Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 11th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 11th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Uma saying once you understand the meaning behind all this, you will not find strange, you apply sindoor every day, do you know why its applied. She says yes, it shows woman is married, its a Daasi Dharm. He says incomplete knowledge is harmful, sindoor is for husband’s long life. She sends him for yagya. Maasi asks everyone to work faster. Kanak says I have washed all fruits. Payal gets up and says don’t know, you can find this as my childishness, but Aditya came in my dream yesterday.

Maasi asks what did he say. Payal says he asked me to do Solah Shringhaar, his family will love me, as he is Maasi’s dearest one. Maasi makes Payal wear her bangles. Payal and her mum smile. Maasi says next time, if he comes in dream, tell him Maasi gave nek to his

wife. Payal’s mum says its beautiful bangles. Payal takes Maasi’s blessings. Maasi says Kanak is going to become Shiv’s guru maa, he will sit in her lap, where is the necklace, why did you not wear it. Kanak says I was…. Maasi asks Saraswati to get necklace. She makes Kanak wear a big necklace. Payal and her mum look on.

Kanak thinks just half an hour is left to do Daasi dharm, I got one step closer to get Bhabho’s shop. Payal’s mum sees Kanak coming and tells Payal. Kanak asks Payal what’s the matter. Payal says Suman is unwell, I was taking kada for her. Kanak says give kada to me, I will give it to her. Payal smiles. Shiv asks Uma to make him wear Janiyo. Uma says sure, just some time left. Shiv signs and asks about it. Uma says Janiyo’s three threads resemble three veds, then the threats are tied by a knot, it is washed by gangajal and made pure, you don’t touch it by dirty hands, heart and deeds should be pure.

Payal goes to Paulmi and says I have seen Kanak going to Suman’s room, she did not stop. Paulmi says what, I will get her. Maasi asks what happened. Payal says Kanak went to Suman’s room. Maasi gets shocked. Kanak calls out Suman and asks her to have kada, Maasi asked me not to meet you, so I kept kada here. She enters the room. She doesn’t find Suman. She reads her poetry and says wow, Suman writes too, she is romantic, its good, I should leave before anyone comes. Maasi says I m explaining Kanak since two days, why did she go there. Paulmi says don’t know. Maasi asks is she venting out anger to keep daasi dharm, is she angering Uma.

Rani gives money to pandit. She says when I find a groom who holds my hand, you will do my marriage with him. She cries. He says sure. Golu shouts Rani, your badal has come. Rani gets glad. He says I got late and you are going in someone else’s life. She says you can’t talk in front of your mum. He says no, I have come, leave that mandap and groom, come to me to become my queen. Rani says I will marry today, you have to climb the stairs and come to me. He counts stairs and holds heart. He says fine, I can climb Himalayas for you. Rani claps for him.

Golu stops midway and gets tired. He says I can’t come. Pandit asks is this the groom, I have a solution. Rani asks what. Pandit says we will get him up by this rope. They throw the rope to Golu. Golu holds rope and asks them to pull. Rani and pandit pull Golu. Rani says if you truly love me, come up holding the ripe. Golu says I m coming. They pull Golu. Golu reaches the top of the stairs. Rani holds his hand. He falls in her lap.

Mahant ji comes. Uma greets and welcomes him. Kanak says I have passed the test, now I will focus on Shiv’s yagya pavitra sanskar, Shiv is so happy, I will become his Gurumaa. Maasi calls her out. Everyone comes. Maasi asks everyone to stay away from Kanak. Maasi asks Kanak did she go inside Suman’s room, why did she do this when she was not allowed. Kanak says I went and kept kada on table, I did not meet Suman. Maasi asks why did you do this. Kanak sees Payal. Maasi says you are not pure now.

Mahant says yagya pavitri is a pure work, there is a solution. Daasi thinks there is just 10 mins left. Pandit asks Kanak to drink some water.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. payal is botch…and so do her mum

    1. Please tell me the real name of Payal.

      1. Shefali singh soni


    How u get so fast updates Amena and thax for the update


    I have a doubt from 24th july it will air at 7 pm so what will happen to 1pm slot

  4. Thanks for the fast update.. I feel the water which the Pandit gives Kanak to drink iin the precap is the gau mootr..

    1. Mira_dewi

      Hi Neha, the gau mootr, what is that??

