Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 16th January 2018 Written Episode Update: Uma’s Life At Stake

Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 16th January 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Maasi picks poison laced laddoos nervously thinking if Uma does not stop her, she will die. Uma stops her and says if mother-son has to pass a test, let him do. He picks laddoo whileMaasi smirks. Kamak stops him and says it has poison. Uma pushes her hand and eats laddoo saying poison is in her thinking. He eats each laddoo reminding about the sacrifices Maasi did for him and then starts bleeding from his mouth and nose. Maasi smirks. Aditya walks in singing and frightens Kanak holding trishul.

Kanak says Uma she told Maasi mixed poison in laddoos. Uma says Maasi cannot give him poison. Maasi says he is right, his Maasi did not give him poison, Aditya’s mother gave poison instead. Kanak says let us go to hospital. Uma says no one will speak between him and Maasi. Maasi slaps him and says this is for keeping her away for Aditya, continues slapping repeating this is for punishing Aditya, Aditya had never lost memory, this is for trusting her blindly. She continues slapping. Uma coughs up more blood and falls down.

Maasi continues that she wanted jiji’s wealth, but Jiji had transferred wealth in his name and he could not transfer it in her name till he turned 18, so she acted as his mother. Uma says he transferred all his property in her name when he turned 18, then why did she betray him even then. She says she wanted to escape with wealth, but she saw a genius vaidya/doctor in him and thought of selling his formulas and earn lakhs and crores. She then heard about his infertility formula and thought of selling it for 100 crores. He says he would have given even his life if she had asked, why did she insult mother and son relationship. She says he does not have to worry as he is dying anyhow now.

Uma starts losing consciousness. Maasi says she was escaping with formula, but his wife tricked and changed formula papers. Kanak pleads to save Uma. Maasi shows antidote and asks infertility formula papers in return. Kanak brings her papers. Maasi takes them and gives antidote and leave with Aditya. Uma collapses shouting maa. Kanak cries..

Precap: Uma cries holding Maasi’s sari and touching her photo. Kanak tells Bhabho that she cannot think of marriage at this time. Uma says this marriage with happen for sure.

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  1. Beta movie sequence

    1. Yes your rite dear…..This seem like Beta climax.
      I hope massia will change her mind toward UMA and KANAK.

  2. Brilliant acting by Uma he was not going to listen to Kanak regarding Masisa but now he knows the whole truth about her & her son I thought some was following Aditya per police so why didn’t Ved come with his troops This Masisa is a disgrace to motherhood or woman she is one selfish b**** Totally hate her Now Umas blindfold are removed by Kanak He will start trusting Kanka more Just wished the cops were there Ved failed miserably This is called theft but only Uma can file for their arrest before we know it he is going to be arrested for Poullomi death

  3. Can’t wait for the day when mother & son are behind bars May they rot in hell !!! Masisa was blaming Uma for keeping her & Aditiya separated for 8 years but it was her own doing teaching Uma about Dharam & waiting till he was 18 to get properties in her name she is the no 1 culprit he was just her puppet that too Adithya was living the lavish life due to Uma hard earned money She already has a company with his stolen formula & making money someone needs to slap that Masisa hope there will be punishment or else show won’t be worth watching Criminals need to pay their price Hope we see a tougher Uma who won’t let anyone walk over him or brainwash him again Where is his real mom Masas ??Bet she was never given the right meds till now either or else she would have been well

    1. well said dear agree with you

  4. So when they realized they had no story after Kanak forced wedding and return to Pushkar, they decided to copy story of the movie Beta. Made Aditya Maasisa’s son. Never before had it been mentioned that he was a cousin. Only suman and shiv were shown as cousins. After Kanak’s return to Pushkar writers were lost and decided to connect old story to beta movie story with some weird events and sequences. Result is so Hodge podge but no worry. This will be accepted and lapped up because it is overdramatized and sensational which is what the tv and movie audience want these days while good story dramas become flop.

