Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 19th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Can Uma and Kanak Survive

Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 19th February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Nanda and Aditya bury Kanak, Uma, and Rain in a coffin. Ved calls Rani’s number to speak to Kanak. Aditya tells Nanda that brother has called sister, let us inform him where his sister is. Nanda stops him and says if he informs Ved, both brothers will come sniffing us and will destroy us, so let us just enjoy Uma and Kanak’s death. Ved and Vansh get worried for Kanak. Doctor takes Palomi to operation theater and orders nurses to starts preparation for plastic surgery. Aditya says here Uma and Kanak are breathing last and Palomi’s face is changed via plastic surgery. Kanak panics and says oxygen level is depleting. Uma asks her not to panic and try to free her hand, he will breathe less via yoga. Rani says they should run with Palomi instead of worrying for her. Kanak

says how can they leave her alone. Kanak collapses. Uma holds her and cries to wake up, he cannot stay without her. Nanda and Aditya reach hospital to check Palomi. Doctor removes bandage from Palomi’s face. They both get happy seeing new face and laugh that nobody can identify Palomi now.

Palomi tells Ved and Vansh that today is 7th day and Uma and Kanak’s promise will break, Ved will lose his job if they don’t come. Door bell rings. Palomi opens door and gets tensed seeing commissioner with police team who says he came to arrest Ved. Vansh says he should be arrested as he is the one who helped Uma and Kanak escape to Bangkok and is helping them till now. Ved tries to speak. Vansh says if he stays here, he can help their sister. Commissioner orders to arrest Vansh. Saras cries while Bhabho pleads commissioner not to arrest Vansh.

Business award ceremony starts at Hotel Bangkok. Host announces that they are giving special entrepreneur of the year award to Matruveda pharma’s owner Nanda Modani. Mangayysh greets guests. Uma, Kanak, Rani walk among guests reminiscing Uma breaking coffin and getting them out. Uma sees car passing by and stops it and sees Mangayysh in car. Out of flashback, Kanak thanks Mangayysh for helping them. Mangayysh in his gay style says he is their friend now and saved them like Uma saved his self-respect. He will be with them till they are in Bangkok. Kanak thanks him for letting them walk on ramp and in dance. Rani says Uma did hard work, but Nanda is snatching is right. Kanak says they will give pill to Nanda’s biggest weakness, Aditya. Dancers come on stage and start dancing. Palomi wearing face mask dances and gives medicine mixed juice to Aditya.

Precap: Aditya vomits and falls ill. Nanda pleads Uma to save her son.
Kanak asks her to accept her truth and what she did to Uma on stage.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Beautiful and interesting episode.Loved the way Uma broke the coffin and cute Mangesh helping our KanUm. Lot of pleasant surprises in store for us. Precap looks too good to be true. Again Can’t wait for tomorrow to see how Massisa will suffer for once. Vansh surrendered in place of Ved. What a sweet brotherly love. Hope Payal understand SraAnsh goodness and try to be good in future.

  2. Very Very nice episode i loved it… omg the precap is great can’t wait to see this episode… go kanum and rani

  3. Mavisboamah

    omg hats-off to the whole cast of tsmsp wow what a performance especially kanak and uma , kanak dance with aditiya was too s*xy to be true lol. i enjoyed this episode a lot and the expression of uma when he was about to loose kanak was too good. i always say they deserve an award. please no time for haters of the show . lol

  4. Nice epi thx for not dragging like in ymh can’t wait for tomorrow

  5. What about palomi plastic surgery ??and waiting gor tomarrow episode..

  6. Amazing appalling episode. Massisa was overjoyed enjoying her victory of defeating kanum. Uma ‘s practice of yoga helped him. Bholenath and fighting spirits of Uma saved kanum today. Bang on expressions of Avi uma was truly incredible showing mixed emotions his pain of loosing his kanak. I love the way Uma the Hercules in action breaking that coffin. My heart skipped a beat seeing that sequence. I have never seen such a powerful scene his hands coming out of the mud. Mangaesh timely help to kanum. Bholenath ‘s blessing to his bhakt Uma. Kanum reached the felicitation function. Rani was upset about his hardwork and efforts are being used by Massisa. Kanak masterplan targeting Massisa ‘s weakness Adithya. Kanak using the same plan which massisa used before to corner her. Waiting to see Massisa pleading for Adithya ‘s life to Uma. Kanak dance was so beautiful and elegant but I felt Uma ‘s eyes showed possessiveness when she was dancing with Adithya but she managed to spike his drink.

