Tu Safar Mera – A Love Story (You are my Journey and my Destiny) Episode 2

Hi Guys, I am back with the second episode. Thank you so much for your support. Please keep commenting so that I can know about your response to my ff. If you want any particular scene or any change in the story please don’t hesitate to tell me. Now let’s go to the story.

Scenario 1: (Recap: Kaira are drinking coffee in the garden.) Kartik’s phone rings.
Kartik picks up the phone and a man speaks : Sir your honeymoon tickets are ready, will you collect them or can we send them?
Kartik: Sir, Honeymoon? Sorry I think you have called a wrong number.
Man: Sir, are you Mr.Kartik Goenka?
Kartik: Ji ha.
Man: Then I am right sir. The tickets have been booked for Mr and Mrs Kartik Goenka.
Kartik looks stunned. He looks enquiringly at Naira who is also shocked. Keerthi comes there smiling.
Keerthi: Are Kartik tickets to humne book kiya.
Naira: Hum mathlab.
Mausi also comes there with Mansi.
Mansi: Hum sab bhabhi.
Kartik on the phone: Sir I will call you later.
Keerthi snatches his phone and: Ji please send them here to Goenka villa.
Man: Ok mam. He cuts the phone.
Kartik: Keerthi we said na that we’ll go after everything is alright.
Naira: Ha Keerthi di. Kartik sahi keharaha hein.
Keerthi: No Naira. Mere vaja se aap dono apni kushi ko kyu barbhad kar rahi hain.
Naira: Di, vaise kuch nahi hai.
Keerthi: Naira you told that I am like your di. Dekh really now I am happy that I am free. So please jao. And don’t worry about me. I’ll be alright.
Kartik: Par Keerthi…..
Keerthi: Par var kuch nahi.
Mausi: Kartik man jao na. Soch Melbourne me tum dono……
Mansi: Ha Bhaiya.. Please man jao na… please….
Kartik: Teeke. Naira let’s go.

Naira gets shy and gets up and leaves. Kartik smiles. Keerthi, Mansi and Mausi laugh and have a hi-fi.
Mansi: Keerthi di I’ll call Naksh Bhaiya and Gayu di and I’ll inform them. [Mansi informs Naksh]
Naksh: Are really achi bath hai. Teeke mein rakthi hoon.
Naksh to Gayu: Gayu Naira aur Kartik man gayi.
Gayu: That’s superb Bhaiya. But we must cheer up Keerthi di in their absence.
Naksh: Hmm you are right. What to do?
Gayu: We’ll ask an idea from Jeevika bhabhi.
Naksh: Are tum sahi keh rahi ho. Mansi and Mausi will not be the right choice. Because they will be busy with the work and so Jeevika bhabhi will know about Keerthi. You call her now.
Jeevika and others are in the dining table. Jeevika’s phone rings. Jeevika : Are Gayu? Kya hua?
Gayu: Bhabhi badi mushkil se hum ne Naira aur Kartik ko honeymoon keliya tayar kardiya. Par ek shard pe. Aur voh hai Keerthi di ka khushi. Aapko patha hai uski pasand aur interest ki bare mein?
Jeevika: Virenji knows better. Ek minute I’ll give him.
Viren: Are Gayu kaisi ho tum.

Gayu: Hum sabh teek hain? Bhaiya vaha sabh log?
Viren: Sabh teek hai. Acha batha kya chaiye Keerthi ki bare mein?
Gayu: Bhaiya mujshe zyada Naksh Bhaiya ke pass plan hai. Ek minute (Gayu to Naksh:Bhaiya Viren bhiaya)
Naksh: Radhe Krishna Bhaiya.
Viren: Radhe Krishna Naksh. Tel me what do you want to know?
Naksh: Keerthi ji ki bare mein.
Viren: Keerthi loves to dance. She is a mad fan of Shah Rukh Khan.
Naksh: Bhaiya Keerthi’s friends aur college?
Viren: Keerthi’s college is in Udaipur. Ask Mausi about her friends contact. Naksh thank you so much for caring for Keerthi.
Naksh: Kya Bhaiya aap bhi. Hum sab ek parivaar hai.
Viren: Thank you so much.
Naksh: Ha Bhaiya. Good day Bhaiya.
Viren: Good day to you too. Bye.

Scenario 2: Shivaay’s office
Employee: Sir everything is ready. Let’s sign the contract through video conference.
Om: How?
Shivaay: Om we’ll sign our papers hear and they from their office. Each one’s copy will be sent to the other. By this way we can save our time and energy.
Rudra: Wow Bhaiya.
Employee: Sir please come to the conference hall.
Shivaay: Ok. Come let’s go.
In th conference room Dev is already on wait. Oberoi brothers enter the hall.
Dev: Good morning.
Shivaay: Good morning Mr.Dixit
Dev: So let’s sign the contract.
Shivaay: Ok.
They sign the contract.
Shivaay: Dev I would like you to see the factory here one day.
Dev: Sure. I will come by tomorrow.
Shivaay: We have become partners now. So please come with your family for a lunch too.
Dev: Sure. Tomorrow afternoon.

Shivaay: Well said. Ok bye Mr.Dixit important meeting. Om Ru both of you go home and tell all that the deal was a success.[All leave. Dev goes to hi cabin and Shivaay to his]
Anika calls Shivaay.
Anika: Shivaay, us Natasha ki bhare kuch patah chala?
Shivaay: Anika I told you not to worry. Shivaay Singh Oberoi will take care.
Anika: Par..
Shivaay: Anika, please talk about something else. I will take care.
Anika: Ok, How was your deal.
Shivaay: How will it be. After all Shivaay hoon mein.
Anika: Hmm sach hai.
Shivaay: Anika the Dixits are coming for lunch tomorrow.
Anika: Teeke I will take care.
Shivaay: Ok I will talk to you later.
Anika: Ok.Bye.

Precap: Scenario 1: Kartik and Naira get ready for their honeymoon. Naksh and Gayu surprise Keerthi. Scenario 2: Dev and Sonakshi come to Oberoi mansion for lunch.

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    Hii i want to ask u one thing that both the scenario are linked to each other and pls add more kaira scene

    1. RushikaTalwar

      Sure Vedanshidwivedi I’ll add more Kaira scenes. Till now both scenarios are not linked. There will be a twist to join them soon. Please keep supporting. And if you want any specific scene too please tell me.

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    Wow just awesome
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      Thank you so much Vinni. I will post the next soon. Keep supporting me. If you want any change please tell me.

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