Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 16th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 16th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Kanak going to step in between the scorpions. Uma holds her feet. They fall in the water. Uma lifts her and gets her out of the waters. Paulmi looks on and says I did not lie. Uma says Kanak proved her truth. Kanak thanks Lord. Paulmi says I can also prove my truth. Uma asks her why did she come here, when he said he is taking his wife out. She says I did not wish to come. He says I always gave you respect and trusted you, but now I trust my wife. He holds Kanak.

Kanak thinks sorry Paulmi, I did not think to hurt your heart, I have to do this to save Bhabho’s shop from Uma. Uma takes Kanak.

Kanak changes and comes. Uma asks her is she fine. She thinks he is life’s villain, but sometimes does hero’s work, thanks for help. He says you stood with

truth, so Lord stood with you, get ready, we are going out for dinner. She says I thought you won’t believe in having food outside. He says you know me well, I meant outside the room. She says I need some time. Uma asks shall I help.

She asks what will you do in these things. He goes and gets the hot coal, asking her to lie her hair near the fire. He dries her hair. Music plays….. She combs her hair. Tu sooraj mai saanjh piya ji…..plays…. He asks her to check her hair now. She gets surprised and thinks he knows hair ironing well, he was not treating me before. She goes. He stops her and goes ahead of her, asking her to come now.

Suman says Paulmi looks sad. Paulmi recalls Uma’s words. Maasi asks Uma and Kanak to have food in puja plate. Paulmi serves food. Maasi asks Kanak to have more rice. Kanak says its fine, is there a spoon. Maasi asks her to have by right hand. Kanak thinks Bhabho, all these tortures are happening to get your shop. Meenakshi shows Bhabho’s shop to Khandelwal. He likes the property and asks whose photo is this. She says we had our family by them, they were our world. She switches on lights. He asks what’s the need of this torch then. She says I will show something fantastic, our house is seen from this shop. He says yes, so? She says when your girl comes as bahu, she can see your shop. He says once I get shop, I will give my daughter to your son. She says you are talking like big businessman, you meet Vansh, he sees property work, don’t tell him about alliance. He says fine, I will talk and come.

Maasi asks Paulmi to serve well, else Kanak will think we don’t feed her well. Kanak says enough, I m done. Maasi jokes. Shiv says Uma can start his work. Maasi says Uma is now Kanak’s protector, Kanak is lucky to get husband like Uma, he risked his life to save her, she should say thank you. Kanak says you said thank you won’t work, so Dhanyawaad. Maasi says I was worried thinking what tapp to do to get Uma’s wife, but Lord has sent a good wife, she is sharp by beauty, mind and tongue. She asks them to go and sleep. Kanak gets up. Maasi asks her to get the plate. Kanak thinks I enjoyed in hostel, Lord is settling scores here, once I give papers to Arvind, I will get free.

Maasi tells Uma to stay away from salt, too much salt is harmful, its matter of one night. She laughs. Uma goes.

Maasi stops Kanak and says after the last ritual, you will become ours and Uma’s, you have beautiful hands, you wear our ancestral bangles tomorrow. Kanak goes. Maasi blesses her and thinks to keep an eye on her. She sees Paulmi and says I trust you, I know you never lie, cry and lighten heart, explain your heart, Uma is stranger for you now. Paulmi hugs Maasi and cries.

Meenakshi says by your blessings, Golu got his life partner. Khandelwal asks Vansh to come office to talk about deal. Uma and Kanak go to their room. Uma asks her to go and change. Kanak thinks its testing time to stay with Uma in one room, I wish I had learnt karate.

Kanak and Uma lie on the bed. She hears sound and asks him why is he whistling. Maasi comes there.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. VINAL

    Thanks for updates but writers are just streching episodes
    what nonsense test bakwas I think paulmi will become enemy of kanak
    photos of suraj & sandhya was very beautiful hope kanak meet arvind soon so drama ends

  2. I just hate this maasi sa she is not a good person she is behind umas property
    konse sadi se aaya hai ye uma shankar kitne poorani soch ka hai

  3. Waiting For Tmrw

  4. Nice to watch the traditional way of drying hair.

  5. Candiva007

    Okay is Massi sa checking up on Kanak and Uma to make sure they are sleeping together??? You know what I mean…lol

  6. Hehehe, Life villain does hero works.
    Quote of the day​.(+_+)

  7. epi was nice

  8. I don’t understand of this show…
    But DABH is always praised by me

  9. Todays episode was good

  10. simply streching…hum wait kr rhe kb bhaagegi

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