  5. Reading the comments reminds me how my eight year old nephew reacts to comic book stories with no capacity for the analysis of story writing skills and quality, he talks as if the characters existed in real life and the events were actually taking place. No wonder such writing and direction works and makes the tv producers lazy to cone up with any quality work. Why put effort when shabby writing and direction works.

  6. apparently they will arrest uma for murder
    but yet aditya is walking free
    and he has attempted murder and trying to sell his wife
    massi has attempted murder for kanak and uma
    So why is no one filing a case and arresting them esp ved lol ??‍♀️
    great acting and story can be good with some common bits the writers are missing
    like paulami should have gone to the hospital in custody for trying to kill uma and suicide is a offence
    so maybe they can say paulami took umas meds and killed herself then uma will be free and kanak and him get married
    ved and vanch go to bangkok to find masi
    they show kanak and uma growing in a rship and trusting each other
    babu opens another shop moves closer to help her
    it can be about uma finding trust again
    and his mum healing
    and the right pple hoing yo bangkok to find nasi to get justice

  7. They ruined all charm of Uma’s character by making him so stupid and pathetic. But hope now the story will pick up a bit. Only problem is, all love confessions between Uma and Kanak already shown. If Kanak hadn’t realized love and was only helping Uma for friendship and duty then as the catching Maasisa track started watching Kanak see a transformed Uma and slowly falling in love with him would have given that perfect romantic tension and excitement. But because they have already shown a stupidly giggly Kanak with out of nowhere realization of her crazily being in love, that possibility is over. Anyway, in spite of all loopholes and bad writing, the show is still better than a lot of other utter nonsense shows on TV. Which is why I still watch sometimes and read updates now and then.

  8. Heart wrenching episode I coudnt stop crying that much realistic the entire sequence was enacted by the cast especially Av mindblowing expressions his melancholic expressions brought tearswonderfully s ??Top notch performance he portrayed umashankar ‘s agony pain anguishness wonderfully. Umashankar 30 yrs trust belief faith wrong dharam preached by massisa shattered him to pieces. Massisa is ruthless sadist devil ? how she has faked him with motherly love just for money. Will money makes a person this avaricious to kill ones heart trust belief soul and even relationship. Now uma will understand his rigid dharmic sanskars are all rubbish preached wrongly by massisa for her ulterior motives. Even when blood was oozing he didn’t believe massisa poisoned him. Massisa herself confessed that he was a golden goose for her to earn money she never cared or loved uma she was with him only for money property and medicines invented by him which fetch her a fortune. Uma was devastated hearing it. Kanak was extremely shocked to see uma getting unconscious she was pleading massisa for antidote but massisa made her business deal.

  9. Bhaana

    Most awaited truth revealing part yet very painful one???
    Uma has been betrayed by massi and now she poisoned him still not satisfied slapping??
    As usual maasi n adi smirk n pathetic jokes irritating….wanna show them a lesson ???
    Haven’t watched previous episodes…where the people in kanum Sangeet disappeared and no one from rathi n uma family in today’s
    part ?

  10. Why can’t Uma not cured his own mother illness it is stupid

  11. Why can’t Uma not cured his own mother illness it is stupid boring

    1. I know right!! While his mother lies in vegetative state this esteemed doctor works on infertility medication by experimenting on cows and never treating female patients. The writing of this is really laughable. They could have shown him working on his mother’s condition and finding some breakthrough medicine for that!!

  12. Can someone tell me why was the last scene focused on the file with blank file……????

    1. I mean “file with blank pages”….

      1. They were not blank pages Masisa got the originals from Kanak in exchange for the poison antidote to give Uma

  13. oh amazing episode i love it.. can’t wait to seethis maasi and her son behind bars i hate them so much.. i want so slap this maasi she ruined uma life uma now know the true colors of this woman.. very nice episode

  14. great acting and story. tsmsp now is my fav..well I cannot even imagine how uma will react after knowing the betrayal of massisa. The person who preached dharmic sanskars to him is a big traitor. Tom episode is really going to break our hearts to see our uma in pain and agony. I feel sorry for him. I agree with your points guys and also the fact that it’s high time Uma know the real face of Massisa. Hats off to Avinesh great acting!

