Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 13th November 2017 Written Episode Update: Nanda, Aditya Put Up An Act

Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 13th November 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Kanak requests Uma to fix her mangalsutra as she is unable to fix pin. Uma fixes mangalsutra in her neck while Palomi fumes in jealousy seeing that. Kanak thinks bells are ringing in her heart. Suman comes and informs Uma to come along. She takes him to Aditya’s room. Aditya creates drama and sings with guitar like a rockstar Do Bottle Vodka…Maasi acts and says he cannot create havoc here. Aditya says his lifestyle is different than this house’s lifestyle, so he is going from here, taunts Uma’s dhoti. Kanak thinks what is their new drama. Uma says he does not have to change himself and can stay the way he likes in this house. Maasi smirks and acts again Uma cannot break rule for anyone, else others will also revolt and spoil peace of this house. Kanak realizes this

was their plan. She reminds Uma that he wante to start Aditya’s treatment, he should start it today and in fact right now so that their Aditya can be back between them, and let Maasisa start it. Aditya runs saying he is fine. Maasi fumes in anger.

Kanak taunts Maasi that all her plan failed, she continues taunting that she brought up both Uma and Aditya together but made them completely opposite, she gave good sanskars to Uma and spoilt Aditya like herself. Maasi fumes more in anger. Kanak says let us go and complete Aditya’s treatment. Aditya ties to bed and says he will pour special hot oil on Aditya’s forehead to get back his memory. Aditya shouts. Uma ties oil pot above Aditya’s forehead and makes hole in it. Hot oil falls on Aditya and he shouts in pain.

Bhabho gets tensed that Saras did not return home yet, Vansh must be coming any time. Vansh enters and asks where is Saras. Rani nervously says must be in her room. Bhabho asks why did he return without delivering box to client. Vansh asks how does she know. Bhabho gets nervous. Rani says clients called and scolded to send boxes soon. Vansh says he sent boxes via someone else and walks to his room and seeing Saras shocking says she…Bhabho and Rani also look surprised.

Kanak dries clothes in balcony and seeing Uma sprinkles water on her and says sorry. He walks in. She thinks when will his anger go away. Aditya fumes seeing her and thinks of punishing her. He picks rod and walks to balcony and is about to hit her when Kanak turns and finds no one. Maasi drags Aditya aside and asks if he has gone mad. Aditya says Kanak is a big villain of his life and he will punish her. Maasi says if he hurts Kanak, she will go more near Uma, which she does not want.

Precap: Aditya misbehaves with Kanak and holds her. Kanak gives him a tight slap. Drama continues.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. I m very ddisappointed the way aditya n madisa behaving with kanak ..well waise toh uma har jagah pahunch jata hai jb kanak masisa ko sugar rot ki recipe puchti hai …..uski goodness pr fida hua ab jb aise aditya misbehave kr raha hai tb kyun nhi on the support usko pakad kr uski pitai krta?…..plz itna melodrama mat create kro …..we really lost interest …..update read krke hi episode online play krne mann nhi krta…..itni negativity. …itna disrespect toh kanak ka nhi lga jb usne uma ka collar pakda tha bt he is becoming too rude with her….kanak should go to pushkar back…..

  2. Another bakvaas episode.Itni illtreatmnts ko nazarandaz kar ke this heroine is shown to be an idiot trying to pacify the man who has illtreated her mindlessly stting with forcibly marrying her. Yes yes, I know, Maasi hypnotizd him and mde him like that. That may be the reason to have sympathy for him. But what producers are showing Kanak as is sickening. A WOMAN with no sense of selfesteem.