  7. Full of action today Story moving fast Glad didn’t dragged it Uma as usual very concerned about his Kanak saying I can’t loose you ?Happy he had the strength to break the box ? & come out Was hoping the phone ? would have been of help though Mangesh came to their rescue Got to see Uma with his own eyes ? ?As usual selfish Payal has no concern about KanUma but thinking about Ved job instead of 3 lives Vansh the loyal brother helps out Kanak dance ? was beautiful & s*xy Could see the possessiveness in Uma’s eyes though she succeeds to spike Aditya drink ? Now Kanak going to make Masisa confess her bad doing to get back her Aditya The same game she played with Kanak for the formula As for Poullomi don’t think that’s her plastic surgery takes a while to heal not within hours but guess it TV life Hoped they would have contacted Ved to inform him about their plans Cant wait for tomorrow hope to hear Masisa story to the press & world ?

  8. The episode indeed too good awesome! Uma’s pain of loosing kanak has given him the power to break the coffin.. That scene was so beautiful Kanak’s PLAN of returning the favour of poisning uma by drugging aditya to expose massisa is wonderful. vansh stole my heart today guys. i enjoyed this episode waiting waiting for tomorrow episode!

  9. changing a face in 3 hours hahah in reality it takes a year to completely change face structure bunch of idiots enjoyig the show

    1. If I need facts, I will refer proper books not TV serials. So no need to remind us . It’s a fiction story not a real story so control your comments and be in limits.

  10. This comment is deleted.

    1. ??absolute truth you have written. Because such nonsense shows are watched, good content shows are bumped off and more mind numbing junk drama is fed. Otherwise such nice quality shows used to come long ago and audience enjoyed those too. Until shows like this one work, better shows have no hope. I don’t know who is to blame for this degradation. Producers, actors, or audience. But this is freedom of viewership. If one is bent on watching all this in name of entertainment it will continue. That’s why all good quality work is now uploaded by independent productions as shorts on you tube. No space for high quality drama on Indian telly anymore.

      1. Every day some bunch of Over intelligent people come to spread negativity.It s my sincere request to all of u to not b jealous of d fact dat d show s doing well on all respects..U can change nd watch any show u like r rather over intelligent people like u love…Thank u

  11. Bhaana

    I enjoyed the climax episode, uma’s hand coming out of mud, what a scene it is…
    Very good, can’t wait for today’s episode.
    I’m also little possessed to see Kanak dancing near adi n he is enjoying so don’t like that dance part.

    1. Hi Bhaana……..
      The episode was good and I was nervous in coffin scene…
      I was also little possessed to see our Kanak dancing with this dam adi.

      1. Bhaana

        Hi Shalu, coffin scene was interesting as uma handled the situation well..

        Dance scene was bit disappointing for kanum lovers?

  12. Episode was nice I enjoyed kanak dance n Uma possessiveness ? bt yr plastic surgery me koi logic hi nhi tha anyways now Nanda drama is come to an end bt not happy to hear 3 more new villains entry
    Shadi kab hogi yr

    1. Bhaana

      Nowadays catching episodes in hurry skipping other scenes, plastic surgery n all too much to read instead can show death drama? as we all opposed reincarnation ideas earlier writers took a different route plastic surgery ?

      1. Yes u r right dear ? n pls don’t give so much attention to morons just enjoy our gang & positive comments ? n our lovely kanum ?

      2. Bhaana

        Thanks for Ur advice dear, will try to ignore…

        if the comment is regarding show can manage but couldn’t digest bashing us.

  13. Bhaana

    I can say this is one of the good show with content while other shows has no content just showing leap again n again, this shows those writers are not consistent to take the story forward n so using starplus formula leap?.There are shows which encountered so many leaps within a year.
    Actors are doing fantastic job and we are enjoying the content.There was force marriage issue earlier, now it progressing well and I’m eager to see next chapter in kanum life, agree there are in consistency in between but still it retains the soul.
    Tsmsp rocks!!!

    1. hi bhaana everyday some bunch of lunatics come and spread negativity of he show and go please when they come dont give them any reply cos they are lunatics who watch the the show which is obviously giving us trp and they read written update and they come and spread negativity, so i dont see the point in wasting our precious time on them. beside they are just wasting their time by coming to this fan page and talk rubbish, sorry if my comment hurts the negativity people but guess what you guys started

      1. Bhaana

        Thanks Mavis for your kind words, will try to ignore haters in future.
        Sorry if anyone felt my comments are rude, bashing needs to be answered properly in their tone, that’s y I did it.
        Here after try to have sayyam ?

  14. This comment is deleted.

    Reason: Criticizing show is okay, but please mind your language towards characters and members here.

  15. Very nice show very nice episode i loved it.. Tsmsp Rocks ..My favorite show

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