    i know someone like this massisa my aunt!! I had a horrific childhood and
    now I have all this tension in my family because of my aunt. Now, mind you, I have a wonderful husband who loves me and my daughter. We have a beautiful home! My aunt had all type of self esteem issues But I fail to understand why she did this to me! why she hate me !Sadly it isn’t all her fault since the family essentially reinforced her behaviour. She is a sociopath and uses everyone for money. She has convinced my entire family that I’m a terrible person and even talked my mother into disowning me. I haven’t seen the rest of my family for 9 years just because of her. Now I don’t bang my head up a wall trying!! The more I tried tio understand the more upset and frustrated I became so I just knocked it on the head and decided to save myself the heartache.

  15. Well the episode was well on point…All d build up given was on point..Each nd everything was so well portrayed…Maasi saa’s herself broke the trust Uma had on her all these years…He felt Kanak was misunderstood Maasisaa..He could bear any of the two getting insulted so took it upon himself to clear Kanak’s MUs on Maasi saa.Thus he consumed d poisoned ladoos..Little did he know his wall of belief will get shattered..Maasi saa did not care abt anything except money..Even today she made Uma Shankar’s life a deal..Uma Shankar was shattered nd broken..The only person he found beside himself was Kanak..Aditya really nails it as devil….He entered d exact moment when Maasisaa’s poison started affecting Uma….Well Y exactly Ved did not come behind Aditya remains to be seen??Nd hopefully v get to know this tomorrow…Well beta movie had a different sequence…Anil Kapoor was poisoned but Aruna Irani was also betrayed…Here Maasi SAA s a total sadistic devil with blno conscience.She made Aditya live off on Uma Shankar’s money..Gave him no values while inculcating some very rigid religious values on Uma nd his family…She gave all possible modern comforts to Aditya nd kept Uma’s family away from everything…Aditya a typical selfish spoilt womaniser brat.. Tomorrow some more intense family moments r awaited

    1. I agree with everyting you said neha* you said it right

  16. Plz ignore the typos nd errors

  17. Absolutely stupid. He getting poisoned and slapped and she laughing in his face yet Uma is one thick twat. Wake up… She not your massi sa… She was after your money you stupid dick. God he is do stupid.

  18. Its a big turn off to see Uma so shaded as walking dead face instead of focusing on his own very much alive loving mother . I understand why but come one it makes scenes all so shady

  19. Very good Episode one of the best episodes and very good acting from all. poor uma i feel sorry for him bravo kanak i love this jodi very much

  20. It seems that Massisa was the love of Uma’s life, not his own sick mother and not Kanak whom he professed to love. Indeed he dismissed Kanak’s warnings as nonsense and absolutely refused to listen to the woman he claimed to love. The writers seem to have taken the viewers for a ride as all those Kamum moments and love declarations seem meaningless. In his dying state and in the face of Masisa’s confessions Uma is still so needy for her? Sigh……….

  21. Hi Padmasri, uma made medicines for his mother but that medicine maasisa gave to uma’s mother. May be maasisa changed that medicines. In old episode Kanak gave medicine to massa but maasisa said I’m only give medicine to uma’smother.

  22. I think massisa is behind uma’s mom’s present stage ..may be she had done something to paralyse her. …that stupid massisa …i hate her…but the is a great actress..i.meant the person who is casting as massisa….AV rocked well as Uma yday….

  23. Hi Friend…The episode was heart touching.
    What’s wrong with CV the show is taking a different shape. I hope most of them will loss they interest in watching TSMSP. So, sad Uma is still unaware of Gabbassa’s real face.
    Ved is fit for nothing. Can’t he record adi’s statement Ridiculous. Mobile is restricted in Uma’s house rite. Why Ved is not using it?
    And now Mother and son are free from everything.

  24. The episode was heart touching and great. Av was wow!! great acting.. Now uma and kanak will be together against nanda devil. what a woman i hate her so much

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