Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 10th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 10th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Paulmi asking Kanak to have food in a fresh plate. She says I will take Uma’s leftover plate. Maasi says your wife missed the Daasi Dharm, I feel Kanak made her Dharm to break all your hopes, so think again. Uma says if Kanak misses to pass the test, I will not miss to sacrifice her. Kanak stops Paulmi. She says I will have food in this plate. Maasi and Uma smile. Kanak takes Uma’s plate and goes back. She serves food in the plate and eats. She puts the veg curry inside the roti. Paulmi asks what’s this. Kanak says roti frankie, sabzi roll. Tu sur ke jaisi hai……plays…… Uma looks on and smiles. Kanak sees the weigh coins, marked with all virtue names. She asks what’s this. He shows weigh balance and says this mauli side is mine,

and your side will weigh more by passing every test.

She says I passed Daasi test and puts a coin. He says this did not get finished, this is the last chance that will decide our life’s direction. She says I have done all the things today. He says I did not say you did wrong, test will end tomorrow morning, you have to do what I say. She says more 12 hours. She sees the coin and says you will be mine then. He asks were you stubborn and determined since childhood. She asks is it necessary to answer this in Daasi dharm. He says no. She says then I don’t have to answer this.

Kanak asks Payal why did she not run away. Payal says I m tired, I have to wake up early. Kanak asks her to talk for 2 mins. Payal’s mum calls her. Payal goes. Kanak says why is Payal not talking to me. Kanak finishes her work and goes. Payal and her mum look on.

Payal’s mum instigates her against Kanak. Kanak keeps clothes. Uma says I keep my white clothes separated from color clothes. Kanak keeps clothes separately. She thinks now I will sleep and the two hours will pass soon. She lies to sleep and says I should sleep soon to wake up early. Uma says even night is included in 24 hour Daasi dharm. She asks what will you make me do now, shall I sing lullaby. He asks what does wife do at night. She gets up and says I m doing Daasi dharm, not Rambha one, Daasi don’t love husband. He asks do you just think all this, did I say anything. She asks what to do, shall I sing lullaby. He rests in her lap and says massage my head. She thinks he is sinner, he is ruining my sleep and want good sleep. He asks her to massage his head well. She thinks I m so tired. He asks do you talk in heart as well, I can hear it clearly, get quiet, else how will I get sleep. She looks at him. She feels sleepy. He holds her hand. She wakes up and resumes. Jadoo hai kya…..plays….. She falls asleep. Uma sleeps in her lap.

Rani is in marriage mandap at the temple. She tells her love story to pandit. Pandit says I think groom won’t come. Meenakshi says if Rani becomes queen, will I do all the work myself. She gets Rani’s call. Rani thinks Golu is not at shop, it means he is coming here. Meenakshi says Rani… Rani asks how do you know its me. Meenakshi says I m smart, are you confused about marriage. Rani gets to know Golu went to have chaat.

Shiv gets glad that the yagya day has finally come, he can wear Janiyo like Uma. He jumps happily. Uma wakes up and sees Kanak drying her hair. He smiles seeing her. Main sooraj tu saanjh piya ji…..plays….. Kanak says I got up before you. He says yes, I m happy you are keeping the rules of this house with heart. He makes prayers. She asks about his prayers. He says there is nothing without meaning, land is like my mum, it bears my burden every day, so I was apologizing to earth/land. Kanak apologizes to comb for fighting with her hair. Uma comes and looks at her.

Maasi says you are going to become Shiv’s guru maa. Payal says I have seen Kanak going to Suman’s room. Maasi asks Kanak to stay away, she is not pure now.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Payal should be given a great slap….anyways the episode was ok compared 2 d other days.

    1. Pls tell me the real name of Payal.

  2. Please tell me the real name of Payal of Tu sooraj main sanjh,piyaji plssss…..

    I will be very thankful to you.

    1. Shefali Singh Soni

      1. Thank you for your reply but you have mistaken she is not that I want.
        Please tell the real name of Payal of Tum soorajh main sanjh,piyaji

  3. Bipasha Bhattacharya

    Nice episode! But really payal deserve a slap. Why Payal behaves like a wamp! Awesome title track.

  4. so romantic. …. loved the way they were sleeping Uma was just like a baby … Supppppper episode

  5. Uma is very cunning. ..

  6. I dont know but i have started hating payal now…

  7. Please tell me the real name of Payal of Tu sooraj main sanjh,piyaji

    1. Please tell me the Real name of actress playing Payal character in Tu sooraj main sanjh,piyaji plssss…….

  8. I think uma will defend kanak in tomorrow’s episode against payal and maasisa..kanak may not have gone to suman’s room or payal would have made kanak go to suman’s room..

