Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 17th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Kanak, Uma Buried Alive

Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 17th February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Aditya acts as doing tantra to call Diana’s mother’s soul. He sings Babuji Zara Dheere Chalo. Diana says this is Bollywood song. Harpreet says religious mantras are incomplete without Bollywood song, Aditya is trying to call mummmyji via Bollywood songs. Nanda says Aditya is deeply spiritual. Aditya continues singing Bollywood songs, and Nanda’s hired magician does magic creating lightning and lighting lamps. Harpreet says mummyji is eager to meet Diana. Aditya creates smoke, and Palomi emerges. Kanak gets happy seeing Palomi alive. Rani records video. Palomi speaks as Diana’s mother. Diana emotionally asks to forgive her. Palomi thinks she has to escape and call Uma and runs.

Palomi runs. Uma, Kanak, and Rani run behind her. Nanda stops

Diana/Kanak and says let the soul go, Aditya told soul will not stay for long. Kanak thinks Palomi should not escape. Rani tries to catch Palomi and falls. Her wig slips off. Nanda identifies her and shouts this is Pushkar’s Rani. She asks who are they, removes Harpreet’s beard and is more shocked to see Uma. Diana says she is Kanak. Nanda says she will change Palomi’s face for sure now. They all 4 try to run, but Nanda’s goons surround them. Uma trashes goons, but they catch him. Aditya tries his jokergiri, Uma gives him a solid flying kick. He orders goons to kill them. Nanda says let us not dirty our hands with their dirty blood, they are her guests, she will treat them well.

Ved asks Payal why did she steal Vansh and Saras’ money. Payal stands nervously. Saras enters and says while keeping money in her cupboard, she came to keep ironed clothes here and kept money envelope between clothes by mistake. Ved apologies Payal and leaves. Saras confronts Payal and says she does not know why she did this, because of her heinous act, family’s peace would have gone. She warns her not to become second Nanda Maasi.

Nanda throws Kanak, Uma, and Rani in a coffin. Aditya’s jokegiri starts. He gets into coffin and tells Uma that he invented infertility medicine, but mom will not introduce it in market tomorrow and is getting entrepreneur of the year award, Uma can attend it tomorrow. Nanda says they will die anyways in a few minutes and gives them torch to see each other’s dying face. Aditya asks goons to close coffin lid. Ved calls Kanak on Rani’s number. Aditya notices Ved’s number and says brother is worried about sister, let us give him good news. Nanda warns him not to be foolish, Ved and Vansh will come searching them like wild dogs and will destroy them. Drama continues…

Precap: During award ceremony, host announces Nanda as Entrepreneur of the year and greets her.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Very Nice Episode That’s fine..kanum will win All didn’t go as planned but I am sure KanUm will find a way to come out and give good answer to Massisa. this woman is devil.omg

  2. and Well Done Saras you rock!! agree with her payal will be nanda n°2 she ruined all family’s peace. her and her mother no comment for them..

  3. Omg the trio got caught in the act by Masisa & Aditiya Didn’t think they were going to escape with Poullomi that easy Adithya was not even saying any mantra but it was a song too hilarious Masisa says the whole truth to Uma which he wanted to hear How will they escape from that box we will see on Monday Guess they will show up at the awards & Masisa & Aditiya get arrested As for Payal she was speechless though glad Saras put her in her place for her hedious play Yes don’t want another Masisa from Ladnu too funny ???

  4. What a nightmarish episode. But we expected kanum will get caught. Stupid palomi spoiled the entire plan. Massisa pointing gun aiming rani. Rani asked them to leave sacrificing her life. Merciless Massisa buried kanum and Rani alive she has become an cut troat criminal. Massisa overwhelmed enjoying her victory. It was definitely a hair raising episode. Kanum plan at the end failed. Massisa was shocked to see uma. I can see her fear in her eyes she is afraid of uma. Nice kick to Adithya. Massisa is going to launch that unique medicine of uma tomorrow in the award ceremony. I am eagerly waiting to see how kanum is going to come alive to the award ceremony exposing massisa true colours infront of the world. Kanum mission palomi to get accomplished. Kanak will soon prove uma nirdosh. Sweet soul Saras saved payal from ved’s anger. Hope payal realize her mistake and regret for it soon. But today saras gave us a hint payal will soon turn as Massisa 2 very soon I loved this unexpected twist. Tsmsp is becoming very interesting and intriguing episode by episode. Harpreet singh and Diana part is over. We will be missing Harpreet singh ?

  5. Bhaana

    First few minutes was hilarious, bollywood song n Harpreet explanation was very funny?? will miss Harpreet total opposite of uma in body language n dialogue delivery, totally fascinated by Harpreet n adi combo.
    Next comes the face off, uma kicked adi too good and I expected his frustration over maasi will come, but hero is in silent mode?kuch Lambo choda Gyan dete to bi chalega, forgot our CVS love only maasi n adi? they will talk n our leads just listen with anger.
    Monday gonna be turning point in our show, did kanum succeed in exposing maasi or they will return as uma promised to return on time with proof of palomi existence.

    1. Haan yr adi ka song n harpreet translation was too funny ?? everything was going according to plan bt they get caught due to stupid palomi
      Bt I am not getting one thing Yar y massisa wants to change palomi face she can kill her ? v easily
      Just stretching nothing else. Hope palomi show some action n take three of them out..
      Saras done good job payal was speechless ?

      1. Bhaana

        Hi dear, glad to see u after a long time…
        Kanum caught at last moment it’s all part of drama so do enjoy it next uma will break the box with all powers?? as we all know kanum n Rani reach India safely.This palomi plastic surgery n all mere samajh se bhi Baahar?, just to drag.

  6. why villain can do there work and never get caught whereas actor always face problem. All crap drama.

