Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 17th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 17th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Kanak encouraging herself. Uma says I can understand you. She says everyone is sleeping outside our room. He says there are still two days for us to unite according to Dharm, you can sleep without any worry, go and change. She changes and comes. He says wife should sleep on husband’s left side. They lie on the bed. She thinks to give papers to Bhabho and then all drama will end.

Uma smiles seeing her. They turn to either sides. A toy sounds. She thinks he is whistling and teasing her. He thinks did Kanak whistle, no it does not look so, then… She thinks Maasi said right, he wanted to join relation soon, his Dharm and customs went away for a girl. He thinks she is whistling, but what’s wrong, she is wife, we are newly weds. She thinks if he whistles

now, I will give Dharm lecture.

She asks him why is he whistling, he talks of purity and does such cheap things. He asks when did I whistle, you did, girl should not whistle. They both ask each other to accept it. She says I did not whistle, you accept it as a man, be a man. He says I m already a man. She says where did I get stuck, I did not whistle. They hear the sound coming from the mattress. They lift the mattress and find the toys. Maasi knocks and asks will they wake up everyone by whistling. Uma shows the toy to her. Maasi asks is this whistle. She laughs and says I have kept this. Uma asks you. Maasi says yes, I have to keep an eye, I understand everything, I have seen Uma since childhood, he knows customs, but what will he do seeing his beautiful wife, its just two days, then you both will be on same side. She laughs and asks them to sleep. Kanak thinks Maasi is cheap to do anything.

Ved asks how did we get buyer for shop. Vansh says Lord is supporting us, if we think much, we will lose this chance as well. She asks where are we going, are we going temple. He thinks she is changing slowly, she is happy by temple’s name.

Khandelwal meets Ved and Vansh, and ask them why do they want to sell the shop. Ved recalls Bhabho and says reason is personal. Khandelwal says I got the token amount. Vansh says you did not see the shop. Khandelwal says what’s the need to see it, the deal is profitable. Ved says once we celebrate 65th anniversary of shop, we will take token money and get papers. Khandelwal agrees.

Uma says husband and wife should be compatible, we will make diyas together, then light diyas in temple so that there is no ddarkness in our life. She agrees. He asks her to manage wheel, he will get water. She says it will take much time. He asks what’s the hurry. She thinks to do this arts and crafts class for Bhabho. Uma goes to get water from well. Kanak rotates the wheel. Uma gets the water. He teaches her making diyas on the pottery wheel. She says its complicated. He signs her to do. She does not make well. Uma laughs. She tries again. Uma holds the mud to give proper shape. She looks on. Kanak smiles seeing a good diya.

She says my diya is fab. He tells about husband’s support being good for wife. He gives examples of an ideal pairing, how a man works and earns money, and wife manages home, like I m getting mud and water, you are making diyas. She asks do you think this rules are right, women are doing good jobs these days, they are getting equal status in society. He says yes, the result is out, girls are sensitive and should be at home, girls are exploited, because of mental and physical stress, they are getting internally weak, all rules are made for welfare of people. She says you mean girl should become maid in house. He says woman manages house as its her duty, she has to raise her children, its not a matter of shame, its matter of pride, we should respect such woman who dedicates her life to her house, the man who sends wife for life should be ashamed, and not called a man. Kanak recalls Sooraj and Sandhya.

She says your thinking is so small, you mean one who obeys rules are right, who has new thinking is wrong, this is male’s ego, women should not go ahead and have no dreams, you want women to dedicate life, real man is one who cares for wife’s dreams, not to force old rules on wife, man is Shravan kumar if he obeys parents, he is fulfills wife’s wish, he is not a man? He says I have seen if woman has dreams, house shatters. She asks why do men not leave their dreams. He says man has duty to earn money and give to wife. She holds diya angrily and it spoils.

He smiles and says dreams and anger do not suit women, see its our loss, husband and wife’s relation is by love, not by wish to get equal, one should do the work set for themselves, if wife works, their ego strikes, it ruins the house peace. She argues and says I hate this. She throws the mud. He says you are getting annoyed, how to calm your anger.

She says times have changed, who thinks such a way. He says its about education, you don’t know Vedpuraan. She says my Papa always supported my mum, did we all get spoiled, no, me and my two brothers got well educated. He says you think woman can do everything like man, without my support. She says yes. He says fine, we will decide, we made 80 diyas together, you make remaining 28 diyas alone and get to temple. She says I will clear your misunderstanding that woman is weak and needs a man. He gives her wishes and goes. She thinks to prove his thinking wrong, by making diyas, she has to prove her mum and dad’s thinking right, she will give shop papers to Arvind which Uma got by cheating.