    1. Love doesn’t care of self esteem or anything, that’s why it’s said Love is blind. IF you fall for right thing than its worth otherwise just useless. And we see many people falling in love blindly, same thing is with Kank. Hope Umasa come to know before it gets late and one thing can anyone tell producer stop showing topless Umasa every time, he is like TV serial Salman Khan without shirt. And now we will see him more shirtless as now two women will be watchin his body one is Kank and other is Faltu-mi

      1. I really want to keep my tone respectful considering how the comments here have gotten lately so with all due respect, love without any sense of self esteem and self dignity, that in my opinion is not really love. It’s infatuation or physical attraction at best. And going by how she has been treated by Uma and her household from the time of the marriage, this girl has spent enough time in a sick atmosphere to have become mentally sick herself. I am not infatuated with character of UmaShankar so am unable to see any beauty of Kanak acting like a highly teenager around this brute of a man and therefore I find her emotions for him not worthless but degrading. You are right about the show of body of UmaShankar. It is so obvious that producers are hoping to sell the show by selling mr. Rekhi’s body to viewers. It is very insulting to the esteemed and accomplished actor and the audience.the semi nudity was occasional at first but now it’s every now and then and so obvious. I genuinely don’t mean to accuse or insult any viewer but apologize if my comments offended. The nature of this show has become so.!

    2. The trps for this show gives me hope that its not totally accepted by the Indian society. Domestic violence affects 1 in 4 women worldwide yet Indian t.v. serials have found a way to romanticize it which is actually in bad taste.

  3. hi guys i think the way aditya is misbehaving with kanak is very inappropriate. kanak did well by giving him a slap he deserve it

  4. Even if I forget how umashankar married Kanak and how she was forced to follow demeaning rituals, even if i forget that writers have tried to justify and make uma look innocent by showing maasi to be some kind of brainwasher(ridiculous tht an adult is supposed to have no accountability for his behavior!!), even then the current storyline is so poor and in bad taste. A sordid pot boiler of the 90s, lusty devar , gaao ki gori but fierce heroine, evil stepmother, brainwashed good son who illtreats his wife at the behest of his evil stepmother. I mean yuck!!! wghat have they turned the story into. I had thought that they would show development in uma’s character as he spent more time with kanak. He is exactly where he was or worse when he lifted up this woman in his arms and forcibly took pheras with her. Very unfortunate direction of storytelling.

    1. Meera1

      I too thought that the show would develop as kanak removing the blindfold of dharm & changing Uma’s mentality… however that’s all got lost in all this maasisa track ?

    2. Bhaana

      Right Neha…..if I had a little doubt that the show will go this way seriously I never watched it as they r showing all types of negativity with one abla naari transforming to a typical mahan bahu.Travelled with the show with a hope to see how uma opens his eyes but we can’t expect it early as we have digest how kanak save uma from don.?
      Anyway…Good to see your comment after a long?

  5. Yeh Aaditya ka bohoth hogaya? I just hope yeh track khatam ho.. Kanak splashing water at Uma was cute.. but Uma is being too rude.. Maasa Ko kucch role dedo plz

    1. Yeahi do agree maasa should also get effective role which can change the storyline n put in the right track……arre maasa ko kitne month aise bed pr rakhna hoga zang laga diya ab toh utha do…..waise bhi ek hi position pr kbi bhi patient ko nhi sulate bcs bedsore ho jate hai..

      1. Meera1

        ?haha cutie your comments always make me laugh .. your light hearted comments are much needed on this page – yes it’s high time Maasa got off that bed… she definitely must have several bed sores by now ?.

  6. I expected uma to tie the mangal sutra to kanak and it came true its similar like that necklace scene only difference is that time uma was loving Kanak now Kanak is loving uma but I missed uma passionate eyes when he touched Kanak to tie MS.Adithya drama is too much .loved the conversation of Kanak and massisa and her taunting about massisa ‘s parvarish of her two sons and how she has brought them as two opposite character .Uma brought up as sanskar beta while Adithya is a crook characterless man like his mom.Kanak enjoying her first love she behaves like teenager now so cute she was when she irritates uma .Kanak is enjoying her phase of love .This uma only god knows when he will change .He is telling Kanak is stranger in one scene another scene he is tying MS to kanak this uma is a puzzle now .

  7. Meera1

    Hi all I thought the manghalsutra scene was nice, I particularly enjoyed watching Palomi squirm. I don’t like the way Kanak is being shown trying to woo Uma…. It’s great that she has realised that she has fallen for uma & has loved him for a while, but she has nothing to make up for… Kanak’s focus should be on making Uma realising how wrong he was in blindly trusting maasisa. I am getting bored with the maasisa vamp act ?… I really hope they show maasa waking up soon and taking control of her household.