      1. Hey.. it’s cow’s urine..

  5. In hotstar, the video episode is updated at morning 6am! Of the episodes which air in the afternoon! So i guess we can watch it there for fast episode update!

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  7. Please tell me the real name of Payal.

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  8. Please don’t drag this Daasi dharm till end of week…………………move fast……….

  9. VINAL

    What the payal is doing how can someone change her behaviour so easily
    And 8 days kab khatam hoge want to know real intention of uma shankar

  10. I like to see kanak n uma together, but this epi is very boring, nothing in it,just dragging showing dramas of saas bahu sagas,dont ruin the show n degrade dabh
    Payal charac is totally spoiled,does a mom teach these things to a child,telling lie to get name n gift n trapping kanak n all..
    Wat u want to show in next epi,wat is nayi soch promoting old supertitious things
    Writers pls end this track as soon as possible
    Missing sita n gita wale episodes

  11. Mira_dewi

    Kanak you’re so careless & stubborn, but dont know why, i cant blame you, there is Suraj & Shandhya’s blood in you, i remember what Suraj always did. You have a braveheart and also a gentle soul, always want to help people ??

    Payal you are a pity girl, dont have courage to be your self, your mom succed control your mind, how could you do that, you know Kanak better than her … Sooo sad, i feel like my friend betrayed me ??

    Pandit asks Kanak to drink some water as solution to bare her mistake, what kind water is that?? In 8th jul, N comments that Uma will ask kanak to wash his feet & drink the water?? This is the time?? ??

    1. Yes u r right pandit asked kanak to wash uma feet n drink it to b pure after she went to sumans room???

  12. Yaa guys me too thinking that the water kanak is asked to drink is firstly used to wash uma ‘s feet.
    Now ,want to see what kanak will do now.???
    Today’s episode was completely spoiled.
    Just dragging the show..
    Nothing is interesting..
    Loosing interest over the show

  13. today episode is not bad. tommorrow or day after tommorow will exited to see bajli marriage how will meena react they have got married. this show is about full orthodox

  14. before the show uma character is mentioned that he is army officer than what happen

    1. ven i read dat.smwhere….seriously i was thinking dat he losed his memory or what

      1. ??That was an awesome [email protected]

    2. Mira_dewi

      Hi Vinothini, You mean before to be a doctor, Uma was an Army? … He’s very smart & he should be understand the law, but

    3. Mira_dewi

      … But why he often breaks the law and prefers follow the rules of his religion & custom … Bcause he has benefit for him self from all of that??

  15. There is diff btwn orthodox n superstitious one

  16. I think Kanak will drink what they give. Bcz,she will do that for chote shiv.kanak saw how much shiv happy for his function.
    Payal how can she do this. Payal is not suitable for ved.ved need a good girl not this cunning&greedy Payal.

    1. Hmm…and then maybe Payal’s truth will come out. After all Suman will know that Kanak never came to her right?

  17. Dragging the show too much yar
    Daasi dharm almost took one week tats way 4 dharm wil take a month
    2day’s episode was boring n now they r making it typical sas bahu show
    Can’t see kanak suffering like this yr. Pls speed up the story
    Wish tat ved would hate payal after knowing what she did with kanak n then payal should repent on her dids

  18. Guys , most likely the priest will ask her to have cow-piss- GauMootra. That’s what they made her have when they took her to Kerela right? For shuddhi? I started watching this show a month or so ago so had to watch back episodes on internet. I couldn’t watch when they took her to the cow in Kerela. It was too torturous for me.Uma is the one who needs Shuddhikaran from all the “mal” in his brain. But I think the showmakers are showing the worst of practices taking place in our villages even in today’s time. The goal is to make aware those who don’t know, and make the people who do all this question themselves. Don’t know how successful that will be as people who have grown up believing all this don’t change. And everyone gets angry in the name if religion without understanding the symbolism behind the stories.Many movies also show things going all bad for the leads before interval and slowly the leads take revenge and win. The problem here is that it’s a tv show, so instead of the bad part finishing in one and a half hours so the good part can start, this is dragging on for weeks and it is unbearable. It’s been four days of one day of daasi dharam. I think this will drag till the new time slot starts. They have probably planned something big for the first episode at 7p.m. in between, they will throw a few pieces of romantic scenes at us to stop us from quitting the show.

