Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 19th June 2017 Written Episode Update


Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 19th June 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Paulmi apologizing to Uma for overhearing his conversation with Kanak. He asks her are you happy here, I brought you as a guest to give you shelter, but you have dedicated your entire life to this house, I have never asked you if you are happy. She says you are asking a wrong person, I did not find your decisions wrong, Dharm is the root of goodness, and about me, when everyone rejected me, you have given me place and respect in your house, your Dharm made me a dear one, how can there be less warmth in family love. He thanks her and goes.

Maasi tells Kanak that their nature and personality will be as the good they have. She shows all the things in kitchen. Kanak says I have to make halwa, I was finding mixer. Kanak says we don’t use machines, we grind

things by hand. Kanak asks how do you all stay without tv, radio, mixer and etc. Maasi says like you all stay without puja, sympathy, shame and dharm. Kanak acts good to her. Maasi asks will you have halwa. Kanak says yes, I will make it, be ready to taste hot halwa made by me. Maasi smiles. She asks her to ask Suman and Saraswati if she needs help. Shiv runs with newspaper. Suman asks him to give it. Kanak looks on and recalls Vansh running her to get the photo. Kanak shows the photo to Babasa. Babasa jokes on Vansh and shows the buffalo pic. Vansh says now Kanak won’t be saved and catches her. They laugh. FB ends. Kanak thinks I miss you Bhaiya, I hope you both miss me too.

Suman asks Shiv to let her listen once. Shiv plays the musical ad. Kanak hears Ved and Vansh’s singing the lovely song for her. She recalls Vansh and Ved. She goes and takes the paper. She starts crying. Maasi comes and asks what happened. She hugs Kanak.

Shiv asks why are you crying, did your heart ache hearing this song. Maasi says she is missing her Maayka, I told her to make us meet her family, why is she bearing this pain. Kanak thinks I got your message Ved and Vansh, I will send a reply.

Meenakshi asks Rani to wash clothes well. She goes. Rani goes to Ved and Vansh and complains about Meenakshi. Vansh asks her to not to disturb. Rani says I will find a groom for me. Meenakshi says I will make my bahu do all the work. Golu asks will you make my wife a maid, see girls have blacklisted my profile already. Meenakshi asks why, you are most eligible bachelor. Rani thinks no one has liked my profile, I will put a good song. Bhabho sees Ved and Vansh sitting near the phone.

Kanak goes to terrace and throws Sarson/mustard seeds. She goes to Suman and Saraswati and says Sarson got spread. They go to check. Kanak goes and rings Maasa’s bell. She says sorry Kaushalya Maa, I had to do this, so that I go to cyber cafe and make a call to my brothers. Kanak tells Shiv that Payal wants to go out. Shiv asks Kanak to come with him. She says no, I will be making halwa till you come back.

Rani plays Sheela ki jawani… Bhabho says cheap people will come hearing this. Rani asks which song shall I play. Bhabho says any desi song, which good family guys hear. Babasa sings Pallo latke…. Rani smiles. Bhabho says stop it. Rani says Babasa was singing song seeing you, I will play this song, just wish no fat uncle comes hearing this song. Meenakshi asks Golu to check the profile, they have added Marwari song. Golu says no, we will find any english song profile. Meenakshi asks him to check. He sees the profile of Bijli. He sends will you have friendship with me. Rani asks Bhabho what shall I do. Rani replies not friendship, talk about heart. Meenakshi says great, she reached near heart. She chats with Rani. Rani says he has sent a song on my name, thanks Bhabho you are my love guru from today, I will get married. Meenakshi tells Golu that they will have this Bijli.

Kanak notes down the medicine list and asks Paulmi to pack all these, it has to be sent to someone. Saraswati says Suman, we should have been in kitchen with Kanak. Suman says no, see the Karchi sound is coming. Kanak leaves the Karchi to move by string. She says everyone will be busy for half an hour, till then I will go to cyber cafe and come. Uma comes and says you can’t go out. She gets shocked.

Uma says I told Maasi we both are going out, I did not wish my family to get hurt because of you. She asks him about the values. She leaves in an auto saying she won’t come home with him.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Adr

    Guys guys did u all notice palaumi n the girl took bhabho’s bangles?they look exactly same..I’m 90% sure it’s her..n I know that guy is not Uma,it’s adithya..Uma’s hand is so skinny..but that guy’s hand his fat..It’s not Uma..the question is Why did they do that,voh bhi together?why do they need specifically Kanak’s dhukan?what’s their lehna dhena?..oh man can’t wait ?

    1. Adr

      I mean bhabho’s fingerprint..palaumi n that lady at the register office bangles looks very similar..

    2. Mira_dewi

      About aditya I agree with you, a man behind bookshelf looks short & fat … But the girl with Babho, i think she’s one of babho’s grand daughter probably misri, bcause imposible babho will bring kanak shop paper & sign it in front of stranger, maybe aditya run away with her … Btw thanks alot tellyupdates.com, without you i’m dying bcause of curiosity, i dont understand Indian languange, but from this show i learn few word 🙂

  2. Agree,i do have doubt on palaumi
    But the convo btwn bhabo n that girl in register office seems bhabo know her well,how was it possible
    One more charac in this show is mishri (meenashi’s daughter),kanak stopped meena chachi wn she is questioning about uma by taking mishri’s name
    May b mishri took bhabo finger print
    But m sure that guy is not uma, may b aditya

  3. Flash back scene of kanak with ved n vansh was nice,song was also too good
    But i hate y uma smiled at palaumi,doesnt scold her for hearing kanak n uma convo

    How kanak will call her bros,waiting for nxt epi,show is interesting but i feel its going slow

  4. Who s aditya?

    1. Eva1

      Umas brother who is missing and uma got payal to marry his picture.

  5. Arpita.dg

    Eagerly waiting for tomorrow’s episode…

  6. Arpita.dg

    I wish there is repeat telecast of this serial after 8:30 pm.

  7. Bipasha Bhattacharya

    I miss today’s episode! Waiting for tomorrow’s episode!

    1. Adr

      Watch online on hotstar website
      ?click that ?

  8. Hello everyone, i have been watching this serial and a big fan of this infact reading all of your comments too. But it strikes to me ,when kanaks brother enqire at registrar office it was told that on d same street there is one SANTOSH RAWAT ,perhaps there might be some misunderstanding and instead of SANTOSH RAWAT they might have got the SANTOSH RATHI ie Bhabo

  9. nice episode

  10. Naina a.k.a. Yolande

    Nice Episode …
    still don’t understand why Paulmi is in their bedroom ? she is just about 2 steps away from another tight slap … exactly what is her position in the house ?? ?

    it’s like I said yesterday … Love the Kanak Ved Vansh moments ?

  11. I
    like this kanak’s role……

  12. When Uma explains his motives behind his doings, it’s really acceptable.. It’s not old fashioned to me anymore, but safe.. I’m beginning to understand..

  13. Bipasha Bhattacharya

    Yeah Uma should scold palumi for hearing their conversation between kanak and uma!

    1. Arpita.dg

      I agree…………Paulami needs a tight slap…

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