  7. yesterday i couldn’t sleep very well because of nanda modani. i want nanda by uma tight slap to her. i wouldn’t eat and sleep until uma get proof innocence , stop palomi plastic surgery ,nanda to get exposed in award function to get arrest and jail forever and kanum,rani to bring back palomi to india get uma innocence free in court.

    1. Don’t think too much dear it just a show nothing real n we all know har burai ka ant hota h so eat n sleep properly n don’t take stress
      Happy Sunday to all ?

    2. Bhaana

      Hi vinothini, take it easy yaar…
      agree it was frightening n unexpected…
      Even I felt restless during the divorce track, relax as we all know what will happen next, they reach back home n uma proved his innocence.

      1. Ya agree when we watch something regularly it becomes part of our lyf n we get attach with characters it’s v normal tendency ? I was also upset when Uma was getting married to palomi n kanak was crying in marriage rituals..

    3. agree with you vinothini this woman is a devil i hate her so much waiting to see her behind bars soon

  8. Tum sab realize nahi karte but watching such nonsense shows so Seriously blunts your brains and makes you addicted fools. Palomi ka Dna to nahi change hoga. She can prove easily that she is Palomi. How can any body with brain find this track interesting?

    1. Bhaana

      I love this show especially the bkk track, what’s your problem??
      Be in your limits…kuch toh sharam karo Jab dekho pathetic comments… height of stupidity.

    2. Hi Heera this is not the way to express ur opinion. Sorry you have no rights to talk about other people. If you don’t like it pls refrain from it no one is forcing you to see. Its all depends on one’s preference and perceptions. We like it we are watching it. If you don’t like it u pls limit your comment critizising the show but not the viewers. No one has right to comment about others. Sorry if I offended you anyway.

      1. Bhaana

        Hey Divya, hats off to your politeness, I was so angry n so replied like that but your style is lovely yaar.

    3. My advice to you is refrain from making such comments about others likes & dislike Seems you too watch the show to write an opinion Regarding having a brain we all seem to have one & use it wisely ?

    4. Heera this is not the way to comment if u have any complain abt the show u can criticise it bt people who come on this page just to criticise the audience & call them fools r proving that how insane they are
      If u people r so much intelligent then y u r watching or reading the updates or coming to this page???

  9. very nice episode intersting track I am sure Monday episode will have KanUm rescue mission i am very excited for this episode…this we expected but best part is Nanda true face will be exposed to the world andHer matruveda empire will face a big downfall. Eagerly waiting for the next episode. guys tell me the real name of aditia and rani please. thank you

    1. Yes Lara, It’s not just escape now but whole Massisa truth will come out before the whole world now which will be so nice to watch. Eagerly waiting for tonight’s episode.

  10. Guys after they return to India Uma promises Bhabhoo he will marrying Kanak in 12 days ???? Why don’t they just get married secretly like sandhya & sooraj & consummate their marriage till now Masisa was always in the middle Now some new character Kanghan sharma is introduced another Poullomi who is wealthy and falls for Uma that’s all we needed to see in their life Another third wheel

  11. oh KanUm is really facing a traumatic phase of life. how they will be saved is yet to be seen. When wil tom 6pm come guys Can’t wait to see yaar …..Uma will expose massisa ‘s true colours soon..

  12. Unexpected twist for me in this episode. Even if I knew something might happen, I didn`t expect such a creepy twist in Nanda`s unique style. Eagerly waiting for tomorrow`s episode to find out how they will escape from that coffin.
    Finally massisa`s drama will end soon.

    1. Massisa ‘s true colours will be revealed soon hindifan. I am really enjoying this roller coaster ride of the cvs with the twists and turns. But this step of massisa is inhuman ruthless. She will soon face her karma.

  13. Bhaana

    Some people are trying hard to visit with different identities though the content tells who are they, this is not the way to criticize viewers in general, I can sense Payal type of person really exist here?

    Telly update please take necessary actions this is going on and on, commentators are again bashed, couldn’t digest it.

    1. Hi Bhaana

      Completely agree with you. Criticizing viewers is bit too much. How we can report in Telly updates?

      1. Bhaana

        Hi manasa, don’t know exactly how to report on tu…
        Telly update usually delete the extreme criticism, last week too tu deleted a haters reply with time.
        But if this repeats, will complaint to the tu help desk which I used to…

    2. Lol bhaana payal type of person??

    3. Lol Bhaana payal type persons ???

      1. Bhaana

        Thanks Shreya n Divya?
        Exactly how they are reacting?

  14. guys watch the new promo is really awesome and interesting ..i feel Adi in poisoned state and Masisa asking for help from Uma..i cnt how happy I m eeing Masisa begging.. Damn how brutally she has poisoned innocent Uma..Glad that Massisa is cornered the same way KanUm been cornered. i love tsmsp

  15. I am sure Bholenath will find a way to save the trio.May be Mangesh. The whole BKK track is super exciting and entertaining. Love Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji and specially current track which is mixed with so many elements, fun, suspense etc.

    1. Yes manasa bholenath will surely save his bhakt. Uma timely help will be reciprocated by Mangaesh today. I am anxiously awaiting for tonight episode to see how kanum escaped.I think Uma will break the coffin and trio will escape with bholenath ‘s sanketh

  16. I think kanaks mobile will play an imp role now I mean if somebody search them they can easily be trAcked with the help of mobile location or signal or may be her phone rings n peopls will come to help them n take them out

    1. Yes shreya that mobile will be tracked by ved. But before they come to that spot our powerful hero uma will break open the coffin. I am really excited to see the rescue operations of kanum. Bholenath will save them.

      1. Yes divyaa we all r excited for today’s episode ?☺️

      2. Bhaana

        Right guys, excited for today’s episode…
        Three and half hours more??

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