    1. Mira_dewi

      That i remember, Kanak didnt drinks anything in kerala, they just doing some ritual & pray to the cow

  19. I also think kanak wil drink tat water due to shiv as she knows how imp this day for him
    also she’s bound to do that as per daasi dharm
    Bt Don’t know how she ll do this. Realy can’t see it

    1. Shreya, if you are fainthearted like me when it comes to watching torture of women, see the clips I posted. It’s everybody scolding Kanak and harassing her and she is all alone facing everything. I am skipping the episode. I just can’t, or I’ll go into a depression.


  20. Apparently meant to be alchohol

  21. No i don’t think so that promo episode will be shown at 7 pm .I think kanak will drink the water given by panditji becos I saw a video in YouTube showing that kanak has passed the dhaasi dharam test .But i am missing uma and kanak nhok jhok.Lovely pair .I am sure kanak will pass all the test .Same plot little different story is already shown in dabh .Bhabho tested sandhya to see she is perfect for her family .sandhya also passed the test.

    1. What? This happened there too? How depressing. This will never end then …testing women to check if they are worthy. ??

  22. I was wrong. Payal does truck Kanak into going to Suman. I found the following on a site.

    Payal’s foul play, new task for Kanak

    Payal gives Kada to Kanak and asks her to give the same to Suman while Kanak was not supposed to meet Suman.

    Maadi declares that Kanak met Suman and thus turned impure.

    Kanak will understand Payal’s foul play against Kanak.

    While Pandit ji will declare Kanak to drink a mystery water and thus Kanak will once again attain the purity.

    What this mystery water is?

    Will Kanak obey Panditji’s words?

    Let’s wait and watch.

    1. Wow it wil be v interesting to watch then ?

    2. Woah.. I hope it’s true.. it will be nice if Uma kicks Payal out of his house.. I so hate her.

    3. Super… Very interesting

  23. Stop this bullshit … what nonsense is this being played in 21st century … this is how much mankind thought process has changed … what nonsense message is being passed to the viewers are u improving the thought process of society or are u deeming it. It so horrible to resist

    1. I know Jyoti. This is like a horror show ????

  24. Diyaa

    I don’t know what to say. All I know is God could not possibly want one of his creations to demeanor, degrade, and insult another one of his creations.So whatever they do, they should not attribute these practices to God. Just like history is written by the winner, maybe these rituals we’re also written by the powerful for their benefit. I apologize if that hurts anyone’s sentiments. But without showing this and then debunking these theories, how else do we bring about change. I agree with @Navi, that since unlike in movies, in shows the injustices are so drawn out that it becomes outrageous. Just for the sake of it, let me share a real story witnessed by me. An educated family, to prepare sweets for a festival, uses actual gangajal collected personally, to mix the flour and ingredients considering it to make the offerings extra holy and auspicious. Half the family including kids had a bad case of dysentery post the festival and had to seek serious medical help. We are simple people as a society, and sometimes in our devotion we lose sight of reason. I still have hopes from this show. BTW, even if Uma knows what Payal did and saves Kanak, as I read in the article posted by Parmeen, the centre of the problem still exists. But the promos give me hope and as they say, ummeed pe duniya kaayam hai. And while waiting for better days, no harm in taking comfort in some adorable scenes of Kanak &Uma. ???

    1. Diyaa

      Demean not demeanor ?

  25. Clips from today’s episode. Nobody helps Kanak. More torture for her. ????


  26. Adr

    No no no no no hell no The priest asks Kanak to wash Uma’s feet and drink the cleansed water. I would kill that priest if that happened..this is ridiculous..I can’t bear this anymore…

  27. Adr

    But I like today’s precap..

  28. Hey Adr , What is today’s precap?

  29. Precap is kanak refuses to drink tat water n shiv expresses is joy tat kanak to be his gurumaa kanak is worried

  30. Mira_dewi

    So probably she’ll do it for Shiv?? Believe it or not, this ritual is still exist in few village in my country too

    1. Really, sorry yaar i didn’t heard of it but its too bad na
      Hope this show come to reality soon

  31. It’s good serial n different story bt plz dont make it boring like other serial where both lover get separated n marry other one n when all doubts clear then they patch up again…..people hv seen these type of stories many times n now they r bored ..they want to see something different where both lovers be together the end of their life n shares n face all the challenges happiness n sorrow together. ….like fatmagul ……I think indian directors should get the knowledge from turkey shows that how to make serial popular. .best of luck

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