Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 12th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 12th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Kanak saying I did not meet Suman. Maasi asks why did you do this. She stops Kanak. Mahant asks Uma did all rules and customs met. Uma says yes. Mahant says everything has to be pure. Uma says everything is done well. Maasi says you are not pure now, I told you have to sit in havan. Uma and Mahant hear Maasi shouting. Maasi asks Kanak how will she sit in havan in this state. Kanak says you listen to me once. Uma comes and asks what happened.

Suman tells Uma that his wife has touched Suman. Kanak says I did not touch her. Uma asks why did you go to her room. Kanak asks what happened if I go to room. Suman says Maasi told you Suman is impure till 4 days, I explained you, this house has to be pure for this yagya, such a big carelessness, maybe you don’t

know right and wrong, you did not obey my command, you don’t deserve this respect. Kanak hears the clock ticking. She sees the time and thinks just 10 mins are left for Daasi dharm to end. Uma says Maasi is eldest, you went against her and insulted me. Kanak says I did not insult anyone, I did not touch Suman, this is part of every woman’s life, this thing makes a mum become mum, why do we think of this as a illness, you are a doctor, how can you regard this wrong.

Uma gets thinking. Maasi says stop it, you don’t know what to talk, respect Mahant ji. Kanak says what’s shame to accept truth, its a thing of woman’s identity, if we women bow down, how will we get respect in society. Uma says its not a day to argue on Dharm, just hear it and do. Maasi says don’t know what happened to you, I felt you are understanding the customs, you do something that breaks my trust, why did you go to Suman’s room. Kanak sees Payal. Payal turns away.

Uma says you have made your impure before becoming Shiv’s gurumaa. Kanak says I did not touch Suman. Uma asks how shall I believe you, its about Shiv’s yagya, wrong can’t happen, we have to do Kanak’s shuddi. Maasi asks Paulmi to get gangajal to sprinkle on Kanak. Mahant says sorry, there is no meaning of doing shuddi by gangajal, her mistake can’t be forgiven. Kanak says but I want to be part of this function, Shiv is excited to make me Gurumaa. Uma says if this was so imp, you should have thought before doing this crime, I told you to become suitable to keep dharm.

Mahant says but there is a solution, Uma’s wife can become part of this function. Maasi asks Mahant to command. Mahant says wife is husband’s Daasi, she can be made pure by her husband’s shuddi water. Kanak asks what. Maasi says don’t sit in puja if you don’t want. She asks Paulmi to get gangajan in a plate, we don’t have much time. Kanak thinks what’s this shuddi ritual. Mahant asks Uma to keep his feet in the plate. He asks Kanak to wash Uma’s feet. Kanak asks me? Kanak sees Uma. Mahant says we don’t have much time. Maasi asks Kanak to hurry. Kanak’s inner self asks her to do this to get shop. Kanak says washing someone’s feet means accepting slavery, his Dharm says treat women like servants and not respect them. Her inner self says you have to get Bhabho’s shop. She washes Uma’s feet and wipes with a towel. Paulmi thinks Kanak is very lucky, I did not get this happiness.

Golu sees the mandap. Golu asks where is your second groom. Pandit says I was waiting for you to get your marriage done. Rani asks is there any third person’s place left in our love story. Golu smiles. Meenakshi comes and says I will not leave you. Golu screams and says no….. Meenakshi is the third person, she will not make you bahu. Rani says Meenakshi will change, we will not tell her till she changes. She asks pandit to read mantras fast.

Maasi says I can’t forget your mistake, but your sins will get washed by this shuddi. She says I will go and see Shiv. Mahant says Kanak’s shuddi did not complete yet, wait, Kanak has to drink this water. Kanak gets shocked. Mahant says Uma, if your wife wants to sit with you in yagya, this is necessary, else she can’t become part of yagya.

Kanak says no, I can’t drink this water, my patience ends here. Uma says fine, you will be away from yagya. Maasi removes her necklace. Shiv says Kanak will be my Gurumaa.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. oh god.How long this thing will be dragged?…………Please end this Daasi dharm …I am fed up……

  2. Bakwass episode. Illogical shudhi ????

  3. VINAL

    This show has become predictable in yesterday episode when mahant said about shudi karan puja sab samaj gaye ki yahi hoga
    I like cuteepie shiv

  4. I have no sympathy for Payal! She deserves living the way she is at the moment! Lying, cheating and heartless for what? Some jewellery and importance! That’s why no one respects her there.
    She will soon realise the folly of her ways when she realises Kanaka is Ved’s sister and she could of been free from all this drama. That fool is waiting for a man who’s already married, masi and image know this.
    If Kanak drinks that water, then I’m done with this show! That’s the same as drinking bath water. Will Uma drink Kanak’s bath water?

