Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 11th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Saras’ Another Sacrifice

Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 11th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Kanak closes windows seeing heavy air fluttering them. Suman comes and asks Kanak to throw her study books in Saras’ box as there is no freedom for a girl in this house; Saras never misbehaved or disobeyed dadusa, even then she is being made sevika; what is the use of studying in this house. Kanak feels helpless. She sees Holy scripture and finds Krishna/Rukmini wedding picture and gets happy that god shows ways always when you are on right path.

Maasi tells Palomi that she felt very bad when Saras applied salt on her wound, all because of Kanak, if Kanak had fallen on Balbrahmachariji, this would not have happened. Palomi says their wish will be fulfilled soon, she saw fire and adamancy in Vansh’s eyes. Maasi says they will Saras’ every move to Vansh and will force

him to elope with Saras. Uma comes and says only 4 days are left for Saras to become Balbrahmachariji’s sevika, so he wants to call Balbrahmachariji’s all disciplines and plan a festival before Saras’ see off. Kanak comes and hears him.

Rani returns with Meena and calls Bhabho. Meena boasts that she gifted her 200 rs bracelet to client as 5000 Rs worth and sold sari for 25000 Rs. Bhabho is shocked and asks her to repeat. Meena repeats. Bhabho reveals that it was 2 lakhs worth bracelet and Rani had stolen her money and gifted her bracelet. Rani holds Meena’s legs and pleads that she did this to gain her love and if she really had won lottery, she would have given all money to Meena. Bhabo apologizes Meena. Meena says saas should not apologize bahu and forgives Rani.

Kanak tells Uma his idea is good, when Saras is becoming sevika, they should organize festival and celebrate by enacting Radha/Krishna wedding. Uma says if she is doing it under dharam, he does not mind. Maasi asks she was opposing the decision earlier and now is favoring it, what is she up to. Kanak says they will enact Radha/Krishna wedding and make Uma realize his mistake like she made him realize education is not only for men. Maasi thinks she will make Vansh ask bhiksha from Saras and seek herself. Palomi says she will inform Vansh about bhiksha when she will meet panditji tonight.

Uma goes to Saras and informs about giving bhiksha and then sacrificing tasty food and living on bhiskha forever. Saras agrees. Uma sees her hand injury and asks what happened to her. She says she injured hand with havan stick. Uma says he will apply medicine. Saras says she already applied salt. Uma walks to his room shattered and beats his hands on table, injuring it.

Precap: Uma tells Saras that woman’s mind is pure like ganga and loving someone is not adharm. Saras cries she cannot love anyone and breaks bangles. Kanak thinks in 2 days, she will change Saras’ mind.

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  1. nanda and palomi are the one masterplan of kanak to become sevika and then unfortunately saras get trapped and become sevika. Now both nanda and palomi are blaming kanak. kanak is not fault at all. all because of nanda and palomi.

  2. f**k this uma just kill him for god sake

  3. ??? Actually, all because of writer’s. Of all the ways they could have shown of opposites coming together, they showed forced wedding. Still get shivers when I remember how she was forced and then chased by the gundas of Laadno and tied and gagged in in the car surrounded by a crowd of people who cheered. Shudders. And that Uma who kept smiling like a psycho which the writers have clearly turned him into. Only a psychopathic character can be so obsessed by religion and be willing to give up his sister for eternal torture and plan a festival for the ceremony!! The writers could have shown so many other tracks but they chose to somehow make Kanak guilty too so they could justify the horrific sequence from the forced wedding up till her running away. And the writers wrote the crazy stalking scenes and garland falling scenes in Pushkar and changed the entire character of Kanak to redeem the horrible forcing sequence and to justify Kanak going back. The characters do what writers write and writers are catering to the Saath Nibhaana Saathiya audience that likes bizarre weddings, psychopathic villains, psycho leads even!!, and scenarios where a very young girl is married to a much older guy and spends her time devising ways to undo evil plans. Quite typical actually and I predict a run of minimum 5years as this bull crap sells. In fact this baba track inspired by Ram Rahim case is the one good thing as it at least brings out the truth of abusive nature if such baba following.

    1. Mr Sim , think about what the authors write, not what you want . Umma’s image is combined and illustrative. I believe you know people like Umma – blind in their own beliefs. Everyone lives their lives according to their understanding. When they are wrong they try to correct them with others. Umma has no one to correct it. Kanak ? There is still little influence on it. When one loves, he fights. Kanak will succeed. It is not important to lose the battle , but the ultimate victory of the war. I admit that there are many artistic inventions , but that is allowed in cinema. Weddings ? And today there are many forced marriages in India. Yes, there is violence against the woman – s*xual and social. Probably writers want to avoid this in real life. For me , TSMSP is very strong, valuable, meaningful and instructive – how it should and how it should not be done ! If a writer did not teach us , then who ?

