Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 19th August 2017 Written Episode Update: Bhabho And Kanak Reconcile


Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 19th August 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Bhabo emotionally hugs Kanak. They both cry. Whole family gets emotional. Kanak says she feels as if she is seeing a dream. Whole family each other. Jhoke jhoke…song…plays in the background. Bhabho holds Kanak’s hand and walks into Kanak Misthan Bhandar. Kanak lights lamp in front of god’s photo. Bhabho looks at Sooraj and Sandhya’s portrait. Kanak cries hugging portrait. Bhabho says she wants to taste Kanak’s prepared sweet and asks if she will. Kanak says yes hugging her and calls Ved and Vansh to kitchen.

Kanak prepares jalebis and serves them to Bhabho. Bhabho holds jalebi and looks at Kanak. She says single strand sugar syrup jalebi was Kanak Misthan Bhandar’s speciality years ago, she feels as if Suraj prepared it. Babasa snatches jalebi and

bites it and says he feels as if Sooraj got a rebirth as Kanak and he feels in heaven biting jalebis. Bhabho scolds him not to say that. Kanak asks Bhabho if she can fed hher jalebis. Babasa say neki aur puch puch and asks to go ahead. Kanak feeds her. Whole family enjoys jalebis.

Bhabho sees Meena thinking something and asks what happened now. Meena says she got angry seeing property papers in Kanak’s name and broke things, then what happened suddenly. Bhabho says she is angry on Kanak even now, but someone came and told her whole story. She reminisces Maasi entering shop while she was breaking things and says she is powerful even now. Bhabho says shop is closed now. Maasi says for this shop, her beendni/Kanak made them run all over. Uma enters. Maasi introduces herself as Uma’s Maasi, but he respects her like a mother. Uma tells her whole story what Kanak sacrificed to get this shop back and for her this shop is everything. Kanak asks if they did not say anything else. Ved says Uma forcefully married Kanak and locked her in a room for 1 month. Family gets angry hearing that. Bhabo says he told everything and reminisces Uma telling Kanak cleared kshat patni dharm tests to get this shop. Maasi says for this shop. Bhabho tells Kanak that they seem from a good family and continues her flashback.

Precap: Maasi tells Kanak that she will not leave her at her parent’s house, it is not a kid’s game. Bhabho says Kanak’s happiness is most important to her, so Maasi should break this relationship right here.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Today’s episode was emotional & short.? Feel seen all this before hand .Yes Kanak was forced into this marriage but Uma never kept her locked in a room .They always wanted her to tell about her family etc but it was her choice even gave her opportunity to call her family which she didn’t want Her motive was to get only the shop papers that’s why she stayed. Since it’s a love story yes she starts to have feelings for Uma and feels bad about him being arrested But she went back to him again that was her choice . Returning to Ladno with Uma she has another secret about Mishri & Adhitiya and guess Pavan being their son Maybe Arpita the cop will help find them that could be Kanank ‘s mission next Just want to see some nice Kanuma scenes instead of all this shouting Still there is Golu & Rani’s secret to be shown where Meena will be shocked

  2. It was an emotional episode. Excited 4 monday.

  3. Maanu13

    Emotional episode….. today I totally in love with it…. especially the 1 St hug of bhabho and kanak….I feel like my own family is reuniting….so spl episode of tsmsp….still this Uma won’t leave her life…I want kanak to b happy with her own family…

    1. So true. Although I love to see Kanak Uma interaction, it would be nice to see Kanak in a surrounding that’s not hostile to her for a while. I mean, the girl has faced a lot since childhood. Abhi to her biggest sorrow in life got relieved. Slowly, she might miss Uma and realize what he has done for her.

  4. Hi…. Yet another brilliant episode, very well written and acted. Thanks to the writers for such a beautiful script.
    Hope there won’t be any further heartbreaking twists in future episodes.

  5. today’s episode is awesome and emotional too ….
    waiting for Monday ……..
    what will Uma do when bhabho says to leave Kanak and get back to ladno withou t Kanak …

  6. It’s really horrible to think that Uma knows Kanak better than Bhabho?????.

    According to Kanak, Uma is still a stranger. But this stranger loves her more than her own granny?????.

