Tu Safar Mera – A Love Story (You are my Journey and my Destiny) Episode 4

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Scenario 1: [Recap: Kaira start packing for their honeymoon. Naksh plans a surprise for Keerthi at Krishna]
Naira: Kartik keep your jerkin in that bag.
Kartik: Teeke. Aur Naira isko kya Karen?
Naira: Kisko?
Kartik: Is bootsko.
Naira: Usko chodo badh mein dekhlenge.
Naira walks with a pile of clothes and dashes against Kartik. All clothes fall down and Naira is about to fall down. Kartik holds her by her hand. He pulls Naira close to him.
Kartik: Naira be careful. Agar tume kuch hojathe to?
Naira: Kartik jab tak tum mere sath ho mujhe kuch nahi hoga.
Kartik: ye tum sahi kerahiho.
He comes closer and kisses on her forehead.
Kartik: Thank you so much Naira. I have never thought that such a thing will happen in my life.
Naira: Kartik pathi pathni ki beech no sorry no thanks.
Kartik: Ok. I love you so much.
Naira: I love you more.
Kartik: No. I love you much more.
Naira: No. I love you much much more.
Both of them start laughing. Naira bends down to take the clothes. Kartik too bends down. Kartik holds Naira’s hand.
Naira: Kartik chodo.
Kartik: Kyu.
Naira: It’s getting late. We must pack the things and go to bed early. Tomorrow morning 7 am flight and we must go to the airport at 5:30 am and
Kartik keeps his finger on her mouth.
Kartik: Naira bas. Mein hoona. Everything will be done.
Naira: For that you need to help me.
Kartik comes closer. Kartik: Kya help?
Naira pushes him: Help me to arrange these clothes.
They arrange the clothes in the bag. Kartik sits on the bean bag. Kartik: Naira at last hogay.
Naira: Hmm. Ab tum sojao. I will go and get a bottle of water.
Kartik: Teeke. Kal Bahoth kaam hain. Tum jaldi aao. (Kartik yawns. Naira laughs and goes out.)
Naira goes to the kitchen to get a bottle of water. There she meets Swarna.
Swarna: Thank you Naira for making Kartik stay here.
Naira: Kis keliye maa. Mein aapko maa bulasakthi hoona?
Swarna : Of course. Usmein kya doubt?
Naira hugs Swarna.
Swarna: Naira I know ye tumhareliye aasan nahi hain.
Naira: What?
Swarna: Convincing Kartik.
(Naira thinks : How will I tell maa that Kartik has not yet accepted her and papa.)
Swarna: Naira kya hua. I think you are tired. Go and sleep. Tomorrow is a very big day.
Naira gets shy.
Swarna: Maa se kya sharam. Ab tum jao aur aaram karo.
Naira goes to her room. Kartik is there sleeping soundly.
Naira goes and sits near him.
Naira: Ye mendek son eke samay kithna cute hena.
She kisses him.

The next morning. Alarm rings. It is 4:00 am
Naira wakes up wiping her eyes. She looks at the alarm clock.
Naira: Mein aur thodi dher aur sojaongi. Are Naira kya hua. Aaj tumhe apni honeymoon keliye Melbourne jaana hein. Ab jaldi uto.
Naira jumps out of her bed and goes to get ready.
Naira wears a green shifan sari. Naira comes near Kartik who is sleeping.
Naira: Kartik uto. Kartik.
Kartik wakes up with a jerk.
Kartik: Kya hua Naira?
Naira: Kartik get ready soon we need to leave to the airport.
Kartik: Airport kyu?
Naira: Kartik tum sach mein tum mendek ho. Ab jaldi tayar hojao mein neeche jarahihoon.
Naira leaves the room laughing.
Kartik just now realizes : Kartik kya hua tumhe. Aaj you have to go to Melbourne. Get ready soon.
Kartik gets ready soon and goes down. There he sees Keerthi Mausi and Naira laughing.
Kartik: Kartik you are dead. What will Naira think of me. Keerthi and Mausi will kill me.
Kartik comes near them. Kartik: Naira chale.
Keerthi: Kaha Kartik. Ab to samaj gayi ya nahi.
Kartik: Keerthi voh…
Mausi: Kartik Naira has given you a right name Mendek.
Kartik: Mausi….. please leave na. Naira lets go its getting late.
Naira laughs……… Dadi come there.
Dadi: Kittu ruko. Now the muhurath is not right. You must get out only at 4:55 am .
Kartik: Dadi…..
Dadi: Kya dadi.. Wait for 5 minutes and I will ask the staff to bring your luggage down. Green tea piyo then you can leave.
After 5 minutes
Dadi: Now you can leave.
Naira and Kartik get into the car and the car leaves.
Naira laughs.
Kartik: Naira sorry yaar. Voh…..
Naira: You forgot our trip.
Kartik: Naira it’s our honeymoon.
Naira: Acha honeymoon. (She laughs again)
Naksh calls her.
Kartik: Naira don’t tell Naksh please.
Naira: I will think about it.
Naksh: Naira you have you not come yet.
Naira: Dadi told that muhurath is only at 4:55 am

