Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 19th January 2018 Written Episode Update: Maasi Provokes Mob Against Uma

Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 19th January 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Uma insists to see Palomi’s dead body. Police handcuffs him and takes him to morgue. Kanak, Ved, and Vansh accompany him. They see Palomi’s deadbody turned blood due to poisoning. Ved asks for post mortem report. Inspector shows him report. Maasi says poor Palomi loved Uma and died taking his medicines. He is not a vaidya at all. Aditya asks to arrest Uma now. Vansh and Kanak request Ved to save Uma as he is innocent. Maasi pressurizes Ved to show his loyalty towards his duty. Ved says he has to arrest Uma and only court can free Uma now.

Uma is arrested and taken out of hospital. Mob around him and chant Uma Shankar haye haye…Maasi brainwahes them that Uma is a fake doctor and Palomi died with his medicine. He is practicing illegally since 10 years even after her warning. Aditya provokes them to punish Uma. Mob shouts they will not spare Uma. Uma says he did not kill Palomi. Maasi murmurs in his ears that Palomi was getting well with his medicines, but to take revenge from him, she killed Palomi and alleged him.

Aditya continues provoking people saying Ved is Uma’s brother in law and will easily spare him, though he is Uma’s brother, he wants Uma punished. People pick stones to throw on Uma. Kanak stops them and says Uma treated them since years and did not charge much, he considered Ladnu as his family, this is what they have pay in return. Mob calms down. Aditya tells Nanda that chipkali/Kanak spoilt their plan. Kanak tells Uma whatever people think, for her, he is a hero who saves many lives.

Ved arrests Uma and takes him near jeep. Uma asks Nanda why did she return when she already took revenge. Maasi says she believes in totally destroying enemy, Uma will never return now. Aditya starts his jokergiri again. Vansh warns him. Kanak challenges Maasi that she will prove Uma’s innocence at any cost. Drama continues..

Precap: Someone destroys Uma’s clinic. Nanda meets someone and brainwashes him that Palomi was like his sister and he should take revenge from Uma. Man says he will take revenge. Goons stone pelt on Uma’s house.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Go Kanak… I feel sorry for uma and kanak, but the good thing is uma realised all his mistakes, he believes kanak more than anything. They trust each other now their love bond is getting more stronger and stronger. i like it.

  2. Boring filler episode today massisa is going beyond her limits charging false accusations on and false murder charges on uma ?uma was calm but bewildered to hear the accusations from Massisa false post martum report prepared by massisa this ved didn’t even recheck with another doctor ?kanak and vansh tried to stop ved from arresting uma ?but uma told them not to stop ved he is bounded to law as a responsible citizen he should respect it. Massisa provoked the crowd against umashankar for murdering palomi with is half knowledge of Ayurveda she and Adithya instigated the ladnun that uma was a cheat he is a quack doctor he does not even know the basics of Ayurveda ??ladnun people got agitated and started to revolt against uma. One of them in the crowd hurted uma throwing a stone. Uma was suffering in humiliation??massisa admitted she used palomi as a pawn to trap him in this case and she murdered her. Uma was shocked to hear that massisa has stooped so low to take revenge on him he felt sorry for palomi becos of massisa revenge on him she has lost her life. Kanak stopped the crowd from attacking uma she was the shield for him in protecting him. She lectured the ladnun how uma loved and respected them all how much sacrifice he has done for ladnun. How he helped so many people of ladnun. How many of them are benefitted and cured with his treatment she was condemning them how much guts they have to blame uma listening to Massisa. At that situation also uma was worried for his Kanak he asked ved and vansh to take care of her until he comes back what a bestest pati uma is Kanak is very lucky to get such a loving pati. Kanak encouraged him by applying his blood as tikka to be brave and she trust him and she will surely prove his innocence and get him out of the jail soon. She will stand with him support him and will prove that he is the best vaid to the world one day this entire ladnun will be proud of his achievments in medical field. Massisa smirked and said that uma will never come out of the jail for lifelong so massisa is planning something to separate kanum permanently ?massisa is afraid of uma ‘s honesty and his reputation in ladnun so she took this drastic step to save herself so she did this fake palomi death to tarnish the image and reputation of uma. So that he should not take any steps against her. The best part of the episode was Kanak and uma was holding their hands together till the last showing the entire ladnun their love and trust the strongest bond of their relationship will never ever break. They both are together ready to face any storm in their life?i love the way Kanak said this is just a eclipse in their life if the eclipse goes light will come into their life. Superb dialogue

  3. Boring episode..Show is totally becoming Sathiyaa…How could d Forensic report by Maasisaa b trusted??Nd Aditya was instigating d crowd when he himself tried to kill Kanak…The only good part of d episode was Uma Shankar’s realization abt the correct nd wrong

  4. Donno how police can just watch when that b*t*h maasi sa is directly threatening right before them.. and she even talks of killing the other b*t*h paloumi. Sick episode actually

    1. Mahadev Desai

      I totally agree. The police should have handcuffed Masisa there and then. Masisa was bragging but at the same time confessing to her own guilty action.

