Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 13th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Kanak’s Drama For Uma

Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 13th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Saras walks barefooted on stones near lake. She smiles looking at slippers kept by Vansh. Vansh on the other side of lake pleads her to accept slippers. She extends her leg to wear it, but stops. Vansh removes his shoes and throws them. He walks into lake and stones pierce his feet. Saras crosses over slippers ignoring Vansh’s request. Vansh then sits in meditation with his hand over fire. Palomi comments only a true lover can do this.

Kanak enacts Krishna/Rukmini wedding drama with family. She tells her brother that she does not want to marry Sishupal, then why he is forcing her. Her brother says his decision cannot be changed. Rukmini writes a letter to Krishna to come and take her. Kanak asks Uma if Rukmini wrote love letter to Krishna at that time. Uma says

yes. Kanak says then Rukmini was literate and educating women is not a sin even at that time and women could choose their life partner. Uma nods yes. Maasi says Rukmini was god and cannot be compared to human. They continue enacting drama. Uma delivers Rukmini’s dialogues next and says elder brother is like a father and he should have asked her wish calmly. Saras returns and hears his pravachan.

Palomi silently enters Kanak’s room and locking it from inside wears Kanak’s dress and jewelry, etc., disguising as Kanak. Kanak returns and sees her room door locked from outside. She tries to peep from window and her dupatta gets stuck in drawer. She gets busy freeing her dupatta while Palomi silently walks away. Uma is in market buying something when he sees her walking wearing pallu and mistakes her as Kanak and follows her, but she escapes. He thinks Kanak should be apply herbal paste to Maasa at this time, what she is doing here. Kanak applies herbal paste to Maasa and says this will revive her energy back. She hopes Uma’s mind also revives and realize he is doing wrong. Maasa shakes her hand. Kanak gets happy.

Shiv asks Suman if Saras didi is going tomorrow. Suman asks who told her. He says he is a kid but can understand what is happening. Palomi scolds him to control his emotions. Kanak says she cannot force a small kid to control emotions. Palomi yells what she is doing is right? Uma returns from market. Shiv says he has a question. Palomi frightens him that Umais coming tired, he should ask question later. Police enters and inspector says they came to arrest Uma for trying to make his sister a sevika. Palomi asks who filed complaint. Inspector says it is confidential, but he can say family member has filed complaint.

Precap: Uma tells he sent his neighbor commissioner’s son to get FIR copy and will find out who filed complaint. He receives FIR copy and shows Kanak’s name on it and challenges that Kanak cannot stop him from making Saras a sevika tomorrow.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Thanks for the fast update MA.
    So it looks maasa is going to get well soon..expect it to happen asap as our innocent kanak can’t think anyone to be wrong..
    Hate this paulomi???? how rudely she replied kanak and control the family.
    I just laughed when maasisa with a single dialogue controlled Uma and spoiled kanak’s plan?
    End this maasisa politics soon..

  2. Today’s episode of good but hate Paullomi what gives her the right to speak that that she is B—th Hope Kanak realizes that and throws her out pls Just hate her evil to the core

  3. Today sarvansh part came well visually..story is moving super fast..paulomi have tobe severely punished for this worse ….ohh my god precap is so bad.Maasa has to recover soon for more interesting track.

  4. yesterday shocking twist i have seen kanak leave in-law house then how can continue the story without kanum jodi,we are all like their lovely chemistry but seriously i don’t want palomi with uma. palomi is not right for uma and her hair is not long and very short,she is very very very very very much fraud,selfish,rudely,vamp.ego,cego etc.that is why shiviji idol prasad is uma pure love with kanak only . palomi can never be with uma that is uma love only kanak not selfish palomi. uma can never love with selfish palomi. if uma and kanak know about palomi one side love she will never been in that house.i want to see palomi real face infront of uma. And she will be out of uma house soon. when will uma know about nanda,palomi and vansh real motivate.

  5. Paullomi should be sent to prison for being an imposter & forging Kanak’s signature I would love that How does she even know Kanak did change her last name She is a right Bi–h to go into someone’s room too hate her The audacity she has to be be rude to Uma’s wife ????

