Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 10th November 2017 Written Episode Update: Palomi Steals Kanak’s Mangalsutra

Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 10th November 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Kanak returns to her room and sees her mangalsutra missing. She searches it all around. Suman comes and asks what is she searching. Kanak says her mangalsutra, she had kept it here itself. Suman says it is a very bag sign for suhaag. Kanak asks being literate, how can believe in superstitions. Suman asks to get new one then. Kanak thinks she is right, why she is worried so much. She then sees Uma’s side of room clean and realizes Palomi came and stole it.

Palomi walks on street holding Kanak’s mangalsutra and reminisces stealing it and trying it on herself. She thinks of burning it and leaves in auto. Kanak comes out and seeing her going in auto runs behind it.

Saras prays god to give her courage to win Vansh’s heart. Bhabho encourages her. Rani and

her then take Saras to cafeteria and tell her exam starts now. Saras says she is doing it for Vansh’s love and walks in. Bhabo tells Rani she is the first saas who wants boys to stare at her bahu. Saras orders café latte. Bhabho and Rani nervously wait sadly seeing no boy noticing Saras. Waiter notices Saras and gives coffee for free and even gives complementary pastry. Boys throng her and one of them giving rose requests friendship. Saras says she does only love and not friend and signals to get out. Boy flatters seeing her attitude. Saras then signals Bhabho and Rani.

Palomi takes mangalsutra to dry grass burning area and throws it in fire thinking when she cannot wear it, even Kanak should not. Kanak comes running and asks what did she do. Palomi says just like she burnt mangalsutra, she will burn her relationship with Uma and throw her out of Uma’s life. Kanak says she cannot do anything. Palomi challenges to save her mangalsutra if she can. Kanak jumps into fire an searches her mangalsutra. When fire increases around her, she shouts to save her. Palomi runs home and anxiously informs Maasi whole story. Maasi laughs and says it is a good news.

Uma gets Kanak out of fire and tries to revive her, shakes her to open eyes, thinks he will lose her and runs to seek help. Kanak is seen still unconscious on floor.

Precap: Uma scolds Kanak why did she risk her life to save this mangalstura when their relationship is already ending. She says she jumped into fire as she loves him. Uma gives her rose and proposes. Aadha hai Aadha hojayega…song..plays in the background.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. How did Uma form to know that Kanak was in trouble? I didn’t watch the serial.. just read the update.. precap looks interesting.. hope it’s not a dream sequence ? warna whole episode will end up in dream..
    @ bahana thanx for your wishes for my exams? yeah u r right..these 30days track will continue even after my exams ?

    1. Sorry Bhaana*

    2. Bhaana

      Bool gayee…chandan k mehak?

      1. Lol? exactly

  2. I am just waiting to see tomorrow’s episode… Cant expect anything like this ( i mean confession of the leads ) that too in earlier especially without any dragging in zee serials.. Having trust in myself by far this serial seems promising. I hope they would end it if they ran out of plots in stead of showing same concepts. If that happens, I’d say this is one of the best serials i have ever seen. And of course i love the leading pair a lot.

  3. Uma uncle with kanak

    1. And how does Avinesh Rekhi wife look like ? Compared to him , she is like a grandmother.

      1. Well said moneva ?

  4. This whole mangalsutra thing is a dream sequence.

  5. Ridiculous episode…doesn’t make sense at all…

  6. Bhaana

    A blend of old and modern age…good drama still fire sequence is so dramatic and felt dragged…whole point here is kanak is in love that’s commandable one.
    Didn’t expect uma entry…hero is there for action…good to see kanum scenes after a long.
    Long way to go but eagerly waiting for kanak madness as she felt her feeling for uma in between sbs track to relax.

    1. Thank u Bhanna for ur consoling words ur words gave me strength.Thank u for PM me Dr.Love u so much bhaana

      1. Bhaana

        Sorry divyaa…accept my tight hug dear.. I will pray God to give you courage to overcome sorrow…

  7. Hahahaha…CVs gone mental…ye kyaa thaa!!?????I mean what sort of writing is this? Class 2 ke bachhey chandamaama ki kahaaniyaa parh ke story like rahe kyaa? And the Sara’s nonsense? What’s the problem of these CVS that they always have to show the girl degrading herself to impress some pathetic loser so he would love and respect her.

  8. I no longer have any respect left for the writers or the character of Kanak. At this point in the story to have her saying she is in love with this man…just disgusting…before any development in Uma’s character was shown, before he was shown to be progressing and realizing his mistakes, before he was shown apologizing for what all he had done beginning with forcing a girl to marry him for whatever reason, before all that to show the girl being an idiot … terrible.

  9. This show is being written for simplistic, gullible, slightly foolish, and hopeless romantics who don’t need logic and will defend the romantic leads as long as romance is delivered. If one does not like the story, know that you are not the target audience. It’s There are more contemporary and logical better shows out there for you. This is for the saath nibhana Saathiya type of crowd. Mera pati Mera dharam type of crowd. And tu chaahe mujhe Kamini keh, jaanvar bulaa, zabardast Shaadi Kar par i see the good inside you aur mujhe tujhse pyaar ho gayaa kyunki Mai aadarsh bhartiya naari hoo type…????

