Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 18th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 18th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Kanak thinking will Uma like the sugar roti, she has to pass the test some how. Shiv says if Uma does not like, I will finish everything. Saraswati says Kanak made it for everyone. Uma eats the sugar roti. Suman says maybe he did not like. Paulmi says sugar roti is served in two ways, like one which Kanak made, she has served sugar over the roti, other way is filling sugar inside, Kanak also made it honestly, I have made this as Maasi does. Kanak worries.

Uma eats the sugar roti made by Paulmi. Uma smiles and says its really great, you have Bhojesu mata quality in you, you have all qualities of an ideal wife. She asks really. He nods. Kanak says it means I failed even in this test. Maasi says maybe Kanak did not see well, Uma did not stop as he did not

like the taste, he stopped as this sugar roti is made the way Kaushalya jiji used to make, he liked the taste. Kanak smiles. Maasi says she used to serve this way, ghee over the sugar roti, after she got unwell, I stopped serving this way, as this was her speciality, today he got emotional having this. Uma says even if you eat this, you will get taste of mum’s hand.

Maasi sits to have it. Maasi eats it and likes the flavor. She says it has taste like Kaushalya jiji, you did not just pass in the test, you won the soul of this house. Kanak says it means I passed this test. Maasi says yes. Kanak rejoices. Paulmi looks on sadly. Shiv makes Uma do high five. Kanak says its a way to show happiness, this will not break any dharm. She hugs Maasi and says I passed, thanks your blessing worked. Uma smiles. Kanak asks Maasi to have it. Uma sees Kanak happy and smiles. Diya aur baati…..plays…..

Uma thinks you did not win alone, we both won. Ved asks Bhabho is she fine, she did not go shop. Vansh says she is worried, as Babasa’s illness is getting high, he thought Rani’s husband is Golu. Rani gets shocked and drops glasses. She thinks its my mistake, Golu is my husband, sorry.

She tells Bhabho about Ladno Vaid, I have seen myself, he is a good Vaid, take Babasa to Ladno. Bhabho agrees. Ved asks Rani to get doctor’s address. Rani says fine. She goes to Meenakshi. She says what all does Babasa does for Meenakshi.

Rani tells her about Babasa and Bhabho going to get Babasa cured, it won’t look good if they go alone. Meenakshi says I won’t let them go alone, take care of house. She goes. Golu asks why did she do this. She says I m getting dizzy. He asks are you pregnant. She says you are foolish, baby won’t come by taking wedding rounds, there is rasam of everything. He asks what do you mean. She says marriage and grah pravesh happened, we got blessings by elders, now we have to do next rasam, think. He says yes, ring finding ceremony. She says no. He says I understood, shoe stealing rasam, I have no saali, who will steal my shoes, sorry not this, yes mehendi hands impression on wall. She says don’t you have to celebrate suhaagraat rasam. He says I have to. She says so I have sent Meenakshi away. He says you are my life’s heroine and hugs. Meenakshi calls him. He goes.

Bhabho asks Vansh to keep address note. Meenakshi worries for Golu. Babasa says he will have breakfast. Bhabho says Rani manages the house, tell her, not to worry. Babasa says I m still on Meenakshi’s side. Bhabho says I remember. Vansh says you guys started here also. Meenakshi says Golu’s toothpaste got over, if he eats sweets without brushing, he will lose teeth, then who will marry him.

Kanak keeps Bhojesu Mata coin in the weigh balance. She says now our weighs got equal. She asks are you keeping an eye on me. He says shadow is part of person’s life, its shadow’s duty to be with the body, I was not spying on you. Maasi come and says you revived the taste of Kaushalya’s handmade food, you will get anything you ask to Lord, I just want this tests to end, you have long ghunghat and go to temple to fulfill wishes. Kanak asks but how will I walk. Maasi says Uma will guide you the way. Kanak agrees.

