Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 13th March 2018 Written Episode Update: Santosh Ousts Saras

Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 13th March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Kanak sees someone entering and looks carefully. Purab walks in and wishing her happy birthday gives her gift. Kanak sees dupatta and happily asks how does he know her choice. He says he is her brother and should know her choice. She reminisces Uma gifting her dupatta and says she feels as if she is hugging a dear one. At Uma’s house, Meera greets happy wedding anniversary to Uma and says they are bonded for 7 lives 2 years ago. Uma says he does not consider this relationship as she forcefully married him 2 years ago. She says she wants to start a family and if he does not agree, she knows how to convince him forcefully. Kanak runs around home happily, then locks herself in a room and cries. Uma looks at Kanak’s photo at night. Meera wakes up and finds him standing.


morning, Uma prays at temple for Kanak and thinks Kanak helped him in his difficult times and saved his life, but he betrayed her and does not deserve her forgiveness. He asks panditji to pray for the birthday girl. Pandit asks name. He says Kanak Rathi. Meera walks in and asks if he is praying for their wedding anniversary, why did not he take her along. He asks how does she know he is here. She says they are bonded for 7 lives, it is just 1st life. Kanak and Bhabho walk in. Bhabho sees Uma and fumes. Kanak asks what happened. Uma disappears. Bhabho says she will not spare Meera today. Kanak stops her and requests it is her birthday wish. Bhabho stops. Pandit finishes pooja and asks where is Uma. Meera says he went inside and takes prasad. She sees Kanak and greets her happy birthday. Kanak asks how does she know it is her birthday. Meera says she keeps every info of people associated with her. Kanak says does she really know her. Meera asks what secret she has then. Kanak says she never knows and wishes her happy marriage anniversary. Meera asks how does she know. Kanak says she knows a lot. Their nok jhok continues.

Saras packs client’s order of wedding anniversary sweets. Payal notices Bhabho and Kanak coming, senses opportunity to take revenge from Saras, and lies Bhabho that Saras is sending Uma’s birthday order. Bhabho starts verbally abusing Saras and shouts that she warned her to select either her maika or sasural, she betrayed them and is sending sweets to her brother, she should go and stay with them and pushes her towards auto to get out of their lives. Purab comes running and says order is some other clients and shows bill. Payal says he is lying and helping Saras. Kanak stops her and asks what mistake did Saras make, Payal always finds a chance to insult Saras, being an elder she should support Saras instead. She says Uma betrayed her and it is her mistake that she loved a traitor, what is Saras mistake. Bhabho and Payal stand silently.

Precap: Meera warns Uma that nobody can come between them. Kanak walks in and wishes happy marriage anniversary to them. Meera introduces her to Uma. She says who else knows Uma better than her, she is her die hard fan.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Karma is a B**** Uma married Kanak forcefully
    Now Meera married Kanak Forcefully 🙂

    1. Lol … on point!

    2. An ironic turn of events. Uma is now forcefully married to Meera just as he forcefully married Kanak and he absolutely detests it. Life is truly karmic. And in a curious subtle way Uma is also undergoing tests for an ideal husband just as Kanak was forced to undergo five tests for the ideal wife. Uma also experienced this marriage situation when he was being forced to marry Palomi and he rejected it eventually. He has also repeatedly admitted that he was wrong to forcefully marry Kanak. Now it is truly interesting to see the Reason behind his decision to marry Meena and really where this is all leading.

  2. Well said it’s true karma repeating bt thr is slight difference is tht wen uma married kanak forcefully his intention was not bad he never forced hisself on her…..actually he was blindfolded by his masisa the namesake of religion..n many times he gave chances to kanak to break tht marriage if remember wen asked for financial security n wen she tried to give him alcohol by mixing in jalebi but here meera intention was bad she forcing herself on him n trying to control uma n his family..n thr is no chance of divorce…….yeh mendaki itni jalshi peecha nhi chodegi lgta hai yeh twin paida krke chodegi….thts why I just read the update bt not daily episode. .

