Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 15th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 15th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Payal’s mum liking the necklace. Kanak comes to talk and asks Payal not to make excuses now. Payal’s mum asks them to talk and goes. Kanak says you asked me to go to Suman’s room, when everyone asked me, you turned face away, I don’t want any excuse, what happened, what was your intention. Payall argues with her and asks her intention for sending her away from the house to get control on entire house. She gives the money back. Kanak says you are mistaken. Payal says you don’t leave any chance to command me, you got a good husband, family and jewelry, what do you want then, what do I have, this room, let me freely breath here. She goes.

Kanak says I did not wish to snatch anything from you, I wanted good for you, you think I m wrong, Uma is not

a good husband, he asked me to wash his feet and drink that water. Uma sees the weight balance and recalls his conditions. He prays that Lord helps Kanak in passing the test. Main Sooraj tu saanjh piya ji….plays… Kanak comes and says I know I failed in Daasi dharm, I could not pass in this test ever, there is something left always, not because my hardwork is less, its because our thinking has difference, we can never meet, you regard ground as mum, you ask wife to have the dirty water, is this wife’s status, why to treat women bad, why does women get impure by her monthly problem, she gets great when she delivers a child, I hate to think you are a doctor and think such thing. He says I will not accept anything that Dharm does not permit. She says what Dharm, its good I did not do Daasi dharm, else I would have lost my self esteem.

He asks will you stop giving tests now. She says no, I will give the tests, its my repentance, I had to explain you. He says you did that well, tell me what test you want to choose. She sees the coins and thinks I will never given Rambha test, food made like mum makes, this is easy test, I m Pushkar’s best halwai’s daughter, I can’t fail in this. She says I will do Bhojeshu Mata test, tell me what will you like to have. She names sweets. She recalls making alcoholic jalebis.

She says fine, tell me what you want to have. He says I think you have strong connection with sweets or sweets makers, you choose Kanak sweet shop when I asked you to choose property. She says yes, because your given name matched with that shop, tell me what you want to have, it will take time, else you will say I failed. He asks her can she make Sugar roti, like Maasi makes. She thinks Maasi will never give me her recipe, I failed without giving the test.

Rani and Golu are sleeping. Rani wakes up and smiles. He does not let her go. He imagines Rani and hugs the pillow. He says when will Rani become my wife. Golu asks Meenakshi for breakfast. She says Rani did not come till now, if I call, she will show attitude, you call her. He says fine, I will call. She asks do you have her number. He says she is so imp for you, I have her number. Rani smiles seeing his call. Meenakshi asks him to scold her and talk. Golu shouts and asks why did you not come. Rani asks will you talk this way with wife. Meenakshi says call her fast. Rani says I m wife, not a maid, talk with love and respect, then I will come, else manage everything. Golu talks with love. Rani asks him to do grahpravesh arrangements. Meenakshi asks Golu why did he call her queen. Golu says I taunted her, like you talk to shop customers, now Rani will come running, you will see her. She asks him to make Rani work and goes to rest. He says how will I do her grahpravesh.

Uma asks Kanak what is she thinking, she can pass this test, she can win, I will put the weight coin in your side. She stops him. Diya aur baati hum……plays…… She says first I will win and then keep this. She goes. He says I also want you to win Kanak.

Kanak asks Maasi to give her sugar roti recipe, as she is giving Bhojeshu mata test. Maasi says I m thinking to help you or not. Gabbasa says sweet shop registration can happen before given date also, we can go tomorrow. Uma refuses.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. VINAL

    I am sure uma is hiding something thats why he stop gabasa for registration

  2. The show is Too slow. It’s seems she will still b there by December. Each test is a week or more.

  3. Uma is surely planning something…don’t know what he is upto nowadays. Wil Kanak be able 2 pacify maasisaa…Hope both Payal & her mother won’t be 2 more tricks in the cooking test…pls don’t drag the show.

  4. I hope kanak will passing this test ..
    Is uma know about the kanak and shop between relation …!
    if he know why he waiting to kanak’s left his house…
    uma k dimag m kounsi kichadi pkk rhi h …
    kanak humari bhartiya nari sirf rona , aur rona , aur hichki ….!!