Uma asks Kanak to hold the rope and come. Bhabho says I see someone like Sooraj and Sandhya after long time.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. VINAL

    Thanks Amena for fast updates waiting to see rathi family in ladno

  2. tommorrow episode is very awesome excited. Does uma and kanak know each other and meet after 4 years ago

  3. tommorrow episode is very awesome. does uma and bhabho know each other and meet after 4 years ago. rathi family will come for babasa treatment in ladno. kanak will hide to see their family . bhabho is so happy to see like another suraj and sandhya that is kanum

    1. Mira_dewi

      Hi Vinothini, that i remember, Bhabho never met with Uma directly, bcoz someone was sold her shop without her knowledge

  4. So happy to know Kanak has cleared this test:)

  5. So happy to know Kanak has cleared this test:) Happy after a long time from this serial:)

  6. supperb episode waiting to c thankyou amena

  7. Wow……I am so happy Kanak passed the mata test…………………………excited to watch tomorrow’s episode……………..Does Bhabo/Babasa meet with Uma? Will kanak get to know that Bhabo/babasa has come to Ladno.

  8. tommorrow episode is very most excited. Does uma and bhabo know each other and meet after 4 year ago. bhabo is in temple and so much happy to see someone like suraj and sandhya that is none other than kanum. bhabo will accept uma because she think our sooraj is back.

  9. uma has decided to gabbasa and tell that we will go to registrar office for some day . uma has hiden for gabbasa that kanak has to pass all the test and than kanak and uma will go to register office to get kanak sweet shop to get registrar by kanak. than how will kanak realize that guy behind shelves is not uma that is someone else.we don’t know about what happen 4 year ago that shop was done fraulently . that lady and guy had done fraud by bhabho.

    1. The guy and the women who cheated Bhabho was Adhithya Uma s brother and Mishri Meenakshi s daughter Golu s sister!!

      1. The guy might not Aditya because he ran away from house in childhood and the registration happened just before 4 years.
        If he is Aditya then how the papers are with Uma??

  10. Bipasha Bhattacharya

    Nice Episode! Have many highlights! Kanak pass the test.Rathi family finally reached ladlo. Hopefully they meet Kanak. After a longtime awesome episode!

  11. Is tat vaid going to be uma shankar?if so kanak will get caught right?!?

  12. What four years???
    I didn’t understand

  13. I don’t think tat they will meet kanak n what is this 4yrs Angle u guys r talking abt?
    I didn’t get it

    1. Kanak came to know from register office tat uma got the shop from bhabo to his name 4yrs ago

      1. Thanks bhaana..

  14. Today s episode was awesome uma s expression was very nice especially we can see how happy he is when he thinks that both of them has passed the test .Uma is extremely matured but kanak is very childish that is the magic of their chemistry the way he looks at kanak today after feeling his moms hand in kanak cooking is super .He is longing for his mother still.Every wife is another mother for husband the writers are doing great job in detailing the characters

  15. Mira_dewi

    Thanks God its only Palomi’s dreams … but dont know why im really feel sorry for her, she love Uma for along time, she slave her self for him, washes his feet is honor for her, although Uma dont care about her ?

    Kanak still calls him Daaku Singh, maybe it will be Uma’s nick names in the future ?

    I just thinking, if Bhabho know about Kanak-Uma relation & obvious Bhabho likes him, i wonder maybe Kanak will do everything for Uma to makes Bhabho loves her ?

    Shiv you’re so cute, Kanak should thanks to you, you’re her hero ?

    Btw in precap, why Uma ask Kanak to hold the rope?

    1. Diyaa

      Hi Mira, Kanak is required to cover her face to go to that temple which makes it hard for her to see properly while walking. Uma has to walk in front of her. So he finds a way to guide her for safe walking by holding the other end of a stick he is holding so that she does not bump into anyone and can climb the stairs without falling. Kind of sweet.

      1. Mira_dewi

        Thanks Diyaa & Admin …

        So it would be a sweet moment, cant wait to see ??

  16. Shreya actually 4 years ago bhabho sold her shop ( kanak mishthan bhandar ) to uma. But that was a cheat. She actually didn’t know that in which papers she is giving her thumb impression.
    But guys as I remember bhabho didn’t meet uma that day. I think uma came for registration afer bhabho went away from there.
    So I don’t think they will recognize or they know each other.
    But haan finally after long time I have seen some progression in story. Finally kanak has passed atleast 1 test. N most important rathi family reached ladno. Superb .
    Eagerly waiting for tomorrow’s episode. it wil be very interesting..