    I know that Uma made mistakes but compared to what Bhabho did to Kanak,
    Uma is a hundred times better than Bhabho?????.

    Often with age, people change but Bhabho stayed the same whether in DABH or in TSMSP, still unfair???.
    I remember in DABH, Suraj’s sibling did a lot of foolery but Bhabho never punished them??, but when Sandhya did a silly mistake, it was chaos????.

    1. Well said if u dont like the show then nobody is forcing u to watch this drama…..bcs nothing is real….who believe in religion nowadays even I dnt ……
      Shows r thr for entertainment not for tht u hv to follow all wrong things in real life……even many wrong thing shows in movies like pinjar whr manoj vajpai kidnapped urmila even she got pregnant n in the end she fell in love with him n happily live with him bcs she found tht guy is truly love him so much…….kidnapping n forcing obviously wrong thing we should not do that in real life……n we cnt do bcs law is there to punish such type of crime…..but here uma upbringing did by maasisa so wtever she told he blindly follow but in our life wen there is right time to come out of all old religious beliefs n thought then god send someone like kanak to change our perspective regarding life okh.

      1. You are very disconnected with the reality. You think in real life, such things never happen and nobody gets kidnapped, forced, and acid attacked if they don’t accept a proposal. Good for you if you live in such a place sister. Unfortunately kidnapping and force is a reality for many girls in many different societies. I watch this show just for entertainment but I enjoy reading reviews that discuss the issues in depth. Who are you to tell people whether to watch this show or not. Have you paid for their tv sets or computers? Do you own this page that you will tell people what to write here or not? You write your take on the show, let others write their take. What’s with the intolerance for opposing viewpoints? And yes, I like how well you can copy paste your own comments from previous pages. Certainly beats the ability of people who can analyze fiction and study it’s connection to real society. Like, a whole branch of mass communication and liberal arts studies is complete trash according to you. Wow!

      2. Not to mention, by urging all people who have some disagreement with the show but still watch it for curiosity, you are actually promoting lowering viewership which will in effect cause falling trp of this show. Use some logic and reasonability when making such appeals. Can’t we send the message, hate it or love it, but the show is interesting, so keep watching to see what happens next, and feel free to vent frustration here but keep watching so the show does well. Different people connect differently to what they read and watch. All are free to express their feelings.

      3. Dear Cutie,
        Just chill out??, don’t be agressive. I never said I do not like the series. I just gave my opinion like everyone else.

  7. Good to see rathi family emotional moments??..waiting for next episode eagerly…

  8. I read in spoilers that Kanak vl go to Ladno to gain hatred from Uma n his Family. Plz writers let her take some time to go back to Ladno if she loves Uma but plz don’t make her to go back just for hatred from Uma ka family nor any further mission of finding truth of Aditya n Mishri, etc..
    Plz let Uma n Kanak both find the truth of Aditya n Mishri.
    Enough of mission n hatred plz.

    1. I agree Yaar. Thodaa hatred and mission pe break will be nice.

  9. Keeping negativity aside, I like how the show is progressing. I hope Uma will realize the basic problem with his treatment of Kanak and will find a way to make up for it. And hope slowly Kanak will realize that what started in a wrong manner was essentially the right relationship for her. Many twists and turns and milestones to come in this show, and in this relationship. Just hope the writers will stay away from typical cliched stuff. Do watch the following VM. It is so breathtaking. ?


    1. U r negative n kidu neha……read the comment again idiot girl if such crimes happened then law punish them……bt in the show if uma get punished n nw it’s upto kanak wt she wants bcs she knws well tht he did force marriage bt never forced on her…….uski marzi rehna raho nhi rehna na raho…..iss mein kisi ki sister ko lane ka kya matlab…..chlo tumhari sister ke saath aisa hua ho toh uski marzi usko uss man ke saath rehna hai ke nhi…..bcs usne time spend kiya hoga usko pata hoga uski kaisi nature or intention hai…..understand

      1. Are Bhali maanas, I was trying to be nice calling u sister. I was trying to keep a chilled tone. And yes, any girl who undergoes such things would be like a sister to me. Show Hai Yaar, writers are writing whether Kanak stays or not. People relate based on their experiences. I was just saying don’t be agressive if someone shows their frustration with the situation. You keep praising what you like. But you will probably find some offense in this comment too so …peace out …

