Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 14th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Uma Lashes Out At Kanak

Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 14th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Police comes to arrest Uma. Kanak asks what is his mistake. Inspector says they got a complaint against Uma that he is making his sister a sevika which is against law and woman’s right. Kanak says Uma is famous personality in Ladno and should not be arrested. Uma says he will follow law. Suman, Payal, Shiv and others says even they should be arrested as they are also part of this. Saras comes and says she is Uma’s sister Saras and is becoming sevika with her wish. Inspector says then case is invalid and leaves with team. Palomi says who among family members must have complained against Uma.

Palomi over lanline speaks to Maasi and praises her evil plan and says she will call her back with good news soon. Kanak tells Payal and Suman it is impossible that a family

member complained against Uma. Uma enters with Saras and whoever he/she is will be expose soon, he/she should accept beforehand. Kanak asks him why he is looking at her. Uma says he is questioning everyone. Palomi asks who must have one this heinous. Suman thinks bhabhi must have complained to save Saras like she save her and takes blame on her. Palomi gets frustrated and says Suman cannot. Suman gets adamant. Palomi tries to slap Suman. Kanak stops her and says it is their personal issue and Palomi is a guest in this house. Uma says he is still here and has asked neighbor DCP’s son to get FIR copy. Boy brings copy and gives it to Uma. Uma asks Suman why did she lie, her name is not on FIR. Kanak asks whose name is there then. Uma shows Kanak’s name. Kanak is shocked. Palomi alleges that is why Kanak was taking Suman’s side. Kanak says she did not go out at all. Uma says he saw her walking in market and he followed her, but she esaped. Palomi reminisces disguising as Kanak and filing police complaint with Kanak’s signatures. Uma angrily leaves and Kanak follows him, trying to convince him. Palomi asks Suman why did she lie to save Kanak. Suman says bhabhi can go to any extent to save them, then it is their duty to support her.

Kanak walks behind Uma and says she did not file complaint. He gets adamant and continues alleging her. Maasa rings bell. Uma, Kanak and other walk in and ask if she wants to say something. Maasa points at herbal paste bowl and then at Kanak’s hand. Uma relizes and says Maaasa wants to say she applied paste on her. Kanak says yes, she did. Maasa blinks eyes. Uma says then Kanak is innocent, someone disguised as her made this crime and will be caught soon. Palomi hears that and fumes that Maasa failed her hard work.

Precap: Uma plays shank. Kanak says she has to change Uma’s thinking today. Saras says she has to get Vansh’s thought out of her heart. Vansh says he has to make Saras his wife today. Maasi says Palomi today someone will win and it should be them. Bhabho suggests Kanak not to be afraid and move ahead in her thought.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Today episode was very nice loved it to the fullest. wow kanak showed paulomi her place in that house she aptly said paulomi is not part of family she is just a refugee love u kanak soon she will come to know about paulomi real intentions and she will make her to get out of the toshniwals house .Uma as usual accuses kanak without even thinking for a min but anyone in that place would think that kanak would ve done it as he already has first experience in pushkar but he forgets that same kanak saved him one sad thing is uma is not trusting kanak .Mutual trust and understanding are base for strong marriage that is lacking on uma”s side.Massa turned out to be saviour for kanak to sort out kanUm problems created by paulomi . Massa will be guiding angel for kanak in future part of the story.Nice to c suman supporting her bhabhisa taking blame on her so she will always help kanak .One aspect of uma character i admire is he apologizes immediately to kanak without any ego if he realizes his mistakes.Uma out of extreme anger he is not thinking properly he is just jumping into conclusions .overall good episode monday onwards episodes are going to be with lots of twists and turns.

  2. Thanks for update MA..good episode.. maasa rocked..

  3. Good episode….Suman took kanak side and how maasa proved kanak before Uma, personally I felt it was a good creativity, I just love these small n unique things..one of the reason why I follow this show.
    I liked avinesh expressions both anger and a suddenly softened seeing maasa and apologized kanak.
    But I don’t get the point why paulomi role is given importance.??
    BTW when did Uma started to follow law?
    he follows only his dharam na
    Excited for Monday… hope there won’t b any dragging.. directly show Krishna-rukmini drama

  4. Awesome episode.. loved the way Kanak reminded Palomi to stay in her limits.. Arey ek thappad bhi lagadeti? Thank God..Maasa was of great help . I hope she recovers soon.. Most funniest part when Uma said to Kanak and Palomi to stop fighting.. remember even he is here.. Umaji aapki na pehle Chali na ab chalegi? yahan toh sirf aurton ki Chali hai.. Aap toh bus Naam se famous ho?

  5. Way to go Kanak I am gland you put Paullomi in her place What right does she have to raise her hand to Suman just wished Uma would have stepped in then & put Paullomi in her place . When Uma gets angry he becomes like a possessed person were Kanak can’t say a word glad Masa came to her rescue and Uma realizes it More drama to follow with Vansh & Saras feeling for Kanak that too in the presence of Bhabo & family This Paullomi is a real chamcho of Masisa where did she disappear Kanak Pls threw Paullomi out can’t wait for that day she is only trouble

  6. It’s surprising that Uma knows it’s important to obey laws. What a confused character!

  7. Wonderful episode ! For the first time they showed kindness in the heart of the women in the house.. Except for the two witches, they all showed that they loved Kanak. Today we saw the good and noble children of Massa , who are the personification of their mother. Kanak is an equal member of this family, where there is space for good people only. Today iKanak is like a real mother of home. There is harmony, love and understanding between all the Toshnival. Now watch what Kanak will do for his family . Good luck, Kanak. I will not comment on the behavior of Maassissa and Palomi . It’s enough , the exact definition I give them.

  8. P.S As for Umma , the process of the desired change is still slow. He trembled like the fragile stem of the grass between the wind and the sun. It’s just getting warm by the sun’s rays and it’s got a heavyrain that blows it up. It is a confused image that often changes its behavior to show its pure essence. Mixed senses that need the right direction and the right time.For me , he is like a little child who is now learning to walk…

  9. Great episode, finally the charm of tsmsp has returned with the main focus being on Uma & kanak’s relationship. I’m really glad the story didn’t drag over two episodes & the misunderstanding was cleared up by maasa!
    Uma’s lack of trust in Kanak was so frustrating, his character is so stubborn, however im so glad he didn’t allow his ego to get in the way & apologised in front of the family (& conniving Palomi – so glad her victory didn’t last long. Loved the part when kanak put her in her place & then Uma having to step in to try & get some order back ??.
    It was lovely to see Suman standing by Kanak, just need Kanak to wise up, she already knows maasisa & palomi are plotting against her so surely Kanak should realise that they were behind the police complaint…
    Next weeks going to be full of drama, hope Kanum can manage to withstand the pressure

  10. i wanted to ask saras and uma are both siblings, then where is shiv and suman parent and also masisa she doesnt have any chldren.

    1. Shiv and Suman’s parents have passed away.. Suman’s dad was Uma’s dad’s younger bro.. Maasisa ka it’s still a suspense.. They have not revealed anything about her except that she is Maasa ka younger sister.. But I don’t think Maasisa is married or got children..

  11. thanks neha

  12. i want nanda and palomi to be kicked out of the uma house very very soon.

  13. I requested ppl to stop watching this garbage and find some thing else to do.this is total sheeet.

    1. If u don’t like,stop watching..it’s totally your wish..But dont tell others to do,We can’t…

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