    1. Meera1

      Lovely comment cutie & thanks for yesterday’s vm link ?

    2. Please don’t say it wasn’t bad intention!
      Uma believe man has power over women. UMA believe man has more rights, than women do.
      If you want to play religion, in what religion say you can grab a girl and force marriage her. In every religion say children still needs family blessing.
      What ever Kanak feeling for uma is Stockholm syndrome!!!!!!!!!
      It is a condition,that happens, when you get kidnapped. Stockholm syndrome cause hostages to develop a psychological alliance with their captor. As a survive strategy during captivity.
      It is a trauma, than love. It not real.
      If you want to know more Google it!
      India has some weird show. They call this romantic.
      I can’t believe that this stupid show is still running.

      1. Absolutely right. His intentions were absolutely wrong in thinking that if the girl he wanted protested he could pick her up and forcibly marry her anyway. If he was blindfolded by maasi then Meera is also innocent. Poor lady is obsessed in love with Uma’s hot body ?? now some immoral or amoral people will write hate contents about you calling you a moral science teacher because you criticized something in a tv show??

      2. How stupid u r I didn’t mean to u say kidnapping a girl n forcing for marriage is good……..tht was a crime understand. …..bt I was talking abt uma character n his intention means he did wrong bcs he was taught wrong by masisa bt he couldn’t hide his inner goodness n soft corner for kanak which he always has…..if he can forcibly marry a girl n he could do anything he could force to consummate n had babies bt did he do this like meera did…….ravan bhi sita ko utha ke le gaya tha
        Yeh bahut bada crime tha bt good point yeh tha ki unko kbi marzi ke khilaaf touch nhi kiya……. n by the way it’s just show reality is far away from these type of serial. …understand

  3. So finally we came to know the truth behind Uma and meera’s marriage. She married him by force. I guess she blackmailed him about maasaa or so. And on the other side, kanak and her family thinks Uma betrayed them. But why bhabo is punishing saras? Kanak is right what is saras’s fault in this? Once bhabho helped saras win vansh’s heart and today the former along with that payal is insulting saras that too in front of the crowd. What they’re doing is a punishable offence. But saras is tolerating everything. They should feel lucky to have a DIL like her instead of humiliating her in public. I loved the way kanak stood for saras. Just hope vansh too doesn’t ill-treat her coz this time even bhabo is not by her side. But it’s high time saras should learn to take a stand for herself and not depend on anyone, be it kanak or bhabho or vansh. I hated bhabho today for publicly humilating saras for no reason. Payal deserves this treatment and not saras. Loved the precap. Finally kanak meeting Uma after 2 long years. Uma is hell-shocked seeing her after such a long time. I’m sure kanak won’t reveal her relation with uma. Hope she comes to know the truth of uma’s marriage to meera. And I’m looking forward to see bhabho and saras’s reconciliation, and I would love to see payal’s reaction too.

  4. Day by day its becoming increasing. Kanak feeling contended wearing uma’s gift. She feels as if she is hugging someone close to her heart. ?Meera forcing uma to take their relationship to next level ??uma clearly told its not marriage just compromised why he compromised reasons unknown. Kanak breaking down inside Reminscing about him uma wishing kanak seeing her dp in his mobile ?kanum in same temple uma did spcl pooja for kanak bday that vamp entered she misunderstood uma doing pooja for their anniversary. Uma disappeared suddenly Meera kanak confrontation again. meera gave uma’s pooja prasad to kanak. So she herself indirectly giving uma back to kanak. Payal instigated Bhabho against saras. Bhabho lost her temper and pushed Saras out of kmb. Kanak fitting reply to payal defending Saras.who has come from k&u. Precap the most awaited kanum meeting. Surprised to see confident kanak bang on entry into not only party but in uma’s life too ???