  8. Loved it when Uma helped Kanak with the magalsutra in front of Poullomi her face was a pic ?Kanak had the opportunity to not to return to Uma but she did with her own will as Bhabho also said if she didn’t believe in this marriage she wouldn’t have Yes she is now behaving like someone who has just fallen in love ? But as Uma has his mind set on this 30 days divorce thing to happen hopefully he is going to realize their feelings for each other This is in between this Aditya track who I personally would love to give a good slap bouncing around with something stuck up his a__He is behaving like spoilt brat with no responsibilities all because of his mom who brainwashed Uma with dharm & rules on one side & raised a monster of her own Glad Kanak put Masisa in her place today Yes Masa needs to play an active role instead of laying in bed She needs to tell the all the true reason of Masisa & son Pls fast forward this Aditya track

  9. Kanak falling in “love” is the biggest disrespect for all women who have been the victims of forced marriages and abuse. Here was a golden opportunity for producers to make a positive statement and show a changed Uma, a repentant Uma worthy of being loved. Instead we see a changed Kanak romanticising Uma’s abusive behavior and actually begging him to refix her retrieved necklace. Nothing has been resolved yet all this romantic ecstasy…..

  10. The reason of introducing Aditya’s character was to show how good is Uma Shankar nd to glorify his character nd CVs need to understand that this won’t help..Villains in d story r introduced to act as Cupids for leads but here some emotions on UmaShankar’s part needs to h shown…Just hope Maasisaa nd Aditya r exposed soon nd also circumstances r created so that Umashankar has a proper redeemption

  11. The confusion arises when half of us comment as if characters were real people acting of their own accord, “Kanak had the opportunity to not return but she did. ” So now Uma is at no fault and her being in love with the abuser is justified!! What???? The rest of us gripe about the writers writing a story where the heroine is weak willed, gives in yo stalking, returns with high ambition to rehabilitate her andhvishvaasi husband of a forced marriage whom she tricked for a shop and now feels guilty which is percieved by the grandma as love( again, whattt??!!), Then instead of being able to do any rehabilitation, she takes verbal, and physical abuse from the hypnotized husband??? and now has realized that she is in love with his gleaming torso( seriously writers, whaaatttttt??!!)

  12. The point being that I criticize the show for it’s faulty writing and direction and absurd characterization, Kanak all of a sudden returning to Laadno after Uma rescued her family from shame of the daughter without husband at Teej( the show portrayed that in this day and age, the family gives a shit that the daughter quit her forced marriage and shows UmaShankar as a hero for saving them from social embarrassment – two step back for womenkind in India) , thehe absurdly gets finicky about his just ki roti and saunf ka paani and the grandma deciphers that her granddaughter whom she never interacted with ever, is in love( more absurdity), then all of a sudden Kanak wants to return for the family she decieved, resolving to set things right there but then the plot again shifts to maasi being shakaal or mogambo of some sort, a despo woman and Tom and jerry game with some physical and mental abuse scattered here and there, ending with love and behold Kanak is in love !! Writers are shooting arrows in darkness, and the result is absurdity galore which is what i criticize

  13. I agree with you Neha where is Uma that he doesn’t hear or is aware the happenings in his house I am hoping he will actual hear the two mother & son plotting something & he plays along Personally I have no time of day for this Aditya character never watched him in other show either Glad Kanak slapped him just wish Uma witnessed how Aditya behaved with Kanak Why does Uma act so gullible towards Aditya can’t he see the planned pathetic acting ?

  14. Bhaana

    Uma is shown as weak in this SBS track, all are talking about the rude nature of him but mujhe toh saas bahu k age kuch dikti nahi?..what a speech by kanak to maasi…oh god what book is that.. after reading she speaks itne shudh hindi thank God for English subtitles in hotstar, earlier find difficulty in understanding uma n maasi slang but now kanak is most difficult.
    First part mangalsutra honestly not enjoined coz of uma eventhough they played title track..expecting uma gyansaagar y he helped k but no… ?giving way of unbearable maasi n kanak speech.
    Rhea sharma looks makes the episode watchable, she is too cute?
    Agree with Lara in her viewpoint with love that’s so true dear u have guts to express your heart but I’m not so following silently not to offend the society?

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