    1. Excuse me sir, even I am not liking the story right now at all but different people have different choices. I don’t think we should label or judge people like this.

    2. Meera1

      Haha great example of the mentality of people that judge the show – somehow convincing themselves that they are way more more superior & intellectual than the however many millions that enjoy the show – wow what contemporary type of thinking!

      1. I love this Tv show i love Uma so much.. i love watching tu sooraj main. i love the story so much.

  10. one thing is for sure palomi is crazy was it necessary to do that to win someone love and as for saras i dont get her why do you have to change yourself in order for a man to love you if vansh wants to love her then he must love her for who she is. kanak falling in love is very cute cant wait for tomorrow . but i think all those romantic things uma was doing was kanak day dreaming.

  11. Ok, I have been hoping the story would pick up but this episode was just a limit of stupidity in story writing!!

  12. Guess today was to show the “lighter” side & romantic side of the show Whether it’s a dream sequence Paullomi would definitely do something like that she took a auto but looks like Kanak ran barefoot What was Uma doing there barefoot & bare chest?? He looked like the ‘The Incredible Hulk’ running to save the girl ? Guess Kanak really believes in this marriage to go to this extended to save her mangalsutra Paullomi is definitely sick in her head wonder if Uma finds out she did this Guess it’s a typical serial Guess tomorrow looks like a dream sequence Daaku Singh loves her ?? As for Saras she looked good today modern Bhabho encouraging her was funny Now they have to bring Vansh there to be shocked to see his wife this modern that too in short shorts and guys starring at her Who needs Vansh when you can get any guy ?? Didn’t miss Aditya today at all

  13. Hey chill viewers.. After all this is just a story about some random two. I mean it’s not real and can not be possible today. So just try to get some entertainment. Pardon me if my view is hurt anyone… Still this serial is going good.

    1. I agree like this serial what’s wrong with some romance isn’t that what Indian serials are about Kanak looks cute confessing her love for Uma & Uma too looked shell shocked seeing Kanak in that state–he doesn’t want to loose her either

  14. Ok, I have an question. Why is Kanak supposed to be in love with Uma. He forced her to marry him. Then enforced various demeaning rituals on her. Then after she came back to Ladno, I’ll treated her again an again with more punishment and rituals about how women are inferior. So is she in love with him because she thinks all that he did was because Mausi made him and he is completely innocent and lovable? But for a girl in a right state of mind and with good education, shouldn’t it be sypathy for such such a character and love only after he shows some improvement? Is she shown in love because she lived to him earlier? But isn’t that just guilt ? Should there not be some actual change in Uma’s character before love can seem believable on part of girl? If all this is dream, then pathetic filler episode. If not, very weird.

  15. Is UmaShankar some gigolo or porn worker of ancient times. Isko kapde kyu nahi pahanaate show waale?

  16. I think the writers wrote all of this as Palomi’s dream. He will be barechested in her dreams for sure??poor despo….

  17. Today episode was too dramatic Kanak showing sentiments for her mangal sutra palomi is insane nothing to write about she has crossed the obsession stage now she is not mentally stable.Massisa is heartless Kanak being a very timid girl being afraid of even darkness now brave enough to face the fire .Uma saved her but how he came that is not yet shown but his love for Kanak was seen today how he got afraid and agitated when he saw Kanak in unconscious stage .

  18. Friends my dad passed away yesterday .

    1. Meera1

      So so sorry to hear that Divyaa ??. May god give you & your family strength to get through this difficult time. ❤️Lots of love.

    2. divyaa am soo sorry about your lost may god give you the strength to get through this. lot of love

    3. Sorry for your loss Divyaa

    4. ??????Hugs to you Divya! ??????

    5. Sorry divyaA..
      God give stregth to u n ur family. Ur father RIP

  19. Meera1

    Not sure what was happening in today’s episode… I have previously commented on how the show was becoming more and more like a typical desi drama- but today it has truly reached a completely different level of madness, from Kanak running around in between the fires (surely anyone getting that a close to a fire would have suffered from at least first degree burns), to Uma coming to the rescue and then Palomi making it back home in the speed of light… really not sure what the hell was going on today?

    I definitely expect so much more from TSMSP and truly hope this isn’t a taste of the direction the show is heading in as I really dont want to have to give up on it, if it all gets too mental….i’m convinced that its must be a dream sequence, but just hope that this dream ends quickly so all the madness can end.

    What I would like to say, from reading the comments from loyal fans – is that I am proud of the true fans of the show, who have the ability to not only appreciate but also criticize the show, for its shortcomings.

  20. guys please lets chill cause looking at the comment is getting too much how people are insulting the show . kanak falling in love can happen let remember that sometimes we fall inlove with people who dont deserve us and it can happen let just hope she doesnt become like a puppet just because she is in love with someone who dont deserve her.

  21. Accept my condolences Divya. May God grant you and your family the fortitude to bear the loss.

  22. When exactly did Kanak fall in love with Uma? Was it at her abduction and forceful marriage? Was it when she performed demeaning tasks and rituals? Was it after weeks of Uma’s ill treatment? There has been no change in Uma. It simply does not follow. And yes Uma’ s chiselled body will not erase his distasteful behaviour.

  23. To Divya very sorry for your loss. May you have the courage and strength to see you though this time.

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