Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 15th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Will Nanda, Kanak’s Plan Work?

Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 15th February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Nanda tells Palomi that she has only 1 day left for plastic surgery, then her face will be changed and she won’t be able to save Uma. Aditya comes and excitedly says he is waiting for sir David to come. Nanda says she has to make arrangements for his welcome. Aditya asks if she will go to beauty parlor now. Nanda says she will call media for their company’s publicity via sir David. Palomi silently gets out of room and calls Uma from landline. Aditya walks in, and Palomi hides. Uma speaks. Aditya picks receiver and is about to speak when Nanda calls him and he leaves.

Payal reminisces Saras and Vansh’s plan of saving money to open multiple branches of their sweet shop. She sees Saras keeping money in cupboard and steals it. Saras returns and seeing

cupboard open closes it, thinking she had closed it properly.

Sir David reaches and gets out of his chopper. Mangayysh briefs him about his schedule and says he has to go to Matruveda pharma office. David asks why..Mangayysh says charity event. David agrees and leaves in car with his bodyguards following him in different cars. Harpreet and baby D stop his car and says Baby D is Matruveda pharma’s MD Adity’s fiance and came here to take him along, he is Harpreet Singh Dhillon, husband of Harpreet Kaur Dhillon. David asks him to stop family introduction. Baby D says she will get into his car and take him along, gets into car.

Aditya with Nannda waits for sir David and Diana. David comes and gets out of his car. Nanda asks where is Diana. Diana comes out of car and walks with David. Aditya says here she is. Nanda introduces herself and Aditya. Aditya touches David’s feet calling him sasurji. David asks what is this. Harpreet says sasurji means sir. David asks him to call sir David. Diana also touches his feet and asks to bless them. David says let us go in. Diana and Harpreet relax. After event, Nanda clicks selfie with David and says he must be missing his wife. David says his wife is with him and picks photo from his wallet. Diana gets tensed. Harpreet tells Aditya if he does not stop, Diana will be his sister and Nanda will marry David. Aditya rushes and gives gift to David before he shows pic. Diana relaxes. David gets a call and he leaves. Aditya tells Diana now they got a green signal for marriage. Diana says she does not want to marry him..

PrecapL Kanak tells Uma that today is their mission’s last day and they have to take Palomi from here somehow. Nanda says Palomi will emerge from smoke as Diana’s mother. Palomi comes in front.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Full on reel??
    Never expected this from our show
    Damn dumb track n tomorrow we r gonna witness bhoot too ???

    1. Hi Bhaana even I am doubting is this our serial. ?But it was funny and entertaining yaar I guess this bkk track was all light moments without heavy drama. Next track we are getting more heavy drama with three villan entry ?

      1. Hi Divya, this track concentrate on uma transformation slowly that I loved it but yesterday it was very funny.
        Three villains ? omg kanum marriage hogi ya nahi?

      2. I agree Divya

        It’s full on entertainment track with lot of masthi. They are also not showing real bhooth. It’s all again a drama by Maasi. I would be worried if the show makers showed real booth. It’s quite fun track mixed with romance.

        I am over the moon with the track and love it to bits.

  2. Boring episode no kanum scenes Massisa is pakka businesswoman how cleverly she plans to expand her business using Sir. David reputation. She wants to use this opportunity to publicize her company. Kanum cleverly planned to block the road. Ultimate twist was Diana introducing herself as Nandha’s future bahu. Grand entry of Diana in SirDavid car. Massisa was shocked. Adithya falling on his feet calling sasurji. Harpreet translation to David was hilarious. Kanak changing the thank u speech. Massisa and David combination scenes Harpreet sending Adithya on time to stop David from showing his wife’s photo. Adithya asking for Diana hands. Diana refuses to marry. Just one day more for their mission to accomplished.

    1. DIvya

      I finding it interesting to watch how they can pull off the thing so didn’t feel bored at all.

      It’s like I watched Golmal movie. It’s all golmal. Every one in their little world happy thinking what’s been presented to them rather than seeing beyond the smokescreen created by kanUm.

