Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 18th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Uma-Kanak Enach Krishna-Rukmini

Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 18th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Vansh standing outside Uma’s house thinks he is waiting for his bride Saras, if she does not come out, he will go in. Saras sits in palanquin wearing bridal dress. Saras gets ready as Rukmini and Uma as Krishna. Suman goes to change as Rukmini’s brother. Kanak asks Shiv if she forgets line, he has to remind her. Vansh’s letter is seen on Kanak’s dressing table. Drama starts. Payal speaks on stage. Kanak as Rukmini speaks that she has right to choose her desired life partner and she loves Krishna. Suman as her brother says he is her brother and has right to choose her bride. Meena tensed thinking where letter must have gone and leaves to search it. Bhabo tells she understood why Kanak chose this drama, turns and does not find Meena. Maasi finds letter on floor

and silently drops it in Saras’ palanquin. Uma comesson stage as Krishna to marry Rukmini.

Vansh enters disguised as rajasthani man. Saras reads his letter and that he will live unmarried if she does not marry him, he will wait near backdoor for her. Uma as Krishna tells Kanak he came. Kanak/Rukmini gets happy seeing him. Saras continues reading he will sacrifice his life if she does not come out. Meena searches letter and worries for Vansh. She sees Vansh disguised as Rajasthani man and asks what now. Maasi and Polomi watch them.

Payal continues Krishna/Rukmini’s story and how Krishna eloped with Rukmini. Uma and Kanak enact same act and elope in chariot. Vansh walks to Saras’ palanquin and pulling out knife says he will slit his wrist. Rukmini’s brother stops Krishna and Rukmini and says Krishna is a brave warrior, even then he is doing injustice by eloping with Rukmini. Krishna steps down from chariot and gives moral gyan that he is setting an example that woman has a right to live the life she likes and select life partner of her choice. Rukmini’s brother kneels down and apologizes Krishna and leaves.

Rukmini confronts Krishna that he should think well before setting an example as people in kalyug/modern age will use this example for their benefit and will not let woman choose her life partner or live life she desires, so he should take back his words. Shiv says these dialogues are not written in drama. People talk they never heard these dialogues in Krishna-Rukmini wedding drama. Uma tells Kanak that she is alleging Krishna as doing injustice, he never did. Saras says then Uma does not have right to enact as Krishna as he forced his decision on his sister and is making her sevika forcefully. Uma looks at Saras’ palanquin.

Precap: Saras and Vansh elope and marry. Maasi says she will prove that Kanak made Sar as elope and marry, then Kanak and Uma’s relationship will break. Kanak reaches temple and is shocked to see Vansh and Saras married. Uma shouts Kanak betrayed him, why.

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  1. Kanak was successful in changing Uma’s thinking.. But this stupid Vansh will spoil everything.. As per him he is doing good to his sister but now due to his act kanak will have to suffer..

  2. The CVS always fascinate us beyond our expections one such episode was today I loved Krishna rukmini play it emphasis on women empowerment in satyug itself woman’s have right to chose their life partners as Krishna says .Avi did a fabulous job as Krishna he was too handsome kanak was pretty but could have acted well as rukmini her usual expressions where missing today.Today episode gave me a different perspective about this track nice to hear in satyayug woman’s where a not oppressed by men’s woman’s have been given freedom to live their life but in kalyug is the woman really given freedom to decide their life partner only some girls enjoy these rights some of the arranged marriages are forced on the girl whether she like it or not she has to accept it due to peer society pressure or family will make her to accept it as a result the girl lives her life without happiness.Her opinions are not even respected.A woman is trained to obey the men’s of the house be it her father brother husband or son her opinion is not even considered if a father tell her to marry she has to if a husband tells her to leave job she has to obey if her son commands her she has to listen .A girl should be taught to say NO when she is pushed to take decisions same way Sara’s is pushed into this decision she has to say NO she should not allow her brother to take her life decision and uma can only guide her as brother he cannot take her life’s decision.it is also adharam what kanak say is right.Today shiv expression was cute when kanak changes her dialogue she changed uma ‘s soch but vansh spoiled it .Sara’s was emotionally blackmailed she was helpless sweet heart she believes vansh fake love drama.Paulomi attitude is changing day by day hope uma put her in her place soon but I guess kanak will do it.Magical letter how come that letter is still flying for two episodes at last it reached to the witch massisa .Tom onwards we are going to see angry man avathar of uma pls bholenath ji gives us some SAAYAM to watch uma shouting at kanak she is been trapped becos of vansh foolishness

    1. Hi Divya! Your back in form to analyse the episode by ur lengthy comment ??
      What to do saayam is lagging, from today or tomorrow show will test our dhairya.. hope I won’t fail in this test like kanak..