  5. i feel that meera actually knows who kanak is but she is not trying to accept the fact. face to face tomorrow wow i hope the two end up with a romantic dance and meera will be jealously watching them. love kanum

  6. Meera1

    The rathi’s treatment towards Saras is both physical & mental torture… good to see Kanak is clued up on Payal’s motives & standing by what is right.

    The Uma/Meera relationship is frustrating to watch … you’d think after two years Meera may have got the drift that Uma’s love isn’t for sale but instead this deluded lady is planning a family ?.

    I am craving for some lighter moments & looking forward for kanak in action tomorrow.

  7. awesome episode today..loved it..waiting for tomorrow episode the precap is interesting ….love kanum

  8. Patriciah Mumo

    Bravo Kanak

  9. Nice episode except when they show that duck faced woman with her hands all over Uma Liked the way Kanak stood ground in mandir against her ?Where did Uma disappear so soon don’t think it’s him waiting for her in the office Payal is a right shit stirrer Thought if she tells Bhabho about Saras she would destroy her Thank god Purab came to rescue Wish Kanak would have shouted at Payal more Saras needs to fight her battles Tomorrow looks interesting Kanak is the braver between Uma & her to show up to the party ? Like to see Uma’s reaction on coming face to face with Kanak Kanak is Uma’s biggest fan ? What’s mind boggling is I can’t believe that Meera doesn’t know who Kanak is kinda confusing the woman has no class money doesn’t change the person you are low life Uma needs to man up now fight for what is rightfully yours & get out from these webs of MM Open your eyes ? What does this MM have over you??? Hope we don’t get to see Uma getting drunk & MM taking advantage of him & then saying she’s pregnant that’s all we need now !!!! Sick ?

  10. Used to love this show alot….
    Agree with whatever Uma over think of himself alot now. Believed he is all that just because of money and fame. Life isn’t complete with those achievement now….
    Just don’t get with having Meera as the worst wife role think getting love by blackmailing and controlling you’re so wrong Meera hate her character…? but uma disappoint alot of viewer because he is still weak and scared just as before can’t fight for what’s right and can’t fight for the woman he once loved so sad.
    Kanak steal the show now time for revenge in a way they should both be insulted and mistreated…

  11. I agree with whatever & Nira.
    If this show wants to send a massage. Then Kanak and Uma should not get back together.
    I hope uma get meera pregnant, start a family with her.

    They are also right to say it mental turmoil for Kanak and nothing else. No family would want love ones to go through this.
    Haven’t india heard of #METOO movement.
    It time for women’s to stand up to abuse! I hope that this show kanak mental illness. Because what she is feeling is Stockholm syndrome!!!
    I would like Kanak to tackle this, and also to find herself a new man in her life.

    1. You are an idiot. i

      1. Really?? You seem to have a lot of experience in practicing this phenomenon!

  12. Things in life can be bought with any amount of money in the world but to get a person in ones life is not on sale one has to have faith & earn their trust & love to be a life partner This is missing altogether in MM life she feels money and threatening can win someone’s heart & soul

  13. Hi guys
    Good to see some healthy arguments after a long time? had fun?
    Just read update, so can’t say what’s going to happen…hope to see dhoti bro’s action soon☺

  14. Which is why Meera is the ideal partner for Uma. Once he thought that intimidation , force, bullying , and punishment were a way to earn a woman’s loyalty and love!

  15. Uma was never bad
    He was brought up that way… he realised
    The point of the show was that him and kanak are one and work together in any meaning
    He always cared and honoured kanak
    He took the tattoo on his arm for her
    He was a strong man with honour respect and dignaty
    They showed that people loved him and that his word meant alot
    He was only soft with masi sa
    Now they showing him as a weak man
    With no say no power nothing

    This is silly and this meera sistuation is silly
    This writer and producer always ruins the show
    Always a vamp
    Always a leap
    Always a triangle

    The show was about two people tehir differances and views on life but being married and learning about each other

    All the good pple have gone
    The family show has gone
    Its become a 3 person show
    Where as before it had all the charectors
    What is the point

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