  5. Ohhhh! I’m feeling disgusted. End all this. Bhut ho gya! Ab bassssssss!

  6. Am really angry with writers.Rhea Sharma please stop acting as a slave kanak.These writers are destroying Hinduism also.I didn’t heard about these type of rituals.(drinking someone’s feet washed water).Uma is becoming antihero nowadays.A loving husband can’t do these nonsense even for his dharm. He gifted shop because of forced marriage

  7. Oh god!! Pls stop this now enough of Daasi Dharm drama!!! How long will it be dragged!! Finish it soon then go to next part ya!! Show us something interesting pls!!

  8. I feel looking at Shiv’s excitement she will drink that water and say that she consumed it only for Shiv’s sake and may be then Uma will declare she passed another test where she had to play a Mother’s role and we will be saved from watching 4 more episodes of the serial where she will have to act like a Mother to pass her another test :-p

  9. Well done kanak don’t accept this nonsense .Enough of this foolishness waiting for tommarow’s episode i think uma is testing her patience i think she will pass this test without drinking water .She is sandhya’daughter she will pass all the test given by uma.I think she will become shiv’s guruma.But this impurity stuffs are really stupid this should be abolished in our Hindu customs then only we will get women’s liberation in true sense

  10. Bilcul sahi kaha naveen..especially 3rd para..exactly wat i wanted to say..
    I have a doubt now..kanak dint drink the shuddi water knw.it implies tat she s still impure accrd to those dharm mentals..then how maasi touched kanak to remove the jewellery????now maasi has become impure by touching kanak knw..how she s eligible for yagya pavitra sanskaar..LOL

    1. Good point munni ??

    2. first of all to uma hi ashudh ho gya jab ashudh kanak ne uss pshycho k feet dhoye. ab uski shudhi kaise hogi.???jab kanak ne suman k room mein jakr so called “JAGANAY APRAADH” kiya h to uma ne upne charan sparsh krne diye kanak ko

      1. Sahi kaha nwebee ☺

  11. god please help kanak to make sharad dharam to pass all the test .

  12. I think some how thy will get to know that Kanak didn’t meet Suman…………………..and kanak don’t have to drink the water………..

  13. What rubbish is going on …………..writer start applying your brains…………..

  14. I read in spoiler that the water is mixed with alcohol I don’t know how far is true let’s wait and watch

  15. Mira_dewi

    I can understand if Maasisa has concervative, orthodox or whatever kind of mindset

    But Uma?? … He’s a doctor, has a lot of knowledge, he has perfect answers for everything, very smart, he ever said to Kanak “incomplete knowledge is harmful” … But what he do?? He obey the rule that say women’s periodic as impure matter?? And just gets thinking about that after Kanak explained?? … And he’ll let Kanak drinks dirty water?? He’s real doctor right??

    I think he’s submissive to Maasisa like his Sis/Bro … Btw who is Maasisa ecxactly?? Where’s Uma’s father & her husband?? wish Maasa will gets well very soon

    I think this epi. very intresting, writter want to show & make us aware that some ritual like this is real happen, we can see how Kanak has to deal with her dilemma and try to solve it & there’s a piece of moment when Uma looks realized what Kanak said was correct & he was wrong

    1. Hi Mira_Dewi, Uma is shown to be a doctor of Ayurveda and I am appalled at the impression they are giving of Ayurveda doctors. 🙁

      1. Mira_dewi

        Thanks Diyaa for your info, that’s mean he’s not a real doctor? Only such as a traditional healer?

  16. Kya bakwas h yr 1 hi jagah khade hokr pura episode khtm kar diya
    Hadh hoti h har chij ki. Y show makers r trying our patience so much??

  17. These practices are all part of Hinduism. People follow it to various degrees based on where they live and how orthodox their family is. This show is kind of bringing it in the face of the viewers. My worry is that how many will say” Nonsense, this is not religion, this is just some prehistoric garbage by some misguided priests.” and how many will say, ” Go Kanak, drink the water and succeed at your daasi dharm, prove you are a good wife.” and will be disapointed if she fails.Some of us outraged today when she was asked to drink dirty water, some were outraged a few days back when she was asked to eat in leftover plate, others when she was forced to wash his underpants, yet others when she was told not to keep her hair open in front of any one except her husband, a few when she was taken for shudhikaran because noone knew who her family were and some when she was tied and forced to marry. I was outraged that her grandmother hates her considering her to be the reason for her parents death and doesnt even include her name while taking names of SurajSandhya’s children during shraaddh. They are all various degrees of constricting a woman. We choose to let go of what we believe in and scold people who question them. We only question what we didn’t believe in, in the first place. Will we question our existing beliefs? If one thought walking behind the husband is good patni dharam, will you consider whether that is unfair? If I believed that keeping hair open in public was a sin for a maried woman, will I now question the merit of that rule? If I thought that eating a husband’s leftovers is good patni dharam, will I now consider that forcing it might be a tad bit unjust? That will decide the success of this show. Otherwise…well its still better than a lot of fluffy, over-the-top, nonsense I see on T.V. I like entertainment that also provokes thought. I just hope that it won’t solidify already orthodox beliefs of some viewers. Uma is my nightmare of a husband come true. Sadly, I have seen many people like him, just to varying degrees. In “Beauty and the Beast” the animated household objects(the teapot, the candelabra, the broom, the teacup) helped Belle , and the beast eventually softened and revealed his soft golden heart. Here all household people are hostile to my Belle, Kanak, and the beast shows no signs of wisdom, just arrogance and superiority complex. The show is dragging single scenes into entire episodes , and it is agonizing! P.S. I a sorry about any harsh words that may have hurt the sentiments of the readers. My intent is not to insult but to discuss what is being shown. Still, religion is a touchy topic , and therefore I am sorry.

