Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 11th November 2017 Written Episode Update: Kanak Is In Love!

Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 11th November 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Uma shakes Kanak asking her to wake up and says she cnnot leave him alone like this. He then runs to get help and gets herbal plants running. He crushes plants with stone and makes her smell it. She gets conscious. He scolds her why did she jump into fire. She says there was a reason. He asks what reason. She shows mangalsutra. He takes it and asks when their relationship is breaking after 26, then why she jumped into fire where would not have returned alive. She says she jumped because… He asks what. She stands silently. He says she always has incomplete answer, returns her mangalsutra and leaves. Kanak silently says because she loves him, then thinks how can she love this khusat daku singh, she again smiles and that means she loves Uma.

Kanak after realizing

her love for Uma walks into market smiling and imagining him giving her gifts and dorning dupatta on her. She smiles and shies. Aadha isqh aadha hai aadha hojayega…song…plays in the background. She imagines riding bicycle with him and him showing board Daku Singh Loves You. She gets conscious when passer by touches her and runs on road shouting she loves Daku Singh. She takes mobile from a man, calls Bhabho and says she loves Uma. Bhabho says she loved from before, but realized now. Kanak asks if she knew it from before. Bhabho says, that is why she helped her. Kanak loudly says I love you Bhabho.. and returns mobile to man.

Maasi and Palomi celebrating with sweet thinking Kanak is dead. Kanak walks in singing in a jovial mood and eats sweets. Palomi says she cannot eat it. Kanak eats one more and says she already did and says today is in a very happy mood and wants to spread love, so she will not fight with her and picking one more piece walks towards her room

Vansh walks on street holding sweet boxes murmuring Bhabho at least should allow carry bags. Saras walks holding pamphlets and purposefully clashes with him. They both fall and he holds her. Vansh is shocked to see Saras in modern avatar and says Saras. She scolds if he cannot see and walk, he wasted her pamphlets, who will pay her now. He says Saras again. She asks if Saras will pay, call her then. He says Saraswati. She says it is boys’ old trick to call some name to know girl’s real name. She forcefully takes his wallet and pulls out 2500 rs and walks out giving her new cafeteria’s pamphlet and invitation nervously while he watches her going.

Kanak peeps into her room and seeing Uma kurta less thinks he is so hot, how will she control herself. She walks in. Uma asks why did she come on his side of room. She says her hair pin fell. He says it on her hair. Palomi walks in to keep Uma’s clothes in cupboard. Seeing her, Kanak asks Uma to fix her mangalsutra. He asks what. She insists.

Precap: Kanak asks Uma he wanted to start special treatment to get back Aditya’s memory, let us startit now itself. Uma ties Aditya and gives him treatment. Aditya thinks to punish Kanak and walks towards her holding rod. Kanak turns.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. there is one thing that piss me of why are they making uma play hard to get instead it should be kanank cos uma has hurt her alot. they are making kanak look stupid cos she is in love , after watching today episode am very pissed because will start thinking she will fight for her love. and kanak watching uma like that was a little awkward

  2. Bhaana

    Thanks for the fast update MA.
    Lovely episode*??

    *no logic intended

    1. No logic expected ????

      1. Bhaana

        Excuse me…Who asked u to expect…

  3. ??loved today’s episode especially when Kanak ate those sweets infront of Palomi.. what the heck is Aditya upto?

    1. Meera1

      That mithai scene was superb ??

  4. Still it was a cute episode… Realisation of love is always so special…

  5. Meera1

    So the fire sequence wasn’t actually a part of a dream – not quite sure what’s happened to the cvs as the whole thing was completely illogical ?? from Uma turning up from out of nowhere & then striding off after he’d rescued her.. complete madness ?? but finally Kanak has realised that she is in love with Uma & seeing as Uma is still convinced that Kanak is the root cause of all the problems, he is still trying to be a stone & now playing hard to get…. cue some ‘Nokh jokh’ between them ?.. . It’s clear that. before we can see any apology from Uma, he is going to have to realise his mistake … I’m looking forward to watching how Kanak will make Uma realise that his loyalty is misplaced & her love for him is genuine…. only then will we see Uma repent & apologise for his actions.

    1. This is a serial nothing is logical hero always there to save heroin when her life is in danger ?Then they declare their undying love for each other Then they ride away into the sunset in this case Uma ran away alone ?

  6. There you go. The horny doormat has arrived. Every abusive man’s dream. A woman whom he can treat like a piece of property and she will still love him and also have s*xual desire for him. Here there are two. Now the two will catfight for the nude body of Uma. Because that’s all they are in love with. He hasn’t shown any other qualities to be loved by a self respecting woman. But then I guess that’s how some women are. A good lay in bed is bed is enough to love the man.

