Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 13th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 13th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Mahant asking Kanak to decide soon. Kanak gets thinking and sees the water. Maasi asks Uma to ask his wife to hurry up. Kanak says no, I can’t drink this water, my limits of patience ends here, I did not come from such family where Dharm books are read, I m taught to live with self esteem, I can’t lose my self esteem drinking this water. Maasi asks Uma did you hear her. Uma says ten you will be away from yagya pavitra sanskar puja. Maasi stops Kanak and takes the necklace from her neck, taunting her. Kanak goes. Tumne rishta banaya hai…..plays….. Shiv comes to her and asks how do I look. Kanak says you look great, what about your maun vrath. Shiv says its over, you will become my Guru maa, I will sit in your lap, what happened, are you scared

of my weight. She laughs. He says I got bald, I feel free weight, you touch me and see. Maasi calls out Shiv. Kanak stops touching his bald head. Shiv asks Kanak to come fast. Maasi asks him to come. They go.

Shiv sits in the yagya. Shiv says yagya is going to start, where is Kanak. Uma says no, she will not be part of this, you will get big responsibility, your focus should be here. Shiv asks will she become my Guru maa, I have to sit in her lap. Uma asks him to listen to him. Saraswati says if Kanak won’t take part, who will sit with Uma. Payal asks can we make this sit instead Kanak. She gets Kanak’s photo. They all get shocked. Payal’s mum says everyone is worried here, you did what you thought, this is not right, go back. Maasi stops Payal and says Kanak does not value relations, her pic will be here in her place, sorry Uma I did not think we will have to do this. She asks Payal to keep pic.

Payal keeps the pic beside Uma. Uma does the rituals. Everyone chants Gayatri mantra. Payal’s mum says none is missing Kanak here, you have to play right moves on time.

Bhabho hears Babasa and Meenakshi. Meenakshi says I will not get a good maid like Rani now, how will I get maid ow, she wanted to marry and become queen. Bhabho prays that Rani gets good husband and inlaws, she is hardworking, she should stay happy. Babasa asks are you upset that she did not invite you in her marriage. Meenakshi says no, I remember she called me. Babasa asks her to attend Rani’s marriage and meet her husband, maybe he will agree to send her for work. Meenakshi likes the idea and asks him to come in marriage. Rani and Golu sit in marriage mandap and smile.

Kanak keeps Daasi dharm coin in Uma’s Mauli thread side. She recalls his words. She says they insulted me in front of you, you stayed silent, does husband not have any Dharm, are all conditions for wife, this is the truth of your family, whatever I do, it will be less, I will not fall weak, I will fight for my motives, they will know whose daughter I m, what if I failed in Daasi test, there are more 5 tests, I will pass 4 tests and win Bhabho’s shop.

Shiv takes Kanak’s blessings. She gifts something. Meenakshi and Babasa come to temple to see Rani’s marriage. They see Golu as groom.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I want to see Uma’s family reaction when they know about kanak didn’t meet Suman atleast.
    feeling good Kanak refuse to drink that water.

    Thanks Amena for fast update

    1. What kind of nonsense is this… I don’t think so writers should write this kind of story.. Don’t you people think you are hurting women’s dignity…. And how are you people able to air it…. Are the writers that heartless that they wrote this kind of story or you people just want to insult a women… Frankly saying this type of things I personally can’t watch

    2. Archi406

      Yea… I agree with you. I think that Payal is acting like a b….
      Payal deserves what she went through becuase she wants others to be lower than her thinking she rules over the whole Shankar house and she is being cruel and heartless becuase of her mom. Her mom is acting like a typical saas.
      I think that after that Maasi will be sorry for not trusting Kanak but I think that they should have listened to what Kanak has to say and not be interrupting all of the time, they should have at least checked if Suman was there or not and they should have also made sure if it was true or not. In case you haven’t noticed but the family believes what others say and they don’t try to see if the facts are true or not and I say that Kanak should stand up for what she believes.

      I think of a diya aur Baati couple as Sooraj and Sandhya. I don’t know and I can’t imagine Kanak and Uma being a diya aur baati couple.

      I am glad that Golu and Rani are getting married!!!! I hope Meena accepts Rani as her bahu

  2. Na darna na rona and wat s d 3rd one is she saying?can anyone tell me?

    1. Na hichiki(no hiccups)

    2. Na darna na rona na hichki. Hichki means hiccups.

    3. Na darna, na rona, na hichakee (hiccups)

  3. Na darna Na Rona Na itchki..it is the third word..

  4. Thank u Sri, Anjali, Shreya and Bubby…

  5. Tit for tat from Payal to Uma by keeping Kanak’s photo next to him. I like Shiv and Kanak’s moments…good episode…I want to see what Uma will react to Kanak.

  6. Mira_dewi

    So glad with Kanak’s decision … i feel its look very tragic, when Kanak has to faces Maasisa & other woman to fight for woman rights ??

    Im surprised with Payal & agree with her, lets Uma Shankar feels in the same way

    Golu & Rani get married ?? … Cant wait to see meena reaction when she come in the wedding??