Kanak comes to temple. Uma scolds her. He says you are my wife, I will forgive you. She asks who are you to forgive me, I m going to leave in some days.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Today’s episode was really fab!!kanak explaining abt women strength was too good….coming to precap I think kanak has done 28 diyas…waiting for tmrw’s episode….

  2. Bakwas socha hai uma ki nonsense still livng in 17th century go to hell

    Well done kanak acchan jawab diya
    precap was interesting

  3. VINAL

    Massi sa is really so cheap kya sanskar diye hai uma ko ego to itna ki>……
    mu tod jawab diya kanak ne jail mein dal dena chahiye uma aur uske family ko

  4. Yeah…uma and masisa thinking is so backward and cheap
    ……ved puran were written centuries ago , thus their rules are applicable to that era society only

    Kanak is behaving idiotically she told uma that she is going to leave on his face……let’s see how uma reacts

  5. It’s just a nonsense show. DABH gave a social message. It showed how a man can fulfill his duties towards his wife. It showed how a husband can become his wife’s strength. It also showed everyone should respect women’s dreams. It gave us the message about women’s rights. But this show is just ridiculous. Which message it gives us??? Sooraj always gave Sandhya equal rights. But this Uma!!! On the sake of so called Dharam he is just doing rubbish.

  6. I really love suraj, he is best husband he went against his mother for his wife’s dream & her rights. Its the actually dharma to respects wife’s wish. I hope kanak should change this man by her love

  7. I really love suraj, he is the best husband he went against his mother for his wife’s dream & her rights. Actually dharma says so to respect wife’s wish. I hope kanak should change that man by her love

  8. I really love suraj, he is the best husband he went against his mother for his wife’s dream & her rights. Actual dharma says so to respect wife’s wish. I hope kanak changes this man by her love

    1. and what about her deceiving

  9. Bhaana

    Seeing maasi behaviour its obvious that uma thinking will be small,kanak gave a good answer to him.
    He dont deserve kanak.he should b punished by law.
    They are spoiling dabh concept by showing this type of nonsense

  10. Lizaa

    Well said kanak?????
    How cheap mentally of uma yaar…
    Pura first season ka values ki o my mata kar diya CVS ne..
    First season main modern values
    Season 2 main old bakwas values
    This is not far…

    1. people says
      old is gold
      but here
      old is bakwaas

  11. spoiler is soo…
    i can’t see him like that(heart broken)

  12. hi guys im new here Im just started to watch this serial before somedays
    I have a doubt did in kanak home they doesn’t search for kanak
    she is missed in her home even her brothers doesn’t search
    I want to know abt that shop paper how does uma get it
    is theeey showed any scene abt it

  13. my opinion is with uma God has chosed a simple life for women but women gives priority to their wishes and choose the life they want which creates visible and invisible problems and clashes
    Muskan said that ved puran were only for that era but their r/is other religious books which r/is for every era

  14. today every one said very well done kanak but what about her plan to deceive uma comment about it too plz.

    1. Oh yeah poor Uma! Poor Uma who forced Kanak to marry him when she said she didn’t want to! Poor Uma when Kanak clearly stated that they’re not compatible! Poor Uma who’s living in some false fantasy because poor Uma doesn’t know that seven rounds are taken with the good intention of husband and wife! Poor Uma who used physical dominance to overpower Kanak and force her to marry him! I feel so bad for him! Please -.-

  15. Uma doesn’t deserve Kanak n even marriage is not valid because it was a forced marriage.
    Kanak should leave him

  16. Despite am not a Indian, am support what kanak said today, every woman must have freedom

  17. Candiva007

    What kind of backwards time is Uma and his family are living? What rock have they been living under that men work and women stay at home? So that means the women in Uma’s village are illiterate? Come on Kanak, tell them that your mother was an IPS Officer. Shut these people up!

  18. any one plzz tell me the airing time of this serial?

  19. Cheap thinking uma we live in a country where 12 th president was a woman loksabha speaker is a woman and women are dominating every walk of life. no law give right to a man to forcibly marry a girl. why a woman has to pay price of being a woman when she has no fault in it. coldbloodedness. This show should be banned giving chauvinist messages

  20. really loved todays episode go kanak and really got to hate Uma but really he and kanak are so fab

  21. Bhaana

    Ya agree sandia the pair is good, kanak is so cute and bubbly and uma is too hot,
    wat i want is uma k accident hojai so that he can loss his memory and sare k sare kachda dimaag se baahar ho jai,then uma and kanak can lead a peaceful life.
    Airing of the show is dopahar 1.00p.m

  22. Hi friend i an new. I hate uma.

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