him. She intentionally breaks her slipper and runs back to temple. Uma asks her what happened. She says my slipper

broke, I won’t walk barefoot, you say wife is Adhmari. He smiles and says Ardhaangani. She says yes, I was saying that, do your duty, get me new slipper. He asks her to walk till the car. She says sorry, I won’t come, my Ardhaangana get slipper for me. She thinks did he go in coma, does he not have any lecture today. He asks her to come.

He asks her to put her feet on his feet. She thinks to put all weight on him. She stands on his feet. He holds her. He walks taking her along. She looks at him. She thinks why did I do this plan went wrong. Diya aur baati hum….. She says I will walk, its fine. He says it my duty to take care of you, I could not get slipper, but not let your feet burn, right Ardhaangani.

Meenakshi gets call and says its injustice, when Khandelwal wants to do roka, I m not able to answer call. She thinks Khandelwal will get annoyed if she does not answer. She answers call. He asks about the meeting to fix alliance, I don’t want to miss mahurat, I will meet your family also. She sees chicken’s pic and says you can’t come, I got chickenpox. He says fine and ends call.

Kanak sits in room and thinks how does Uma know what I m thinking, does he do black magic. She misses Bhabho and cries. Uma gets the lep. She thinks how does he know I m hurt. He sits and applies lep to her wound. Jo hai dard bhi preet bhi……plays….. She looks at him.

She says why all this. He asks how does she feel. She says good, its something cool. He says its last ritual tomorrow, it will be easier for you by applying this. Uma rests to sleep and stops her, asking her not to get angry, else it will whistle. Toy whistles. Maasi calls them out asking them to sleep.

Its morning, Kanak gets hiccups. She thinks who is missing her. She names everyone and hiccups don’t stop. She says Bhabho…. and hiccups stop. Kanak smiles and says it means Bhabho is missing me. Uma does yoga near the shore. Kanak cries and says I m very lonely here. She says I will go back to my Bhabho forever, just one day now.

Everyone reach the place. Maasi says we all were waiting for this day. They all enter the place. Maasi asks them to sit. Suman says its good you applied lep. You will need it much, I don’t think you have courage to fulfill the ritual today, just a girl who can dedicate herself can do this. Kanak asks about the ritual. Suman asks her to have patience, she will know. Maasi comes and says this is last ritual, this has importance, you will become unbreakable part of Uma’s life, none can break this bond. Kanak thinks are they saying about ritual or scaring by a scene of thriller movie, what’s this ritual. She goes to Shiv and says you will get hurt. Shiv says I won’t fall, leave me. She sees a bride getting tattooed by hot iron. She gets shocked and recalls Uma and Suman’s words.

Maasi asks Kanak to forward her right hand. Uma asks her not to get scared. Kanak sees the hot iron. Suman says she can’t do this. Kanak screams.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. VINAL

    Hope kanaks dream came true & accept her
    Lasrt ritual humalatng husband @!^^ Kanak ko ye rasam na karni pade aur pehle hi bhag jaye

  2. VINAL

    Bhabho accept her

  3. Uma is so humiliating. Do anyone think kanak can do that ritual???

    1. do u know me r u the same of mahek’s page and piya albela’s page

  4. Lizaa

    Last ritual ek dum bakwas h
    I just hope ki last rasam na ho

  5. Omg my poor kanak… ?bhag kanak bhag…. ??leave that blo*dy dharmwala family & kick them…… ??????

  6. OMG ….

  7. Aasthu

    The last ritual is bakwas….

  8. what the precap is..???.. Can anyone comment please..!!..

  9. Precap needs to get cut off definitely

  10. when this show end?

    1. When will this show end..?? TSMSP team played a great serial..But don’t drag it & make it bore..

  11. guys please dont encourage this kind of rituals wats this nonscence but y she is staying there kanak run away from there u got shop papers y u waiting for u would have do u r other works after reaching u r place to run from der

  12. I think precap is kanaks dream if not then this show should go off air soon
    Please star plus dont telecast such idiotic shows

  13. i hope this rasam will not happen cv’s can’t do this let’s see what will happen

  14. New rituals in most of the show, never heard of any. It seems director is enjoying showing Uma’s six pack body that’s why most of time he is shirtless like Salman Khan, so this is soch nayi before women were exposed now men are getting half naked on show, pls make him wear full clothes.

  15. Might be uma get tatood his hand on behalf of kanak as he is her so called ardhangana

  16. Sooraj come back on thu sooraji sanji piyaji next episode

    1. VINAL

      We all are waiting for sooraj s entry only

  17. Bipasha Bhattacharya

    Awesome episode! Really very nice! Uma Sankara is a religious man with golden heart. He always protected Kanak.Really different and unique love story.

  18. this show will get super duper hit.

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