Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 14th November 2017 Written Episode Update: Kanak Slaps Aditya

Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 14th November 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Vansh walks into Saras’ room and finds her there. Bhabho and Rani follow him. He asks Saras what is she doing. Saras says she is preparing besan laddoo for pooja and asks him money to get some pooja items. Bhabho asks why she is asking him, wife has right on husband’s pocket. Saras says she will show her right when he gives her wife’s right. Vansh reminisces modern Saras taking money from his wallet forcefully and asks Bhabho if Saras went out of house today. Bhabho says Saras is following wife’s duties faithfully and never goes out without permission.

Kanak walks into Suman’s room and asks what does Uma like. Suman says which she knows, helping people, following dharm, etc. Kanak asks when Uma gets angry, how to calm him down. Saras asks why she wants

to know. Kanak says she is feeling like flying, jumping in air, singing, seeing a fog a man coming out of it, that man is Uma Daku Singh, she loves. Suman says she realized it so late when she is getting divorce. Kanak says love can happen any time and insists what Uma likes a lot. Suman says he likes Ramayan recitation. Kanak says she will that then.

Saras apologizes Bhabho that their plan was about to fail because of her. Rani asks how did she come in as they were standing near door. Saras says via backdoor and says she is feeling guilty for lying Vansh. Bhabho says Vansh married her via lie and trick itself., so she is not doing anything wrong.

Kanak recites ramayan. Uma walks in. She imagines Uma playing violin in Kuch Kuch Hota Hai style. Uma walks in. She continues reciting and stops when Ravan’s description comes thinking Uma left before love story started. Uma returns and asks why she is acting as reciting ramayan, it should be read with faith. If she had done this before, he would have got impressed, but now. He folds Ramayan and takes it away.

Vansh watches Saras working and thinks how can 2 people be same without even a bit of difference. He walks and Saras drops flower thali. Vansh fumes they both cannot be same at all, other was firebrand and this one is dumb.

Kanak sadly stands in front of shivji’s idol when Uma comes and returns back. Rajiv comes and misbehaves with her. She warns him. He holds her. She gives him a tight slap. He comments and leaves picking phone call. Kanak angrily shouts it is proved he is Maas’s son and she will expose is truth tonight.

Precap: Kanak warns Rajiv if he does not want to spend rest of his life in jail, he should work for her. Rajiv says Aditya is doing a land deal in a hotel room. Kanak reaches hotel room. Someone locks door from outside. She shouts to open door and asks if anyone is in. Aditya says he is here.

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  1. Bhaana

    Oh god…so kanak is trying to impress uma with the help of suman….what a nayi soch?… girl will read pooja paat to impress boy?expected to see madness in kanak but itni mad nahi…too kiddish…anyway mohabatein tune was nice kaash umasa sharukh k tarah pose b dete…y they edited it?
    Show has so many colors to give…different types of tortures…one through Saras n bhabho celebrating the moment as vansh gave money for his wife and other through maasi n her son, well planned and worst mom in television history well versed in all feilds.
    Precap looks very scary??
    Vansh and Saras part is growing…don’t know what they are gonna prove but its good comparatively.

  2. Wow wt a writer ….jo shorts dalti thi usko suit n traditional wear dalne padd rahe aur jo traditional thi woh shorts yani nikar? dalne lgi but saras looks fabulous……well wtever people want to wear which make them comfortable they should wear that clothes..

  3. it seems i was watching a Disney today kanak is very naive with her love for uma a girl who couldn’t even tolerate him is now trying to impress him ,wow love can change people

  4. nanda and aditya won’t expose so soon this year and upcoming new year 2018 neither jan ,feb ,mar or apr they will be expose in upcoming new year 2018

  5. Yup Suman is only one Kanak can ask about Uma ?Kanak it’s a little too late Uma has a heart of stone Like Saras & Vansh ,Bhabho here helping them & on other side Masisa separating them Kanak you are walking into a trap with Aditya set up by Masisa I fear for her safety that guy has no morals

  6. Meera1

    Cvs why oh why are you so keen to drag the show on a downward spiral… the track began with a strong willed woman trying to take the blindfold of dharam from her husbands eyes, save him from the clutches of the evil maasisa & steer him towards the 21st century, so they both could lead a happy life together … instead we have ended up with a love sick girl who is busy trying to pacify her husband (god knows why, as she hasn’t done anything wrong in the first place) ?‍♀️… & there is not an inch of reform in sight… as predicted this divorce track is dragging & going to last forever ?

    & as for the Saras track ? this girl is being encouraged to walk around in the micro ‘ist’ of mini skirts to catch her husbands attention, surely Saras didn’t have to compromise her own values, just to win a guy around…. where is the outcry about that ?

  7. “The stone is cold until somebody sits on it to warm it up ! “

  8. Now kanak is behaving like a fool. Not liking it tat she is trying to impress Uma. He is so rude n stubborn just like stone. Kanak Kyu apna sar fod rhi h ?
    She should focus on masisa n Aditya expose plan instead she is wasting tym on uma. Ye love track Kyu dala h abhi writrs ne yr
    I would b more happy to see Uma repent on his misdeeds n apologise to kanak
    he should b the one who should make efforts to impress kanak n save his relationship..
    Anywys Precap is v scary guys

  9. I don’t like the Sara’s having to impress Vansh track either. Same Funda, arrogant husband and the wife must bend backwards to pacify him for no fault of hers. It is just most tolerable as there except Vansh Everyone is on Saras’ side. BTW, I think they are borrowing the Satyam Shivam Sundaram plot. Vansh might have an affair with the modern version of Saras, I’ll treat the traditional one ( awful if that happens), maybe a pregnancy track, Vansh accusing Saras of premarital affair, and then Bhabho revealing the truth ??A bit like the old Amol Palekar Golmaal too. Writers are clueless how to proceed and it shows in random storyline with no concrete path. Kanak’s character has been completely butchered, Uma’s character was anyway ruined with this evil maasi track. At least maybe if they keep a check on the I’ll treatment, Vansh Saras track might be slightly interesting with Rani giving some comic relief like Meena used to?

    1. Vansh-Saras track might be adapted from rab need bana di Jodi too?

  10. Until plot improves, one can pretend he or she is watching episodes of Savdhaan India!

  11. So it seems that the marriage tests were not enough, neither the insults nor the ill- treatment or abusive behavior. Kanak is now willingly demeaning herself to get Uma’s affection. A total deterioration in her character. She has demanded no repentance. She is now showing herself to be lacking in will and depth of her sense of self.

  12. I wish Uma gives atleast looks of admiration to kanak…

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