  6. Today I feel Suraj qualities in Vansh

  7. What is this garbage third rate show!! Moron writers wasting all the time!! Total crap no relation to reality

    1. Darling no serials can be related to reality.

  8. How is Palomi staying in Uma house howcan uma not recognise kanak only dress.is same

    1. exactly, Palomi is a lot taller than Kanak. Uma should have picked up on that.

  9. Can’t balbramachari take Palomi and Maasisa as his sevika’s, Kanak should say leave Saras and these 2, ekdam free free.

  10. You are right. It’s like a B-grade movie but those cheap movies too have their own viewership so they are made and they work too. What to do. The show is back to that regressive idea that the girl must bear all kinds of nonsense and torture to prove to be a good wife and she will be rewarded with a good life. That concept is wrapped up in the package of “true love”. Writers know that this third grade stuff has audience so they are filling the show with the crap. I am curious if this will change after this track or will the crap continue and become one of those horrible serials that work with a certain section of audience and go on forever. I mean, look at all those chudail serials and the ones in which leads are forever in complication and never unite. Those shows have top TRP. So this show is following the lead I guess.

  11. I hope Suman or Shiv support Kanak by saying she never left the house that morning.. I feel in a short span of time Maasa will recover.. The moment Kanak said Maasa that even Maasisa is supporting her.. Maasa ka expression was totally different like she was so angry. This shows she got problem with Maasisa.. And Palomi being a naukrani what rights she’s got to talk to Kanak that way.. Just like Payal even Palomi needs a tight slap from Kanak? kyunki thappad khaaney k Baad aaj kal Payal looks fine ?

  12. Bipasha Bhattacharya

    I don’t know why palomi and massisa didn’t got exposed till day. Why writer dragging the track. Why Uma don’t have trust on his own wife. Why makers highlights superstitions in the name of religion. Why makers spoiled a nice show. Where is pure and unique love story of kanak and uma.

  13. The show is moving towards a turning point and this process is painful. I agree that it is dragged out. I have already said many times that I have some major dislike for the Kanak coming back to Ladno decision. But I don’t think the show is all wrong. For one, if we are hating Uma’s obstinacy so much, it means that the writers have stayed consistent with his characterization and shown the extent to which such obsessed people might go to. Thats a good warning I think rather than showing the man turning ideal and modern too soon and give the false picture that such changes can happen so quickly. At present I find Uma to be an anti-hero and I am hoping that the writers will show his journey of moving towards becoming a hero, for the love if a woman. He doesn’t know what love is as yet and watching him understand the meaning of it in all senses , for wife, for sister, for mother, for brother, all forms of love will be interesting to watch. The fact that some of us despise Uma so much is kind of a testimony to the fact that Mr. Rekhi is doing a good job. isn’t that the mark of a good actor- to blend with a character. I find Avinesh Rekhi with Uma, and Sadiya Siddiqui with Nanda, the most well blended actor-character combo. The swami track is horrendous because I don’t like the actor portraying BB. He looks a little ridiculous. Suman has gone through a natural transformation and that actress is doing well too. Rhea Sharma I feel is doing a good job but writers have fumbled with the character of Kanak. I find too many inconsistencies in that character and it annoys me. I have no clue why she is in Ladno other than cos the writers made her. In my opinion this love story could have taken a better direction but I don’t understand the Indian TV market as the CVs do so… Anyway, I am unable to like her as of now. But that’s just my POV. I really hope a separation is coming up because then I hope will come Uma’s journey to win her back and make himself worthy of her. Wouldnt that be interesting to watch! in real life I don’t think that’s possible. A man like Uma would be excruciating to tolerate. But this is fiction and fantasy, and here it could be an interesting story to watch. May this saga move forward soon.

  14. today i have saw olv that vansh get exposed infront of kanum and saras that vansh has marry saras to take uma revenge. uma and kanak doesn’t know that they are trapping and fooled by nanda and palomi. nanda and palomi know that saransh are going to elope and marry just to break kanum jodi.

  15. when will uma come to know that kanak is not fault at all that she is innocent. nanda and palomi are playing with him to break love lady kanak

  16. Waiting for today’s written..plz post soon.

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