Tu Safar Mera – A Love Story (You are my Journey and my Destiny) Episode 1

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Scenario 1:
Kartik’s house (Goenka villa)
Kartik………. Kartik…… Where are you….. Hey Mendek kaha ho tum? Kartik…… (Naira is shouting with a coffee tray in her hand and she is dressed in a pink sari.)
Kartik: Are Naira I am here in the garden.
Naira comes there and sits near him.
Kartik looks at her with a smile and : After marriage you are getting beautiful day by day. If this continues I will fall in love with you daily.
Naira gets shy and bends down. Kartik lifts her head with his finger: Are mera biwi ko sharam bhi athi hai. Naira if you get shy you look even more beautiful. Then I have to propose you daily.
Naira: Hmmm Achi bath hena. People say after marriage love fades away. So I have to do something to make you love me.
Kartik: Are kaisi bathe kar rahi ho tum. I think you have gone crazy. Dekh Naira I love you and will always. You are my life.
Naira: Kartik I am very lucky to have you as my husband. Every girl should get a husband like you.
Kartik: Kash Keerthi ko bhi aisa koyi miltha hai. Even now I feel like beating that Aditya. And I must thank you for saving Keerthi.
Naira: Kartik, Keerthi is also like my sister. If Gayu di was in trouble won’t I help her.
Kartik: Thank you Naira.
Naira: Abh bathe bas. You have your coffee.
She gives him his coffee and takes her cup too.
Kartik: Cheers. [They drink coffee with a smile.]
Now (Vadhera house) Viren’s room:
Viren: Jeevika……. Jeevika come soon. Jeevika…
Jeevika: Ha Virenji… Kya hua?
Viren: Jeevika where is my tie?
Jeevika: Ya here it is.

Viren holds her hands and pulls her near him. He pushes her hair which falls on her face.
Jeevika: Virenji what are doing? Koyi aajayega.
Viren: Let them come. Mera biwi ki sath mein romance kar rahi hoon. I don’t bother.
Jeevika: Acha Virenji Keerthi’s case is over?
Viren: Hmm. Domestic violence so…..
Jeevika: Still I can’t believe that Aditya has done such a thing. Bechari Keerthi.
Viren: Hmm. actually thanks to Naira. She gave solid evidence.
Hmmm Jiju…. {Manvi is standing near the door}
Jeevika moves away: Are Manvi come in.
Manvi: Woh Dadaji is calling you for breakfast.
Viren: Ha bas do minute.
Manvi: Ha Jiju.
Viren: Manvi did Virat call you?
Manvi: Nahi Jiju. I’ll call him now.
Viren: Teeke.
Jeevika: Virenji chaliye.
Viren: Jeevika ruko. He holds her.
Jeevika: Virenji ye kya kar rahi hai aap? Everybody is waiting.
She frees her hand and goes out.
Viren: Acha tum jao. I’ll wear my tie and come.

Viren wears his tie and Jeevika has gone out.
Manvi calls Virat. (Virat is in a gym and his phone rings.)
Virat wipes his sweat on his face and picks up the phone.
Virat: Hi Manvi.
Manvi: Kya Hi. Don’t you care to call me.
Virat: Are I was busy.
Manvi: Kya busy. Itna busy ki tum apni biwi ko bhi booljaogi?
Viart: Sorry yar.
Manvi: teeke. When will you come?
Virat: In two to three days.
Manvi: I miss you yaar.
Virat: Vah! My wife is missing me. I feel like seeing you now. Can you come on a video call?
Manvi: No! If you want to see me come here.
Virat: ok very soon I will be in front of you. Vaise what happened to Keerthi’s case?
Manvi: Hum jeethgayi. By the way mere Jiju ne handle kiya.
Virat: Oh hello before that he is my brother.
Manvi: Ha ha. Ok ab mein rakthi hoon badh mein call karrongi.
Virat: Ok bye. {He keeps the phone. And says “Manvi bhi na” and smiles and goes back to exercise}

Scenario 2:
Dixit house Dining Table:
Maa: Dev why are going so early today. Anything serious?
Dev: Ha maa today a big deal with the Oberois.
Sona: Oberois!
Dev: Ha. Do you know them?
Sona: Hmm. One of Oberoi sons Rudra Oberoi is our customer.
Dev: Hmm The youngest Oberoi brother is Rudra.
Sona: He is the regular client of our Mumbai branch. A very strict follower of nutrition.
Nikki: Vah bhabhi you are great.
Dev: Hmm. Tum sahi keharahi ho Nikki, teri bhabhi kamal hai.
Sona: Stop it Dev. Vaise why are so tensed about it.
Dev: Voh. Oberois is a big name. and has been running for generations.
Sona: Dev whatever they have achieved in generations you have achieved as a single man in these years. So they must be tensed to sign with Dev Dixit.
Dev: Thank you Sonakshi you are my strength.
Sona blushes. Nikki laughs.

Now at Oberoi mansion (Shivaay’s room)
Anika… Listen to me….. Anika…..
Anika: Shivaay I won’t listen. I will show them who Anika is……..
Shivaay: Anika stop. I will handle it. You know na Shivaay Singh Oberoi can do anything.
Anika: Ok. Aap keliye. Varna he will be taught a lesson by me with my new chapel Chameli.
Shivaay: Anika relax. Ab chalo dher hojayegi.
Rudra walks in. Rudra: For what Bhaiya?
Shivaay: Today a new deal with Dixits
Rudra: Very good.
Anika: You both talk I will go and see to the breakfast.
Anika leaves.
Rudra: Bhaiya what’s up?
Shivaay: Kya?
Rudra: Bhabhi is all shouting about someone
Shivaay: Are us Natasha ki bare mein
Rudra: what are you going to do Bhaiya?
Shivaay: Not yet decided. But will find her and teach her a lesson. At last she hasmessed up with Shivaay Singh Oberoi.

Precap: Scenario 1: Keerthi convince Kaira to go on a honeymoon and not to worry about her. Naksh and Gayu plan to cheer Keerthi.
Scenario 2: Shivaay and Dev sign a deal on a video conference. Shivaay invites Dev and family home.


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