Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 18th January 2018 Written Episode Update: Nanda, Kanak Return

Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 18th January 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Uma and Kanak wedding ceremony starts. Pandit asks to call bride. Kanak comes wearing beautiful bridal dress and sits in mantap next to Uma. Sohneya…song..plays in the background. Kanak tells Uma if he cannot smile, she will smile on his behalf. Uma tells pandit he wants to speak to Kanak for 2 minutes and takes her in front of Shivji’s idol. She tells her that their relationship started with Shivji’s indication, he wants to apologize her for not trusting her when she was always right and he believed Maasi and Aditya instead, he even divorced her trusting Maasi, he is a really bad husband. Kanak says only god is perfect and not human, he cannot allege her husband. He says he will never leave or divorce her again.

Uma and Kanak return to mantap, and wedding rituals continue. Family and guests throw flowers on them. They start pheras. Maasi enters. Kanak stops seeing her. Maasi walks in and says she came back with a new year gift and brought someone else also. Aditya walks in with his usual jokergiri. Uma asks how did he come out of jail. Aditya says Kanak had made a deal to take back complaint and reminisces Kanak giving her and Payal’s signed papers. Lawyer walks in and says he got Aditya out of jail on the basis of that paper and even got bail for Maasi so that they don’t harass her.

Inspector walks in and says he got arrest order against Uma. Maasi says Palomi died with Uma’s treatment. Kanak says Uma is expert ayurvedic doctor in Ladnu and whole city knows him. Maasi says Uma was steal Matruveda Pharma’s medicine formulas and selling them as his, he is a cheat. Bhabho warns her to fear god, whole Ladnu knows Uma’s talent. Maasi continues and Aditya backs her from behind in his joker style and asks inspector to arrest Uma. Maasi says poor Palomi died from the man she loved. Uma says he wants to see Palomi’s dead body. Maasi says sure, dead body does not speak. Police arrests Uma.. Drama continues…

Precap: People chant against Uma. Maasi alleges that Uma does not know ABC of ayurveda. Aditya asks people to punish Uma.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. This serial is showing absolute shit … it’s just twisting and twisting it’s plot and not knowing how to go ahead … a daily soap should be a balance of both happiness and sadness this serial has been showing only tragedy since soo long … please stop and show things which will make people want to watch

  2. Beautiful shaadi episode wonderful message emphasizing on trust and love important for suceesful marriage. AVI and Rhea both was dazzling in wedding attire. Uma takes kanak bholenath before the rituals start he wants to speak his heart out before they get married. The much awaited scene finally came umashankar apologized to kanak for marrying her forcefully in the the name of shivji sankets against her wishes against her consent finally he with folded hands he apologized to her regretting from the bottom of his heart. He regretted for mistrusting her all these days having blind trust on massisa and Adithya he felt guilty for all the sufferings she faced because of him. He himself stated that he was not a good pati for her but kanak was perfect patni who fulfilled all her duties. Kanak was upset seeing him apologize to her she said that only god is perfect in this world no human is perfect they do mistakes and they learn it from it. She emphasized that love and trust in the most important between husband and wife. Uma realized all his blunders he have committed in the name of dharam. He apologized for forcing her to follow his dharam and niyams so this episode in the finality of umas redemption. Uma is completely changed. Kanak cheered him up to forget the past and to think about their fresh beginning of their happy life. That tight passionate eternal hug was awesome full of love. Uma assured her that he will never miss her again in his life. Marvelous scene of kanum holding hands walking together loving and supporting each other shows husband wife are equal in marital relationship another wonderful message by the cvs. Pheras gets completed just only sindoor part was left before the marriage gets solemnised Massisa and Adithya entered with police charging false accusations on uma for duplicating matruveda pharma medicines cheating ladnun people for years claiming himself as good vaid. Massisa ruthlessly framed palomi murder charges on umashankar palomi died becos of wrong medication of umashankar. Uma was shattered again becos he loves and respects his profession now his name has been maligned by false accusations. Kanak tried her best to confront massisa stating all the frauds committed by massisa but she does not have any evidence to prove it and kanak made a major blunder of withdrawing the complaint on Adithya. Massisa cleverly applied for anticipatory bail. Entire toshniwal and Rathi parivar are shocked by this atrocious inhuman move by massisa. Marriage stopped but anyways they are already husband and wife this was just an ritual.

    1. Wow! Beautiful analysis divyaa. I love the way you have put in the words.
      I couldn’t watch yesterday episode. After reading you comments i felt like watching it. Good going Divyaa.

      1. Thank u so much shalu glad u liked it dear

  3. Agree with you divyya well said. what a beautiful bride and groom. really they are now my favourite couple ” Kanum”. nice episode .

    i just watch yesterdayepisode..amazing. Shiv asks a innocent question that’s when Uma walks in, taking the responsibility of bringing them up, to be their mother & to protect them, to show them the right way..etc and trying to stay strong. Uma was more of father to them today he took upon the role of mother. Kanak is an orphan herself & she knows what it feels like..Today she understands the pain Uma is suffering .. They r going face many pains together, but still they r together! i just love them. Av was amazing is just out of this world …well i’m sure that kanum will come out of this trouble together.

  4. nice episode btw i watch now 7 tv show and they are all the same. the leads are not together.. sometimes sad sometimes happy.but really kanum are different. now They know each other as a human being, with personality of their own..they know the flaws and qualities and this time they accept each other with all their heart.i just hate nanda & aditia. Does their evil have no end..while kanum and the family trying to fix their life this Massisa brought more prob. just die.

  5. Gosh when is Maasi going to get her punishment? seriously how can we believe that she has now
    managed to accused Uma of killing Palomi with his medicine? and on top of this she is blaming him of
    selling his medicine abroad? really? I thought the family was witness to what happened and how Maasi selling Uma’s medicine so why cant they come forward and speak up and ask the police officer to check the details of the company. If Kanak’s friend could do this cant the police do this?

  6. Both Kanak & Uma looked beautiful in the wedding outfits ?Beautiful first 10 minutes today Glad Uma had that talk & apologies for previously forcing Kanak to marry him but that was Bholenath signs It’s going up be awhile before Uma has that perfect smile on his face in the mean time Kanak will smile for both cute ?They are getting married on even grounds & understanding Even if the ceremony wasn’t completed they are husband & wife This Masisa is one nasty woman together with her son She has no same kinda tired of watching the duo it’s getting boring as the woman is a pathetic liar May she fall and break her bones & never walk ??See Uma getting married is déjà vu & seeing him in handcuffs too Its become a pattern Hope now Uma will get tougher & fight for what is rightfully his & stop being a door mat which Masisa made him Hope he takes revenge on all who betrayed him & his family Pls cvs show more KanUma they show is not all about Masisa & company it’s dragged far too long now Now has to watch this dead alive Poullomi now thought she had left the show Bring a new story as this is getting stagnant now as Masisa seems to out smart everyone’s each time

  7. Masisa has no shame….now have to watch dead Poullomi alive soon that’s what I ment typo errors

  8. It is heartwarming to hear Uma’s apology. (Just when I felt the relationship was reaching a low point with Uma’s lack of trust) Glad the writers saw the necessity of Uma baring his soul and revealing his weaknesses . This apology was more sincere and more far- reaching than his previous one. It is the saving grace and puts the relationship on a new level. Really hope Uma can follow through with his promise.
    Masisa is truly the master villain. Think it’s time now for Uma to fight back. He was the most deceived . It’s only fitting that he should be the one to outsmart her.

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