      Well done KanUm

      1. Hi manasa I meant boring without kanum scenes dear otherwise it was very interesting episode. Kanum planning is outstanding and the way they execute meticulously are really mindblowing

  3. Slightly mind boggling but KanUma seemed to pull off this meeting with Sir David & Masisa now just have to wait for tomorrow for Poullomi to appear & Rani recording it or sending it to the cops in Pushkar So refresh my memory Payal is married to officer Ved ?& she decides to steal the money from Saras cupboard how idiotic There is no difference between her & Masisa stealing from family she should have been left with Aditya nit come to Rathi family Where is Bhabho hope she catches this pathetic Payal & slaps her ?? We will see Poullomi ghost ? tomorrow Diana’s mom ??

  4. Episode was good but cant understand when uma learned english.?.

    1. These days most things on this show are ununderstandable, how Uma learns so many skills so fast and many other things but biggest of all this Kanak Diana drama and she thinking noone recognizes her cos shez blond, that has me totally dumbfounded. It’s a low phase for the show. Hope it will finish soon.

    2. Hi Ahaana uma is an well educated man yaar. He never uses English words but he knows English well. He is not like sooraj of DABH.

      1. Agree Divya

        He knows English but never speaks it and always prefers to speak in pure Hindi. Only thing he probably can’t understand in English slang words.

  5. stupid crap going on they thing viewers r fools haha only fools watch these type of serials honestly could not watch even 5 minutes of the episode just making her hair blond ..u cant recognise the face ..hahhah viewers r supposed to have IQ OF 10 to watch thes etype of stupid crap

    1. Audience will defend the actors and the show no matter how crappy it gets. I like Sara’s Vansh story but just read because no patience left to watch this unbelievable level of crap they are showing in all this Diana David story which some viewers consider very good entertainment. Even someone with IQ of 10 will find this rubbish insulting to their intelligence and be mad at makers. But not here, as long as they see some display of Avinesh Rekhi’s body and some so called hot scenes between him and Rhea Sharma whose acting has deteriorated with deteriorating story, these viewers are happy that they got kanum scenes. If you criticize, they will mock you saying all shows are crap and don’t expect logic in tv show. I was thankful to read your comment so wrote so much. Sorry.

  6. A TV show s watched for entertainment purpose..V watch d show when v enjoy nd don’t when v don’t like it..Commenting on d viewers’s IQ doesn’t make any 1cool…Nd dos people who even after having so many problems with d show nd d actors crappy acting come here to comment shows even dey r watching d show..Good Keep watching nd keep giving Negative comments coz dis way dos viewers r showing der mindset.. Constructive criticism most welcome but then again some viewers don’t understand d meaning of it nd becoz of d freedom given on dis forum to write will write anything rubbish…

    1. Good question Neha, I mean @constructive comment.

    2. 100% correct Neha. Let’s keep entertainment separate from IQ.

  7. Guys trp increased congratulations to the team of TSMSP ?

  8. Hi…
    I felt yesterday episode was artificial….None of them were up to they role.
    This is daily soap anything can happen.
    Anyway I am happy finally Massisa agreed with here laadla Adi to trust Kanum.

  9. hi neha let me clear you first of all i stopped watching this show long time before ..first it was interesting and it deteriorated after i was just reading telly updates and could not even watch 5 minutes of the crap they r showing for the past 20 episodes or so.


    but if u just start watching what ever crap they show they think U DESERVE THE CRAP they show ad quality deteriorates

    just for a piece of hot body we cant watch what ever crap they show i know soaps r there for entertainment and they r not replica of real life BUT THERE IS A LIMIT of what kind of crap they show

    just coloring hair blondand super intelligent aditya mom not recognising that woman whom she spent atleast 6 months daily in their home .this is what i call CRAP..i know that people wont kidnap in the name of GOD and marry but i did not call it CRAP bcos we ahould take some liberties while watchig soaps.but there is a limit to every thing

    FINALLY THANK U MENON for supporting me

  10. TO BE HONEST I NEVER LIKED RHEA SARMA acting .in the starting of thi soap her acting was OK..but now unbearable to watch her.there r much better actors on tv than her .why display so much body pf avinesh rekhi in this soap ..his acting also just OK
    tejaswi prakash acting is mind blowing and then jennifer winget acting also mind blowing .both of them show feelings in a subtle way .

