Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 18th December 2017 Written Episode Update: Maasi’s Plan to Kill Kanak!

Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 18th December 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Aditya keeping sweets in Maasi’s car praises that she is very intelligent, Ved is searching him everywhere and he is hiding at Ved’s place. Maasi jokes. Aditya says he will kill Kanak within 24 hours. Maasi asks him to do any mistake, she has to get 50% property back from Kanak. He asks what. She says Uma transferred his 50% property in Kanak’s name in exchange of divorce and she did not have any other option. He asks if tomorrow is haldi. She says yes. He says he has an excellent plan.

Uma insists Kanak to give her mangalsutra, else he will take it forcefully. She smiles and asks to try then, holds malgalsutra in her mouth.

Payal, Palomi and Uma’s haldi ceremony starts. Kanak wears and others wear yellow dresses. Uma comes wearing only dhoti.

Kanak gets mesermized with his charm. Maasi tells Kanak that Payal’s hadli should come from her sasural, so Kanak should prepare haldi herself. Kanak agrees and walks towards store room. Maasi smirks reminiscing ordering Aditya or someone to fix cracker bomb in store room and once Kanak comes lock door from outside, switch off lights and light on bomb thread, make sure only Kanak gets killed and should not be harmed.

Palomi takes Uma aside and says she is thankful to him that he is marrying her, but she wants to know if he really want to marry her. He asks what does she mean. He says Kanaka still loves him and did not remove mangalsutra and even he has not removed Kanak from his heart. Uma says he is marrying her as per Maasi’s orders and that is all.

Kanak walks into store room. Uma walks behind. Maasi’s aide does not notice Uma and locks door from outside and burns cracker bomb thread. Kanak sees Uma and signs aap yahan aaye kisliye.. and asks if he is missing her. He says enough, return her mangalsutra. She says nobody can separate them, divorce is just a formality, they are united by god. He says he said her same, thing but she did not understand, insists to return it. She asks to remove it himself. He turns her and unhooks mangalsutra. Kanak is shocked. Mangalsutra does not fall. Kanak smiles and says even mangalsutra does not want to part away from her. Bomb thread continues burning.

Maasi asks Palomi what was she talking to Uma. Palomi says about mangalsutra and Uma went to store house to take mangalsutra from Kanak.

Precap: Vansh pushes Aditya/Maakhan Singh while carrying sweets, Aditya’s moustache falls down. Ved sees his face in mirror and walks towards him.
Aditya gets tensed.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Kanak loves uma so much…and uma also loves her so so much….they are feeling pain for each other….nice to see the love story….

    1. U r absolutely right tina,even i can feel their pain too.they are so madly in love with each other.may this track makes their love growing stronger than before

  2. Bhaana

    Suffocating one than expected…tried hard to digest the presence of her next to uma, CVS r heartless to show uma n that so called refugee convo alone????????

  3. I love kanak antics today when uma said he will take mangalsutra by force she put it in her mouth??helpless uma cannot do anything .But why this uma is not even thinking once why she is not removing mangalsutra even after divorce he is mad at her for pushing him to divorce her but he is failing to understand why she is doing it uma is not even joining points now he has stopped to think and analyze the situations what happened to our Antharyami uma .?How much guts palomi has to tell uma to remove the mangalsutra who gave her this much place uma clearly said he is doing only for vachan given to massisa and nothing else he is very clearly telling he is not interested in this marriage then also this shameless palomi wants to marry him forcefully ?What type of character is this palomi how she is trying to manipulate uma by using massisa how cunning and disgusting character she is moreover she is comparing herself with bhakt meera ??I cannot tolerate her nonsense any more.Flirty kanak started to tease him uma is already angry on her got irritated more when she was telling about their love on each other .These were same lines uma told to Kanak in pushkar to make her understand their relationship is made in heaven and they were maeant to be made for each other but that time kanak was annoyed and angry she thought they both cannot travel together in life journey as they are poles apart.But uma was confident that their relationship is bonded by Bholenath so it would never and ever break now history repeats kanak is trying to convince him that no legal papers,dharam ,vachan can break their relationship their true love is above all of this which will surely win she was confident that no one can separate them as their hearts are connected with each other and both of them cannot live without each other .Kanak is trying to hint him but uma is annoyed frustrated angry that he cannot understand anything other than the thought of losing her love. Both other can feel their pain that shows their priceless love.??.Tom kanum haldi by bholenath??Sanket.

  4. Correction :kanak is trying to hint him but. Uma is annoyed frustrated angry that he cannot understand anything other than the thought of loosing her.

  5. Totally disliked today’s episode!!Felt really bad for Kanak but Uma is shown so dumb being brainwashed by Poullomi who he doesn’t have feelings for at all !! Why use the mangalsutra on another woman?? who you don’t love or worthy for it Does Uma not realize how Kanak is feeling he is so fixated about getting that mangalsutra he doesn’t even think or ask Kanak why she is doing all this She told him to trust her but the guy is played by the two women Just want Uma to tell Poullomi to pack her bags & leave pls Just want this track to end there is evil oozing in this religious house Why does someone tell Poullomi to keep her opinions to herself she is just a refugee in their house when no one take her

    1. Bhaana

      Exactly vj now palomi started to brainwash uma like maasi?

  6. Bhaana

    Personally,I don’t get the pain in uma or kanak now, uma forcing kanak to get mangalsutra and glorifing the villains acts throughout how many plots in an episode, kanum pain is sidelined by showing foolish Adi to be clever enough to tackle bhabho and plan to kill kanak next comes the same saas bahu challenging each other and palomi’s emotional atyachaar, beauty of the show was lost somewhere.
    The pain in kanum wn kanak left ladno tat varmala breaking scene with the sad version of title track was so emotional now she just using big big dialogues which were not reachable to my ears like uma.

    1. Oh thanks, you expressed what I was not able to put my finger on. At that time, their relationship was on road to progress and had the fragrance of simplicity and attachment in spite of all odds. Now it has lost that authenticity. Avinesh is still delivering as his attachment has been given plenty of footage. But Kanak’s character did not get that opportunity due to all the negative plots. As a result the dialogues seem lofty and superficial rather than reaching the heart. Too many distracting storylines. The showmakers have to learn the patience to focus on the relationship through dialogues and situations rather than bizarre villains. After all they are doing that beautifully with their other show. Then why have they reduced this one to this !?? I feel bad for Rhea who is trying her best but the role has been compromised.

      1. Bhaana

        Welcome diyaa…somehow we agree with each others opinion and I still hope the show regain its charm as I’m not interested in any other show. It has potential in the name uma whose character is well written n it takes time to establish his role to the present and kanak as the survivor who fights to satisfy the trp audience and us by her charm?

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