Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 10th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Vansh and Saras’ Wedding Rituals

Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 10th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Uma tells after 5 days, Saras will, sacrifice all her desires and will become sevika, but before that she has to do atma shuddi/soul purification by sitting in front of havan. Kanak opposes and says she cannot let a small girl sacrifice her life and asks Uma why don’t he himself go with her. Saras asks Uma Dadusa not to worry, she will start rituals from today and walks. Palomi says she will accompany her. Saras walks away while Uma and Kanak watch emotionally. Uma goes to Saras’ room and looks at her belongings sadly and cries.

Saras with Palomi goes to temple for havan. Pandit asks Saras to bring havan sticks from outside while he prepares for havan. She goes out and asks wood cutter to give sticks. Man turns and she is surprised to see Vansh. Vansh says he told

he will find her wherever she goes. Pandit comes out with Palomi and seeing Vansh says this city boy is adamant and told he will serve temple until his wish is fulfill. He tells Vansh he needs small sticks for havan. Palomi sees Saras and Vansh looking at each other and thinks Maasi’s plan is working.

Meena tries to sell a sari for 25,000 rs to a customer, but client does not agree. She shows Rani’s gifted 2 lakhs rs bracelet and says it is worth 5000 Rs, but she is giving it free with sari. Customer agrees and leaves with Sari. Rani enters getting picco and falls of other saris and says Meena she looks so happy, if she sold many saris. Meena says she sold 25,000 Rs worth sari with bracelet as gift and asks her to get 10 more bracelets. Rani runs behind customer.

Pandit asks Vansh if sticks are ready, he can bring in. Palomi says Vansh may god fulfill his wish. Vansh says it is like his wish is in front of him. Palomi and pandit walk in. Vansh takes out haldi from his pocket an dapplies it on Saras and says their marriage rituals have started and today is their haldi. Saras walks in and starts havan. She throws bangles in havan.

Kanak with Suman walks into Saras’ room and throwing bangles, bindi, makeup items, bindi, etc in box tells Uma that Saras loves all these, but sevika does not need all these. She throws dresses in box and says now she needs only white clothes. Saras throws colorful cloth, her jewelry, etc., in havan. Palomi silently watches getting happy in heart. Kanak says she forgot Saras’ doll and shows white dressed doll, says it is looking like Saras. Uma snatches doll and says he cannot go move away from dharam’s path, though it has lots of thorns on it. He keeps doll in box and leaves. Saras thinks what to do now.

Saras with Palomi returns home. Maasi opens door and asks if she sacrificed all her dear things. Saras says yes, she is tired and will go and rest. Maasi sees injury in her hand (on which Vansh applied haldi) and says it needs haldi and asks Suman to get haldi to heal it. Saras reminisces Vansh telling their wedding rituals have started and wherever she goes, she will find her. Kanak tries to apply haldi, but Saras says she will apply it herself and applies salt on her hand and says her world and her treatment have changed. Kanak reminisces Sevika applying salt on her wound. She takes Saras to kitchen and applying haldi says even Maasi does not want her to become sevika. Saras wipes haldi and applies salt again and says Dadusa’s decision is order for her. Kanak thinks she will not let her become sevika.

Precap: Kanak says they will do Krishna and Rukmini drama and shows Uma that he is doing wrong. Maasi tells Palomi that she will not let Uma hear Kanak’s pleads at all. Uma angrily hits his hands on table.

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  1. Thanks for very fast and detailed wriiten update MA…

  2. Why does Kanak have to tell her each and every plan to that Maasisa?

    1. Bcos she is stupid to believe all.

  3. Not much to comment on today’s show, besides how the show is becoming increasingly painful to watch …As predicted the track is dragging, with all the heavy scenes & Vansh’s idiotic revenge plan. Its surprising that this track has increased Trps… Uma please snap out of this madness quickly. I hope sometime soon Kanak can make Uma realise that religion doesn’t mean sacrificing oneself or relationships.

  4. Oh god how can writers show kanak so stupid who blindly believe in masisa who did wrong to her n openly challenged her many times…..viwers can’t digest this stupidity from kanak..who present herself as clever n intelligent girl….very disappointed. .whatever she has plan she doesn’t show it to everyone. .now she looks like uma n saras so dumb. .

  5. how many day and month couldn’t wait and tolerate for this nanda , palomi and vansh for trying to separate our favourite kanum jodi. when will they three idoit get exposed.

  6. bhabho is the one who unit kanum relationship. bhabho will identify nanda ,palomi and vansh motive and tell to kanak that they are trying to separate .

  7. I hope you are right vino..

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