Tu Safar Mera – A Love Story (You are my Journey and my Destiny) Episode 3

Hi Guys, It’s me Rushika Talwar. I am back with the next episode.
Scenario1: [Recap: Keerthi convinces Kaira to go for honeymoon. Naksh has a plan to cheer up Keerthi. ]
Mausi and Keerthi make fun of Kartik. Kartik gets up to leave while Mausi blocks his way.
Mausi: Where are you going?
Kartik: Dadi was calling me from morning so I have to go.

Keerthi: Dadi ko dekhne ya Naira ko.
Kartik folds his hands and : Oh my maatao please let me go.
Mausi : Chod do use Keerthi let him go.
Kartik : Thank you Mausi I love you.
Kartik goes inside. Seeing him Mausi and Keerthi laugh. Kartik goes to his room where Naira is standing near the window staring outside.
Kartik comes there and hugs her from behind.
Kartik: Naira tum ready ho?
Naira: kis keliye?

Kartik: Hamari honeymoon keliye. Melbourne Naira Melbourne.
Naira: Hmm mein ready hoon Mendek.(she gets shy)
Kartik: Naira when you get shy you look beautiful.
He turns her towards him. Mera Ms.Rishikesh ko sharam bhi athi hai. Naira smiles thinking about something.
Kartik: Kya soch rahi ho Naira?
Naira: About our trip to Switzerland. Tume yaad hai voh?
Kartik: How can I forget it?

Naira: Hmm. You proposed me there.
Kartik: Ha. Sirf voh nahi hai. Tume patha when the plan for the trip started I started to dream about us romancing in the snow. But that did not happen there. But now in Melbourne there is snowfall so I can make it happen.
Naira gets shy and tries to leave. Kartik holds her hand and pulls her towards him. He turns her around (like a couple dance) and pulls her closer. He tries to kiss her.
Kittu Naira……. Are Kittu.
Naira: Kartik dadi is calling us.
She pushes him and moves out. Kartik leaves a deep breath. Ye dadi bhi na ye kya hai Krishna ji . Naira turns around and sees him and smiles. She runs towards him and kisses him in his cheek. Kartik holds her.
Kartik: Naira.

Naira: Kartik chodo dadi aajayegi.
Kartik: Acha meine tumhe chod diya. Phir tumne toh yahan mere pas aaya.
Naira: Kartik romance badh mein. Ab chalo.
Both of them go out.
Dadi: Kittu here is your tickets for your honeymoon. Kal subah tumhari flight hain isiliye ab sari tayari karlo.
Dadi is right Naira. Everyone turn around to see who it is. Naksh, Gayu and Naitik are standing there. Naira goes to them and hugs Naitik and : Papa aap.
Naksh: Are Naira you are going for honeymoon and won’t we come.
Naira: Acha to you also were a part of this plan.
Gayu: Mein bi.
Kartik comes to them and touches the feet of Naitik and hugs him. : Sir ab aap teek hena?

Naitik holds Kartik’s ears and : Kya sir call me Papa.
Kartik : Ok sir. (Naitik stares at him ) Teeke papa ab to chod dijiyena please………
Naitik: Ok.
Kartik hugs Gayu and Naksh.
Gayu: Kartik ab jao tayari karlo.
Naira: Nai di pehle aap andhar to aayiye.
Keerthi , Mansi aur Mausi come there and wish them.
Gayu goes near Mausi (in a low tone): Mausi I want the phone numbers of Keerthi di’s friends.
Mausi: I will send a mail nut…
Naksh comes there and: Voh a small surprise to cheer Keerthi.
Gayu: We need your help too.

Mausi: Sure tell me what to do?
Gayu: Very simple tomorrow please come with Keerthi di to Krishna. And please don’t let her know anything.
Mausi: Sure. Thank you yaar for thinking about Keerthi.
Naksh: Jaise hamari behen ki khushi ka kayal aap sab ko especially Kartik ko hai. Vaise Kartik ka behen ki khushi ka kayal hum sab ko hai.
Keerthi comes there : What whispering is going on here?
Gayu: Kuch nahi. Just asking about how you convinced them to go.
Keerthi: Hmm.
Naitik : Ok we will leave now.
Kartik: Papa tomorrow please come to the airport.
Gayu: Sure. If you don’t tell also we will come.
Naksh: Ok bye. Kal milthe hain.
All leave.
Naira goes to her room to pack the things. Kartik is busy talking on the phone to Viren.
Kartik: Viren Bhaiya when will all the proceedings be over.
Viren: Very soon. And Goenkas and Bandals ka merger is also getting cancelled so its getting late.
Kartik: Ok Bhaiya. Mr.Goenka wants business more than daughter.
Viren: Nai Kartik don’t blame him.
Kartik: Teeke.
Viren: Acha Naira hai vaha. Jeevika wants to talk to her.
Kartik: Ek minute. {Kartik to Naira: Naira Jeevika bhabhi wants to talk to you. Viren: Jeevika ye lo.}
Kartik goes to his cupboard while Naira is on her phone.
Naira: Radhe Krishna bhabhi.
Jeevika: Radhe Krishna.
Naira: Thank you bhabhi for convincing Kartik to stay here.
Jeevika: I wanted to talk to you about it. He has agreed to stay just for Keerthi. He still has grudge towards Manish uncle and Swarna aunty.
Naira: But what to do?
Jeevika: Now don’t talk about it. Enjoy your trip then after returning Virat will also be here. I will ask Virat to talk. Virenji has also tried but I think Virat and Manvi will succeed.
Naira: Thank you bhabhi.

