Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 17th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 17th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Kanak thinking how to make sugar roti, its not any rocket science, its simple, I will start. She recalls Vansh. FB show Vansh getting the halwa for everyone. They all eat the halwa. Vansh says its tasty right, I told Bhabho that I m there to manage the shop, she can retire and do bhajan. He ask hem to say how is it. Babasa says smell is nice, desi ghee is also good. Vansh asks Kanak to say, he can cook on weekends. Kanak says its good, but not like Bhabho’s hands. Meenakshi asks him to learn from Bhabho, just Guru can give real Gyaan. FB ends. Kanak says I have to ask Maasi the recipe, how to ask Maasi.

She goes to Maasi and asks her to give sugar roti recipe, as she is giving Bhojesu Mata test today. Maasi asks why shall I help you, you always go against

me now just you and Uma know it. Kanak takes a pillow and plays guitar by it. She sweetly sings and tries to convince Maasi. Maasi says my annoyance won’t get away by this song. Kanak praises her. She does sit ups and asks Maasi to forgive her. Uma sees her and smiles. Maasi says today you have truth in your eyes, why don’t you always stay this way, self esteem turns to ego soon, you are stuck in problem so you are praising me, you are willing to pass in the test, are you doing this for Uma, tell me, I should know what’s in your heart, you called me Maa, then why to hide it from Maa. Kanak says I m doing this for Uma, I failed in one test and have to pass four tests, if I fail, Uma will leave me, I will feel my beloved thing got away. She thinks that’s my shop. Maasi says I know what’s in your heart, you did not answer honestly, I have to think to help you or not.

Rani talks to Golu and says I want a good grahpravesh. Bhabho comes to her. Rani gets tensed. Bhabho asks her not to joke even in relations. Golu keeps a rice bag. Rani asks Bhabho not to worry for her saas, she is very smart. Bhabho says you got saas like you, go and do work now.

Shiv comes to Uma and shows Uma and Kanak’s gifts put up in one thread. Uma says great. Shiv says how did she know about this. Uma says her mind is sharp. Shiv says but you talk to her annoyed, you get angry on her, she is good at heart, she stays scared of you. Uma says gold is heated in gold so that its impurity gets ended, I m sure Kanak will come out of this tests as pure one.

Kaanak makes sugar roti. Maasi tells the recipe. Kanak makes it some other way. Shiv asks Uma to help Kanak, she will stay happy and work hard. Uma says you became big Gyani. Shiv says you made me wear Janiyo, that’s why. He goes. Uma thinks.

Meenakshi asks Golu what is he doing. Golu says I was just shifting this rice bag. Meenakshi says let Rani come, I will twist her ear. He says I don’t like you scolding her, she does not care, change your strategy. Rani comes in and the rice bags falls down. Golu smiles. Rani thinks grahpravesh. Meenakshi gets angry. Golu asks Meenakshi to do her aarti, as per the new strategy. Meenakshi gets aarti. Rani gets glad and holds her feet. Meenakshi thinks Golu said right, Rani fell in my feet. Meenakshi blesses her. She taunts Rani and laughs. Rani taunts her back. Meenakshi scolds her. She gets a sweeper and gives it to Rani. She goes.

Kanak makes the roti. She misses Bhabho. She says I will reach close to Bhabho’s shop. Uma asks Gabbasa about the shop. Gabbasa says registration can happen before time, we can go tomorrow and do registration on Kanak’s name. Uma says no, we will wait for some days and know if we have to go there or not.

Uma eats the roti. Paulmi says sorry, I also made it for Uma. Uma praises Paulmi. Kanak says it means I failed in this test also.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. amena thanks nice episode

  2. Please don’t drag this Mata test till end of the week.

  3. What problem have this paloumi? Why all are behind poor Kanak? Full villains in this house except chote shiv.
    Paloumi how dare she? Remove Kanak plate and put her plate that is too much.

  4. Bipasha Bhattacharya

    Nice episode! Shiv is really cute! I love Meenakshi Golu and Rani. I really hope kanak will pass this test.

  5. i like golu with rani grah pravesh . this is first in television drama, i have never seen rice bag grah pravesh .

  6. To slow story going on …
    Now kanak fail in second one test.
    why she is doing all this just told uma and get back her shop paper … why she is begging for every they not deserve her respect …only shiv who deserve ….
    it’s enough now kanak should be move on because i don’t thing so uma will given her shop they all are greedy …
    and for writer you take all week for one dharma test look at other serial they moving to fast .

  7. Huh is there anyone except Shiv and Saras who likes Kanak.. Poor thing let her clear at least one test without any drama and as an audience even I feel so annoyed from all these stupid nautankies. But I feel this Palomi wala drama was also pre-planned by Uma or Maasisa.. Hope Kanak clears this test!!

    1. Diyaa

      Good point Neha. Palomi is always shown to follow rules and only acts upon instructions. She never takes risk of planning and getting caught for it. This might be a setup by Maasisa. But why? To see if two people followed the same recipe, still one would come out better if she is the right one for UmaShankar? My God!