  5. It’s good serial n different story bt plz dont make it boring like other serial where both lover get separated n marry other one n when all doubts clear then they patch up again…..people hv seen these type of stories many times n now they r bored ..they want to see something different where both lovers be together the end of their life n shares n face all the challenges happiness n sorrow together. ….like fatmagul ……I think indian directors should get the knowledge from turkey shows that how to make serial popular. .best of luck

  6. Diyaa

    Uma was just upset that she failed. He was not sorry at all that he could not support her when she was getting humiliated. I really liked what Kanak said to him today. Now I am sure that the show is trying to send kanak’s message to the audience. God knows how many will get it. Uma, when hearing her seemed to be thinking, but rudely stopped her saying he won’t go against dharam. Looking at his eyes today, I felt like he is getting more and more attached to Kanak although he is keeping his dhaarmik tough exterior, but sadly his attachment to Kanak is more like an attachment to a cute little puppy than to a person with individual beliefs and feelings. They did not show him even saying “I know how hurt you must have felt and I felt bad for you, but I couldn’t go against my dharam.” No, no acknowledgement that her feelings were terribly hurt.I still don’t think he knows the connection between Kanak and the sweet shop. He is waiting to see if she’ll pass the tests before putting it in her name. Plus, I think the writers might be showing the beginning of his suspicion that there is something fishy about Kanak wanting that shop. The show is dragging out these tests and it’s a pain. But one thing I’ll say, the slow process of change they are showing in Uma’s mentality is actually realistic. Such big changes can’t happen all of a sudden especially since the basis of their marriage is not that he fell in love with her, but that he got a religious sign!

  7. Mira_dewi

    i think Uma was trapped in dilemma between self esteem and strange feeling in his heart … Before, he dedicate only for God, nothing important beside his Dharm, but now he want more, he doesnt want lose Kanak … He asked God to help kanak but he didnt help her, bcuz imposible to break family’s rules in front of Maasisa & whole family, it’s about his dignity, man’s ego

  8. Payal you are a right Bxxch you are a bigger liar just hope Masisa & Uma get to know her doing towards Kanak & why doesn’t the stupid mother return home??? Just hope Kanak passes the nxt test Masisa will help her Uma show some affection towards your wife occasionally a nice gesture either a gift ,buy flowers or something that you care for her why only Kanak has to do all to pleasing meet half way Am sure his dharma has that?

  9. Watching the last few episodes I feel sad, Uma is a product of his up bringing,(massi sa). She rules the house & has instilled her values in him which are treat women in a certain way. We can all complain about the man but it is the 1st woman in his life who has the most influnince in this case Massi Sa. She has instilled these values in him.

    For Uma to change he will have to think “outside the box”, maybe this is what God sent Kanak to him, to make him a more rounded person, more tolarent after all Kanak is totally different to him. He obviously does care for her , & believes destiny / (God has bought them together) . In some senses this is true of everybody we marry/love who we are destined to marry love.
    It cannot be coincidence , just did not agree with the forced marriage, but then Kanak would never have married him.

    PayPal & her mother are of no issue here as it will be Uma/ Kanak. I think that that the connection between these 2 has been ther from the 1st episode UMa realised it but Kanak did not, she will be the making of him as she will make him Laugh, & awe thins from a different light, which is why he does not want her to fail. After all opposites do attract.

    I am glad Kanak took the stand that she did -only issue Massi sa , she does not like Kanak sees her as threat

    Just wish the episodes were an hour long

    what do you guys think?

    1. Diyaa

      I heartily agree with all you wrote Parmeen. First and foremost, you are so right that this show needs to have an hour long episode. Some scenes they show, though slow, are necessary to show the journey of the characters and the subtle changes in their emotions. But then the episode ends and one feels that not much happened. Plus, those who are interested in the show crave to see Uma Kanak interaction, not just for romance, but also because there is some magic in their conversations, and their expressions when they interact. Second, I too sometimes pity Uma. He is sweet in the way he distracts Kanak from her tensions sometimes and jokes with her in spite of his serious personality. On the other hand he is hard and unyielding and as you observed so well, has been raised by Maasisa to be unyielding about religious matters. I am torn between liking him and despising his rigid beliefs. I am unable to see a man who tied up a girl to marry her be in control of her life like this, but I cannot ignore the chemistry they share and do like their soft scenes. The show is unique because of Kanak’s clear, pure, heart with a solid sense of self-respect. It deals with some issues while keeping the element of romance unlike some other shows that show bizarre situations, and garish makeup and costumes. I want to see growing conflict in Uma struggling with his feelings for Kanak, not just a sense of duty to fulfill his dharam. I love to discuss this show so thanks for your comment.