    2. Everyone has right to express their views n it’s my wish I want to share my views repeatedly ……so that u idiot type of pwople read again n again. ….it’s just show okh life nhi hai phele hi bahut stress mein hai we want to see tht shows like satyamev jayate n turkey shows which give us right msg……get out of religion ok uss sbhi illusion se bahar aao……every serials showing same story n all tht melodrama ……so u better watch it okh

      1. Aur copy paste isliye kita jata hai taki kuch correction kr ske bcs I hv fast speed okh so after send I check the mistake then resend…..do u hv any problem if hv then dont read my comments n no need to reply okh…

      2. Ok cutie. You really are very cute. I’ll do what you say cos you da boss ?

    3. Lovely VM..Remembering beauty moments of kanum??.thanks for sharing neha☺

    4. Hi neha thanks for the link, nice vm.
      Story is moving fast n there is no single change in maasi n uma knowing kanak’s background.
      Monday gonna see uma n maasi in rathi house, interesting….

    5. Lovely VM Neha. Thanks for sharing. That song is so soft and romantic. Loved watching it on Kanak and Uma.

    6. Shame on u neha to correcting ur point u r placing some person in tht situation shame in n really disgusting just watch ur word okh forcing marriage mein insaan ya toh bura ya acha ho skta hai bt tht depend on u tht u wanna stay in or not…..bt acid case again shame on u ……tht sensitive issue n no one can forgive those type of animal n monster who does this type of crime……if I say to u if u in that place wt wud u do……think about neha wt said….Aur copy paste isliye kita jata hai taki kuch correction kr ske bcs I hv fast speed okh so after send I check the mistake then resend…..do u hv any problem if hv then dont read my comments n no need to reply okh..

  10. * Sorry ? not “series” but “serial”

  11. Emotional episode … really nice to see misunderstandings between Kanak and Bhabho all cleared up ? & Uma finally being shown in a positive light… love his charm & broody character ?a man of really strong principles (even though his religious beliefs are deluded). I really look forward to Kanak & Uma’s realationship budding but they are so poles apart I can’t even begin to imagine how they will come together
    & to be honest that’s why I love watching this show! It keeps me guessing & soooo intrigued as to what’s going to happen next …. once again hats off to the writers, entire cast & crew ??

  12. Finally got to watch the episode. How interesting it has become!! I have a conjecture that Bhabho and Maasisa have hatched a plan to get Kanak to go back by her own will. Uma may not know of it. Either way, it will be very entertaining I think. Show is going at a good pace now so I doubt they will stretch the arrest segment. It’s probably just a bit to get Kanak to sympathize with Uma and want to set things right. As long as the scenes don’t drag, tension scenes are also good. After all, any good drama needs some tension ?

    1. Hi Diyaa looks like you are correct

      Article in here about bhabho masterplan

  13. The part of yesterday ,episode was nice ….. upcoming episode for wait ……
    Haad hoti h ……
    uma ki achai bhi kaam m nhi aayge ……
    aur maasi ka para over flow hoga ……

  14. Heart touching episode of bhabho and kanak reconciliation very emotional union of rathi family this what kanak was waiting for 20 yrs and finally her dream comes true by her dakusingh .I really admire uma ‘honesty he told both good and bad of kanak uma and even in what circumstances he married her forcefully even pshat patni dharam tests for that shop .I am wondering how uma is this much cool after knowing kanak has betrayed him for that shop on top of it massisa also was very cool and composed .I can understand CVS are trying to upgrade uma ‘s character to appeal to the viewers becos he was shown so much negative in the beginning .Now why this kanak is playing a victim role now I agree she was the victim in forced marriage which should be punished but why she is not opening her mouth when her brothers are always blaming uma they dont know about uma but she knows him fully how she was treated in that house did uma kept her as hostage this is ridiculous now kanak is not even telling that how happy she was even with the strict rules of the house .Even pshat patni dharam test she accepted to do it for the shop and repent for her blunder .How many times uma asked her to tell about her parents it was her choice to keep it as secret .Two times uma gave her chance to leave his life she didn’t .I will never blame their brothers it is their duty to safeguard their sister but first they should clear their doubts with kanak and then they should jump to conclusion. I hope CVS don’t show kanak in bad light she has to come out frankly she is SS daughter she has to be honest and she should apologize to uma soon.

