Tu Safar Mera – A Love Story (You are my Journey and my Destiny) INTRO

Hi Guys I am Rushika. I thought of writing an FF on some of my favourite couples. Here are them
Kartik – Naira; Naksh – Keerthi; Shivaay – Anika;
Viren – Jeevika; Virat – Manvi; Dev – Sonakshi.

The Intro of Characters:
Scenario 1:
Kartik: Son of Goenkas and pati of Naira; A bit silly yet caring husband of Naira and cares for her family too.
Naira: Bahu of Goenkas, Kartik’s wife. Talkative but caring.(Just married)
Naksh: Naira’s brother, Singhania son, Responsible loves and adores Naira. (Love interest of Keerthi)
Keerthi: Kartik’s sister, just now divorced her husband Aditya. Loves Kartik and Naira. (Love interest of Naksh)

Viren: A successful lawyer, Jeevika’s husband Vadhera son. A very responsible son and a very caring husband.
Jeevika: Vadhera bahu, Viren’s wife. Responsible girl and loves Manvi like a mother
Virat: A famous singer, younger brother of Viren, Vadhera son, Manvi’s husband. Silly yet loving.

Manvi: Jeevika’s younger sister, Virat’s wife and Vadhera bahu. Talkative and loves Jeevika a lot.
(Vadheras are family friends and lawyers of Goenkas.)
Scenario 2:
Shivaay: Oberoi’s son, Anika’s husband, a big business tycoon. Stubborn and a bit arrogant but loves his brothers and family a lot.
Anika: Shivaay’s wife, Oberoi bahu. Talkative witty girl. (Shivaay has not yet proposed her.)
Dev: Dixit son. A business man and very workaholic. Loves Sonakshi and his mother a lot.
Sonakshi: A nutritionist bubbly talkative girl. But she is very caring and loving.
(Here Suhana is not yet born and Sonakshi has no problem in pregnancy. And Oberois and Dixits are partners.)

These are the characters. And I will start posting soon…..
Please comment if you like and support me. All these characters will almost be the same as in serials. But I have created a scenario to join them and give it as a story. It will be different from the real ones but I will try to include some. If you want any scene or a change please tell me through comments.
With love,

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  1. it’s amazing…

  2. Vinni05

    Wow amazing
    Interesting one
    Can’t wait for next one

  3. Soumya85

    Nice one

  4. RushikaTalwar

    Thank you all. I will post thenxt one soon. If you want any scenes or corrections please tell me. Keep supporting.

  5. interesting…..can’t wait for next update

    1. RushikaTalwar

      I have already updated. Check out

    2. RushikaTalwar

      The updates for 5 episode have been posted. Please check them and do comment. Thank you so much for your support.

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