Naksh hits on his head and laughs. : Acha teeke we are at the airport.
Naira: teeke bhai. We will be there in 5 minutes.
Naira cuts the call.
Kartik: What did Naksh say?
Naira: they are waiting at the airport.
Kartik: Acha teek hain.
Now at the airport.
Gayu: What happened Bhaiya? Why are they late?
Naksh laughs.
Naitik: What happened Naksh?
Naksh: Dadi told that muhurath is only at 4:55 am.
Gayu: Kya honeymoon keliye bhi muhurath.
Naksh: Naira is very poor. Bechari.
Naitik: Naksh stop it. They have come.
Kartik and Naira enter the airport with the luggage. Naksh goes to them at gets a bag from Naira. Naira and Kartik get the blessings from Naitik. He hugs them.
Naitik: Kartik take care of my princess.
Kartik: Papa aapki princess ki zimedari ab meri hai. So don’t worry. I will take care of her like a queen.
Naitik: I know about you.
Gayu hugs naira and: Naira all the best.
Naira: Aap bina Gayu di.
Kartik hugs Naksh
Naksh to Kartik: Take care Kartik.
Naitik: Are bas. It’s time you both go and be careful and enjoy yourself.
Naksh keeps the luggage on a trolly. Kartik takes it from him.
Naira: Bye Papa take care.
Naitik: Naira after you reach call me.
Naira: Sure papa.
Kartik: You take care of yourself papa.
Kartik and Naira walk pushing a trolly. They turn and wave their hands towards Naitik Gayu and Naksh.
They board the flight and the flight takes off.
After sometime and Goenka house.
Mausi: Keerthi come lets go somewhere out.
Dadi: Why?
Mausi: Maaji Keerthi will be refreshed. How long will she stay here.
Dadi: Teeke. You go.
Keerthi and Mausi leave.
Keerthi: Mausi where are we going?
Mausi: To Krishna.
Keerthi: That is Naksh’s restaurant right?
Mausi: Hmm. I heard there are different cuisines. Get a break from the low fat organic food.
Keerthi laughs. They reach Krishna. Gayu welcomes them.
Gayu : Come Keerthi di.
She takes them to the backyard.
Keerthi: Why here?
Gayu: Keerthi di inside is full. So….
They go to a room which is fully lit with candles and the curtains are drawn.
There are balloons on the floor. And some of the childhood photos and college photos of Keerthi are there on the walls.
Surprise …….. Surprise…. Keerthi is surprised to see her friends standing there shouting.
Naksh: Keerthiji kaise laga aapka yeh surprise.
Keerthi cries. Naksh runs to her: Are kya hua?
Mausi: Naksh its ok. Keerthi is like that.
Keerthi: Thank you so much.
Naksh: Don’t say thanks.
Keerthi goes to her friends and hugs them.
Naksh: Are yaar bring those choco cup cakes and pizzas.
Staff: Sir Krishna pizza?
Naksh: No. that one which I told you yesterday. Krishna pizza only for Naira papa and muma (Naksh wipes his tears)
Mausi: Naksh what happened?
Naksh: Kuch nahi. Lets go let Keerthiji enjoy.
Mausi: Then for me.
Naksh: aap keliye andhar hain.
Naksh leaves.
Gayu: Mausi voh ek special pizza with different taste based on our taste. That is Naira love chilli corn, Mamaji loves cheese, For Mami it is veggies , and Bhaiya loves olives. They usually eat all these in a single pizza called Krishna pizza particularly when they were in Cape Town.
Mausi: Cape Town?
Gayu: Ha most of Naira’s childhood and bhaiya’s teenage was in Cape Town.
Mausi: hmm.
They go in.

Scenario 2:
Recap: Dev and Sona are at Oberoi mansion for lunch.
Anika: Are chaliye. Let us have lunch.
All go to the dining table. There Shivaay introduces others to Dev and Sona.
All gather and have lunch. Suddenly a blasting sound is heard and fire alarm is heard. All look shocked.
Khanna comes there.
Shivaay: Khanna what’s going on?
Khanna: Sir fire!
Shivaay: Kahan?
Khanna: Sir in the nearby gas gudown.
Om: Kaise?
Khanna: Sir we are investigating and the police are also here.
Shivaay: Ye kya jawab hai? Jao aur find it out right now I say (Shivaay shouts)
Suddenly Shivaay’s phone rings. He picks it up.
A man on phone: Chill Shivaay chill.
Shivaay: Who are you?
A man: Who me? Don’t rush you will get your answer soon. And you know I was responsible for the accident in the gas god down. Wait and watch what I will do to your family. And don’t dare to do any thing I am watching you.
Shivaay: What?
The man cuts the phone. Shivaay is upset.

Precap: Scenario 1: Kartik and Naira reach Melbourne and they spend some romantic moments in the flight. Keerthi thinks about Naksh.
Scenario 2: Shivaay shares with Anika Om and Rudra about the phone call.

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