  18. BTW I considered all of Kanak’s pranks to be justified considering what Uma did to begin with, but after reading the comments here I have questioned myself as to how many of them have been justified and how many were unnecessary and crossed a line. It does go both ways. I am not a man-hater :))

  19. What the crapp is this suddhi and all. All she can do was taken bath and Wear fresh cloths and get ready. Even if she has touched suman. Gangajal is too pure. Pouring it on kanak would have done the suddhi. Serial has to go fast else will loose charm. I think uma knows that shop belongs to kanak and hence he is doing all this. Also I have seen ved acting in other serial dil se dil tak on Sony. Hope the writer will keep on mind all this and ensure t9 fast track the serial.

  20. I started hating this serial now …..

  21. Bipasha Bhattacharya

    I really want to give a tight slap to payal. Anyways Kanak just have to take bath and wear fresh clothes if she touch suman by chance. Many Hindu families are Orthodox and have many rituals but that doesn’t mean they don’t respect women. Women’s have equal rights and dignity.

    1. Agreed Bipasha. Having faith and being religious is a personal choice and right. It does not signify disrespect in anyway. But the problem is that the definition of “Respect” varies from individual to individual.

    2. HATE UMA ?, poor kanak, what not she is going through for the sake of others like bhabho, Shiv. Uma was such a cold husband when it came to wash his feet and drink water, yuckk, seriously pitty such wife’s who get husband’s like Uma. He does not deserve Kanak to be his wife.

  22. Agree with u dipa n dolly there r other ways of shudhi available, no need of all this crap.
    Makers forcing us to hate this serial now..

  23. What the hell…… If a women is impure for those five days then the people who are born by stopping are also impure then it means everyone is how can they show something like that.when something is done wrong age is not considered bt right or wrong.why can’t that maasi think like a girl? Kanak shouldn’t tolerate all this doesn’t she have a brain at all??? And that Uma if he really want to give a judgement then he should atlest have a decency to listen to both the parties and give judgment not just blindly believing his maasi…..god why don’t they just remove that paulmi character why is she staying in someone’s house that too unmarried…if really Uma thinks about dharm and adharm than how can he keep an unmarried girl in his house with what right is she staying???
    And coming to that payal without a husband even if she has all those jewellery what she is going to do and in future who is she going to share her happiness or sadness….will her mum come from her grave to share those emotions every time????
    Coming to that Uma will he accept his sisters going through the treatment that kanak is going through???

    1. Sad thing is Chitty, a person like Uma would be ok with that happening to his sister too. They mentioned Palomi being a guest or a refugee in their house. I feel sorry that she considers such humiliations to be Kanak’s good fortune.

      1. But navi even guest stays for certain amount of time and she is staying their in their house if normally a person stays in someone’s house that too unmarried what does society will think since he cares about society he should know very well and by paulmis character I think even she doesnt mind about being called a mistress

  24. But showing all these nonsense they are degrading religion and belief’s. Feels Uma family are kind of aliens dropped from Satya yuga or treta yuga to this yuga ?they don’t belong here, please go back guys.

  25. Hey diya I completely agree with u ..
    U always wrote down the things which I wanted too..
    Each n every person n religion has its own faith in god n dharam .it varies from individual to individual.
    It doesn’t mean that if something is right for us then it must be right for other.
    Forcing a person to have faith on your believes is not gud..
    They should not force kanak to do all this even when she is saying that she didn’t touch suman.
    Its really ridiculous..
    And more than this I am disappointed with payal’s character.
    According to the spoilers that water (bath water) has alcohol which payal have added in it. And moreover mahant ji is also involved in it. Now uma will help kanak to overcome this trap. N kanak will thank uma romantically.
    That means kanak will fall in love with uma???
    But how could she accept uma so easily??even when she thinks that uma have stolen her shop.
    How could she forget uma married her forcefully, he made her had food in his leftover plate, he made her wash his under garments, he made her wash his feet .???
    But still waiting to know writers point..
    What interesting drama they want to show us??
    Hope they won’t spoil the show
    N pls don’t drag this sequence too much pls..

