Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 11th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 11th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Maasi asking Kanak whom is she calling now by hiding when she said she has no family. Kanak gives phone to girl and asks her not to play many games. She sends girl and says I was calling that girl’s parents to tell about mobile’s bad effects, this is the truth, she was playing games on phone, so I was stopping her. Suman asks how is she related to us. Kanak says when something bad happens, dear or strangers are not seen, I just wanted to stop her, what wrong did I do, tell me. Shiv says Kanak understood in one time, real wife is husband’s shadow. Kanak thanks Shiv. She says I was just trying to work on the path shown by you, sorry. Uma says you did right. Maasi asks them to come. She says wife should understand other things also. Maasi goes. Uma says good

house’s bahu does not dry hair and get ready outside this way, I m glad you are affected by our thoughts, I have complete faith that you will understand me some day, just I have right to see you in loose hair. He holds her and turns. Rishta ye kaisa hai….plays………. Uma ties her hair. He sees her smiles. Uma leaves.

Meenakshi thinks to do something to get that rich girl for Golu. She gets an idea and says what did you two say, I will show you good sarees. She says I m happy today, take 20% discount from my side, my nature is such, I feel happy to people’s sorrow. She tells them about Khandelwal’s worry. The lady asks her what’s the matter. Meenakshi says that girl is not a girl. The lady asks is she a guy. Meenakshi says no. The lady asks is she…. no we will not marry our son there. They leave. Meenakshi calls Golu and asks him to get ready well.

Kanak comes to room and says they are fraud family and show high thinking. Maasi asks Uma and Kanak to get rady. They say yes Maasi. She turns and sees Uma coming from bath. She says I have to get ready too. He moves a bit away from mirror and says we will share everything equally. He says I m coming, Kanak needs time to get ready. She argues. He says when you get angry, you look a cute bird. She asks do you look SRK. He says you are mine, why to pretend then. He smiles seeing her. He combs his hair. She also gets ready. She opens her hair and combs. Main Sooraj tu saanjh piya ji….plays…. She makes his comb fall and says sorry. She sees her bite mark on his shoulder. He says I have bear more deeper wounds. He keeps the comb.

Kanak goes and gets ready. Uma smiles seeing her. He goes to change. He asks her to open the door, as he has changed. She opens the door. He goes and shuts drawers. She applies kajal. He compliments her beauty. Rishta ye kaisa hai……plays….. Her earring fall. Uma helps her. Tu sooraj mai piya ji…..plays…..

He asks her to come along with him to Pushkar, we bought a sweet shop Kanak Mishtaan Bhandaar, I was thinking you to take possession of the shop. She recalls Babasa’s sorrow. She agrees. He says I felt glad that you agreed. He goes. She says that shop is of my Bhabho, which you took by cheat, like you married me forcibly. She sees the papers and says Bhabho has many memories with this shop, I won’t let Sooraj and Sandhya’s last sign get away from Bhabho, this is my promise to Bhabho. She keeps papers in her bag and ties to her waist. She says work is tough, but I have to do this, I have to prove Bhabho’s sign are forged, then Uma will be in jail, Lord will bring out truth. She encourages herself.

Kanak does some rituals and her bag falls. Uma jumps in front of the cow and takes her bag. He gives the bag to Kanak. Maasi takes the bag.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. KanakUma is a wonderful jodi…waiting 2 see the show in 1 sitting

    1. Yes.. That’s correct..!!!

  2. I hate dat Suman….Paulmi should move out off the house

  3. They both going to pushkar. What ll happen if her family meet them. Waiting for tomorrow epi. Hope maasi won’t see the shop paper. Uma illegally took kanak’s shop, forcefully married her without even knowing her name, he named her kanak and now wanna give kanak shop to kanak…………!!!!!

  4. I dont know hindi..I use to read this written update to understand story & watch hotatar too..Very helpfull…
    Thank you sooo much Amena..!!!..

  5. I dont know hindi..I use to read this written update to understand story & watch hotstar too..Very helpfull…Thank you sooo much Amena..!!!..

  6. Annie1

    I think so that bhabho purposely named shop to Uma.There must be some motive or something else.

    1. Aasthu

      hey Annie have u been watching this show from epi-1???? if so can u tell me why bhabho hates Kanak and why Kanak was forced to marry Uma against her wish????

      1. Annie1

        Bhabho hates kanak because she feels her responsible for Sandhya and sooraj’s death.They ate that bomb medicine for saving kanak .Bhabho came to know this thing after the blast.so she hates kanak.
        Uma believes in God and feels kanak is sent by God for him.
        Kanak wants Bhabho’s shop papers but at first doesn’t know that Uma has the papers.she goes to ladno (uma’s city)where uma’s Masi asks for her hand for marriage.she thinks that the marriage is a part of mahashivratri play.she agrees but after knowing the truth she is forced to marry uma

      2. Aasthu

        Thanks for the answer…I have watched only a few episodes of Diya aur bati hum…so if you don’t mind can you tell me the ending part??? was Kanak taken as hostage or something???????

  7. VINAL

    Just ok type episode nothing interesting but want to see rathi family reaction kanak in pushkar with uma

    1. i am also waiting for the reaction

  8. how dare he took bhabho shop. he force marrying kanak for betraying her.

    1. he will made her life better too and i don’t think so that he got the shop forcefully

  9. I Don’t know hindi…So this is a great work.Thanks for fast updating .Good serial.Make it 1 hour.kanak is adorable.resembles genilia.

  10. epi was good

  11. Bipasha Bhattacharya

    I love Umasankar and Kanak pair just awesome.

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