  15. The conclusion of this plot is very fast everything happening in one day teej day .The registration kanak realizing her mistake bhabho kanak reconciliation uma meeting bhabho as kanak ‘s husband massisa entry bhabo massisa fight then teej dance then uma arrest on the same teej night then kanak realization of her feelings towards uma and she will go back to ladnu next day.Its too much for a day why uma is not giving time even to breathe for kanak he could have left her some days in her maayka to enjoy with her family then she can think about uma then she may feel missing him that would be nice na .

    1. Lol… I was thinking the same, can’t believe the marriage, Kerala, Kanak running away, going back to Uma, patni dharam test, shop papers reunion with Bhabho had all happened all in the space of 1month ….. jeez! What an emotional rollercoaster ? …. I didn’t expect it all to develop so quickly either! ?

  16. Hi Divyaa…. Uma Apne patni se bahot pyaar karta hain yaar!!!! U know ek din bhi alag nahi rehsakta….. Mann nahi lagta hoga ghar pe Kanak ke Bina ….LOl!

    1. Lol absolutely right mii even I don’t want them to get separate at this moment .And we all know how possessive is uma now he is just head over heels in love with her I think he will do anything to get back kanak to ladnu he is loving her madly that’s why he gave only 50% shop share and ready to undergo all the humiliation for his ladylove .I really love umashankar character now how truthful and commited he is to kanak.

      1. I agree with both of you emotional episode. Did u see bhabho face when she said I know everything , good & bad. I think u are right there is something going on between the 3 of them (Uma,bhabho,massisa). I think I read in the spoiler last week that Uma asks Bhabho for help in getting him & Kanak back together again.

        Also did not like the fact that Kanak did not correct ved in that she was kept prisoner
        , what happened to her promise that she would not leave unless Uma kicked her out?

        Now here is a thought, for you , if Uma had not forced the marriage & Kanak had come to ladno knowing that he was shop owner, would she have married him?.

  17. RANdomfANCreationz

    I didn’t watch this show for many days but decided to read the written updates today. Finally Kanak and Bhabho united. ?

  18. what a shame that Kanak will go back to the man who forced marriage on her.

  19. It is a shame that Kanak will go back to the man who forced marriage on her instead of staying with Bhabho

    1. That point keeps bothering me too Beki. The girl going back to the man who kidnapped and forced her and changed her destiny. That he gave her “chances to leave” and that she came back for her selfish reasons don’t make his actions pardonable. At the end of the day, this is a man who thinks that if he sees it right , he can do WHATEVER he wants, and the woman’s will is of no account if it conflicts with his beliefs. In real life, a girl in Kanak’s position would never return, and the man would be in prison if law was working. But this is a tv show, so they will probably soften his character and develop a love story between them. It’s what the demand is so they will supply that. We live in sad times and how much we are willing to forgive a man only if he doesn’t force physical abuse, and how much we are willing to criticize the woman if she does not follow traditions is evident. The show has shown me some very disturbing truths for example people’s perception of definition of love and respect. I have realized that this argument has become futile here. I responded because I found a like minded person in you.

  20. Uma did force Kanak into marriage but he definitely didn’t hold her captive, he gave Kanak plenty of opportunities to walk away from him. It was kanak’s decision to stay & carry out the tests for the sake of the shop, Uma wanted to inform kanak’s family it was never his intention to deceive anyone. I think Uma is silent, as he understands kanak’s intentions & through her behaviour & maturity towards relationships (the fire & Kanak asking for Shiv). Uma recognises that Kanak has a pure heart & has fallen deeply in love with her innocence, righteousness, her loving & selfless nature towards relationship… not sure how he’s going to cope with getting arrested though?…. hope it doesn’t create too much animosity between them & uff maasisa’s reaction is going to be scary ?