      1. Moneva ji, What do you mean think what writers write not what you want. I did not understand what you meant by that. And yes, I appreciate the fact that there are people like Uma and the show brings to light their nature and how difficult they can be. And there are forced marriages in India. And when girls are tied and gagged by a mob and forced into a contrary household, it is a terrifying situation. I disagree the way the story proceeded with creating situations so that the wrongdoing of the forced wedding could be erased from viewer memory. I disagree with the romantic track being played when the man who forced a girl and put suffocating restrictions on her, came close to her. I disagree that a character like Uma Shankar who forced a girl to marry him, was later romanticized. So you are saying that it’s ok for writers to write stories based on the harsh facts of forced marriages and suppression of the bride in orthodox households, but they do not need to show a fitting punishment for such an action? And the perpetrator of such a crime can be glorified and romanticized by writers so that they have a male lead who has a female fan following that will defend him, idolize him and overlook the fact that he has not received any punishment for a horrific crime? I disagree with the way they decided to change Kanak’s character to justify her withdrawing her complaint and coming back with Uma Shankar to Ladno. The writers romanticized Stockholm Syndrome by doing that. Sure they can show whatever they want. It’s is their creative discretion. And all they have to care about is TRPs. What I like, I will praise. What I find outrageous I will criticize. And sad as Uma’s situation may be in opinion of one set of viewers, my vision never leaves the scene of that forceful marriage, the terror on the face of the girl, the gundagardi of the hooligan supporters of Uma, his and his family’s suppressive behavior following that. So I don’t think it is the girl’s responsibility to get him or his equally demented sister, out of their warped mindset. I am free to state my opinion, that I dislike the way the writers developed this story surrounding Kanak and UmaShankar, who are just characters acting as writers write them. Please feel free to analyze what I wrote and ask questions. I’d love to answer them. Take care.

      2. I want to add that I may have misunderstood some of what you wrote. If that is the case then sorry about that.

  4. Bakwas .Bandh karo yeh serial.

  5. Of all the things I just hope k woh spoiler sacch na hojayega where that Hawas ki poojaran palomi dresses up like Kanak and files a case against uma?

  6. Kanak you are too gullible, Uma is stubborn but this is because of your Masisa who brainwashed you. Just hope Babho when she comes over catchs this Masisa & Palomi shenanigans sick evil motives I am not enjoying this crap story line it’s getting kinda boring & dragging this vengeance towards Kanak the husband is blind as a bat !!!! Open your eyes ? pls see what’s happening in your house Pls Masa start playing an active role & stop this traumatic episode

  7. I can feel uma’s pain but cannot understand why he is helpless this much educated still he does nit know to differentiate the right and wrong he is abide only with dharam .Kanak said a valid point today uma was totally misguided and taught wrong dharam the way massisa reacted to that is very suspicious that massisa has a past she deliberately poisoned uma ‘s mind with wrong values and wrong dharam.Why kanak is so stupid to reveal her plans to that vamp.Hope no kanum separation at the end of the track .After seeing yesterday spoiler uma will realize his blunder and go against guruji and saves saras but Sara’s will elope with vansh so uma will erupt as volcano soon.

  8. I watched the episode again and couldn’t believe that Masisa who considers Uma & Saras as her own children & also her own sisters kids would be this evil & planning all this with Palomi who is not even related to them Why would she teach them all this dharm stuff is baffling like Divyaa said she must have a past so instill wrong values and dharm . Feel Kanak knows Masisa is behind Uma’s beliefs

  9. please cvs humble request to end palomi character because her character is irritating day by day and not interested and impress with audience. madhura in naagin i like mayuri character and impress in this character in naagin and not in impress in tsmsp.

  10. My point exactly, that writers are moving away completely from the original characterization of Maasisa to make her evil and blame her for all the wrongdoing of Uma , one to create drama, and two to somehow create as much sympathy for Uma Shankar as possible so that viewers would be completely on his side, see him as an innocent, and forgive him everything. Oh well, it is the writers story and they are ruled by the creative heads so whatever they think sells and takes the show forward send keeps it running. As if now, intense drama, bizarre situations, and constant romance keeps shows running and that is what will be delivered.

  11. Am I the only one, who misses Ved? The writers entirely forgot about him. We only saw him in the scene, where Rani was with the bear costume. For me it would be intresting to see more about his personality. How he became a police officer, what she does at work. Is he the best IPS like his mother? Will he marry and etc. And why he seems not interested in his sister like Vansh?

    1. I too miss ved..
      Ved is more sensible than vansh and kanak, I expected he will stop vansh or guide kanak but nothing happened…

  12. Hi TSMSPJ fans! After a long time , probably after a month I saw this episode.
    I remember Maasi saying to Palomi at Kerala that its defficult to see a person whom you love with someone else but it’s your fate and you have to be in your limits.

    After watching today’s episode and precap I feel dt Maasi would have loved Uma’s Father or his Chaachu but couldn’t marry him because of Uma’s Mom, might be she is taking revenge from their kids. Maasi is for sure the biggest villain of this serial who wants to control Everyone as per her wish and who is behind power and money.

  13. I was a huge fan of TSMSPJ but now bcz of this current story am not watching it nor reading the updates. Yday I saw it after a long time but unfortunately there is no progress in this story now. I feel they are simply dragging it and now it has become a SaaS Bahu saaga and I really feel sad to tell this. I was expecting a positive storyline from the makers of DABH.

    1. Hi Mii, how r u…
      True there is no progress in story.. After marriage I thought after this track everything will b fine but the torture continues… Shudikaran…kmb paper…6 patni dharam… truth of kanak n after all this evil maasisa still going more than a month, yesterday I noticed it in hot star this maasisa evil plots stretching more than a month but still no conclusion sorry they not yet exposed in front of anyone.
      I love this show a lot, but the upcoming episode is just painful…

  14. Hi Bhaana! Am fine, thank you.
    How r u?
    Yes , I agree with you Bhaana

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