  5. I totally agree with u Neha & Diya the episode is not only boring bt even not digestable I mean what’s wrong with writers n CVS yr why they r showing these nonsense n illogical things
    Now masisa role has changed she becomes law n order of ladnu I mean masisa filed the complaint she investigated the case herself then she prepared the PM report then she made Uma arest, she is the witness police judge Dr everything
    And wht stupid brainless police is doing nothing just following masisa orders
    Now I just hate masisa n Aditya presence in the show

  6. The only good in today’s episode was Kanak standing for her man & stopping the mob from attacking Uma which left stupid mother & idiotic son (always hiding behind mom) speeches That triggered Nanda whispering to Uma her plans Kanak is going to fight for her husband like Sandhya did for Sooraj when they were going to hang him Uma is kinda shell shocked & very subdued at present but wish he will snap out & fight for what is rightfully his with some vengeance Want to see that rudra avatar Nanda wants to destroy Uma completely & leave him penniless I don’t understand why Ved wasn’t proactive regarding Postmortem reports for Poullomi.Totally hate the woman & son

    1. Bhaana

      Rudra Avtar ?….am also waiting for it?

      1. Yes bhaana and vj even am waiting for umas rudra avtar Yar bt I feel it’s impossible in masisa case cos Uma loved n respect her more than his real mother may be that’s the reason he is not getting over of this trauma

  7. Speechless ?

  8. I too found this episode boring….I can’t believe this maasisa track is still dragging on & on ??… that too with completely illogical sequences.

    Us original viewers who watched the show from he start, loved tsmsp for the fact it was different & didn’t contain any of the stereo typical desi drama content…. but I’m sad to say the show is getting more & more typical by the day due to the fact that the whole show revolves around a vamp, who is after money & out to destroy the leads relationship – nothing unique about it ?. The only positive I found today was Kanak & Uma’s chemistry & their display of love towards each other. ❤️

    1. every show starts claiming to have a different story to any other but few months down the line merges into the same stream.

  9. Move on from this trash StarPlus or you will watch another show shut down. We don’t want to see this negativity day after day.

    1. Karisma dear no question of this show shutting down infact SP is promomoting this wonderful serial more than before and didn’t u see the trps its increasing week by week it will soon come in top 5.So friend I understand there is negativity now in the show but without showing negativity they cannot show positivity and pls tell me which soap doesnt show negativity those serials are only rocking in trp charts so my small request let’s stop ranting about the show and let’s enjoy this beautiful journey of kanum. This serial is beautiful love story emphasizing love trust are important for suceesful marriage so this serial gives us many strong messages. They beautifully show the value of relationship. Sorry dear if I have hurted u or contradicted u in anyway this is my perspective of the serial.

  10. I feel today most of us despised the show but this was needed to make Uma realize himself what low life this mother & son have been for all this years just to leech off him for money while instilling dharm & living this simple life was all a show Uma till now never believed Kanak say anything against his beloved Masisa but she is the one still standing with him through thick or thin This has brought them more closer together & they will fight for what is rightfully theirs Yes seeing Masisa is quite draining she feels she has won but with time KanUma will prevail They have started understanding & trusting each more & now see some romance too

  11. I agree with your point VJ that Uma needed to see maasisa’s true colours, so that his belief in maasisa could be shattered & his trust & love for Kanak could be strengthened, but c’mon did cvs really need to drag it on for months & months & the way in which they show maasisa always everywhere at the right time & being the judge & jury today was just cringe worthy.
    But unfortunately as Divya has pointed out it’s this kind of illogical drama that increases trp’s ?.

    I watch the show as a de-stressor from all the stresses of daily life, it’s a form of escapism for me (well it used to be). However I still see some potential in the show (mainly down to Kanak & Uma’s deep bond) so im still hoping that this is just a minor blip & the show has lost its way temporarily whilst it fights to climb the trp’s and will get back on track with some storylines with substance so I will keep some patience (for now) and stand by tsmsp until it improves and hope those of you who loved the show as much as I did, will continue to watch too.

    1. Exactly right meera even I am patiently waiting to see our old tsmsp back I am confident after they sustain in trp ratings we will surely get back the charm of TSMSP. Moreover from now on the story is kanum centric so we will travel with kanum life only

      1. Relieved to hear the story is moving back to Uma & Kanak ?…thanks Divyaa!

    2. of course i will continue to watch TSMSP is great tv show and i love the new track so much. and kanum are my fav couple now. btw i watch now a lot of shows they are the same but tsmsp is differ amazing acting nice story.. i’m a big fan of tsmsp forever.

  12. the episode is nice well guys uma and kanak are together .That’s the positive side of the things happening. and uma trust kanak so much
    I am sure the day will come when Massisa won’t have anything in her hands no money and no son and will come to KanUm.
    i’m very happy because finaly masi’s evil side has come to the light. It was much needed for Uma. And soon KanUm will be in Bangkok chasing masi..
    the episode of marriage was great too Much awaited apologize from uma for marrying kanak forcefully without her consent was shown atlast this is what we all was expecting now uma redemption part is over uma is completely changed. So we will surely get beautiful lovey dove moments of kanum soon.

  13. nelly from Nigeria

    for how long will nanda continue to trouble her sister and her children, and nobody is even realizing that massisa is giving her wrong medications after the big massisa betrayal

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