Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 15th November 2017 Written Episode Update: Kanak’s Masterplan

Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 15th November 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Vansh reaches Saras/Sara’s food court address and thinks according to pamphlet, this must be the place, but no one is around. Saras speaks on mic greeting Good Morning Pushkar, be it old or young, everyone think home cooked food is uncooked or not that tasty, so she open a food court for them, let us see who will be her first customer. She acts as searching among crowd and walks to Vansh and says here is a handsome hunk who finds a chance to touch girls. She gives him tab and asks order and then prepares food playing Dudki Dudki Laage…song..mingling with people. A goon enters and shouts she cannot open a shop here without his permission and pushes her. His puppets throw her things.

Aditya puffs cigarette sitting on swinger in the middle of house. Uma walks in and

fumes seeing that, goes and throws cigarette saying smoking is injurious to health and prohibited in this house. Aditya says Uma promised he can do whatever he likes. Masi interferes and scolds Aditya. Kanak thinks Maasi gives good entertainment without TV.

Saras beats goons and people clap for her. Goons revert. Vansh beats them next with Saras. Saras asks why did he help her. He says he does not want his order late. She says he will get his order on time and gets to work. Vansh thinks Saras and Sara are poles apart.

Maasi continues acting and scolding Aditya. Kanak comments. Maasi asks not to interfere in family issues as they are already tensed regarding Aditya’s memory. Kanak says even she wants Aditya to get well soon. Maasi says she will take Aditya to addiction prevention center and gives her promise. She reminisces Aditya telling he has an important land deal tonight and has to go out. Maasi assures she will get him out. She asks Aditya to get ready. Kanak reminisces meeting Rajiv and telling him about his scams. Rajiv says Vicky is Aditya and he got fake documents for Aditya. Kanak says she knows everything and from hereon he will work for her instead of Aditya. Rajiv agress.

Maasi leaves with Aditya acting as going to addiction prevention center. Uma prepares herbal medicines for Aditya on stove. Palomi comes and helps her. He burns his hand holding hot utensil. Kanak enters and applies herbal paste on him. He washes his . She repeatedly applies it and says he can wash his hand, but she will continue her duty.

Kanak then leaves for hotel reminiscing Rajiv telling about Aditya’s land deal in a hotel. She asks him to get secret CCTV camera fixed in room and record their conversation. She walks into room and someone locks it from outside. She asks if anyone is in. Aditya comes out and says he is there for her.

Precap: Aditya holds Kanak and says she wanted to trap him but now in his trap, He pushes her on bed. After sometime, Maasi warns Kanak not to inform Uma. Uma confronts Aditya and shouts how dare he is to allege his wife, his wife is not characterless. Kanak gets emotional hearing that.

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  1. aditya is such a despicable boy , how dare you think of touching your brothers wife . and as for masisa i don’t know what to say to her but she will definitely reap what she sow , that is for sure.

  2. Precap??

    1. I don’t think Neha tat is aditya. It’s all masisa plan to trap kanak Am sure masisa has planed this to prove kanak characterless. He must be Rajiv Uma is shouting at
      I think so

    2. Same neha????

  3. Hey guys is this news is true…..
    Kanak (Rhea Sharma) to die soon and return as IPS Officer promising mother Sandhya Rathi’s shadow in Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji

    Star plus very well admired TV Serial Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji will soon witness Kanak’s death.

    The show starring Avinesh Rekhi as Uma and Rhea Sharma as Kanak will soon bring in unexpected twist.

    Uma and Kanak make master trap for Aditya where Aditya’s evil reality gets expose to Uma and Kanak.

    Apart from this, Uma will still assume that Aditya was ditching Maasa and Maasa is innocent.

    Kanak and Uma’s separation

    Uma and Kanak will start budding love after Aditya’s evil exit where after Maasa will again plot her ugly conspiracy to separate Uma and Kanak.

    The Makers of the show have decided to bring in death twist where Kanak will die, leaving Uma alone.