    1. Thanks admin.

  17. Hey mira,
    uma ask kanak to hold the rope because he is guiding her way as she has taken long ghoonghat, So She is not able to see everything properly.

  18. I think bhabhasa doctor is none other than uma.they will go&meet uma for bhabhasa eye checking.
    Kanak pass the test soooooooooo happy

  19. Diyaa

    My chweety Shiv. I love love love that kid. And Saras is so cute. Oh God, hope Vansh and Saras see each other on this Ladno trip of Rathis. They will make such an adorable couple. Golu and Rani were cute although I feel slightly bad that Rani is planning intimacy with Golu by taking advantage of Meenakshi being away. It’s a light hearted story but I don’t know why it makes me feel just a teeny tiny bit bad. Loved the interactions between all four Rathis at the bus-drivers??? They were all brilliant but I just love Meenakshi’s expressions. Such a talented actress, great comic timing. The toothpaste and toothbrush decay bit was hilarious. Palomi and her envy is definitely going to be of some purpose later on. She still dreams of getting Uma. But it’s Suman I still hate most. She is just nasty and bitter. Coming to Uma and Kanak, needless to say that it made me very happy. I was getting depressed seeing Kanak’s sad face. Her smile made me smile today. UmaShankar’s response to her happiness was very captivating too. One positive thing about Maasisa, she supports Kanak even when she got angry with her in the past. She gives great value to that fact that Kanak is Uma’s wife and makes sure that everyone respects that. Kanak is also inspiring that in spite of how she is treated, she is quick to show affection and warmth. That’s something I learn from her. Forget past , live in the moment, and just be sweet. The high five scene was incredibly sweet?? For the first time a felt just a tiny pinch of sadness for Uma, why? Because, Kanak’s happiness is about shop papers and has nothing to do with her feelings for him or at least we as audience do not know that as yet. But Uma I can see is falling seriously and deeply in love with her. His heart is completely in her grip even though he is strong enough to control his emotions and keep his focus on dharam. At this point hard to believe that he will ever leave Kanak to be with Palomi. Except that the show keeps dropping hints of that happening in future and it makes me nervous.

    1. Diyaa

      * Bus-terminal not bus-drivers ?
      *Tooth decay not toothbrush decay ?

    2. Mira_dewi

      What You said about Palomi is interesting, maybe oneday she will gets revenges to Uma & Kanak, she thinks Uma was different & betrayed her love & trust bcoz of Kanak ? … I think there’s something wrong with her, she’s too obssesed to Uma, remember what she did when Kanak & Uma were trapped in the curtains, else she told Uma some people was rejected her, maybe it bcoz something she was done …

      About Suman, i hate her too, but can understand her, she’s Palomi’s best friend & very supports her to gets marries with Uma, but Kanak ruins thier dreams ?

      Agree about Vansh & Saras, they would be a sweetest couple ??

  20. i have check uma and that guy behind shelves both the identity did not match . uma shivji chain is to small,uma ear is small,uma yellow kurta is neat and clean, uma bracelet is small, uma wear ring in left hand and with stone full violet color cover.guy shivji chain is one side is short and another side is big , kurta is not neat and clean, bracelet is big ,ear is big and that guy ring wear in right hand and is not full violet color cover without stone. i don’t think what happen after 4 year ago that shop was sold.

  21. Uma is ardent dharam follower so he will never thing anybody as his wife other than kanak .Earlier episode also when kanak ran away from uma he is ready to sacrifice his life also so he respects dharam than his life so I think so uma will be ek patni vradhan so paulomi cannot enter into uma ‘s life .More ever this is dabh part 2 so they will show the slow bondage of the couple like how sandhya sooraj bondage slowly grows similarly kanum bondage and their love relationship also grows and become strong

  22. https://youtu.be/3cjI4hnYECA

    Looks like a sweet episode. Slow but sweet. When he extends his hand to her. Avinesh Rekhi has some really expressive eyes. Man!!! I think in precap Kanak comes to know that Babasa is in Ladno. I didn’t understand properly but it looked like Kanak is beginning to feel something for Uma.

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