    2. Mira_dewi

      Hi Parmeen, im agree about Maasisa … She was bringing up Uma & his sister-brother, we dont know yet, since when its happen & why …

      I can imagine Maasisa must take care 5 children, arranges house & family business alone, bcoz probably she’s unmarried …

      She loves the children very much, but it must be hard for her, that why she has control & gives rule for everything, forced something to people, if she think it should be

      Uma learn about all that things from her & influenced, we can saw how heartless Uma when do something to a man who was betrayed him … I think he know the weakness of him self & found that Dharm makes him can control something wild in his self, he ever told that to kanak

      That’s my opinion about this Fam, Maasia & Uma ?

    3. I agree……………episode should be 1 hour long…….

  10. Naina a.k.a. Yolande

    I think Kanak should not show Payal disrespect, just let her wallow in her self pity and continue to support her to reach her aim … haven’t seen Ved nor Vansh in quite a while (sad)
    Uma’s heart has already been captured by Kanak, moreso for her stubborness …

  11. good episode,but i am wondering about golu . how will golu does perform bijli graha pravesh rathi pariwar does not bajli got secret marriage . previous kanum got shiv pravathi prasad and another bajli got flower that day shiv pravathi prasad . kanum got forcied marriage and bajli got secret marriage. how will both of them couple face the family.

  12. https://youtu.be/9u6p35XJJ84

    Snapshots from today’s episode. Looks like Kanak apologizing to Maasisa might be a cute scene as Uma sees her do that and smiles. But rest of it, don’t know. Will post a better collection when I receive it.

  13. https://youtu.be/jVRRZ6ShvYQ

    That’s the other one. I am afraid that Palomi or Payal messed with Kanak’s cooking so it doesn’t taste good. That will be revealed day after tomorrow. By the precap , it also looks like Uma is smiling and praising Palomi. Kanak will just feel hurt but I will die of anger and jealousy on her behalf if that happens.??????????

    1. Mira_dewi

      Thanks Neha, its mean Kanak failed the cooking task too?? I think impossible its happen ??

      Dear Amena, im waiting for Your fast update, thanks ?

      1. Not sure @Mira_Dewi. But it looks like that. I had been suspecting that writers will put her in a situation where Rambha dharam becomes a necessity and will then use the situation for some intensity building. Let’s see. I just gate to see Kanak cry.

      2. *hate not gate?

  14. Yes kanak went to masisa room n apologized. Masisa gave her the recipe. Kanak made the shakar rot.
    In precap – uma eat the roti bt didn’t coment anything bt at d same tym palomi came with same dish
    Uma praised her( palomi) n Said u hav the quality of bhojeshu mata
    Kanak said tat means am failed in my test

  15. Diyaa


    It’s from a future episode and makes me feel slightly better. A cute scene of Kanak and Uma.

  16. Nothing is clear from the precap bt guys cooking is kanaks speciality so I think she should pass this test with distinction..

  17. Yes diyaa it wil give us some relief
    Have u seen its part 19 where uma’ ll meet babasa bhabho n vansh
    I think tat scene wil b telecast this weekend wen uma family wil go to shiv temple after yagyapaveet sanskar

  18. Diyaa

    Guys, wanted to ask, how many of you would like a fanfiction on Kanak and Uma. I have written a bit on Ishqbaaz. Kanak and Uma story has so much potential. I might try my hand at their story. Please do give your feedback.

  19. I feel Uma will purposely fail Kanak so will be left with the 4 of which one is that Ramba one ?

  20. Diya i impressed by ur way of commenting here,its very lite with positivity,i would like to see fanfiction of kanak n uma by ur style

  21. Yes diyaa go ahead it would b great if done by u
    I too like ur writing v much..
    The way u comment ?

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