    1. Woohave man! That was harsh…but somehow you are right uma has never shown a side which someone can adore..he is blind follower,disrespectful of women ,treats ’em like shit etc etc
      But still nowadays the telly audience wants this violent still s*xy crap..
      You alone can’t change the thinking of billions

      1. well if you don’t like it don’t wtch simple. or go and spend time on another page or tv show. what is your problem!!!
        well said jasmine

    2. Jasmine.T

      I seriously don’t know what your problem is. You’re totally disrespecting women in general by saying all that. A woman can find a guy hot without having ‘s*xual desire.’ And he’s her husband so why can’t she call him hot? She loves him because he’s a geniune guy who loves her and he has clearly said this before. And please don’t start with the whole ‘oh he treated her so badly’ shit because everyone knows that but now she and the audience know why he is so blinded by dharam. It’s because of Masisa. Your stupid ass comment makes me feel so sick.

      1. i agree with you jasmine

      2. Good reply Jasmine I also agree with u. No one has right to comment like this abt men n women by watching any serial stuff. I can understand everyone has its own point of view yr n we have right to express tat bt not in a manner like we r pointing all women r same n we shouldn’t try to hurt others by our coments
        I also didn’t like tat kanak fell for Uma, she should wait at least till umas change bt as we all know v have no control over feelings. Uma is not bad man it’s just masisa who made him like this. So we can only hope tat kanak hide her feelings till masisa exposed n Uma realizes his mis dids..

      3. Meera1

        Well said Jasmine ?…. sickening comments & mentality

    3. You dirty man…learn to respect women…seeing serials you abuse women…better you go from this page. .dont watch the serial if u dont like it

  7. Kanak was cute !!!Shame it was a dream sequence Someone who has never fallen in love ? just realized what extend one will go Here to save her mangusutra Uma looked worried for a bit thought he lost Kanak wish he showed a little emotion at least hugged her when she opened her eyes instead started shouting ? Bhabo the ‘Love Guru ‘ knows everything Paullomi face when she saw Kanak too funny ? Kanak suddenly spying on Uma & admiring that body Hope Uma helps Kanak with the mangulsutra Wanted to see more of Saras & Vansh think he likes the new Sarah Yes it’s worrying what Aditya has planned both mom & son are plotting something against Kanak again If Uma thinks he & Kanak will divorce in 26 days they never went back to the lawyer after completing their task till then he was not going to proceed with the divorce proceedings ?

  8. Not bad. All one has to imagine is one of the ghatiyaa khatiyaa romances of the 80s and 90s. Regressive man, inane heroine, he I’ll treats her, forcibly married her, then she falls for him anyway and the sordid intimacy translates as love and romance. But I guess if the genre has viewership still, makers will make it. Why not, it’s still a moneymaking story.

  9. Kanak loves uma uncle

  10. Great to see everyone’s points of view… love how the haters are still keeping track of the show & crawling out the wood work every now & then to spread their negativity ??

    1. well said they must be fans of another tv show or actor. typical haters. they make me laugh. really funny

    2. Bhaana

      Lovely comment jiya??

  11. Today episode was beautiful uma showing his love and concern on Karnak .Karnak realizing her love for the first time towards her daku Singh so cute and sweet dream of Karnak overall enjoyed to the fullest.Kanak started to drool over uma nice to see that she has started to admire her hot hubby after eight months .Hope uma ties mangal sutra to kanak .Uma is angry becos Karnak is not expressing her love towards him .He has clearly seen the love in her eyes.

    1. Meera1

      Yes dream sequence was really cute … looking forward to it turning into reality when Kanak & Uma both realise they’re love for each other ?

  12. Bolenath give vardan to all people who do hard tapasya where he is human or rakshas …..

  13. I love this kanak and Uma Jodi …….

  14. Guess today was the love realization of Kanak for her hubby Uma was longing to hear it that’s why he got annoyed ? The 2 episodes is calm before the storm ⛈

    1. Bhaana

      Well said vj

  15. Wow. Really expected some transformation in Uma before any development of love. The greatest irony now is that, rather than Uma changing, Kanak is the one who has changed. Such a pity…….

  16. Bhaana

    I love the show and I dont want to give explanation why I’m followng to anyone guess..is the page meant for criticizing/giving our own viewpoint of the show or bash at one another… Its hurting guys do respect one another, repeating please don’t try to impose your thoughts to others…we all have enough knowledge…don’t want more….keep it yourself.Have a good day?

    1. Meera1

      I love this comment Bhaana ❤️& as you know I also love this show – you are so right in saying there is no need for us to justify why – it’s our choice, just live & let live ?

      1. Bhaana

        Hey that last line? always admire your words dear…this one registered in my mind,can’t express it but I love it..happy to meet sweet hearts like you all guys.?

  17. Writers have shown Kanak to be a foolish, weak charactered woman. The love plot is demeaning to the character of this girl. No matter what the reason for Uma Shankar’s I’ll treatment, it’s awful to show the main female lead falling in love with him after such atrocities just because she feels it was his maasi making him do it. Writers are not idiots. And producers are also professionals. Even though they know it is a terrible thing to show they still wrote this and also added semi nudity and two women lusting for this abusive male lead. Clearly from market research they have found that this material works at this slot because the same production house is making a much more beautiful show at a different channel at a different time slot. It’s all about target audience. The show will continue on this degrading path and will also do well.