  21. The show is at a turning point it seems and I am praying the writers will handle it well. If Kanak goes back, I want her to be her regular self without all that traditional look. At least show Uma accepting her as she is. She should be able to lead the lifestyle she is used to rather than follow the suppressive rules of what to eat, where to go, when to wake up, and all that. And Uma should support her in that this time. That’s still sad but at least I’ll feel the story has progressed a bit. Many have said that after the kidnapping Uma respected her. In my view, these are the times when I thought he disrespected her:
    1. Evertime she was asked to walk behind him
    2. Everytime she was “punished” like a child in school for not following a “rule” of the house.
    3. Each and every time he did her “Shuddhikaran” like she was some object that could become impure.
    4. When he did not stand up for her when she refused to drink his feet wash water and later rather than thinking she was justified, he thought she had failed the daasi dharam.

    Also, before Kanak escaped the first time from Kerela, I had a distinct feeling that she was mildly threatened by Maasisa, that that was her Destiny and if she accepted she would get immense love, if not there would be hell to pay. Her movements we’re watched. She was not free to leave. It was only after she came back that Uma asked her she was free to leave and both times in moments of anger when he thought she had disobeyed him. When he asked her to tell about her family, it was to give “good news” about their wedding in which her family had no say.it wasn’t to set her free.
    Uma is only beginning to love and respect her and I hope it will grow with time. What he has done so far is domination in a soft mannered. And yes, she has taken it all for selfish reasons.

  22. Some very valid points Navi, you are right about Uma & his family’s behaviour is it disrespectful &degrading towards women, but the crux of the story is that this is their perception of what their religious beliefs dictates…..Uma in his view is acting according to his ‘dharm’ there is no deception in his behaviour, he is acting in accordance to what he believes is right. I think it’s an insult to kanak’s character to think of her as the victim, as the writers have shown her to be courageous & challenge Uma & his family’s ways…. Avinesh Rekhi has such a strong on screen presence, plays the dominating character so well. We have already seen snippets of Kanak questioning Uma & their customs… hopefully ‘nayyi soch’ is round the corner with some ”nokh jokh’ along the way ?

  23. Naina a.k.a. Yolande

    I think Uma will just be happy to have his Kanak back home ?

  24. It would be nice to see Uma getting punished by the law of India rather than the law of ladnun. He should get a shuddhikaran done in jail for his deeds. And then he should show his paschataap and ask for forgiveness from kanak and mutually divorce her.
    Later, it can be shown that Kanak starts having feelings for him while she’s on a mission to find out about Aditya and Mishri.

    And they again remarry with blessings from both families and become Sooraj and Saanjh in reality.

    Also it would be nice to show a flashback of Uma’s life. He could be shown as a fully modern guy while studying Ayurveda in Ayurvedic medical college. It would be great to see the Actor in a modern look. And some incident connected to his parents and maasisa which makes him so religious.

    I have a feeling that Uma’s sister will be linked up to Vansh.

    And if Pavan is Aditya’s son, Uma will definitely want him to come to his house. Imagine Payal’s anxiety then.

    This show has got lot of potential in terms of story as there are so many parallel tracks which are interconnected and interesting.

    I just hope that the writers show the story with Indian Constitution, law and order keeping in mind. Sandhya always upheld the law above everything. That was the usp of DABH. DABH was in touch with reality.
    Ultimately no one is above law.

  25. New spoiler video friends (small)but very romantic (pallu vala romance )kanak costume changed she is trying to tie a light saree her pallu slips uma will come and help her with the pallu to tie it properly .Hot romantic chemistry of KanUm soon .(filmy romance na)

  26. https://youtu.be/tn15H9UHerk

    Kanak looks so pretty with ? uma, have u seen

    1. Diyaa

      Thanks for that video Bhaana. It was awesome to hear the actors speak of their sequences ??They are so hilarious specially the way Avinesh Rekhi explains the situations. Loved Kanak’s new look.

  27. Hi friends, there r so many spoiler videos regarding this scene, but this video looks too good n so tried to share it, good track ahead.
    This week gonna see agnipariksha??? for uma to get back kanak, excited to see it

    1. Thank you so much for sharing Bhan a – great video & sizzling chemistry between them, good to see kanak is returning on her own terms, hope she doesnt return with any underhand intentions. excited to see their love story unfold ? hopefully we will get to see a softer side to Uma.

      1. Right meera, not for a mission again nai to is baar hum b kanak s gussa ho jayenge uma k feelings k saath kelne k liye

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