Jeevika: Naira bhabhi keh rahi ho aur thanks bhi. You know na bhabhi bi maa ki samman hothi hai. So it is my duty to make him agree. Ok bye tomorrow morning flight so get ready I will talk to you later.
Naira cuts the call. Naira goes to Kartik and hugs him.
Kartik: What did babhi say.
Naira: Kuch nahi. About our trip.
Kartik: What? Trip? Naira grow up this is our honeymoon.
Naira: Acha. Voh .
Kartik: I am watching that you have not uttered the word ‘Honeymoon’. Why?
Naira: Voh….
Kartik: Acha ab samaj aaya. (Kartik smiles) around
Naira: Kya?
Kartik: Ms. Rhishikesh sharmarahihain.

Naira: Aisa kuch nahi.
Kartik: Ok. Then look at my eyes.
Naira: Nahi. Kartik its getting late I have to pack.
Kartik: Naira bas mujse kya sharam. Dekh Naira jo bhi bath hai bathao. First we are friends then husband and wife. Yaad hain Jai Veeru ha?
Naira: Hmm. Par.
Kartik keeps his finger on her mouth: Naira bas kuch math kehna. Your eyes tell me everything.
Naira hugs him: Thank you so much.
Kartik: ok. Ab let’s pack.
Both start to pack their things.

Scenario 2:
Recap: Shivaay invites Dev and family for lunch.
The next day.
Dev comes to his room at home. Sonakshi is arranging her room.
Dev: Ms. Bose get ready we have to leave. Shivaay has invited me and my family to Mumbai for lunch and also for an industrial visit.
Sona: It’s Mrs.Dixit for you.
Dev: Ok Mrs.Dixit madam. Chale.

The next day.

At Oberoi Mansion.
Shivaay: Anika I have hired a private detective to find out who Natasha is. So don’t worry and in some time Mr and Mrs Dixit will come for lunch.
Anika: Ha sabh kuch tayar hai. Except malai koftha.
Shivaay: Then I will make it.
Anika: Shivaay? Aaj? If they see you cooking what will Mr and Mrs Dixit say?
Shivaay: Anika they will be surprised to see. Bas. Come lets go.
They go to the kitchen. Shivaay starts to cook.
Soumya: Bhabhi bade Bhaiya ko kya hua? Today the Dixits are coming. Usually he will be going to welcome them?
Om: Ya what happened to you Shivaay?
Shivaay: What? Are you know na I love cooking.
Just then Dev and Sonakshi enter.
Sonakshi to Dev: Isn’t that Shivaay Singh Oberoi in the kitchen?
Dev: Ha.
Rudra: Are Dr. Sonakshi Bose the nutrionist.
Sona: Ha. Aur aap hena Mr. Rudra Singh Oberoi. Nice to meet you.
Rudra: For me too. Please come. Bhaiya is in the kitchen cooking Malai Koftha.
They go to the kitchen.
Shivaay: Hello!
Dev: Hi sir. She is my wife Dr. Sonakshi Dev Dixit.
Shivaay: Hai. Dev this my wife Anika Shivaay Singh Oberoi. He is my younger brother Omkara Singh Oberoi and he is my youngest brother Rudra Singh Oberoi and his wife Soumya Singh Oberoi and she is our only sister Priyanka Singh Oberoi.
Dev: Hello. Voh Maa aur mera behne nahi aayi. Un dono ko aaj college hai.
Om: It’s ok.
Anika: Don’t look shocked. Voh we are like this having fun in the kitchen.
Rudra: Yeah. In our family no gender bar. Men too cook and women too take care of our business.
Sona: Very nice.

Precap: Scenario 1: Kartik and Naira leave for Melbourne. Keerthi cries with joy on seeing the arrangements made by Naksh and seeing her friends.
Scenario 2: There is a bomb blast near Oberoi mansion. Shivaay gets a call from an unknown person threatening him. What will be the call and threat about?

Keep guessing in your comments below.

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