  8. I think kanak has cooked even better than maasi..and she would pass this test

  9. Hi
    I am new here.Does anybody know if kanak passed the test?

  10. Even I feel kanak will pass this test tat too with distinction..
    I think uma wil say to palaumi tat u hav the quality of bhojeshu mata bt kanak is beter than u.. She has magic in her cooking..
    I hope he would say something like this..

    1. Hope So….

  11. Oh I hv a doubt tht this serial also b similar story like other …..means palumi n other negative character try to separate kanak n uma n one day uma get marry with palumi ….if it will happen then wta the new in this serial…..as i already told tht people want to see something different story whr both lovers n couple stay together n face the all challenge n trouble together n become each other strength. .

  12. Mira_dewi

    Maybe Uma just doing some jokes with his face??, he didn’t say anything yet about Kanak’s dish right?? impossible Kanak fail this task, cooking is her speciality …

    I Hatee Palomi ?? … Why Uma praises her ?? … For 2morow epi, I wish Uma will say “but sorry palomi, i like my wife’s roti the mooost” ??

    if she real fail this test, im sure she will leaves & try to forget about Bhabho’s paper, or find another solution …

  13. What an original drama plot! You have to love and hate the characters all at the same time. Making them very real. But please don’t drag the story line. You took a whole week for one parisha. People will loose interest and trps will drop. This show has a lot of potential and I would hate to see it go off air. Plus when you have so much negativity and everybody in the house becomes a villain than it’s no different from any other Saas bahu shows that the audience want to avoid.
    One flaw I picked on was, uma and kanakas bedroom is a downstairs room with the patio outside but a couple of times they showed Karnak coming from upstairs to come down from her bedroom like when she wore Ghoongat first time or for the first pooja. Even when she wanted to escape and didn’t because it was second floor supposedly (the moment before uma gifts her the “kanak” necklace. ).
    Well chosen actor and actress for uma and kanak respectively, director and producer!

    1. Mira_dewi

      Agree with You Ms Fan, wish TSMSP teams will read & consider your suggestion …

  14. Diyaa

    Oh my God, Shiv was the cutest little thing today. Such wise words but without sounding precocious. Such a cutie. Kanak’s way of apologizing to Maasisa was very cute. I felt so sad looking at her working in the kitchen. Kahaa phans gayi bechaari ladki. Always scolded by everyone. ?
    More than Palomi, that Suman irritates me. Palomi is envious and tries to constantly impress Uma and show how she is his ideal woman. That’s annoying. But Suman is always vicious to Kanak even when unprovoked- I don’t get why she hates Kanak so much. After all Saras is also Uma’s sister and she likes Palomi too. No idea what writers have in mind but maybe Kanak’s roti will be good after all since noone tried to spoil it. I just felt a little nauseous seeing Uma sitting there like Lord and King and a beautiful woman on each side serving him to get his approval. Writers, please make sure there is some payback for Uma in future. Hope this test will end tomorrow. I know writers aren’t listening but please God, could you make them go just a tiny bit faster!? Golu Meena were awesome!!

    1. I agree. I too hate Suman since beginning. At such an young age its too much. I sometimes feel Palomi is Mishri and may be she and Aditya tried to fraudulently sell that shop to Uma and Aditya after getting his money has left Palomi and disappeared. I hope Palomi gets caught and this Suman realises her mistake!!

  15. Diyaa

    Guys , I have a scenario in mind- Kanak fails the second test and realizes that now she has to pass the remaining four which is impossible for her without giving up her dignity. So she writes a confession letter of her motive for Uma and goes to his dispensary where he is mixing medicines. She tries to give the letter to him and he asks her to keep it on the table and he will read it later. She does so and leaves. Then she goes and packs her bag ready to leave. She goes and tells Maasisa who is with Maasa that she has failed, she is not the one for Uma, he is going to leave her anyway so she is leaving before her public humiliation. She tells that she has informed Uma and asks for forgiveness for all mistakes. Maasisa looks on stunned as Kanak leaves. On her way out Kanak meets Payal whom she tells that “I was just trying to help you. I am Ved Rathis sister and I was here for a purpose.” Payal is crestfallen at this information. Maasisa comes to her senses by movements and attempt to speak by Maasa. By this time Kanak has left. Uma finishes his work and picks up Kanak’s letter to read it…Okay, that was my imagination and now that it’s out I feel better.??

    1. Mira_dewi

      Woow Diyaa I love it, especially about what Kanak said to Payal ??

      Please tell us more, what is happen after Uma read the letter ??

  16. I love Shiv, his advice to Uma and his respect to Kanak…so sweet.
    I’m still confused why Kanak or her brothers didn’t try to find out who sold the shop to Uma….that lawyer friend should have been helped them ….problem will solve.

    Golu is also like Kanak, sensible and clever, solving issues in their way. Nice episode

  17. Candiva007

    Why didn’t Uma marry Paulmi? Why is she always doing things that Kanak should be doing? Why is she making sugar rotis? I hope Massi Sa scolds her for making the rotis. I hope Kanak does not fail this test.

  18. Nice idea wat a filmy scene
    Show was going well but as they planned to shift evening schedule they add the smell of usual saas bahu sagas,its my view

  19. I hope she doesn’t end up doing Shayaneshu Rambha test, I would hate to see her become his s*x slave.I like Diyaas vivid imagination, it makes me feel better also.