  9. uma is very much interested in kanak in their private (bed) room. But in the presence of maasi, he is acting like he will abandon her. This is too much to see the episodes like this

  10. After watching this many episodes I couldn’t judge uma ‘s character till now he is dual personality which is real uma I wonder how Kanak is thinking she can get away from uma after getting the shop. But uma should definitely change himself from being a dictatorship.That new promo is after getting shop registered or before.

  11. To begin with, my blood boils at UmaShankar’s arrogance. HE will decide whether Kanak is worthy of him and his house? Actually, unknown to him, Lord is deciding whether Uma is worthy of Kanak and in future he will have to pass much tougher exams than what Kanak is going through now. You know, every friggin dog has his day! Kanak eating might be the most heart meltingly adorable heroine I may have ever seen. There is something about Rhea Sharma that I have never seen in any other heroine. That uncaring, unpretentious, yet very attractive childlike beauty is unique to her. Then comes the chemistry of the leads. Jaanleva! As much as I hate the fact that they are married and Kanak is going through what she is enduring, that look on Uma’s face when he gazes at her and their banter is brain numbing and leads you to suspend all logical judgement for a while. That credit goes to Avinesh Rekhi for being subdued handsome and silently bringing in his eyes the look of longing and deep attraction towards Kanak. When he asks her whether she was this stubborn since her childhood, I saw a brief glance of his struggle to keep up with her quiet defiance. Kanak saying sorry to the comb was quite funny and I loved to see that the spirit and spunk of my girl is intact. It’s frustrating to see Payal’s mother but from her point of view, she doesn’t know why Kanak is staying back and fulfilling all wifely duties, and she wants what she thinks is best for Payal. Plus, we all have hurdles to cross in life to come out stronger; this is Kanak’s hurdle race. If you have ever seen long-jump sports, the player first takes a few steps back , then runs forward and leaps. So, this is Kanak’s longjump event?? Last, Kanak reminds me of a song by Kelly Clarkson, “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, Stand a little taller, Doesn’t mean I’m lonely when I’m alone, What doesn’t kill you makes a fighter
    Footsteps even lighter…” ?

  12. I feel Palomi is way better than Payal.. I so hate her now.. This is the only serial that I watch:) and the thing which I love the most is Uma and Kanak’s chemistry and the title track:) hope this serial doesn’t turn into any typical saas bahu type serial coz I’m just so crazy about this:)

  13. Well said Diyaa. Kanak does have her day , she will be asked to wash Uma’s feet & drink the water. She refuses, says u are my husband ,but not God.

    Watching today’s episode I almost got the impression that he was teasing her when he asked what does a wife do at night for her hubby.

    Still do not like all the tests & this rubbish about periods, without which there would be no children!!!

  14. Can someone please explain the new promo because I don’t understand hindi????????

    1. Please see my comments 1st part – is a rough translation

  15. I forgot to mention, that Shiv, my God he is sooooo cute! That little dance and that smile ?Also, just a philosophical thought , Uma says sorry to Dharti before stepping on it in the morning because she is going to bear his burden all day. That’s a beautiful thought.On the other hand, A woman is a form of Shakti/Parvati/Durga/Kaali. Does he ever consider saying sorry or thank you to a form of AdiShakti for ordering her about and making her serve him? Just wondering.

  16. Mira_dewi

    Few days feel dying cant wait to watch this show, to read Amena’s written update & all of your comments guys ??

    Diyaa always loovee your writing ??

    In today’s show, without she & he realized, kanak has get a piece of Uma’s heart …. but for surely he still feel comfortable to stay in the well ?

    I’m not surprised if Palomi or Payal’s Mom doing somethings bad to Kanak, but i cant accept if Payal do the same, how could she … ??

    Shiv how cute you’re, i can imagine how little Uma grew up bcause of you … If anyone can’t change your fam’s perspective about beliefs, tradition & law, then in the future you’ll be the next uma ??

  17. Now I realise this Payal is not suitable for ved. Ved need a good girl not like selfish Payal. Vansh-saraswathi is good pair in future.saraswathi is very nice girl

  18. Omg may b tat promo nonsense wil b shown in 2morow episode
    Payal n her mom succeed in their plan to send kanak in sumans room
    Massi scolds her n then mahant told kanak to drink uma’s shudhi vidhi water to become pure to sit in the puja..
    What kanak wil do now? still 10 min left in her daasi dharm to acomplish..

  19. this is diya aur baati hum sequel continuous story. it has taken 20 year leap after sooraj and sandhya pass away,sooraj shop has taking responsible by bhabho but customer don’t buy sweet without sooraj taste.reason shop has sold 4 year ago who is the real culprit

  20. Bipasha Bhattacharya

    I am waiting for the episode, When payal got exposed. Why payal is doing all this? Kanak is payal’s biggest well wisher!

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