  7. Bravo kanak u stand by ur ideologies don’t change yourselves .What type of husband uma is he doesn’t care for his wife’s respect Kanak should follow wife’s dharam what abt husband he does not have any dharam he will always talk about ghatbandan seven pheras but he is not following any of the seven pheras here also wife should only live for the vows husbands can do anything

  8. He already said that for Kanak , he should be greatest, and for him , his dharam is the greatest. So he will never put her above dharam. He will let her get insulted and in fact join Maasisa in scolding her when it comes to dharam. He only softens towards her sometimes in the bedroom. It shows his mentality.

  9. Way to go Kanak, stand up for your rights and principles, do not compromise for what you believe is right. This is emotional blackmail and abuse in the name of Dharma and after you get Bhabos shop leave him and do not return until he begs for forgiveness.

  10. What to say. I felt such pain in my heart looking at Kanak today. A fighter amidst a bunch of ignorant, hostile, pathetic enemies. Except Shiv, Everyone in this household is her enemy. The writers wrote the story this way. If they did it to break all these stereotypes and eventually show her a winner. If they did it for cheap TRP s to satisfy a certain type of viewers then I find the lack of conscience in writers and producers miserable. Frankly speaking, I would like to see her leave saying I’ll find another way to get the shop by taking help from my brother and a lawyer. But that won’t be romantic so that’s not happening. Why in our shows, romance has to be at the cost of a woman’s dignity?

    1. I meant, “If they did it to break all these stereotypes and eventually show her a winner, then I am waiting patiently for Kanak to see better times.”

  11. What happens now??

    1. God knows what writers have in mind. But surely Uma will lecture her about patni dharam again and the rest of the household will gang up against her, Palomi will still look at her with jealousy, Payal’s mom will keep plotting which might lead Kanak to fail again so that Rambha dharam becomes unavoidable for her, and Payal will ignore her conscience and will follow her mother. At least till 24th July, my guess is we will be enduring torture after torture along with Kanak.

  12. God knows what writers have in mind. But surely Uma will lecture her about patni dharam again and the rest of the household will gang up against her, Palomi will still look at her with jealousy, Payal’s mom will keep plotting which might lead Kanak to fail again so that Rambha dharam becomes unavoidable for her, and Payal will ignore her conscience and will follow her mother. At least till 24th July, my guess is we will be enduring torture after torture along with Kanak.

    1. why till 24th july??? do you know any new updates??

      1. That’s when show will start airing at 7p.m. maybe they have planned a turn of events and a big twist for the first episode at that time slot. Just a guess. I have no news. The promo of it shows Kanak walking away when asked to drink feet water at a big festival ceremony. But that has already been shown now so basically this show has cooked and made Maggi out of my brain but I am hooked to Kanak’s journey and the chemistry between Rhea Sharma and Avinesh Rekhi.???

  13. Agree diyaa she should move from here now no need to do all other dharam n all n find another way for her goal.
    I cant see kanak with this uma, hating this track.
    Cant forget/digest photo wedding of payal still now but they r repeating it again by showing this type of nonsense since nobody(viewers) opposed it r else they dont care about audience like me so on.Even it is shown for uma to regret for payal,cant see it.one mad uma is enough for this show,no need to show payal to b mad n send this payals mom back to her home.
    Writers pls dont go interior to religious things n dont hurt our feelings.

  14. https://youtu.be/rKx6KqxMioU

    In case some of you are curious. I didn’t understand much but I must say by the look of it, this girl Kanak is my inspiration. She doesn’t sit and cry in a corner in most depressing times. She holds her head high, keeps a genuine smile on her face feeling happy for Shiv, and sits amongst the people who abused her because she knows she did nothing wrong and because she is the true devotee who trusts God at worst time and knows good will happen. Doing a bunch of rituals but having black, unkind heart does not make these idiots devotees of God.

  15. Thanks for posting that Neha. Yeah, this girl’s spunk is inspiring. And you are right, she is the true devotee of God because she is kind and pure-hearted unlike these people who judge others on such petty matters. I think she gave that chain to Shiv as a gift. May it is the one she had been wearing, the one with Lord Shiva’s damroo?. It’s a beautiful pendant. Also I think in the room, Kanak might be telling Uma that past has passed and I am moving on to my next test. It might be Dharitri- patience like earth. I have a feeling, for the first time, Uma Shankar Blockhead will realize the strength and true mettle of this girl. Go Kanak! I felt disgusted seeing Payal smiling at Kanak’s necklace being given to her. The fool, Kanak did not care two hoots about that jewellery and for Payal they are nothing but chains keeping her from finding true happiness with Ved. I don’t hate her anymore. She is a pitiful, trapped, insect.

    1. Just to be clear, by “the fool” I meant Payal??

  16. Bella

    Feeling bad for kanak….be strong kanak…..shiv were looking cute….

  17. Naina a.k.a. Yolande

    Kanak is correct. Uma is a fool knowing her ways n like someone said, he has the softie for her only in the bedroom … pathetic
    can’t wait 4 the wedding …

  18. Only massi maa has super power to be pavitra even after touching kanak ( while she remove necklace from kanak) . ??

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