Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 11th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 11th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Uma talking to Shiv. Ved helps a girl. They smile. Uma says we will go to Kanak sweet shop if they don’t reply till 7 days, we will go our home till now. He gets shocked seeing Ved with that girl. He gets angry. He stops his man. Ved frees the girl’s dupatta. Ved and the girl see Uma. The girl gets tensed and goes to Uma. Uma asks her to sit in the car. Uma says we will stay in Pushkar for some more days.

The girl Payal’s parents welcome Uma. Uma says I came to talk about Payal’s Gauna, I know I m hurrying where there is three months time, when house walls get short, its important to cover the respect and Maryada, we will prepare for Gauna/bidaai. Payal’s dad stops him. He says I respect you a lot, sorry to say all this, Payal’s marriage happened

with your brother Aditya in childhood, but he disappeared 4 years ago, its an old wound, her pain is still fresh, we did not give freedom to Payal from this relation thinking Aditya will come back, when there is no hope of his return, this relation does not have any meaning, we can’t do this Gauna, its over from our side, you would have done this if Payal was your sister.

Payal’s mum says I won’t send my daughter to inlaws without husband, forgive us, you believe in Lord a lot, maybe its Lord’s wish. Uma silently leaves. Kanak and Bhabho are on the way. Kanak smiles seeing her. They take an auto. Daisa asks Kanak where are you going. Kanak says I m going on shopping with Bhabho. They leave. Kanak happily shops sarees with Bhabho. The man asks Kanak to try sarees. Kanak says I don’t know anything about sarees, you see. Bhabho chooses one for her. Kanak smiles. Bhabho makes her try the saree. Kanak hugs Bhabho and asks her not to go.

Kanak dreams this and talks in sleep, asking Bhabho not to leave her, stay with her. Bhabho wakes up hearing her. She sees Kanak hugging her and sleeping. Bhabho makes her away. She goes out and sees Ved and Vansh. Ved says lights went, Kanak is scared of darkness, so maybe she came there in your room. Ved says thank God, she did not say anything. Vansh says I m sure Bhabho’s hatred will melt, it will be big day in Kanak’s life.

Its morning, Bhabho comes from bath and sneezes. Meenakshi sees her and goes to make coffee. She asks Vansh not to go there. Vansh says we should know what’s cooking in other kitchen. Meenakshi says I know everything, you are making tea for Bhabho, add black pepper also. He asks why. Kanak says Meenakshi is right, Bhabho is sneezing, black pepper is good for cold, I will make tea for Bhabho. She makes tea for Bhabho and sends Vansh. She gives tea to Meenakshi. Meenakshi sees Vikram and says I have left tea with changing time, I drink black coffee.

Vikram says give it to me, Kanak you should give things to one who values it. Vansh gives tea to Bhabho. He stays in her room fixing some frame. She drinks tea and says how did you know, black pepper is also used in tea. He says everything is there on internet. She likes the tea. She asks will we get Sooraj and Sandhya by putting their name in your phone, you made nice tea, bless you. Kanak smiles hearing this.

Kanak thinks today Bhabho will take me for marriage shopping. She goes and keeps things ready for Bhabho. Vansh runs on treadmill. Meenakshi jokes on him. She gives laddoo to Golu. Golu says I will have later, I did not bursh. She says I won’t tell anyone you don’t brush for 2-3 days, come. Rani hears this and makes faces. Rani says he became laddoo by eating laddoos.

She says its Kanak’s marriage, we have to go in marriage, it will be fun. Meenakshi says then you have to dance also. Rani says I dance very well. Meenakshi asks her to sweep and clean floor, do the work for which you came. She goes. Rani says this madam is an item.

Meenakshi does puja. Bhabho comes out and sees everything ready. Bhabho takes the things. Kanak says we have to do shopping. Vansh says your friend Koyal, you would get late if you go by auto. Bhabho says no one will do anywhere, shopping has to be done, Ved went on duty, Vansh take Kanak to hotel, there is fair of shopping, I spoke to Mayank’s mum, she wants to do shopping by her choice, I have kept list, take it and go. Kanak gets sad. Bhabho leaves.

Meenakshi says you are having hope, it won’t work. Kanak says you told me that Bhabho used to behave such way with Sandhya, then Sandhya won her heart and became daughter from bahu, I m her daughter, I will win Bhabho’s heart. Meenakshi says I wish this happens, Sooraj used to stay with Sandhya as her strength, I don’t see any strength and sun rays in your life. Uma does Surya puja and smiles.

Vansh says I will do something to call Bhabho. Kanak wears bangles. Uma tells about Bor. Kanak hears this and buys it. Bhabho makes Kanak wear the bor/maang tika. She thanks Uma. She gives him a gift and thanks him. She goes. He looks for her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Can someone tell why babho hates Kanak.

    1. Asammi:- Actually bhaboo think sandhya and suraj eat tjat medicine and die to save kanak… so bhaboo hate kanak… bckz of kanak she lost sandhya and suraj…??

      1. Kanak dream scene was superb.. mind blowing????

  2. Thanks Amena for fast update.
    Nice episode.

  3. Hai friends @Varsha,viz pinky.and all who still remain to join this page.
    Good evening.
    Have a nice day.

    ?????how funny bhaboo and kanak scenes??.
    Y they are showing uma as an angry man. In season 1.so or was so sweet, never get angry???.
    Wowwww ved got his girlfriend??. Parllel love stories.
    Precap is very interesting.

    1. Type error* In season 1.sooraj was so sweet, never get angry.*

    2. Hiii NS4….gud night dear????

  4. Thanks amena for fast update??as usual in my style ek dam zakasss?????? kanak was awesome.. plz come back soon my friends @Richa @Anu @Romi @Geeta @Jeyam @Dabh fan @Dabh lovers etc.. I and NS4 wating for your cmts??

  5. But today i dont like that uma scene.. when uma see that girl and ved together..??

  6. I like kanak and minakshi bound.. nice to see there scene??????cute scenes??

  7. Also like that to see minakshi hidden love for bhaboo?????

  8. Now wating for next episode… ab bas aur ache ache scene dikhav between minakshi and kanak????????

  9. Madhu.r

    next update soon

  10. That kanak and bhaboo scene was awesome.. in my style ek dam zakassss.. means that auto scene???????

  11. Today scenes were osm.kanak dream,vansh support to kanak and everything.waiting 4r next episode.want to see vansh love story too…

    1. Plz read my reply comment in yesterday session.
      I have given answer to your question.. Who killed mohit/rohit??

      1. Ha i have read it.thank u 4r ur reply dear.thanks chepadanike ne comment ki type cheidam start chesa naku oka thamudu unadu very naughty guy sudden ga vachi edipinchadam modhalu petadu.andhuke full ga type cheyaleka poyanu.
        Naku thelisi needhi guntur kadha.nuvu em chaduvuthunavu.personal anukunta chapalsina avasaram ledhu.chepina chepaka poina we r frnds.just thelusu kovalani undhi.thelidhu endhuko ni comments naku chela nachuthai.☺☺☺.chala rojulu nundi adugudham anukuntunanu kani nuvu emina anukuntavani adaga ledhu.
        Have a nice day dear.

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        Happy to have frnd like u on this page.???

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