  18. And by the way I am not a hater. In fact I am a big fan that’s why in spite of hating the track I still come back to check if things got any better. Everyone follows what they like. I follow even when I do not like and keep checking to see if it got watchable again. But whether I like it or not the show will go on. Abusing the viewers is definitely not ok. Abusing the show out of outrage at the audacious show of degradation of females…I don’t blame the viewers who were Dan’s, expected one thing and got something entirely different. I am ready to receive brickbats?

  19. it's better if it was a dream sequence.funny moments…kanak running behind autoriksha….jumping into fire….uma comes and saves her….how come uma know about  this….who informed…And i don't think kanak feeling for uma is bad because he's her husband.Finally she breaks her ego in expressing love for uma…missing cute shiv…keep going…all d best.love u rhea sharma

  20. In an overview TSMSP is developing very quickly . The events in it gallop like a horse and with a sudden change . Each successive series is unexpected , surprising and unrelated to the previous one . If TSMSP is the love story of Kanak and Umma , the focus shifts sharply. I agreethat love between man and woman is difficult , but it must be clear that there is love. And something else. The whole story develops in the house. Outside the house ? Why do not Umma and Kanak appear in life ? Why is religion affected only here ? Why are not other social issues affected ? Personally for me , the plot has weak moments and the direction is under all criticism. Pity for talented actors ( Avinesh and Rea ) . There is a lot of potential in them. They can do much more. I strongly hope that the next 200 series will be positive , enjoyable, more romantic, more instructive. The idea of these fanatical ideas and experiences of Kanak or Umma – I do not like it. If a plot did not change in a positive direction for Kanak and Umma , I will no longer look at the TSMSP. Now in India , the series are ahead , but there is no change. I look forward to seeind 2000 episodes , but not for vicious people, cunning plans, vindictive signs. Enough. There is enough in life. I want 2000 episodes of beautiful , unique and unforgettable love . DABH succeeded. TSMSP should succeed.

  21. Bhaana

    If the material is made for time slot then why it is finding difficulty in trp rather than we can see high trip in same slot in other channel at the beginning itself.
    In my view its a unique show with masala to sustain.
    I’m following it from begining in hotstar. Long way to go only thing don’t want SBS track to drag.

    1. Yes bhaana this show is different from other tv serials n we all love the show. We love kanum n waiting to see more of kanum moments after this masisa track get over ?

      1. Bhaana

        Hi shreya! hope to see more of kanum story but when will this maasisa drama end…

  22. Meera1

    Haha VJ you are so right about anything can happen in tv serial land! We’ve already seen maasisa become a don, bhabho’s turn into an expert love guru ? & Saras has now turned into Saarah ?& in between all that Uma has turned into a half stone/half man type creature … now I’m wandering from the precap whether our hero Uma will come to kanak’s rescue once again or whether Kanak can take that pole from Aditya & stick it somewhere wher the sun doesn’t shine ?

    1. Bhaana

      Well said meera??..anything is possible ?

  23. The most disturbing thing about this show is that Kanak has accepted Uma’s abusive behaviour. She has never once called him out on his ill treatment of her. In fact she now joyfully proclaims she loves this callous man, this brute…..?? So it’s official. Kanak is in love with her abuser. She will now accept with love whatever crumbs he throws her way. What an absolute and total disappointment………sigh……….

  24. Bhaana

    Hi guys! Anger is the weakness of an individual…liked the episode yet dream one decided not to roast it but felt bad asusual some people bashed it to the core.Sorry for my harsh words used unintetionally.As somone points out me gusse m kuch zyada hi boldiya.

  25. The show is getting bad comments because it has deteriorated to a ridiculous level and shown the female lead with conflicting personality…on one hand strong willed and individual minded and on other hand falling for a man who I’ll treated her mindlessly for whatever reason. Most people cannot relate to that. And he is no husband of her choice or a husband in the real sense that she chose or her family chose. So accepting him for that reason is also very odd. Then it all boils down to physical attraction. Showmakers have insulted the male lead repeatedly by obscene show of his body in that low sling dhoti. No wonder people think that it’s just lust that the showmakers are selling and many viewers buying. Whole there is a show on colors showing the horrific side of kidnapping and forced marriage. If you watch shows that have no sense of social responsibility and sell cheap romance then there will be people who pour their anger and then there will be some cheap idiots who will get license to write such dirty comments like the one a few comments above. You cannot show crap on TV and expect mudslingers to stay away!! But carry on with loving your show. It’s really your choice. You live and let the mudslingers live too?

    1. Meera1

      no one is expecting mudslingers of the show to stay away – what is expected is that people keep their comments on the show rather than mudslinging or pointing fingers at the audience – surely that’s not to difficult to comprehend ?

  26. I’d also like to add that I agree with your viewpoint, the show is giving mixed signals & giving fuel to the mudslinger. I would like to see the focus on Kanak & Uma’s relationship at a deep level based on a ‘union of their souls’…
    I too can’t understand why there is a need for Uma to be shown bare chested so often (not that I’m complaining at the view ?) but it takes away from the innocence of their relationship & can be interpreted as lustful physical attraction instead.

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