      1. Thank u bhaana yes we need dhairya now to digest uma emotional outburst at kanak

  3. Excellent analysis Divyaa! The show is truly unique in the way it which it looks at religion & how it is interpreted. Religion does not make a women oppressed it is pressure from society & culture. Hopefully the show will be eye an opener for some who use religion as an excuse to impose forced or arranged marriages.
    It’s going to be tough watching an angry Uma venting his anger on Kanak. Ya viewers are definitely going to need to show some dhairye to digest those scenes. But from kanak’s reaction it doesn’t look like she is going to take it lying down.Excited to see how the storyline develops & the impact on their relationship.
    Hopefully vansh will get a tight slap from Kanak on behalf of all the women & that will bring him back to his senses, so that going forward he treats Saras right.

    1. Who will slap Uma for forcing a young girl to change her entire lifestyle and belief system. FIrst Uma gets a tight slap then anyone else.

    2. Thank u meera yes vanish should be given a tight slap just becos uma committed a mistake that does not mean he should follow uma footsteps uma did it becos of his wrong interpretation of dharam.Yes Karnak will give a right answer to uma

  4. Although I understand the frustration and anger at Vansh, I think the writers wrote that track for multiple reasons. One, it complicates the story some more which is what daily soaps seek to do to maintain curiosity. Two, it kicks off Vansh Saras track, three, it tests Uma’s faith in Kanak and reveals that he has not really loved her in the real sense as yet. She is still just a fulfillment of his religious beliefs right now and nothing more. Else, he would have known that Kanak would not do that. Without this test their relationship cannot become true. He has to hit rock bottom and then struggle to get her back in his life. Thanks will make it a good story. That’s what I think the writers are doing this for but i may be totally wrong.

    1. Agree diyaa… One more reason how he answer and warns Uma when he questioned kanak in temple, good to see(future update) hope there is no editing and I want vansh to give a warning to uma as kanak’s voice is still unreachable to him

    2. I agree with u diyaa this is test to uma he has realize whether he loves his wife truly from heart or just becos of his pati dharam .This will only make them as diya aur bhati as mutual understanding will rise

  5. This one is beautiful and emotional episode…atlast the letter reached Saras?
    Kanak and Saras both looked beautiful?

    I wish kanak answer Uma not tolerate and stay with him…and take a good decision to regain her self-respect

  6. Whilst im frustrated with vansh for ruining saras life just for the sake of revenge….I too think vansh’s track is an important factor in the development of the storyline. in today’s episode Uma will made to realise that forcing anyone to marry him in the name of religion is wrong. The Vans track will highlight how fragile Uma & kanak’s relationship, because they are yet to understand each other properly. Uma is being influenced by maasisa & kanak’s previous actions.
    Like I said before the angry scenes are going to be hard to digest, but the whole storyline is going to make for interesting viewing…. I’m looking forward to some drama & then the patch up between the two of them ?.
    As for Vansh & Saras it will also be interesting to see how their develop & manage to maintain a relationship as they are also like chalk & cheese….. & then it dawned on me that cvs still have the whole Payal/Ved situation so I wander what they will do with that in future… so much potential in the show

    1. Well said meera Adithya entry soon Actor An and Ayush is roped in as adithya

      1. Ishqbaaz actor Ayush Anand is roped in as Adithya

      2. ?I wasn’t expecting an entry from adithya’s character, the story is get juicier & juicier!

  7. Good. Vansh and Saras are married. What would happen to Kanak? If Uma leaves her she can happily go back to her life…education, courage. Good riddance of Uma and his families cunning plans. She would be
    liberberated and lead a free life as she wants to.

    1. in my opinion kanak had all those things before she met Uma, but was she living a happy life then?.. the answer is no… because she was seeking love from Bhabho….whether you are liberated, have a wealth of education or money an individual still requires love. Kanak has seen goodness in Uma & therefore he has managed to make a place in her heart – which unfortunately cannot be easily replaced.

      1. True… Salina

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