    1. Sorry this is tsmsp forum I hope its better not to compare anyone with Rhea sharma. Its purely upto one choice either to watch or not watch.But pls no one has rights to talk about others IQ level. If u don’t like it its upto your wish. But pls don’t be so rude everyone perspectives are different pls respect them. If u like another actress that doesn’t mean u should offend another one. Everyone has their own talents. Av is doing a fantabulous job as umashankar according to my perspective. So pls if u don’t like it dear its okay but pls be neutral in posting comments. Sorry if I have offended you in anyway my apologize for that

      1. You are a very positive person Divya and I respect that. Really. The thing is, if you show ecstasy over whatever you love about the show, what do those who feel frustrated with it do when they find plot, acting crappy but read updates out of curiosity? They might also feel like venting. Yes, in future I will only target the actors and CVs and will control myself about viewers. As VJBA said, I feel upset because supporting crap plots has brought our TV shows to this stage from some really quality work that used to be there long ago. So sometimes viewership pe gussa nikal jaata hai. It’s a forum so comparisons and criticisms can be done. Same production house makes Ye In Dino Ki Baat Hai and it’s got feel of old time shows with sweet simple story and acting from leads and supporting actors. TSMSP also started like that but then became this!! Anyway now on I will try to only criticize show and actors.

    2. I find Jennifer acting bit over the top and expression less. That’s my opinion. Her serials are first class crap with psycho thing but I never bothered to go and say this to all. Just because you mentioned her I am saying it otherwise I will enjoy things I like rather spreading hate around.

    3. Mavisboamah

      really the most insane thing on earth is to compare people and for your information even our fingers are not the same and talking of tejaswi prakash i find her acting soo boring and un natural but even then i dont go to pages and comment how bad she is . please the fact that you dont like her doesn’t make her bad. thank u

    4. Well there s a difference between posting constructive criticism nd bashing d viewers n actors…If u go b d fact that ? logical nd scientific elements will b maintained in any Indian show where d rule s to make infinite series s actually impossible.. The current track s entertaining enuf with very specific changes in UmaShankar’s perception nd character.. Regarding UmaShankar’s shirtless look,certain times it gets annoying nd almost Al of us spoke abt it…Nd regarding comparing Rhea nd Jennifer Winget,well if u r such a die hard fan of Jennifer then u must b aware dat Jennifer s more than a decade old in dis industry nd she has played many pivotal nd lead roles of all geners..Whereas Rhea s a very new comer…Regarding comical expressions except Sheetal Pandya,the actor playing Rani,all d actors somewhere fall weak but at send dey r in a very learning process.

  11. Exciting and entertainment track. it’s light moments are enjoyable and both Avi and Rhea are fabulous.

  12. rhea sharma never reply to her fans.. not even regular to instagram what is the use of following her

  13. Baapre!!! Bang on response from tsmspians ??
    Hats off to @gayatri @manasa @divyaa n ofcourse @neha who raised her voice first, rocking response.???
    I love this tu on the whole, try to read every where in every shows only the comments, honestly discovered it to be full of knowledge and learnt many things right from grammar to respond to others with respect.
    Some are using it intentionally to distract others or in my words imposing their own views.
    I love this show a lot n this is only one watching tat does not mean there is no other good show.Similarly, only two actors r doing well, what does it mean, somehow imposing superior.
    Replying to a negative comment honestly don’t like to do, I mean fighting within for a fiction.
    @menon we won’t moke, there r so many pages which r famous for it.To the other hater grow up and don’t waste Ur time in searching new modes to target us, we r such a cute little bunch of well mannered viewers?

    As my friend Meera says “live and let live”✌

    While typing, I remembered u Meera..
    where are u dear, I miss u a lot?

  14. I love this show very much .. all actors are amazing nice story .. kanum are amazing couple i just love them.. have a nice day all tsmsp lovers

  15. I love tsmsp my fav show and kanum are the best couple for me. interesting show keep rocking tsmsp.

  16. i just stated my opinion that i dont feel rhea sarma acting is not topnotch.and i did not write pages about that. yes each one has a opinion and i stated mine and u stated u r opinion .thats fine i am not arguing over that.
    i vented my anger on scropt writers which is perfect for the crap they r showing .i still remmeber when superb soaps were shown in DD 20 years before when there was no cable .but still so many channels and some soaps became too deteriorated .so its l bcos of encouraging such crap

  17. I love this show too much and i watch every episode without fail. Each and every episode is so new and different and they don’T drag the matter..nice jodi they stole my heart

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