    But not to worry because Kanak will return as IPS Officer just like her mother Sandhya Rathi.

    It would be very heart wrenching to watch Uma and Kanak’s coming separation.

    Till then stay tune to Serial Gossip for all the latest updates.
    If is it true then u should not watch this serial for long time……haddh hai zaruri nhi iss serial ko bhi dabh ki tarah banaye ……show something new twist jaise abhi chal rahe hai…..writer n director ka mind bas ek hi track pr chalta hai death ,separations, force marriage etc etc …can’t indian writer n director show something different storyline. …..very disappointed
    For me abhi se iss show ki trp zero???????????

    1. Yes cutie it won’t be aceptable. We all want to see kanums chemistry once again after this masisa track

    2. Bullshit, I don’t believe this. Some fake website giving fake news.

    3. Meera1

      I hope this is fake … we’ve seen enough madness already ?.

  4. Bhaana

    What a confusing episode?
    First vansh confuse with Saras n Sara next uma mind voice “Is kanak is the same I met at first itni pati vrat keise munkin hai?, answer is its a daily soap
    How many flash back they will show one with maasi n her son, another with rajiv n kanak and guess tom involving maasi, rajiv n Adi to trap kanak.
    Desi roti pe pizza stuffing…? even my rxn is same.
    Uma seriously grinding herbs…reminded this simple and abnormal nature in this century(in his age) is the reason for watching the show phir wahan b gar waali n bahaar waali agayi…is the lep drama necessary….
    Last part is like climax for a movie sorry here they will create drama to look like that often.
    Thinking of precap… is uma presence is dream or real??
    Is the molestation scene is necessary to wake up the hero.
    I’m super confused today, apologize me?

  5. Superb precap-heart touching and really emotional moment??

    1. Waiting for tomorrow’s episode

  6. Today’s episode was a hotch potch it was all over the place too many flash backs Does Kanak get trapped in her own plan?? There is no backup person either Disappointed ? Does Uma follow her ???

  7. Ruined a perfectly good show with nonsense forced mariage, deception drama, idiot heroine, ouble idiot hero, and the bunch of bufoons they have collected as vilains. Aisi Kanak character ko mar hi jaana chaahiye so tht there is a fresh start. Saras in modern look, so outlandish that she is doing all this, again Bhabho taught her? hadd hai but chalo, indian daily soap to hadd ke paar hi start hotey hain. kitnaa achcha ho saktaa thaa aur kitnaa barbaad kar diyaa iss show ko. Hope it goes off air soon. Better to put a nicer show in this slot than this random bakvaas.

    1. Typical hater detected!
      hey if you don’t lik don’t watch.. simple… cmon now

      1. Bhaana

        Hey Mona…hilarious? do u have detective machine….you are right…seeing the above comment thought after totally bashing the show…don’t understand what is perfect she meant.?

  8. After read tge latest news what viwers think……just read
    Jane Jones
    Rather than have a death twist, it would be good to see after Aditya’s exit some plotting twists from Masi but somehow Uma and Kanak are still getting close, Uma is starting to trust Kanak more, however, the truth about Masi is revealed by Uma’s mum. She is now well as Kanak has been looking after her with love and care, she manages to get up from bed, she can walk and talk! Now that would be a good twist as Masi does alot of conspiring in her bedroom so Uma’s mum knows all the secrets.
    This could be a point where Masi exits from the drama either temporarily or permanently. Uma’s mum can play the character can a bit similar to Bhabo, helping to improve the house environment, helping Uma to become open minded, helping to improve Uma and Kanak’s marriage, perhaps add some hurdles of Uma disagreeing to some of Kanak’s ideas and thoughts as twists. There is also Palaumi in the house, use her character for twists.
    Make a big deal about Kanak expressing her love for Uma and maybe they can get married again as she has whole heartedly accepted him as her husband.
    In regards to storylines, relate them to everyday issues that happen in real life and add a bit extra for spice! An idea for storyline could be around Suman or Uma’s little brother about going to school/college and the pressures students feel to be the best, peer pressure, bullying, being stalked…etc.
    Anyway, these are just some suggestions I thought I would share, hope I’ve not offended anyone!
    If writer n director don’t hv anything new to present then I think they should end the show rather show any stupid track like death n separation again n again……..I m very disappointed koi toh serial acha bana lo…

