Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 19th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 19th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Babasa liking the city and saying Vaid’s treatment can help him. Vansh says it all depends on Uma Shankar now. Bhabho asks since when did you get Dharmic to take Lord name. Vansh says Uma Shankar is Vaid’s name. Babasa laughs. Kanak has long ghunghat on her head. Uma offers her help. She thinks he got me here and now offering help. She says no. Uma gets a tree bark and asks her to hold it. She refuses. Maasi says its better to take help than breaking bones. Kanak says I will manage. Uma says Maasi is saying about this stick. Kanak sees the stick and holds it. They climb the stairs. Maasi praises Uma. Kanak thinks villain also gets Sadhu’s soul sometimes to show others. Jadoo hai kya…..plays…..

Bhabho, Vansh and Babasa reach there. Bhabho

sees Uma and Kanak and smiles. She recalls Sooraj and Sandhya. She says after many years, I saw a glimpse of Sooraj and Sandhya. Vansh gives them tissues to wipe tears. Vansh says there is a advantage of being with you, I get to know more about mum and dad. The driver says this is famous temple, whatever wish is asked is fulfilled. Bhabho says I lost myself, my Sooraj and Sandhya took me along. Vansh says pity on me, make a wish for me. She asks what to ask for you. He says ask for a lovely bahu. He jokes and laughs.

She asks what will you ask for yourself. He says I will pray my sister comes home with her husband soon. Kanak does some charity. The man blesses their jodi. Maasi smiles. She says you did Grah Laxmi dharm, but you have to save husband’s money well. Kanak says I know it, Roopesu laxmi, this is my next test. Uma says you are right.

Uma collides with someone. Maasi asks him to leave this nine year old kurta now, kumkum got on it. Uma says it will get clean. Kanak thinks he is wearing this since 9 years, where will I save money, I will fail in this test, he is a miser. Bhabho does charity. Vansh says you gave 100rs to kids, you bargained with auto driver. Bhabho and Babasa argue. She says I filled poor’s stomach to get blessings. She drops a coin and runs to pick it. Vansh stops her and says think it will fill some poor’s stomach and get blessings.

Rani takes Golu to surprise him. He gets scared of darkness. She switches on the lights. He gets stunned seeing the lovely decorations. He asks will anyone else come. She says no, Vansh has gone with elders, Ved went for his duty, I have sent Meenakshi too, its just Badal and Bijli. She dances for him on Tujhe chahna mera kaam hai…..plays….. He sees Meenakshi’s pic and says let me call mum once. He calls Meenakshi. She says I knew you will call me, you miss me right. He says yes, come soon. Meenakshi says I will come soon, take care. She is on the way and comes home. Rani and Golu dance.

Uma and Kanak pray. Kanak prays that its imp for her to pass in four tests, she got one chance to get Bhabho’s happiness. Bhabho climbs the stairs.

Bhabho falls. Uma holds her. Kanak finds Bhabho’s bag and checks Arun’s medical reports. She gets shocked seeing Bhabho and Vansh.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Super excited to watch tomorrow’s episode………………….Hope Uma comes to know Kanak is from Rathi family soon…………

  2. Good episode without any drama Uma’s smiling face was awesome
    9yrs old kurta ???,dont know how she will get shop papers from this man n one more thing he wont let kanak go easily from his life
    Bcoz of ghungat cant see the cute expressions of kanak
    Vansh dreaming for modern girl,but i wish he meet saras tomorrow
    Excited for tomorrow to see the interaction of uma n rati family,kanak worried to escape from her family n meenakshi will find golu n rani truth

  3. So as per my doubt,tat vaid s uma shankar nly.now it will be interesting to watch..till when kanak will keep hiding..?

  4. Bipasha Bhattacharya

    Very nice episode! Have many cute moments!

  5. I bet when Kanak wins the tests & gives Bhabo the papers , she will be told that they are like Sooraj & Sandhya & to go & live happily with Uma, as that is her duty & dharam.

    Nice episode though- poor Golu & Rani , they will get caught

    lol Kurta 9 years old-wow

  6. Nivika

    Hellooo frndz new to TSMSPJ page….hope u will accept me……btw can anyone write ff on this serial

  7. Diyaa

    This was a lovely episode. There wasn’t a single part that I didn’t enjoy. Vansh is such a cutie! I am super excited to see him and Saras. One cool, modern, and humorous and the other traditional, simple, and sweet as ? candy. Uma Kanak scenes were quite adorable too. The Roopeshu Laxmi conversation and Kanak’s thoughts to herself were hilarious.i think on location scenes that I saw on YouTube will come up by Saturday. Where Kanak gives some suggestions for saving money by using cloth bags instead of wooden boxes for giving medicines to patients. Includes some romantic moments too? Here Kanak is working on Roopeshu Laxmi and there Rani has started with Shayaneshu Rambhaa. ???Oh Meenakshi, Golu, and Rani! What will happen to this trip? I think Kanak will pull a long ghoonghat and will escape being recognized by her family. Loved how Vansh wished for his sister to come back home. Awww, brother sister love gets to me so badly…?

  8. I love todays episode especially when uma lends his hand and kanak refuse to take his help if she took his help then it would be stereotype sequence so the writers are making the scene different and it was very hilarious .Bhabho recollecting sooraj Sandhya moments seeing kanak uma that was superb .Waiting for more romantic moments of KanUm

  9. Good one…most of the time, they are climbing the steps…should have been little bit fun/dialogues between them..
    Cute moments between Babo,babasa and Vansh.
    Rani became an item girl for Golu 🙂
    Meenakshi will ruin every thing.
    Babo will slowly get close to Uma, she is seeing Suraj in Uma..may stay in their home..will be exciting to watch them in the coming episodes..

  10. I love today’s episode especially when uma extends his hand to help kanak and kanak refused to take his help if kanak held his hand then it would be stereotype sequence but the writers showed it differently and was very hilarious .Uma s expressive eyes the eyes shows the love and concern towards kanak .Bhabho scene was superb comparing the glimpse of kanak uma as sooraj and sandhya .So kanak uma will become diya aur bhati after understanding each other but it will take long time.But pls bring some romantic moments soon that is the essence of the serial

  11. rani become item girl for golu. rani dance is very nice,but golu doesn’t work dance and romantic with rani. bajli jodi is best. i am so much laugh to see bajli funny,but meena is back in pushkar that golu is worried about his mom. they will caught or not.

  12. I really had an hearty laugh at Kanak’s self talking. That was funny. Whole episode was hilarious, that flasback brother sister love and the helping hand.

  13. Diyaa


    It’s a version with lyrics of the title song of this show. Do listen if you can. The words are absolutely beautiful.

  14. Mira_dewi

    Dear Tellyupdates.com, i had problem to open TSMSP written updates yesterday, even i have the same problem with hotstar.com, just can open it in this morning ?? … I guess this show has more viewers right now, im happy if that’s true & congrats to TSMSP’s team maker ? … Tellyupdates, please improve it, so we can read & give comments without problem, thanks a lot ?

  15. Naina a.k.a. Yolande

    OMG !!! Vansh is there too, oh boy I think he is gonna get a wife (lol)

    Uma is sooo handsome I could just bask in his smile …

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