Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 15th January 2018 Written Episode Update: Kanak to Expose Nanda Maasi and Aditya!

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Kanak asks Rani where is Maasi. Rani says she was just here. They both search Maasi while Maasi silently slips off behind them holding Uma’s medicine formula thinking nobody can catch her now. She slips and falls and sees blank papers instead of formula. She realizes Kanak came to know about formula and changed papers, thinks now she will not spare Kanak. While dancing, Bhabho fells dizzy and falls down. Uma rushes to help Bhabho. Rani tells Kanak that Maasi escaped with formula. Kanak says she changed papers already, how can she let Uma’s hard work go so easily.

Maasi thinks Kanak spoilt her years’ hard work, now she will snatch Uma from her. She mixes poison in prasad ladoo. Kanak and Rani watch hiding. Aditya reaches there and calls her old fox. She

asks why did he come here. He says she is like a fox who can eat her own children for her benefit, she tried to kill him via Gabbu/Gabbasa. Maasi slaps him and says she had sent Gabba to save him and shows his passport and tickets. Aditya realizes that Kanak fooled him. Maasi says Kanak fooled even her by exchanging formula papers.

Uma gives medicine to Bhabho and treats her. Rani comes and asks to accompany soon. Bhabho says she danced like a child and shortness of breath is obvious, asks Uma to go with Rani. On the other side, Maasi tells Aditya that she will feed poison mixed laddoos to Uma, poor Uma trusts her so much and will eat it blindly. She says let us go now. Kanak thinks if Aditya goes, Uma will not trust her. She rushes and stops Aditya. Maasi and Aditya laugh if she will stop them. Kanak holds Aditya. He pushes her. She picks trishul. He holds it and fights with her. She pushes him and then holds trishul on Maasi. Aditya escapes.

Uma enters and is shocked to see Kanak holding trishul on Maasi. He asks how dare she is. Kanak says Maasi was trying to escape Aditya. Maasi says Kanak is lying and Aditya did not come here, she was threatening her to go away from this house after marriage. Rani says Kanak is telling truth. Uma asks her not to interfere in his family issues and asks to go. Kanak says Maasi mixed poison in prasad laddoo to kill him. Maasi says she will eat laddoo and prove Kanak is lying. She walks and picks laddoo hoping Uma will stop her, else she will die.

Precap: Uma eats Maasi’s given poison laced prasad laddoo and starts coughing blood. Maasi says money is everything in this world. Uma falls down while Kanak gets concerned.

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  1. Mavisboamah

    i couldnt stop myself from crying when i watched todays episode this really happens in real life “for the love of money is the root of all evil” masisa has really betray uma in the worst possible way that it gave me goosebumps. how much he loved masisa was unthinkable and for masisa to betray him like that is the worst punishment form God. Guys we should be careful who we trust nowadays. Kanak did a good job today she looked like a real goddess

    1. well said Mavis..Agree with you

  2. i love today episode & i can’t wait to watch tomorrow episode uma will see nanda true colors …i hope uma doesn’t stop from eating laddoo you you are evil. just die ..poor uma guys i’m new here i love tsmsp so much and umakanak jodi i’m now in episode 92 and i don’t understand why this woman hate uma so much he is so kind and great with her.& why she hate uma mother too! i hope to see uma and kanak together solving all the cases & deal with this evil woman nanda

  3. Breathtaking episode kanak was desperate and determined to expose massisa in front of uma massisa trying to escape with formula file but she accidentally tripped down in front of bholenath it is bholenath intervention that shows that massisa may succeed in her plan now but she will soon fall down. Massisa was agitated furious to see blank papers falling out of the file she knew kanak outsmarted her again so she decided to ruin Kanaks life her suhag her lifeline uma. Massisa conspired to kill uma to punish kanak so she mixed poison in ladoo infront of bholenath how much guts she has to do that paap to bholenath ‘s bhakt infront of bholenath. As per plan Adithya entered confronted massisa for trying to kill him but massisa within seconds cleared all the misunderstanding between them showing passport and ticket to Adithya. Adithya realized he was tricked by kanak and ved. Kanak wanted to stop Adithya so she took kali avathar and threatened to kill him but her badluck when uma came that thrishool was aiming Massisa. Massisa immediately used this in her favour to mislead uma that kanak is threatening her to leave the house uma was mad on her again. Kanak was bold to contradict uma today she said Adithya was there and Massisa is helping him to escape. She also told massisa planning to kill him as usual uma did not trust her. Even when Rani tried to support kanak he stopped Rani stating its their family matter. Again uma chose to trust massisa over kanak he was angry on kanak for accusing massisa. Massisa again started her game she said she will eat to prove her innocence but uma stopped massisa and he chose himself to eat it to prove it too kanak. So uma blind trust and love on massisa leads him to death. I really don’t know what type if woman is massisa how can she be so cruel no emotional attachment no love no care heartless so much stone hearted disgrace to motherhood to kill our innocent uma. ??

    1. Agree with yoy divyaa i feel so sorry for uma. He is nice and innocent. I hate this maasi so much. Go kanak

  4. It looked same as movie Beta, where Aruna Irani poisons Anil, and Madhuri crying. There it showed Aruna got changed after Madhuri gave big lecture on Maa, she got changed and Anil in poison drank state kills all goondas, will see if they take same concept.

  5. Today’s episode was good just wished Kanak’s planned worked out but as usual Masisa prevailed ?How low can a woman go to poison ones own blood that to in front of Bholenath why does Bholenath not help Kanak that’s why she came in Uma’s life Totally hate Masisa & Uma is pathetic why wouldn’t he believe Kanak is beyond me Now that he is poisoned by Masisa he will open his eyes & mind but there is going to be a lot of change in events in this show with the resurfacing of Poullomi Wait for tomorrow episode Lived Rhea’s acting she is superb Aa usual Aditya is brainwashed ??everything misfired

  6. This is the question. If Uma so loves Kanak why doesn’t he believe her? And Rani corroborated her story. ..The relationship still needs to be strengthened.

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