  26. Does this seriously happen in India?
    No repect for womens.
    I am muslim and no one can disrespect a lady like this in our religion.
    This is utterly disgusting, show something better.

    1. In rural areas and some orthodox families, it does but it is not common. As you can see from the comment section, that is why most people are disgusted and outraged about it.

    2. Aisha what ever they are showing is bullshit it don’t happen in reality.Indian is a country with various traditions and cultures and bahus are accepted as they are…..sometimes they may tell them to follow something bt it depends on the individual,if she don’t want to follow something then she doesn’t.
      We can say that even though Indians are very broadminded in their thinking still these writers are making shows with idiotic traditions which are not followed
      So please don’t believe these shows…..if you believe these shows then it will like an Indian girl marrying more than 5 times according to ektas serial 🙂

    3. Mira_dewi

      Dear Aisha, i think every religion has own deficiencies and advantages

      I think written just try to show us there’re peoples do many violation of human rights & abused thier power to defeat or control others in the name of religion, custom & law, Its happens in many countries in the world, not just in India

      For example, its happen in my country, there’s a man forcing a woman to be a 4th wife & tell her that she’ll be go to heaven if agree with it … I think this is one of practise disrespect to women

  27. Sorry for spoiling your suspense guys. I know all are eagerly waiting to know wether kanak drank water or not. I have seen the episode on hotstar premium. Kanak doesnt drink that water and stays away from yagyopavith sanskar. The dissappointing thing is payal brings kanaks photo for the pooja bcoz the pooja must be done by couple and masisa and uma agree for it ans uma performs the puja with kanaks photo. Kanak cries and vows to full 4 dharams and get shop papers? The episode is really dissappointing

    1. If a photo can fulfill all the needs then I think kanaks presence is not needed their she can gift him a large portrait of her in her place and can take whatever she wants and leave the house by telling Uma that” her portrait will fulfill all his wishes and be a good wife that he needs”

  28. My God! What image of India this show is giving to international viewers. ?

  29. https://youtu.be/rS4Oz7W328M

    That’s the episode in snapshots. It is heart-wrenching. But thank God she refused to drink that and maintained her dignity. So now she has failed daasi dharam after pasting govar all over the aangan, eating g in leftover plate, and washing his stinky feet. Now she only has five dharams out if which one is not an option for her. Something tells me that the sick writers will make her fail one more so that Rambha dharam becomes unavoidable for her. They always resort to such cheap methods to show romance and intimacy. Needless to say I am skipping today’s episode too.

  30. Mira_dewi

    Guys what happen in 2day’s epi? ?

    Amena, im waiting for your witten update, thanks dear ?

    1. @Mira_Dewi, as I understood from the pictures and as Anjali wrote above, Kanak refuses to drink feet water, is asked to leave, priest says her picture can be used in place of her and Uma agrees. So Payal brings Kanak’s picture and places next to Uma. the ceremony is done with Uma and picture. Kanak cries in her room , I am guessing maybe thinking about how all her effort was useless and she failed the first test. She then vows to fulfill four other dharams and get shop papers back.

  31. @Mira_Dewi, as I understood from the pictures and as Anjali wrote above, Kanak refuses to drink feet water, is asked to leave, priest says her picture can be used in place of her and Uma agrees. So Payal brings Kanak’s picture and places next to Uma. the ceremony is done with Uma and picture. Kanak cries in her room , I am guessing maybe thinking about how all her effort was useless and she failed the first test. She then vows to fulfill four other dharams and get shop papers back.

    1. Mira_dewi

      Thanks a lot Neha ??

      Kanak failed & Uma do it nothing for her?? He said a man has to support his wife right?? So he already break his dharm i guess …

  32. Exactly neha same things happened in today’s episode. Kanak refused to drink water n failed in her dasi test
    Bt am happy she maintained her dignity..

  33. VINAL

    Man ki shuddi sabse important hoti hai aur uma ki family mein kisika bhi man shud nahi hai

  34. Bipasha Bhattacharya

    I love this show because it’s showcased our traditions and rituals with logic and in a proper way. This show is like a guide, give answers to our many queries. But now it’s showing hypocrisy and disrespect of a women. I really feel bad! It will gave a wrong message to the society.

  35. Oh I hv a doubt tht this serial also b similar story like other …..means palumi n other negative character try to separate kanak n uma n one day uma get marry with palumi ….if it will happen then wts the new in this serial…why people wasting their time to watch the same story again n again..as i already told tht people want to see something different story whr both lovers n couple stay together n face the all challenge n trouble together n become each other strength. .

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