Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 18th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 18th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Uma saying you think woman can do everything like man, without my support. She says yes. He says fine, we will decide, we made 80 diyas together, you make remaining 28 diyas alone and get to temple. She says I will clear your misunderstanding that woman is weak and needs a man. He gives her wishes and goes.  Kanak tries to make diyas and fails. Soil gets on her face. She thinks to make diya fast, Arvind would be waiting in temple. Arvind comes to temple and looks for her. He collides with Uma and apologizes. Kanak fails to make diyas. Uma says I know Kanak’s struggle increased, I had to be strict as she was adamant. She thinks its good Uma is not here, he would give lecture.

Uma meets pandit. Pandit asks for his wife. Uma says she will come. Pandit says

just half an hour is left for mahurat. Uma thinks to go back, Kanak would have not made diyas. Kanak makes diya well and smiles. She hurries. Arvind asks people about Kanak. He thinks to ask Uma.

Uma recalls meeting Kanak here for the first time. He stands praying and closes eyes. Arvind goes. Uma prays Kanak gets some sense. Kanak cuts the diya from the wheel and says I will show Uma what women are. Kanak comes to temple holding the diya basket. Uma sees her coming.

Kanak asks him to see. Uma looks at her. Her blouse gets off her shoulder. He sees people around and gets angry. He says what is she doing, see her face, clothes and state, this is not a sign of a good woman, wife does not do anything well without husband, woman should first protect her respect, if you understood this, your face should have shame instead pride. She covers herself. He holds her and says you are my wife, I will fprgive you, next time be careful, my respect is with your respect. She asks who are you to forgive me, you are surrounded by women at home, do you know respecting women, you lifted me and took rounds, did I become your wife, marriage is not done this way, you try to become Singham of Dharm, see I have proved you wrong, I made all diyas without your help, I don’t need you, I m going away from you in few days. Her imagination ends. He says I m talking to you. She thinks to find Arvind and leave soon. She dons her ghunghat and takes diya.

She looks for Arvind. Uma asks whom are you finding, I m here. She hopes Arvind did not leave. Arvind does not see her. Kanak and Uma keep the diyas. Kanak thinks I came here for mum and dad’s Shraddh, I will give their shop papers to Arvind here, and win the war. Diya aur baati hum….plays…. pandit asks did she like making diyas. She says yes, it was fun. She thinks to find Arvind.

Arvind gets call from office. He says I will come in some time. He says how to leave without meeting Kanak, where is she. Kanak says I want to do Pradakshina before puja. She goes. Pandit asks Uma why is he worried. Uma says marriage is a big thing for girl, there is no one from her family, I wish I could make her meet her friend alteast.

Kanak meets Arvind. He asks what’s all this, you got married. She says its long story, I will tell later. Arvind asks her to say in short cut. Uma goes to get Kanak. Kanak gives a letter and shop papers, asking him to find out about shop, I have to send this fraud to jail. Arvind says I will manage everything, are you fine. She says yes. Uma looks for her.

He sees her praying and smiles. He goes to her. She says sorry, I got late, come we will do puja. Arvind sees Uma and goes. Arvind reads her letter. Kanak writes about getting to know someone is trying to snatch her shop, she promised her parents to get shop back and reached Ladno, this man said its Lord’s sign and forcibly married me in front of all villagers, she wanted to run but got to know Uma has Bhabho’s shop papers. Arvind gets shocked. Kanak writes I have stolen papers and decided to meet you knowing they are getting me to Kerala, I can’t tell this to Ved and Vansh, you check papers, we will teach him a lesson, the papers would be fake, now you can help me.

Kanak and Uma light the diyas. Arvind sees Kanak and Uma. He slowly murmurs to Kanak, that I read everything, don’t worry, I will help you, I m with you, you are not alone, I will leave. He goes. Uma says we find diya and baati union in such ritual, we will also leave as diya aur baati from today. She thinks its my turn now, diya and baati both will be just me.

Maasi tells Kanak that she will become an unbreakable part of Uma’s life after this ritual. Kanak sees a woman getting tattooed by hot iron. She gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. VINAL

    Imagination….acha hua uma ko nai pata chala kanak ke plan ke bare mein
    That last ritual whats that (tattoted by hot iron)nonsense hai kya
    Hope kanak jaldi se jaldi bhag jaye

    Thanks Amena for fast updates

  2. Before the last ritual I just hope kanak jaldhi see bhag Jaye yarr

  3. Bhaana

    Good, atlast she met arvind and gave papers.
    In precap,Kitne rasam karenge yaar finish it soon, showing these superstitious things u r making the show boring.
    Dont understand wat they gonna do with kanak,Hope uma wont force kanak for this

    1. Can anyone tell me the real name of arvind

  4. Lizaa

    Oh God imagination tha…
    How can she do this ritual with sweet kanak
    Maasi sa?????????✋✋
    New promo is out …feeling sad for kanak

  5. Not boring
    But still expecting A lot from TSMSPJ team
    Uma shankar should change his ideologies

  6. What is the new promo? Please comment someone

    1. the new promo is that , arvind tells kanak that bhabo only has sold the shop . kanak is shocked and she is in a dilemma whether to go to bhabo who does not understand her pain or to uma whose marriage she does not consider

  7. kanak don’t deserves Uma she is deceiving Uma for bhabho who herself sold the shop
    what’s the problem in trying for this relation although i agree the last rasam is too … but i hope he will not this to her

    1. Lizaa

      Osshi dr I don’t agree with u bhabho agar shop baich deti toh ved nd vansh bhabho ko shop baich ne ki bahat pe blackmail nehi kar te nd shop beich ki baat rathi house main koi nhi jante

      1. we will see what was in her mind let’s wait

  8. Candiva007

    Ritual? Hot Iron? What the HE**!!!! Is a woman an animal that has to be branded to be recognized as a man’s property? REALLY Massi sa????? I haven’t watched the episode as yet just got the promo from here. Very upset that the writers would put something like that in this story.

    1. Seriously this ritual is inhumane . We dont need to be branded for declaring our love for someone .

  9. Naina a.k.a. Yolande

    Uma has an honest soul, Kanak is more worldly … I would like to see them connect and support each other as love blossoms ?
    interesting serial … learning about the traditions of Indian culture ♥♥
    beautiful culture = beautiful people ?

  10. What is show s main plot?
    Dabh was unique plot then it expended with audience demand.

    There are only love & hate,
    No message for audience, such a
    dumb show

  11. Please production house bring back Deepika also in this serial. only Anas and Deepika are the best pair.Without Deepika Anas is nothing. Without Anas Deepika is nothing. They both are soul in this serial. This reason only increase the TRP of this show.

  12. Bipasha Bhattacharya

    Really nice episode! I really hope Kanak will go back to Uma Shankar. They really looks nice together. Nice sequel of Diya and Bati hum.

    1. agreed thank God some one said this

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