  9. Meera1

    The show is climbing another ‘ uchai’ of high voltage drama ….meanwhile us viewers are left struggling to keep up, day by day each character in the show is having a personality transplant ?…not sure when everything became so dramatic ?. (I’m as confused as you bhaana ??)
    I thought Kanak’s display of her rights were better than yesterdays love sick drama.
    in the precap Uma finally acknowledges that Kanak is still his wife. I hope cvs don’t wreck this & show maasisa yet again winning & manipulating the situation (well & truly fed up with the whole maasisa the vamp track). ??

    1. Bhaana

      Right meera, every character is changed accordingly except one palomi, she is still the same surrounding uma everytime..her mission is still the same from day one?

  10. Meera1

    Amongst all the maasisa vamp act any chemistry between Uma & Kanak has completely fizzled out – we barely ever see them even having a conversation now & where is shiv supposed to have disappeared to? it was shiv that usually brought Uma & Kanak together but we haven’t seen him in ages either … without the leads chemistry or the track around Kanak steering Uma away from blind faith the serial is just your usual Saas bahu drama

    1. i dont understand,already they showed that aditya is stealing kanak mistann bandars papers with misri in video,nd uma said dat it was his brther aditya,then y the hell is he thinking dat aditya has lost his memory,no connctions at all in story

      1. Yes Aditya was not too long ago getting the shop transferred with Mishri so he knew her before Kanak Do think Pavan is Aditya son??? Were is Pavan & Shiv lately Uma only speaks nicely to Poullomi but has a lot of anger towards Kanak they don’t even have a normal conversation ????Where is the chemistry the audience want to witness they are two different & strange people sharing a room & that too sleeping separately like there was anything going on between them at night ??Seems it’s never going to happen at this rate stay celibate & married too ?

  11. There has been too much anger in the relationship between Kanak and Uma. Without any diffusing of that anger(repentance, apology, admission, anything) any restoration of the relationship will seem contrived and staged.

  12. Bhaana

    The future story regarding leap or reincarnation may be fake, now the problem is maasi evil plot is dragged too much or there is no positivity shown to match n overcome evilness, prefer to see active maasa guiding kanak.No light scenes if shown still missing chemistry due to stubborn uma.
    Missing shiv presence.. hope the precap gives a happy feeling for a while.
    Have a good day guys?

    1. I hope it would be fake bcs if kanak ll die n return as ips officer then plz tell me guys yeh jo ved hai usko gajar matar chilne ke liye rakha hai ..every characters hv their on charm ..woh kehte hai na jiska kaam ussi ko sajhe……kanak should be a chef bcs she cooks so well n uma can help her to open any restaurant whr her brother vansh also can help her little sister n the way we can also enjoy saras n vansh scene ..story ko light way mein le ke jayo har daily soap ki tarah story ka satyanash mat kro kuch unique kro..usko jayada dramatic mat kro….sabzi mein namak jayada ho jaye toh usko fhenk dete hai….writer n director khudh soch le wt ll happen to the trp if they also show any shit n nonsense like other serials. .

      1. Bhaana

        Agree with you cutie..
        Ya ved is missing….
        If they see in terms of trp they will end with leap or masala which is the current state of the show?
        This show is like ek astha aise bi(very good at the begining) which started to convey real meaning of god but end with showing extreme side of andhvishwas, like here dharamic log changed unbelievably.
        This is the only show watching so will maintain patience if there is no kanum separation.

  13. Thanks to agree with me bhaana?

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