  20. I think Kanak will end up doing Ramba test


    This is not fair, you would have thought Uma might have listened to Shiv. How can a wife cook in the same way as a mother, both put very different feelings / emotions into their food.

    Can’t stand the women in that house.

    Liked your story line Diyaa, if only!!

  21. Diyaa …
    Yaar your story is really interesting..
    I think u shouldn’t think about writing fan fiction..
    Yaa guys kam se kam ek fan fiction to banta h tsmsp ka..
    N I think diyaa u can write it in a same awesome way the writers r writing the original fiction..
    N ms. Fan I agree with u about that room confusion it has come to my mind also.

  22. The storyline is good and interesting, the character choose for Uma and kannak is apt. Every plot is well choose. But please don’t drag . Then the trp will drop . As such this shown is aired only in afternoon will love to see this show same night time as DB and repeat telecast are also.not airned night . To get night slot / prime time slot, then make the storyline fast. As such kannak need to win this test , Uma should get to know of her background, understand what she earns for her bahoo’s love and he would need to strive to get it. When such a road map is ahead don’t drag the show.
    My story line would be of the current episode is that kannak wld pass this test and she would have brought the swaad of kaushalya’s falvour to food.. as the test say “cook like mother” and mother is kaushalya’s and not maasi. No.2 since kanank being surajs daughter , and she cannot fail cooking test.
    The next test she will fail and next test she would pass and other test she would fail ..so on and so forth . We would be stuck with ramba test. This is were I would wait for twist that the writer and director has for the show. Let’s see

  23. https://youtu.be/Q6nsDx_wVcc

    Oh Thank God, something went right for Kanak. Many sweet scenes in this episode. Specially my cutie Shiv. Precap confused me. Shreya, if you have seen it, do tell what’s happening. Can’t wait to watch this episode.

    1. VINAL

      I think bhabo was there in precap

  24. Yeah kanak passed the test she made the roti just like her mom tats y everyone praises her a lot
    Palaumi was only dreaming she didn’t even get a chance to serve
    Bhabho n vansh going to ladnu for babasa’s treatment n guess who is the dr???

    1. Oh my God! That’s interesting that Bhabho is coming to Ladno and Uma is their doctor?? He is so famous as a doctor that they are coming from Pushkar for treatment? I did not know that. I thought he ran Ayurveda treatment center for his local area only. Well that will move the story forward at least. Thanks Neha!!

      1. Sorry, I meant thanks Shreya.

    2. Woah awesome she cleared the test.. They appraoch Dr.Uma Shanker:-P

      1. Bhabho worried for babasa n luking to her tentn Rani suggested her to go ladnu
        She told them abt a famous ved in ladnu
        After clearing the test masisa planed to take uma kanak to ichapurti temple for blessings
        precap- uma supporting kanak in moving upstairs by a stick as kanak is not able to walk properly due to ghunghat.
        Seeing tat Bhabho appreciate the couple n compare them with Suraj sandhya

      2. Bhabho worried for babasa n luking her tensd Rani suggested them to go ladnu
        She tells them abt a famous vaidya in ladnu so I guess it’s uma
        After clearing test masisa planed take umakanak to ichapurti temple for blessings
        Precap- uma supporting kanak in moving upstairs by a stick as kanak can’t walk properly in ghunghat
        Seeing tat Bhabho appreciate the couple n compare them with Suraj sandhya

    3. Mira_dewi

      Thanks Neha & Shreya …

      That’s mean Uma praise Palomi’s dish, only her fantasy?? ?

      Can’t wait to watch meeting moment between Rathi’s fam & dr Uma Shankar ?

      1. VINAL

        Me too waiting to watch them together

  25. Yes I agree about the rooms also when Kanak comes to the yagna thing for Shiv she is standing looking shocked at her picture next to Uma then they show Shiv and she is already sat behind him but still standing watching Uma & Shiv how confusing Small details matter

  26. I wonder why they keep giving all this footage to Palomi’s envious thinking and dreams. There has to be done purpose behind it. Writers are slowly building the Palomi angle and at some point she may become a prospective bride for Uma. In the end in diya aur baati hum they had brought a girl remember who was chosen by bhabho and took care of Suraj when he went crazy after he thought Sandhya died. They haven’t even developed Una and Kanak’s relationship as yet and they are wasting all that time on Palomi. Abhi they have to develop Ved-Payal, Saras Vansh, and not to forget GoluRaniMeena story, Kanak Bhabho’s relationship. As it is the show is dragging out scenes. I hope they’ll stop wasting time unnecessarily.

  27. Naina a.k.a. Yolande

    Kanak is skilled in preparation of confectionery which adversely assists in all areas of food … Uma would love it … finally a glimpse of Ved and Vansh (sigh) … just loving the mental thoughts of Golu (lol) Meenakshi doesn’t even have a clue …

  28. meeting after 4 year ago does uma and bhabho know each other

  29. The rice bag grahprvsh shown on tv in horror show ssshh koi hai (drishti)

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